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August 30, 2023 47 mins

Discover the pivotal role of brand identity in real estate on this episode of Empowered Returns. We delve into the process of crafting a resonant brand, from historical research shaping community connections, to ongoing brand refinement driving leasing and marketing success. We are joined by Chris Arnold and Bryant Hughes from Authentic.


Learn about the art of controlling your online narrative efficiently, without the need for a full-time team. While branding is often viewed as an expense, we unpack how it's an investment that fuels results—drawing residents, elevating rents, and enhancing property performance.


Explore the streamlined tool, "Amplify," designed to enhance branding and leasing experiences seamlessly. We also discuss the value of creating a brand playbook, a compass steering your brand through the dynamic real estate landscape.


Tune in to grasp how a strong brand identity isn't just integral—it's transformative, turning properties into thriving communities that underscore the prowess of strategic branding.


Hosted by Michael DiMella



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