Anime Senpai Podcast

Anime Senpai Podcast

Join Alex Teichert as he takes you into the world of entertainment like no one has done before. Hosting multiple podcasts while working in National Radio and Television, Alex is focused on challenging our beliefs on anime, conversation, entertainment, and perspective with each new episode!


March 12, 2024 42 mins

If it weren't for these five individuals, anime would never be as popular or accepted in western society today! Find out how each of them played a pivotal role in the creation of an accepting culture as well as elevating the industry into unpredictable success! Plus, another riveting edition of Anime of the Week and Popular News Stories!

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Yet again, the fans and judges show us how commercial and Hollywood the entertainment industry is becoming. Not only did Vinland Saga season 2 win ZERO awards, but the most critically acclaimed show during the awards was Jujutsu Kaisen! It's time to go through every single "winner" from the ceremony and tell you exactly why we will no longer be predicting winners.

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Change is finally happening all over the entertainment world within anime and video games! Major franchises are starting to be dethroned by independent companies as games like Palworld and Lethal Company take social media by storm and popular anime series break away from major studios to start their own companies! Get ready for a whirlwind of changes starting this year, including the focus on us consumers over big cooperate greed!


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Welcome into another riveting episode of the Anime Senpai Podcast!!! This is by far one of the hottest takes I've had for some time. With only being four episodes into Solo Leveling, it is already the anime of the year! Not only had it far exceeded the expectations set for an action/fantasy show, but the execution is also absolutely flawless in so many ways. Find out why this show will not only help to set the new standard for the ...

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January 23, 2024 68 mins

HIT THAT AWARD SHOW MUSIC BABY!!! It's finally time for Senpai to go through every single category within this year's Crunchyroll Award Show giving you not only the true winner of each category but also the one's he believes the fans will choose as the incorrect winners! Plus, a passionate speech on why leaving AOT out of anime of the year is an absolute slap in the face of one of the greatest franchises of our time!

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January 15, 2024 119 mins

Welcome into a special bonus podcast episode! This week, Senpai gives you a taste of the dark side with a patreon exclusive experience you don't want to miss! Join Alex and special guest Rogue as they review one of the hottest revenge porn shows of all time.... Redo of Healer! Safe to say.... you want to get a strap on, i mean strap a pair on... never mind... Find out why this show pushes the limits to Senpai's enjoyment of all thi...

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January 1, 2024 49 mins

HAPPY NEW YEAR WEEBS!!!! Welcome into the first riveting edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast in the beautiful year of 2024!!! Celebrate with Alex by looking ahead at the entire winter season to come with the best of the best sequels and new series to put on your watchlists! Plus, some Anime New Years Resolutions we can all immolate to heighten the overall culture together! Thank you for a sensational year, cheers to the next one!


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December 25, 2023 76 mins

With 2024 right around the corner, it's finally time for Alex to close out the year by bringing you the annual Anime Senpai Award Show!!!! Find out which show stands atop the rest as anime of the year, the greatest main & secondary characters, incredible story lines, new series, continuation and so much more. Plus, a complete breakdown of the best shows in each genre, and so much more! Cheers to another sensation year, lets con...

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December 11, 2023 66 mins

What up Weebs! Welcome into another riveting edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast! This week, Alex celebrates the creation of the greatest Godzilla movie ever made... Godzilla Minus One fully reviewing the newest movie and letting you know why watching it in IMAX is an absolute must! Plus, a Top 10 list of the best Zilla movies ever created and the reasons why this franchise is one of the greatest to date! Oh, and of course another ...

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December 4, 2023 86 mins

Before we set sail into the unknown year of 2024, we must look back through the entirety of this year for the greatest anime shows!!! Join Alex as he not only gives you a plethora of movies and honorable mentions but the definitive best shows throughout the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons that captivated the world! Plus, a heart wrenching anime of the week that brings Senpai to tears, and another slat of anime news that se...

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November 27, 2023 54 mins

What up weebs! Tonight, we travel to the dark side of the moon! With all the swirling news info and firsthand accounts of the terrible work environments MAPPA employees are undergoing, Alex brings to light the ugly truth about the animation industry in Japan. Find out how each and every one of us can make a difference by simple turning off our TV's, boycotting anime shows, and standing in solidarity with their animators can change ...

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What up Weebs! Welcome into another riveting edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast! Join Alex as he ponders a serious question after the finale of Attack on Titan last week... Is AOT the greatest anime ever made?!? Find out why senpai says it's always best to let any form of entertainment digest properly before definitively `giving your overall rating of an entire franchise, the reasons Eren Yeager is the greatest anime character eve...

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November 5, 2023 53 mins

IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING?!?! It's the end of an iconic franchise we all know and either love or love to hate... Attack on Titan has finally come to an end! The rumbling has devastated the world, and all hope seems lost... but will Eren be able to trample over the hearts of change or will the world unite and change his mind?! Find out how every single action Eren Yeager makes has been to protect the ones he loves the most and buy huma...

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October 30, 2023 66 mins

Love is in the air... within every show that's coming out!!! It's finally cuffing season baby! Join Senpai as he takes you through the beautiful world of romance with some of the all-time greatest shows & movies to help you fill the gap your body pillow isn't quite filling! Find out why each show & movie carved their own place into senpais list, the reason that cuffing season has begun, as well as a plethora of news stories...

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October 23, 2023 72 mins

ALL ABOARD!!!! Punch your ticket and jump on the Senpai Express as we soar headfirst into the world of remakes with some of the best-known shows and biggest flops of all time!!! Join Alex as he selects a plethora of shows that not only deserve to have their stories retold but brought back to life for the modern-day anime fandom! Plus, an Anime of the Week that's quite literally the craziest love triangle of all time and a few news ...

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October 16, 2023 70 mins

What up Weebs! Welcome into another riveting edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast! This week, Alex looks back over the many years of anime viewership to pinpoint the ten show's he absolutely loves and adores! Find out which shows made the cut, the greatest shows you've seen don't always have to be one of your favorites, and the first ever editions of: The Anime Show of the Week & Anime News of the Week!!!

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October 9, 2023 78 mins

What up Weebs! Welcome into another riveting edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast! This week, Alex takes charge starting his own movement to bring anime viewers back to the core of what makes this entertainment platform one of a kind, weekly viewership! Find out how binge watching to many anime shows at once can destroy your pallets taste for top tier shows, the reason so people miss the true meaning behind each shows purpose, and t...

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October 2, 2023 84 mins

What up Weebs! Welcome into a very special edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast! This week, it's time for Alex to take on the greatest male characters in all of anime by ranking them according to their attributes and characteristics in the first ever Husbando Tier Ranking!!! Find out where some of your favorite characters of all time rank against their peers, the reason many prominent characters are either over hated or over loved, ...

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September 25, 2023 76 mins

What up Weebs! Welcome into a very artistic edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast! This week, Alex welcomes in one of the best upcoming artists in the world of tattoos, Lyjah Vaatete! Join the guys as they continue to complete Alex's newest anime tattoo of Violet Evergarden, the beauty & painful side of getting a tattoo for the first time, and an amazing story of how the guys met for the first time! Plus, Lyjah gives you not only...

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September 11, 2023 99 mins

What up Weebs! Welcome into another riveting edition of the Anime Senpai Podcast! Spooky season is finally upon us all!!! Get out your pumpkin spice everything baby because it's time for a full preview of the upcoming Fall season! Join Alex as he gives you a full breakdown of all the upcoming shows, movies, and OVAs that you definitely need to put on your watchlist. Plus, Alex is already confident with his pick for anime of the sea...

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