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September 18, 2023 47 mins
A great comedian is one who tells stories in a funny way, not to be confused with telling funny stories. Our guest on this BONUS episode is none other than Dave Coulier! Born and raised in Detroit, Dave is an actor, stand-up comedian, impressionist, and television host (and massive Detroit Red Wings fan). He was of course, Joey Gladstone on the ABC sitcom Full House, he's also voiced Peter Venkman on The Real Ghostbusters, and Animal and Bunsen on Muppet Babies, just to name a few of the many characters he's portrayed and voiced over his illustrious career.

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Welcome everyone. Week 13, we call this episode a welcome to the Chuckle Bucket because we're talking about comedy in storytelling. Uh This is Joseph and I'm here with my enigmatic Stephen and the Stoic. What is this podcast, by the way, you didn't mention that? Oh, this is, uh, well, Steve calls this the bonus Christmas episode because for people that don't watch, uh, Steve is British and Canadian and American and people who don't watch British television, actually, their, uh, their season changes, the Christmas episode, unlike, right. So, uh I have a word for you today. What's that? You're a logo, file, a logo, file, logos is Greek for words, isn't it? You're someone that loves words. I do. So I had to look that up. I mean, you've been giving us words adjectives all the way through this series. So, you know, I actually took the time. Well, to search Google for like three seconds. Find that word for you. Well, I do my thank you. Um All right. So here's our, here's our quote. And by the way, uh we've got a, we've got a really cool guest for our bonus Christmas episode. Uh Dave uh comedian, actor pilot. Uh, he's, you'll be shocked when you hear all the things that he's into, uh, he's gonna be our guest on in a little bit. So, um, here's our opening. Um, this quote is a great comedian is one who tells stories in a funny way that is not to be confused with telling funny stories. And then the other piece is, this is the, the equation for comedy, comedy equals tragedy plus time. So, I, I will, I'll open with that. What do you guys, how does that make you feel? Yeah. The first thing that comes to mind to me is that sometimes it's too, it's, it's too close to the truth to be funny because of the timing. Yeah. Yeah. So you hear that? What's, what's that expression? Uh, oh, too soon. I think that's what, isn't that what they're referring to? Like, uh, not enough time has passed to make this funny, to make this funny? So, so that's where the math comes in, in the equation here, I guess with my engineering hat on, I'm looking at this and going, this is an equation interesting. What would you call, what would you call it? I know. I see a plus symbol. A sign. Well, you put them there. That doesn't make it. I didn't put them there. I guess that makes it come just the fact you're making this into an, that's, that's funny within itself. Here you go. What a way to start, what a way to start. Um OK, so I wanna, I wanna add on to this, so this idea of uh comedy Eagles tragedy plus time. Uh So, so sometimes the stories themselves can be funny but sometimes they're, they're actually heartbreaking stories with humor injected and that makes them more palatable that, which they otherwise would be too hard to hear. Do you think that's true? They use comedy for that? Like Shrek win? What do you mean by that? Well, Shrek, I mean, it's a sad story but I mean, there's comedy interjected all the way through it. Yeah, there's some depth ogres are like onions, layers, layers. Yeah, I think the biggest thing about comedy for me is it, it has to relate to where I'm at today, right? You talk about the timing of it. In other words, I could hear something that was funny. We, we were just talking about that. Actually, I had some college teammates, we got together the last couple of days and we were talking about things that were funny to us during college. We don't find as whimsical now, right? Or whimsical, whimsical now. And so uh so that even though as our lives change, that comedy might change as well, yeah, it's definitely timing is a key part to, to comedy, not just in the moment, but you know, in the era, right? There's lots of comedians like, like stuff that Eddie Murphy did many, many years ago that I used to just piss and now I look at it and it's like, well, yeah, it's not as funny as it was back then, but it was definitely funny in the day. So, so do you think your sense of humor changes with age? Absolutely. It does. Yeah. Yeah. In fact, it probably diminishes with age, I think sometimes. Right. I don't know if it's for you, Kurt, how has it, how has it

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