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CX Fanatics Podcast

Hi! Welcome to the CX Fanatics Channel. Did you know it can cost 5 times more to attain new customers than to retain existing customers? But most of the time customer experience is passed off as customer service (CX as the cool kids say) - and that’s just plain wrong. Because CX is its own animal and a MUCH bigger component of business than most people realize. CX is THE best way to keep current customers (or leads) happy and turn them into raving brand ambassadors. This channel focuses on weaving customer experience throughout your business to increase revenue, retention, and referrals. Tune in weekly for expert interviews, customer experience and marketing strategy, and the latest CX trends. Use what you learn to create the BEST customer experience for your clients - turning them into raving fans while increasing your revenue and profit. Get a jump start on doubling your profits in 60 days - with this free guide (download it here) ➡️


February 7, 2024 38 mins

In this week's episode discover three reasons why your service-based business should embrace a subscription model.  You may be thinking - there is NO way a subscription model would work for my business.  But this episode will give you plenty to noodle on and may even spark your next brilliant offer. Stay tuned until the end, because there is a bonus waiting for you.

Discover inside:

✅ 3 benefits of creating a subscription model for...

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In this week's episode discover how to prevent subscription churn and increase profit plus what it's REALLY costing your business to keep chasing new customers.


✅ 3 simple changes that will keep your subscribers engaged, happy, and sharing your brand with friends. ✅ The #1 frustration for clients in a subscription service. ✅ How to stand out from your competitors when it comes to amplifying your subscription offer. ✅ Who ...

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In this week's episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Tammy Alvarez.   Tammy Alvarez is the CEO of the Career Winners Circle and is also an author, professional keynote speaker, inspirational coach, trainer, and epic storyteller. As an award-winning entrepreneur and former corporate executive, Tammy believes leaders who inspire courage are at the heart of every successful business.   Her spirited “Break All the Rules” approac...
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In this week's episode discover how to attract the next generation of buyers and what makes them tick when it comes to buying decisions.  Get ready to get to know GenZ.


✅ Where GenZ hangs out online and offline and what they expect from brands who meet them there. ✅ What Generation Z focuses on when applying their buying power. ✅ How to adjust your marketing, sales, and customer strategies to appeal to Generation Z. ✅ Abo...

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In this week's episode discover how to master the art of creating magnetic experiences for your customers that lead to increased revenue, sales, and lifetime customer value.


✅ How to personalize and customize your emails to increase customer engagement. ✅ Why most social media falls flat and ways to stand out from others and create loyal customers. ✅ How to test new products, offers, and discounts without spending tons of ...

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In this week's episode discover three ways to consistently increase your wine club memberships and reduce wine club churn. 

Don't have a wine subscription business?

Stay tuned, because these three steps can be applied to your business as well.


✅ Why your wine club differentiation factor matters more than ever ✅ Who in the wine industry is standing out and why ✅ How your messaging is repelling not attracting wine club subsc...

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In this week's episode discover even more reasons why EVERY business MUST have a subscription model to increase revenue and profit, now and in the future.

Plus learn: ✅ The number one benefit of having a subscription model (don't miss this one) ✅ Examples of subscription models that have replaced product revenue ✅ How to innovate and create new products based on customer feedback ✅ The power of a subscription in accurate foreca...

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In this week's episode discover why every product and service business MUST have a subscription model to increase revenue and profit.

Plus learn: ✅ The number one benefit of subscription models ✅ Hidden perks of having consistent subscribers (it's not what you think) ✅ How to create raving fans and brand loyalty with your subscription ✅ The power of subscribers in determining higher lifetime customer value ✅ Why subscribers = ...

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In this week's episode discover Discover how to turn new customers into brand fanatics in your direct-to-consumer business & eliminate endlessly selling to new clients.

Plus learn: ✅ Which companies you need to mimic when it comes to customer experience ✅ How to effectively gather customer feedback ✅ How to create personalized customer experiences the easy way ✅ The one thing to avoid when asking customers to share their ex...

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In this week's episode discover how to amplify your customer experience with new customers to increase loyalty, end the sales grind, and great raving fans.

