Hot & Bothered

Hot & Bothered

We are three women from three different cities who are working to shift the climate change narrative from doom-and-gloom to solutions and inspiration. Each week, we’ll highlight local sustainability changemakers making a positive impact in our communities. We hope these stories of individual and collective actions inspire you to plant seeds of change in your own community.


October 17, 2023 21 mins

Join us for our reflection on Season 1 of Hot and Bothered! We share our ideas for Season 2 and ways to get involved, including a call for additional hosts to expand the pod. Email us at if you’re interested!

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Join us for our last episode for Season 1 to learn about “green infrastructure” from Travys Harper, Trees Atlanta’s first Green Infrastructure Manager. He shares his ideas about what to plant and designs on channeling your rainwater to not only benefit your gardens but how it can play a vital role in combating climate change in your local watersheds. 

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October 3, 2023 23 mins

Can’t get enough of trees and green infra? We got you! We sat down with Paawan Kothari from Friends of the Urban Forest about why and how we’re stubbornly trying to get trees to grow where there once were sand dunes. Listen for the low down on those winter storms and some ways to help our pollinator friends.


You can find Paawan on LinkedIn and Friends of the Urban Forest at

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We all know trees remove carbon from the atmosphere, but tree canopy also plays an important role in lowering surface temperatures. In this week’s episode of Hot & Bothered, Marymount University Associate Biology Professor Dr. Susan Agolini (pictured here with her daughter at a tree planting event in Arlington) walks us through a heat mapping study conducted in the county, what the study uncovered about the interplay between su...

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How do you shift a metro from car-centric to safe for all types of mobility? We close out our Transportation series with Rebecca Serna, Executive Director of Propel ATL. Listen in as Rebecca shares her experience working with a nonprofit organization that advocates for safe streets for all, working closely with the City of Atlanta to reduce traffic fatalities, and celebrating non-automotive transportation options. 

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What's it like to create accessible bike infrastructure? This week, we sit down with Christopher Kidd to get a city planner’s point of view. Christopher is the project manager for San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's Active Communities Plan. Find out about the hurdles they’ve faced with the bicycle master plan and how they’re working to make sustainable transportation inclusive to all - both people and devices!

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Boosting access to eco-friendly methods of transportation is key to achieving a low-carbon future, and we need to invite everyone to the party. In this week’s episode, Marley Blonsky talks to us about co-founding All Bodies on Bikes, a non-profit working to create a size-inclusive bike community through judgment-free community rides. Marley shares how biking is a key player in a low-emissions future, how she’s working with sporting...

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As we close out our 3-part series on Food Systems, we are joined by Natasha Dyer in Atlanta to learn more about composting wasted food. Natasha is a circular economy professional who transitioned her career from fashion to composting and is now focused on the entire waste stream through the SWEEP Standard. We learn about her passion for diverting wasted food and get tips on starting a community compost program. 

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We’re diving into food again! This week, we chat with San Francisco Bay Area native Dan Kurzrock about how he’s fighting food waste. Dan is CEO and Co-Founder of Upcycled Foods, Inc. We cover his unlikely climate origin story, how they're upcycling and innovating, to growing an upcycled food movement.

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Ever wonder what work is being done to make our food system more sustainable? Meet Mike Ross, co-founder and CEO of Beanstalk Farms–a vertical farming venture based in Herndon, VA (just outside of Washington, DC). In our very first episode, Mike shares how his innovative farming methods have sustainability–as well as efficiency and nutrition–at heart.

You can find Mike on LinkedIn and Beanstalk Farms on Insta and Facebook.

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June 19, 2023 2 mins

Welcome to Hot & Bothered, a podcast showcasing the inspiring stories of local changemakers making a positive climate impact in communities across the United States! Join us as we delve into the lives and work of individuals who are taking proactive steps to protect our planet and create a sustainable future for generations to come.


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