Your Spiritual Game Plan with Cheri Fletcher

Your Spiritual Game Plan with Cheri Fletcher

The purpose of this podcast is to help anyone who feels like they constantly get sideswiped when they're about to accomplish something.Perhaps your life feels like a perpetual groundhog's day, with a full sink and an unending bill pile. Do you think that no one can tell you’ve done anything when you feel like all you’ve done is everything? Maybe today, you just need a plan, a strategy to put in place that can help you overcome the belief that you don’t matter. If you understand how I feel, we are in this together. Friend, God has a plan, but the enemy has a plot!I hope that through interviews and monthly insights, I can provide a spiritual strategy to overcome your sideswipe moments and help you live out your calling.


June 20, 2023 21 mins

What expectations do you have when you pray?

Is your heart watchful - anticipating His reply because you know He will come through - or do you just keep praying and hoping He will come through, but not really expecting much?

Sadly, I had placed my expectations in the wrong place and wondered why it felt like I lived in a perpetual Groundhog's Day.

It felt like no one could tell I'd been doing so much, yet I&ap...

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Isaiah 32:8 tells us that a noble man makes a noble plan, so he can stand on noble deeds.

If we aren't giving our young men noble plans and teaching them how to make them, how do we expect our sons to become men that stand on noble deeds?

As Father’s Day approaches, I chose a guest that would highlight one of the most important works that God has called Fathers to complete.

My guest, Dean Briggs, a father and stepf...

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In our world, there has been a decline in outward manliness to the point where people say that chivalry is dead, but what makes up a “real man”?

In some cases, a man is defined as a "real man" based on his interests or hobbies, such as hunting, playing sports, grilling meat, fixing cars, and climbing mountains, but that is not the purpose of a man.

In this episode, my guest, Brant Hansen, talks us through the...

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When unexpected events change the trajectory of our lives, we have a choice to make:

Do we overcome the unexpected, as the world recommends, or undergo it?

In this episode, Jillian Benfield talks about her experience finding out she was going to have a child with disabilities and her new book -  The Gift of the Unexpected - Discovering Who We Were Meant to Be When Life Goes Off Plan.

She will help us break down the foll...

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As a new mother, what questions did you receive the first few days after giving birth?

You are not alone if you were asked more questions about the baby than how you were.

Maybe we'll get a pat on the back or hear, "Good job, Mama!" But what we need is a “How are you?”!!

There is so much excitement around the birth of the new member of your family that people tend to overlook the major experience you have...

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How have you filled in these blanks?

“Someday” when I don’t have to ___________, then I will _________.

Like me, you might need more blanks! 

Having finally reached my "someday," while I'm enjoying the things I've been looking forward to, I often think back on those days when I was doing all of those things I'd wished away and wish I had taken time to enjoy them. 

As a young mother, I s...

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In your mothering journey, which books from children's classic literature do you turn to for help?

That one made me stop and think for a while. Of course, there are plenty of “how to” books for mothering. However, I had never considered looking back at my childhood stories... until now!

As moms, we face so many struggles and fears. Is what we're doing enough? How will our kids turn out? As we face these fears, we ...

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Hello,  I’m Cheri Fletcher

I would love to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to every woman who has a mothering or a mentoring role in someone’s life.  

I'm glad you're here if you’re new to my page.

And if you’ve been around here a while, you know that I love reminding you that -  



Today, I will share my journey as a mom and how I struggled for ye...

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Suppose you stopped worrying about what others might think if they heard you pray. How would your prayer life change?

There is no doubt that prayer is for God and that He desires a personal relationship with us!

For Amy Hale, that was the point where her relationship with Him deepened.

By studying the Word and drawing closer to God, she has come to share her insights and passion for daily Bible reading with others.

“I don't want o...

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Great changes are taking place every moment of every day, but are the prayers of God’s people keeping up?

This is a question that Reverend Randy Maxwell asks in his book, Closing Prayers; Facing the final crisis on our knees

Randy is a good friend of mine, and during one of my trips back to Washington, I was blessed to hear a sermon he gave from this book.

The moment he began his sermon with an analogy of our current ...

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In what area do you need to trust that God has good and delightful surprises in store for you? 

Some of the best discussions I have with God are when I’m taking a walk. The fresh air clears the fog from my brain, the sounds of nature drown out the perpetual to-do list in my head, and I can appreciate the beauty that God provides all around me.

It is as though He shows me something new every day and every season to remind me...

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How would things be different if you trusted God as He asked you to start, endure, or even quit a “thing”?

So often, we let the “what if” of fear stop us from taking those first steps. 

The "thing" God has called us to do requires a strong plan to deal with obstacles the enemy places in our way.

In this episode, guest Rebecca George is going to share her personal experience of pursuing goals with grace an...

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word boundaries?

My friend Leslie Newman asked this question in our writer's group, and she received a variety of answers.

My answer was protection, both for the other person and me.

Having learned the benefits of setting grace-filled boundaries, Leslie loves helping others do the same.

“Setting boundaries is an emotional process, and it has to start with ...

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When was the last time you avoided a difficult conversation with someone just to get their approval?

Did it ever get resolved?

Having difficult conversations with those you care about is part of life, so it's better to prepare ahead of time.

In my conversation with Lori, she shares that our avoidance of an issue and not facing the hard conversation actually causes the disconnection we are trying to avoid in our relationships.

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How different would your next family gathering, work day, or neighborhood picnic be if everyone chose to celebrate or weep with each other before trying to convince, correct, or lobby for their agendas?

Jesus never said that getting along would be easy, especially loving one another. But He did call us to do it.

Becky Keife, from (in)Courage, joins me in this episode to discuss the book, Come Sit With me, How to Delight in ...

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What keeps you from extending comfort within your community?

When I asked my friends that question, there was a common thread in their answers. It was  “un” comfortable and it causes “dis” comfort.

Did you know there's a reason for it? There is someone behind that reason!  

We were created to be in communion with each other and to be in unity - Community - but the enemy will do anything to keep us from it.

Today in ...

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What is holding you back from experiencing joy?

Joy should be one click away, as self-care and getaways are more accessible than ever before.

Yet the search for happiness and joy continues to be a popular topic.

My guest Yvette Babs Walker knows all about wanting to experience joy and wondering when she would find it.

She will talk about a time when she believed in God but felt numb in her faith. She knows what...

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Do you ever wonder why so many of our best memories and most cherished relationships involve food?

When my kids are going to come home, they will request their favorite meals and desserts. Making it for them warms my heart as their mom!

Why is that? Could it be a design decision rather than a default one?

There are numerous references in the bible to food, feeding and nourishing God's people, and the feasts God wan...

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When was the last time you said to yourself, “I just want to be happy”?

How can one truly be happy?

I think if happiness were obtainable by our human ability, we would have stopped chasing after it by now. 

Happiness is an emotion that changes and often relies on what is happening around us, our personal relationships, and our heart's desires.

In this episode, Tricia Goyer and I discuss her book Heart Happy, Staying...

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Is there a time when your heart felt heavy because of difficult circumstances?

Focusing on what I can't handle can feel like my heart is heavy and full of despair.

When times like these came, I would escape to our family cabin in Oregon. I called it my Happy Place.

My heart would feel lighter when I turned down the road to the cabin. Observing the stars under the vast sky, I felt encouraged knowing God, my Creator, created me and...

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