Innovating Leadership: Co-Creating Our Future

Innovating Leadership: Co-Creating Our Future

The pace of change in the world is increasing exponentially. As COVID proved, leadership must evolve. And that gets to the heart of our mission: to bring you the latest thoughts on leadership so you can innovate, learn, and evolve...growing your team, your business, and yourself! This series features a new interview every week. Host Maureen Metcalf interviews world leaders, global business and NPO executives, thought leaders, and researchers in a wide range of industries. It’s a breadth of perspectives unavailable anywhere else. Become an innovative leader in your own right! Download the latest episode each Tuesday night on your favorite podcast platform.


May 31, 2023 52 mins

Guest: Neil Sahota

The jobs of tomorrow are being incubated right now.


Artificial Intelligence – AI – is already rapidly transforming our world. You have two years, maybe up to five, before it transforms your work, too. But IBM Master Inventor Neil Sahota sees hope, not gloom: throughout human history, technological transformations meant more and often better jobs. The key is to be ready, and Neil tells us how.

Here's what Neil a...

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Guest: Teuila Hanson

Does your team feel like they belong in your organization? Do you?


At LinkedIn, that feeling of belonging is a critical part of workplace culture. And one way they accomplish it is by taking DEI to a whole new level: DIBs (Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging programs). Chief People Officer Teuila Hanson has seen remarkable success with it…so much so, LinkedIn happily shares techniques with other companies. It’s...

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Guest: Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

Many CEOs and executives insisting on staff returning to the office full time are making decisions based on myths about hybrid work. The truth may surprise them – and you!


Dr. Gleb Tsipursky busts those myths with hard data and direct experience with 23+ organizations. The bottom line: for the majority of “office” workers, hybrid work benefits both wellbeing and productivity. With mental health concerns ...

Guest: Laura Fuentes

Joy, learning, friendship: that’s how Laura Fuentes believes the ideal workplace should be. When she arrived at Hilton, Laura found a culture and leadership team that was thinking along the same lines. Since then, she’s been instrumental in guiding the growth of that culture into one of inclusion, wellness, growth, and purpose – the four pillars of Hilton. It’s just one way Laura and Hilton commit to the well-b...

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Guest: Kvon Tucker

If there’s one key thing that’s common to all effective leadership theories, it’s this: leadership is all about relationships. Kvon Tucker distilled this through both academic scholarship and real-world experience at Netflix, Google, and Amazon. Those companies remain high-performing outliers because of their unique leadership culture, and an emphasis on relationships (and writing!) are key. Losing sight of that...

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Guest: Will O’Brien & Dave DuBose

The labor shortage is not going away. Workers are more transient, looking for better pay, plus Amazon, Walmart, and other large online retailers are continuing to drive up competition for distribution center (DC) employees. So, most DC operators resort to wage increases and retention bonuses as the quick solution to this really challenging people problem. Will O'Brien and Dave DuBose joins the show...

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Guest: Greg Moran

Odds are Artificial Intelligence isn’t going to replace you at work. It’s going to join you.


Greg Moran sees AI integrating much the same way breakthrough technologies always have. It will help us be more efficient, and help leaders make better decisions. Of course, it’s not all rasterized rainbows and Unix unicorns; to thrive, people will have to be able and willing to continually learn new skills and processes...

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April 18, 2023 40 mins

Guest: Ann Mukherjee

Ann Mukherjee’s life is one of complete inspiration, both personally and professionally. Her mother was killed by a drunk driver when Ann was just 14; as an adult, she endured alcohol related violence.


Yet today, she leads the second largest wine and spirits company in the world. Far from a contradiction, it’s a calling – one which sees not just customers and ROI, but caring and ROR (Return on Responsibility)...

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Guest: Paul Austin

You never know where the next big breakthrough in leadership research will come, so we’re going to sporadically feature outlier ideas, research from the fringe. Today is our first foray, as we investigate the role psychedelics can play in leadership development.


Struggling with the dichotomy of legality and morality, Paul Austin found himself on an unexpected journey of self-discovery – a journey that led him t...

