Finding Equilibrium Podcast- Defining Masculinity and Femininity in Todays Society

Finding Equilibrium Podcast- Defining Masculinity and Femininity in Todays Society

Welcome to the Finding Equilibrium podcast, where we dive deep into the battle of the sexes because let’s be real: the relationship between men and women is complex, nuanced, and often fraught with tension. Women are expected to be assertive and career-driven, while men are encouraged to embrace their emotions and be more vulnerable. But are we really finding balance and harmony, or are we just creating more confusion? We know that finding true equilibrium requires us to confront the uncomfortable truths and challenge the status quo so rather than shy away from the tough conversations, we embrace them head-on. We’ll delve into the cultural narratives that have shaped our perceptions of masculinity and femininity, and examine how we can break free from the constraints of societal expectations and ideations, like why women are pushed to act more like men, and why men are becoming more like the women they were raised to protect. We’re not here to tiptoe around the issue. We’re here to call it out because we believe that by creating a more equitable society, one that values and respects the unique strengths of men and women, we can unlock a world of unlimited potential. So, whether you’re here to explore the battle of the sexes, or simply seeking inspiration to bring your own assets to the table, we invite you to join us for some thrilling and controversial conversation. Let’s level up as a society and create a future where men and women can thrive together and find equilibrium. CONTROVERSY MASCULINE FEMININE EQUILIBRIUM RED PILL BLUE PILL BATTLE OF THE SEXES LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS HUMAN BEHAVIOR PSYCHOLOGY SOCIAL SCIENCE BIOLOGY CULTURAL NARRATIVE TRADITION GENDER ROLES SOCIETY TODAY SHIFTING PERSPECTIVES


June 28, 2024 121 mins

The one where Stacy tries to sell Chad a used car, only to realize that the unicorn doesn't exist. 

Tune in to hear about dating in your late 30's & 40's, the challenges of blending families, and so much more. 

In this episode, Chad and the Stacy engage in a candid discussion about the intricacies of relationships, personal growth, and societal expectations.   They explore the challenges and disappointments in dating, the inf...
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Join us in this eye-opening episode as we delve into the fascinating world of pair bonding and its intricate connection to your sexual history.

We explore how your past experiences shape your ability to bond with your partner, uncovering insights that may surprise you.

Tune in as we discuss the nuances of forming deep connections, and gain valuable insights into nurturing healthy relationships.

Whether you're single, in a relations...

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In this episode, we examine the evolution of love and relationships. From ancient civilizations to modern-day society, we'll explore how gender dynamics shape our perceptions of monogamy and the crucial role of understanding in fostering successful partnerships.


 The Importance of Being Understood

  • Understanding and being understo...
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Welcome back to The Finding Equilibrium Podcast, where we dive deep into the intricacies of human experience and relationships. In today's episode, we're unraveling the layers of the ego—the "I" that shapes our perceptions and influences our interactions. Join your hosts, Chad & Stacy, as we explore the profound impact of the ego on self-awareness and relationships.


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Welcome back to the Finding Equilibrium Podcast:

In this episode, we unravel the mysteries of crafting a relationship that not only lasts but thrives. Join us as we explore the profound idea that what you truly want from a relationship might extend far beyond your initial desires. We delve into the relationship equation, exposing the misconception that lasting connections are solely derived from surface-...

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Welcome back to Finding Equilibrium!

In this candid and thought-provoking episode, we fearlessly tackle the often-avoided intersection of health and relationships. We delve into a controversial and profound subject, exploring how our physical well-being as we age can profoundly impact the dynamics of our romantic partnerships.

We navigate through the societal pressures and expectations that challenge individuals, both men and women...

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Welcome to "Finding Equilibrium," the podcast that explores the complexities of modern relationships and strives to understand the delicate balance between genders.

We are getting back into the 2nd part of episode 4 where get more into the growth of relationships; together or apart?

We highlight so many things in this one; the impact of the absence of traditional gender roles in households on women's perceptions of healthy relation...

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Join us as we navigate the often challenging waters of relationships, communication, and personal growth. We dissect the struggle that occurs when one partner in a relationship starts to level up while the other remains stagnant. We stress the importance of having future-oriented conversations, discussing goals and expectations, and providing mutual support early in a relationship. Moreover, we shed light on the impac...

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In today's episode, we sit down to discuss the intriguing concepts of Blue Pill and Red Pill ideologies, and how they intersect with the desire for traditional gender roles in modern relationships and how it helps identify what the modern day woman is really looking for in a partner.

Join us as we unmask the complexities of what type of man the modern-day woman truly wants.

Understanding Re...

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Welcome back to the show!

Today we are picking right back up where we left off in episode 2 {part 1}, so if you haven't yet caught up, go ahead and check that one out first and we will see you back here soon.

Otherwise, let's continue our conversation where we veer into how showing up as your authentic self relates to creating healthy boundaries and the possibility of finding true happiness. 

We bring you quite the mixed bag of tri...

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Welcome back to the Finding Equilibrium podcast, the show that explores the depths of human connections and personal growth as it relates to the shift and dynamic of men and women in modern culture. 

  • In this episode, we discuss the importance of embracing authenticity and being true to our biological selves when it comes to starting and maintaining relationships.
  1. Understanding the Imposter Syndrome:
  • We begin ...
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Welcome to the 1st official episode of the Finding Equilibrium Podcast. We're your hosts, Chad Akers & Stacy Fayling, and we are coming in hot with this one! 

Sit back as we go deep into the trending topic of the power dynamic between men and women in today's society.

We explore how this power dynamic has shifted considerably from traditional norms and the implications it has for individuals, relationships, and society as a whole.


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Welcome to the very first episode of the Finding Equilibrium Podcast, where we delve deep into thought-provoking topics and explore the complexities of the human experience. In today's episode, we embark on a profound journey, diving into the battle between the masculine and the feminine, and the real struggle of finding equilibrium. We'll explore the societal constructs surrounding gender, the challenges individuals face in embrac...

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