Plus learn:

✅ The number one thing you need to do to increase sales and profits per customer ✅ Which customer tactic will save you the most time and headache ✅ What problems the wine industry solves ✅ How a heating and air conditioning company could create a subscription mode...

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In this week's episode discover how using customer experience with visitors who aren't yet customers will increase your conversions and sales.

Plus learn:

✅ The biggest marketing mistake you need to unlearn now ✅ Why the more you know about your customers the easier it is to get them to buy ✅ How to gather customer data and organize it to make better sales and marketing decisions ✅ How to launch new offers, products, and service...

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In this week's episode discover the difference between customer experience and customer service. 

Plus learn:

  • The biggest mistakes businesses are making when it comes to customer experience
  • Why 97% is an important number
  • How old marketing methods are failing BIG time
  • Buying changes that are impacting future buying
  • The one industry that needs an email makeover
  • 3 steps to uplevel your customer experience game

Listen to th...

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This week on the CX Fanatics podcast, uncover why wine clubs will save the wine industry.

That's a pretty bold prediction, I know.

But hear me out.

The wine industry is in trouble but they have the solution right under their noses.

Step away from the glass for just a minute and tune into this week's show to learn:

  • The simple way to increase profit that most wineries are missing
  • This one skill wineries excel in but that aren't u...
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October 11, 2023 20 mins

Today's episode dives into three specific things wine clubs can do to increase profits (not just revenue).

Don't have a wine club?  Don't tune out just yet.

These three tips can be applied to nearly every kind of business.

Tune in to discover:

  • How to deliver exceptional and memorable customer experiences
  • Ways to create non-traditional tasting experiences for new audiences
  • Market changes and how to navigate them
  • How to meet your...
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October 10, 2023 9 mins

Get ready for a whole new angle on customer experience, marketing, and doubling your direct-to-consumer profits.

Introducing the CX Fanatics Podcast the weekly show that helps DTC businesses increase revenue, referrals, and retention through exceptional customer experience.  Including weekly insights, inspiration, and expert interviews that will catapult your profits and growth.  Hosted by Alisa Conner. 

This episode dives into:

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December 15, 2022 36 mins

This week on the 2nd Act Entrepreneur show earn 3 ways to increase revenue, retention, and referrals with current leads and customers.


Did you know it costs 5Xs the amount of money to get a new customer vs. selling to a customer you already have?


And that a current customer is 50-70% more likely to buy?


This week on the show discover three ways to pan your current leads and customers for gold so that you increase revenue, and...

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This week on the 2nd Act Entrepreneurship Show tune in to discover ways to use LinkedIn as a sales-generating machine as well as diving into topics like recession, entrepreneurship, and the life of a real marketer.

My guest Tracey Burnett is best known for perfecting the art of taking something as ordinary as your LinkedIn account and turning it into a valuable client-nurturing, lead-generating machine. She has a tried and tested,...

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November 16, 2022 38 mins

If you struggle with gaining traction in the inbox and having your audience excited to hear from you in the inbox, you won't want to miss this week's episode.


Discover 5 proven ways to entice your audience to not only read and click on your emails but look forward to seeing your name in their inbox.

One of the best opportunities to build rapport with your audience is with your welcome email series.

This first email series is a gr...

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This week on the 2nd Act Entrepreneur show we dive into 5 ways to avoid the spam filter with your email marketing.

Some are based on tech and some are simple tweaks you can make to your email marketing practice that will ensure you get more eyeballs on your emails.

Be sure to stay tuned until the end because you won't want to miss the bonus tip toward the end of the episode.

Consistently showing up in the inbox is a great way to bu...

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October 19, 2022 33 mins

Discover how to stand out in every inbox with your email marketing this week on the 2nd Act Entrepreneur Show. 

Recently on LinkedIn, I received a question about how to stand out and be recognized in the inbox so that more of your emails get read.

This week's episode dives into multiple ways to not only stand out but secure your place in your subscriber's inbox and beyond.

One of your first opportunities to start building a relatio...

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