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August 25, 2020 19 mins
Leading the charge: Jenna Rush is a woman on a mission - to save the coach industry. 

If that seems like hyperbole, then just pause for a moment and consider the stark facts. 

The UK coach industry is primarily made up of small family-run firms often passed for generation to generation. It is also one of the most capital intensive industries in the country, whose finance is largely underwritten by personal guarantees on vehicles that new, cost from £200,000-£450,000. 

And, that’s why no income during COVID is a big issue. Although the government could solve this at the stroke of a pen, and at no cost to the public purse.

While some finance houses have agreed ‘payment holidays’, not all have, and in any case all are due to cease very soon. 

Not only does this mean that business will fold, but also families will lose their homes, as they are used as the security on the vehicles’ finance.

Amidst all of this, the UK’s coach operators have come together as never before, under the Honk for Hope banner.

Backhouse Jones director Ian Jones travels to Cardiff on the latest Honk for Hope Rally to speak with Jenna Rush, MD of North East Coach Travel, to find out all about the issues and the campaign.

And, he finds out why 8-year-old Theo Taylor has been writing to Boris Johnson and has epitomised the soul of the industry with his public appearances.

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