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July 24, 2023 48 mins

The ins and outs of books, publishing and their impact upon getting your story out there.

We are joined by RJ King – Editor of dBusiness Magazine of Hour Media - Hour Media is the largest publisher of city and regional magazines in the United States — as well as a multimedia production and digital distribution company.

Knowledge is Power, and in the middle ages reserved for the rich and royal – THROUGH BOOKS. Throughout the Middle Ages, books were made by hand. Much of the writing was done by monks working in monasteries. It wasn’t until Johann Gutenberg used the technology of movable type from China and Korea to develop the printing press, allowing common, ordinary people access to knowledge.

Suddenly, knowledge was portable, accessible, and available to the masses. Gutenberg’s printing press revolutionized communication, much like the Internet revolutionized how people communicated in the second half of the 1900s—although at not quite the same lightning speed! Plentiful, affordable books opened the door to a whole new world of learning and ideas.


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All right, everybody. Welcome to episode five. Go write me a book kid. That's uh my best Frank Sinatra. So this is, this is gonna be all about storytelling through publishing and books and magazines and all these things. But uh let's get our intros out of the way. This is Joseph. I am here with my two cohorts. There's, there's no adjective for me today. Um The or what was it called? Amphibious? What was going down? I was gonna say the no, I won't say it anyhow. Now I'm here, Steve Sadler is here. The stupendous Stephen Sadler and the KK here too. I came back. I, I show up they don't have last names apparently anymore. There, they're so popular now. They're just going by their first names. They are. Oh I thought you were referring that your, that's your new pronoun. Well, how, how many famous people are? They, you, you hear their one word name and you know who they are, right? That's, are we at that point? You guys are so famous? You, you should just go by a simple, that's what I think we're not quite there yet. The, the artist formerly known as the podcast known as Oh my gosh. OK. So, yeah, what a start. So we're already going down the rabbit hole. This is again, I will this up. So we're talking about storytelling in, in books and in publishing. And we actually have uh a guest a little later on. We'll have RJ King who is the editor in chief of the business magazine of our media. And I will tell you from my notes, our media is the largest publisher of city and regional magazines in the United States as well as a multimedia production and digital distribution company. So this is big time. Yeah. Yeah, he's, yeah, he's a heavy hitter. He's a heavy hitter. So uh we're all authors. We're all been uh we've been self published, we've been with, with uh major publishers, independent publishers. So it'll be interesting uh because we've all had different experiences there. But I I open with this for your consideration. So how long have books been around? I mean, originally books starting in the middle ages were handwritten by monks. And uh it wasn't until Gutenberg, I think it was like 15, 17 adapted movable type from the Chinese and the Koreans. And you could actually mass produce books. And the significance of that is that regular people now were given portable knowledge. Think about that, think about that access, access to knowledge. So it wasn't just for the elite anymore. And now regular people could have access to that knowledge and it was portable, you could take that you could take that with you. So, you know, knowledge is power if you knew how to read, if you knew how to read, right? So all of a sudden now you've got this acceleration in learning and reading because it was access to knowledge, what's going, what's going through my mind is, you know, before it was all handwritten, everything had to be handwritten as far as a book or content you mentioned about the Gutenberg Press and it became mass production at that time. What was that like? Versus one copy per, per book. There is now 10 that the good word press or five, whatever that number. But, but either way it was a bigger number, right? And I don't know what that volume is. But um it, it allowed people access and I think that's the biggest thing is access to information, access to information. And now all of a sudden there are authors, you know, you know, the first, the, the biggest translated work was the Bible. That's what the monks were. I was working on and they were working on, you know, religious text and, and manuscript. But now, you know, now you've got movable type and it's a, it's a business because before uh they were d

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