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October 15, 2023 65 mins
Zeke Faux, author of the new bestseller, Number Go Up: Inside Crypto's Wild Rise and Staggering Fall is Jen’s guest today. 

Of all the books, and scholarly articles, and news stories, and blog posts, and legal complaints and, you get the idea…  on crypto, Number Go Up is truly the first one to pull everything together in one place. And that result is something immensely entertaining and informative. And to be clear, this is not a condemnation of those other works, readers can learn so much from. Instead, it’s an expression of high praise for what Zeke has accomplished here.

If name-dropping is helpful for you in judging the strength of a book, then let me throw out a few who have heaped praise on Number Go Up. 

Evan Osnos National Book Award–winning author of Age of Ambition said: “This book is ludicrously compelling. I, quite literally, couldn’t put it down—and I don’t even care about crypto.”

Matt Levine, the Money Stuff columnist said: “This book is what happens when the funniest financial journalist in America takes on the funniest story in modern finance. The results are as darkly hilarious as you could hope for.”

Bethany McLean, author of The SMartest Guys in the Room (that was made into a brilliant documentary said “Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the mass delusion that was crypto.”

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