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April 9, 2024 57 mins

Maricela Soberanes is one of the entrepreneurs featured in Jamie Bateman’s Book - From Adversity to Abundance: Inspiring stories of Mental, Physical, and Financial Transformation. This is a republished episode (originally released on July 26, 2022 - Episode 18).

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Maricela Soberanes, a principal at Up Plex Capital, an apartment syndicator, and an author, recently joined Jamie to recount her extraordinary path from poverty and scarcity in Mexico to achieving prosperity and abundance in America. She revealed that her journey into the realm of real estate commenced in 2006 with the modest investment in a single-family home. Since then, it has evolved into the ownership of multiple apartment complexes spanning approximately 2500 units across five states, alongside her husband.

Their investments in apartments have not only yielded financial success but have also enabled them to positively impact the lives of countless individuals. By providing quality housing through their real estate ventures, they've contributed to the betterment of communities and the livelihoods of many. Furthermore, Maricela and her husband are dedicated to broadening their real estate and financial portfolios to establish generational wealth, ensuring a secure future for themselves and their descendants.

Maricela's story serves as a testament to the transformative power of determination, perseverance, and strategic investment. It inspires others to pursue their dreams in the real estate industry and beyond, illustrating the potential for personal and societal advancement through entrepreneurial endeavors.

“Be intentional, dream big, take action, and be grateful.” - Maricela Soberanes

“Find mentorship and be in a community that is doing what you want to do.” - Maricela Soberanes

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