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July 17, 2023 46 mins

Take an epic journey with Kurt, Steve, and Josef as they delve into the world of myth and legend, discovering the mythologies that encompass our daily lives, while asking the big question - Do we really need them anymore?

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Welcome to the FolkTellers stories to be shared podcast. My name is Joseph Bastian. I'm here with Kurt David and Mali Lewis. Oh, no, Stephen Sadler, Stephen Sadler. Uh This episode is Myth. You so much where we're gonna talk about mythology in storytelling and how it uh impacts modern storytelling. So, um, I'm, I'd like to begin with a book called Once and Future Myth. It's a, a passage from there. It's a book by Phil Cos. It was written. It's probably a decade old time. I, I'll give you a quote. But, um, this was a book that I, uh, Steve. I know he has because I sent it to him and I know he hasn't read it. Yeah, you just said you had a stack of books for me that you, that you haven't read. So I never said I hadn't read them. I said I have a stack of books from you. That's what I said. You did not know this title and I therefore assume that you do not. So anyway, but that's, that's neither here nor there yet. So I want to begin with a passage from this book, which book, the one that he sent you the one you didn't read once and future myths by Phil Cousin. The quote goes, the old storytellers knew that every life is mythic and that each of our myths are sacred secret stories. And it is the outpouring of a deep longing for meaning which by some still unknown form of alchemy confers the purpose of our lives to those who go beyond appearances and seek the truth of their lives. Everything is a symbol, everything, a story, everything mythic and the discovery of these things back to the beginning is a coming home for all of us. This is the deep urge to seek out the living meaning of myth. Oh my God, my brain hurts. I got to check out for 15 minutes. If I knew it was this good, I would have read that book. I'm sorry, Joseph. Well, your loss. Commissioner Sadler. So, so what does that mean define that for us? Uh Simple. Yeah. So for, for Kurt and other and other athletes, former other former athletes with bad knees? Let's talk about you had asked as we were when we were prepping. Uh what's the difference between myth and legend? That's the question. What is that? Because this is, this is a, this is a good team. Uh So myth, if you, if you look up the definition, it's stories that aren't necessarily based in fact and they're usually stories about how things came to be. So if you think of the creation myth or how the uh I remember like when I was a kid now I'm like to total nerd out on you. Um I had a, a wood yard kipling book that was my favorite. It's called Just so stories and it was how the elephant got his trunk and um how the crocodile got his tears. And so it was uh stories of how things came to be and they're usually things in myth are things that are not fact. Fact, Odyssey would have been an example of a mythic. Uh Yes. Yeah. Like, you know, people always think of Greek mythology. And so how the, how the sun was formed or how the oceans came to be that, that's myth. So legend is, legends are built over time and they're based on some sort of real, a real person or real place or fact. So it's, you could actually, and they're usually tied to some part of history. So like Stephen Sadler, there's a legend. Yeah, there is a legendary component to him. It's in his own mind, but it is legendary. You're OK. You haven't read the book yet. Did I give you my card? All right. So the t-shirt, I, I'll give you an example of a legend. OK. So ba you know, based in fact, based in, in uh some space and time, so I wore this t-shirt, I showed you guys. So it's, it's this flag. OK. This is this is a non visual podcast. I'm gonna explain it. So it, it's got a flag on it and the flag has three colors. It's got red and white and black. And along the side it says sea land. And I asked these guys for sea land like like sea world, but sea land. And so I, I asked these guys, I said, hey, have you ever heard of Sea Land? That the Principality of Sealand? I thought Steve might know being from England, but he, he didn't know. But so Sealand started uh as a pirate radio station back in the sixties. So uh in World War two, the, the British built these defense forts offshore of, of England. So seven miles out was a big tower that they could, you know, it was a defense fort, a fort was on it and you could land helicopters and other things on it. And so those forts are still out there. So in the 19 sixties, uh a, a group of people started a pirate radio station because it was out of the BB C's uh broadcast jurisdiction so they could, they could broadcast whatever they wanted. So it became a pirate radio s

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