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October 16, 2023 46 mins

“Don't put it down, put it away.” All those little piles add up to be a huge project. Every time you walk past them, they're creating a narrative in your mind because of the energy that they have. So, you're seeing it as failure. ‘Oh, I still have to put that away.’ Whereas when we just get to it, when we just get it done and then we commit to maintaining the space, then it makes it so that we feel successful every single day.”

I am so excited for today’s episode of Your Time Is Now! because I have my beautiful friend Melissa Stutz, a professional home organizer and the Owner and Creator of The Neat and Tidy Space, here with me to chat about all things decluttering, and how decluttering our spaces can also declutter our minds.

Tune in to hear about her incredible tips for decluttering and organizing, as well as some mindset shifts and systems you can put in place to support you in keeping your house neat and tidy without the overwhelm so that you can still have time to fill up your cup.

In this episode:

  • Melissa’s calling and how The Neat and Tidy Space came to be
  • Having the systems in place so you can fill your cup first
  • Ditch the To-Do List for The List of Three
  • Shifting your mindset around success and chores
  • Your stuff has energy so it can clutter your space AND your brain
  • A step-by-step walkthrough for organizing without the overwhelm
  • The Half Hour Hustle: keep your house neat and tidy a little at a time

Resources from this episode

Are you local or local-ish to Windham, NH, and want to feel the power of community and sisterhood with me and other incredible women like Melissa in The Scared Circle events? The next event is coming up in November, so be sure to get on The Sacred Circle Waitlist here and be the first to know about what’s to come.

Are you interested in having some help keeping yourself organized and your house neat and tidy? Check out Melissa’s 2024 Neat & Tidy Planner & Organizer to get your home organized and running like a well-oiled machine.

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Connect with Melissa

Melissa is a professional home organizer and the Owner and Creator of The Neat and Tidy Space where they help families UNclutter their home to free up time. \
She is a New England native, living in New Hampshire. Her passion for organization is inspiring, and as a Mom of two boys, she has learned how systems and structures allow for more time for activities she enjoys most with her family.
The Neat & Tidy Team believes home organization should be practical. So, she spends careful time getting to know client’s needs to provide customized solutions within their budget.
Facebook: @theneatandtidyspace

Embrace, Empower & Evolve: A women's circle for growth and inspiration. Save your spot here: 
This in-person monthly event is designed to create a consistent and safe space for you to grow and evolve. A sanctuary where women will come together to embark on a journey of self-discovery

Connect with Allison
Instagram: @allison.elizabeth._
Facebook: The Clean Kitchen NH

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