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September 26, 2022 46 mins
Episode 8 If you're struggling with burnout, you're not alone. Jen Schwytzer is a certified health and life coach who helps professional women put themselves first and come out of burnout. In the midst of the pandemic and while trying to conceive a child via IVF, Jen's husband suffered a cardiac arrest and was hospitalized for 21 days.   This event led Jen to realize that she needed to prioritize herself and her family. She began to focus on personal development and decided to leave her job in the hospital setting to pursue coaching full time. Jen is now helping other women who are struggling with burnout and stress to find their way back to themselves.   In this episode, you will learn: 1. How Jen's husband's health scare led her to prioritize personal development 2. How the pandemic has increased the need for self-care among professional women 3. How Jen's experience with burnout has led her to specialize in coaching women Here's a breakdown of what is covered: [00:00:01] - Topic Preview [00:01:41] - Getting real with Bossy Hosts [00:02:42] - Who is Jen Schwytzer. [00:04:48] - Tell us about your business. [00:07:16] - Background in mental health. [00:14:06] - How's your husband today. [00:17:03] - Sponsored by gallery salon. [00:18:03] - What happened next. [00:20:31] - Trauma and coaching. [00:23:45] - How hard is it to find clients. [00:25:06] - Who is your ideal client. [00:29:45] - Meet in person or virtually. [00:30:41] - What's the hardest part of being a life coach. [00:32:50] - What's the best part of being a life coach. [00:37:38] - What's next for Jen? [00:40:37] - Kelly & Kelly are speechless [00:42:07] - Build & balance Bossy retreat unveiling.   Jen Schwytzer is a Certified Health and Life Coach through Health Coach Institute and launched KINDfulness Coaching in 2022. Jen has 16 years of experience working in the social work and mental health space which allows her to bring a unique experience to her coaching practice.   Instagram @kindfulness_coaching   @BossyRoc   Business Coaching:   Love this Episode? Let Us know! Rate & Review on Apple Podcast, Podbean or Podchaser    Other episodes you'll enjoy: Getting Real About Internet and Bossy Kids Change of Plans with Denise Ester Clarity Walk with Jordan Betts   Thank you to our Sponsors: Marshall Street Bar & Grill 81 Marshall St, Rochester, NY 14607   Gallery Salon 4 Elton Street, Rochester, NY 14607   Bossy Build & Balance Retreat in Geneva, NY October 16 - 19 2022. Register at   MUSIC: “Do It" by Infraction , “At the Hotel” by Paul Youdin "You are the Best" by Cutesy Chamber Ensemble    JazzCast Pros Podcast Productions   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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