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July 15, 2021 48 mins

Stephen says, “The good thing about succeeding or winning, we can use it as a reference point for times when we are faced with difficult situations that regardless of what you’re experiencing or going through, life has a way of figuring itself out”.

In this episode Stephen, a Software Engineer & University Lecturer speaks on:

-How he identified his passion and love for Information Technology

-He breaks down Information Technology and Computer Science

-How his desire to leave a legacy for others led him to become a lecturer at a University in Jamaica

-His love for innovation and what he foresees for the future of tech and artificial intelligence in business and everyday life

- How AI can assists in business predictability for business owners to drive sales using data

-He shares his pillars to success and what drives him daily as he shares tips and recommendations for aspiring IT professionals

-He speaks on what's next on the horizon for him and so much more!

So many gems! Grab your notebook and pen! 

Class is in session!

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