Guest: Mike McLellan

Supply chain disruptions: they’ve been at the top of the list for leaders’ anxiety in nearly every sector for years. Will it ever get better?


Yes – if you’ve learned lessons from COVID and other supply chain disrupters. That’s the advice Mike McLellan has for leaders. A vice president of operations for DHL Supply Chain, Mike discusses the innovations DHL and others are implementing: from rapid responses to ex...

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Guest: Dr. Ciela Hartanov

Change is accelerating. Volatility continues unabated. And no business is immune. What’s a leader to do?


Develop foresight and become future-ready, of course!  Ciela Hartanov joins us in this episode to detail her practical process for developing foresight. As a futurist, she’s developed many tools for probing potential paths’ future outcomes. She’s distilled those tools into her foresight process. That,...

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Guest: Tara McGowan

Misinformation and disinformation have become the lifeblood of social media – even some cable channels hungry for ratings. But, as a leader, you need hard facts and straight information.


How did we get here, and what can you do to find the good data your decisions need? Tara McGowan, founder and publisher of Courier Newsroom, notes that propaganda and disinformation have always existed…but social media’s algor...

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Guests: Brenda Hampel & Erika Lamont  

More than 40% of new leaders fail within 18 months. Why? 


Don’t blame the leader; look at the organization instead! Most organizations don’t onboard a new leader well, if at all. They assume a person’s success at one company will automatically transfer to theirs – but there are far too many variables at play to bank on that. Instead, an onboarding plan that goes beyond HR protocols and benef...

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Guest: Betsy Myers

We may gripe about the pandemic, but it gave us one very positive change for women in the workplace: flexibility. It also highlighted for everyone that old-school leadership won’t cut it anymore. Betsy Myers says head and heart leadership is the model for today’s leaders. It fuses data-driven strategies and decisiveness with qualities such as warmth, compassion, empathy, and collaboration. In short, the head sets...

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Guest: Anne Klibanski 

Healthcare begins and ends in the home. At least, it should: you’re more likely to heal a bit faster and your outlook tends to be brighter at home instead of a hospital. Further, COVID revealed and amplified medical staff burnout and other issues already brewing in our healthcare system. 

It’s overwhelming for most healthcare leaders, but our guest – Dr. Anne Klibanski – tackles these issues head-on. The pres...

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Guests: Mark Palmer & Eddie Moore

Forget about future ready; you’re not ready for now!


Most leaders operate at a disadvantage: they don’t have a formal blueprint of their organization. Yet organizational design is vital if you want to be ready for whatever the future brings to your business. From your supply chain to internal communications, organizational design is far, far more than an org chart. In this episode, guests Eddie M...

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February 22, 2023 49 mins

Guest: Sharon Melnick

Pushy. Manipulative. Lofty.

We have a lot of negative views for powerful leaders – but that’s not what real power is about. When a leader is in their power, they raise everyone around them. It’s the difference between simply having power, and being IN your power.

With her latest book, In Your Power, Sharon Melnick explores the ways women leaders, in particular, both grow and leak their power. She discusses tho...

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February 15, 2023 48 mins

Guest: Carolyn Buck Luce

Live an epic life.


That’s the goal Carolyn Buck Luce advises you to have. In this episode, she shares ways to make that happen…and how that path started for her. Eight year old Carolyn Buck Luce was inspired by John F. Kennedy's call to service, and decided to take responsibility for answering it even though she was only in elementary school. She created her first Decade Game, a plan for the next ten ye...

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Guest: Reta Jo Lewis

"It's not just about the the betterment of you and your family. It's about the betterment of the community."

That is one of the core values that helped guide Reta Jo Lewis through an eventful leadership journey, culminating in her current role as president and chair of the board of the Export Import Bank of the United States — the first African American to accomplish this. She is a passionate advocate for women...

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Guest: Henry Mintzberg

There’s a lot of chaos for leaders to deal with, and it’s been pushing us out of balance for decades. Henry Mintzberg has had enough. Enough of the imbalance that is destroying our democracies, our planet, and ourselves. Enough of the pendulum politics of left and right, as well as the leadership paralysis in the political center. The world we live in needs a form of radical renewal unprecedented in the human...

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