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September 24, 2023 65 mins
Believe or not, this month’s Booked Up Book Club is TUCKER, the book, the man, the walking grievance machine. It’s true, Jen read Chadwick Moore’s authorized biography of Tucker Carlson. And joining her are Rick Wilson and Martin Pengelly, to talk about it so you don’t have to. 

Rick Wilson is a longtime Republican political strategist, award-winning ad-maker, and political commentator (and fifth generation Florida man). In 2015, Rick emerged as one of the earliest and most vocal critics of Donald Trump, helping found the Never Trump movement. His bestselling book EVERYTHING TRUMP TOUCHES DIES sprung from and perpetuated the acronym ETTD, used by millions on social media as a glib-schandenfraude-tinged response to each and every indictment or other misfortunte that befalls those who hitched their wagons to the Donald. 

Martin Pengelly is the Washington-based breaking news correspondent for the Guardian U.S. Born in Leeds, Martin played rugby for Durham University and Rosslyn Park FC and worked for Rugby News, the Guardian and the Independent before moving to the US in 2012. Since then, he has written about politics, books, and rugby in America. His work has also appeared in Sports Illustrated and the New York Times. His first book, Brotherhood: When West Point Rugby Went to War with an introduction by H. R. McMaster comes out on October 31.

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