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August 9, 2023 24 mins

When I was a little girl I was terrified of dogs. That never went away as an adult, so imagine my surprise when I suddenly found myself owning a golden doodle puppy in March of 2020 - and loving it! What seemed like the most unlikely situation taught me that we never really know what our potential is.

It may feel impossible to ever achieve an organized life, but the good news is if you are here at the podcast, you have the power to do it. You wouldn’t be interested in getting organized if you didn’t have the ability somewhere within you. James Allen said “Dreams are the seedlings of potential” - and just like any seed, if we give our deepest desires some quality attention, it’s exciting to think about what we can grow into. After all, I now love my little Oakley like I love my kids. If that could happen, anything is possible - even an organized life!

An organized life is a very individual pursuit, and in this episode I ask you to consider what an organized life might look like for you. What will it mean for your relationships, your finances, your health, how you run your home, how you spend your time, and what brings you purpose and fulfillment. As you pay attention to what comes to mind, take note. These are hints of the organized life you can create.

It’s a joy to watch my clients transform their lives as they diligently chip away at the clutter - and implement tools that enhance their lives from every angle. In this episode I encourage you to “plant” the seed of something you are interested in on your calendar, and nurture the seed with action, so you, too, can live the kind of organized life you have the potential to create.




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