Literally No Subtext with Dear Kristin

Literally No Subtext with Dear Kristin

Personality type talk, trends between types, tips on self-development and, in true ESFP fashion, random other unpredictable stuff.


October 6, 2023 63 mins

Join me today as I unpack the ENTJ personality with a special guest!

Allison Ramsey is the best-selling author of the Redefine book ( and the Founder of Empire Life, Coaching and Mentoring Company. At Empire Life, Female Founders are Guided in Scaling Their Empires. Allison is also a Mom and Dog Mom to Mars, her doberman.

She also hosts the Empire Life Podcast, which broadcasts interviews with mega-su...

Mark as Played

In today's "Dear Kristin" episode, I share some vulnerable thoughts and experiences from my time in Korea, amongst other type-relate questions. Thank you to Chris S, Haleemah, Nicola, Casey, Emaryllis and Ellie for submitting the questions for this one. Grab a cuppa and let's dive in!


1:44 Question from Chris Stockton: What’s your advice for using MBTI as a tool whilst creating characters in creative writing? 

5:21 Fro...

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Yes, I am engaged and so so happy about it! Today, in an absolute first for the pod, I discuss my romantic relationship with my ENTJ fiancé! Join with a cuppa as I answer your questions about ESFP / ENTJ compatibility, my thoughts on love and relationships, how we resolve conflict, how our functions play out and much more!

Note: I received Andrew's permission to discuss our relationship openly. 😊


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On today's episode, I'm reminiscing un-scripted on 10 of the lessons that I learned in my 20s. 💜

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Instagram: @dear.kristin

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Today I welcome one of my oldest friends onto the podcast to make her uncomfortable with extremely pointed questions! Join us as we discuss all things INFJ: What is the Ni intuition? What is it like being married to an ISTP? Why do INFJs make so many judgements, and where do they come from? What is it like seeing the darkness of the world at all times? What are the dangers of living in your imagination? What is the INFJ doorslam? H...

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Today on the pod, I'm taking 37 minutes to answer 5 questions! Thank you to Erika, Misia, Maja, Ahab and YourLocalFriendESFJ for their submissions! In this episode, I talk MBTI and mental illness, typing yourself, Fe nuance, stereotypes and how MBTI types present in children. 

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Today on the pod, I'm speaking with fellow MBTI YouTuber, Bogdan Yakubets. We speak in depth about the struggles being a YouTuber, what made him quit YouTube, his experience with MBTI, his personality type and how MBTI works with his Christian faith. It was a pleasure speaking with him and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Links mentioned in the episode: Bogdan's main YouTube channel:

Bogdan's fig...

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Today, we're unpacking your answers to the question "What is your ultimate nightmare scenario?" We received 324 answers for this one and were able to uncover some interesting trends! So grab a cuppa and strap on in!

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3:22 ENFP


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Welcome to "Dear Kristin" episode #2, in which we're diving into more of YOUR questions. Today, I answer questions from Lisandro, Pupairin, Sea and Rachel H. Topics include: changing one's personality type, communication tactics between Feelers and Thinkers, MBTI in childhood, MBTI and faith, how to use MBTI to better yourself, developing your functions and how to type yourself accurately. It's just me and my mic, so grab a coffee ...

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Today, I welcome my ENTJ housemate Marie to answer 36 of your instagram questions. Your only instruction in submitting your questions was to "make her uncomfortable", which... well, you'll have to have a listen to see if we did!

Some of you might remember Marie from an earlier episode, "Unpacking the ExTJ personalities with my housemates". As expected, without Sara, we were able to dive much deeper. Join us as we discuss strategies...

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Today, I'm joined by Dr. Ben Cotterill, a psychology professor at Clemson University in South Carolina, to discuss his research using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and other personality tools. Doctor Cotterill and I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of MBTI, its critics in the psychological field, the Big Five model and how one's psychological birth order might affect their personality type. It was a fascinating conversation, ...

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Today I answer a question submitted by Kennedy, who asks how he, as an INTP, can learn to type people in the wild. I go into some of the tells that I've picked up as an Se dom that reflect what cognitive functions somebody might be using. 

If you're unfamiliar with the cognitive functions and need a crash course, check out this video:

Theme music by Restless Mosaic.

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Join me as we find trends between types based on career/field of study!


2:49 ENFJ 3:41 INFJ 6:22 ESFJ 7:02 ISFJ 8:02 ENFP 9:34 INFP 11:38 ISFP 12:42 ESFP 14:47 ENFJ 17:04 INTJ 18:49 ESTJ 20:34 ISTJ 22:00 ENTP 23:30 INTP 25:44 ISTP 26:46 ESTP

Learn about the cognitive functions:

Theme music by Restless Mosaic

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September 7, 2022 109 mins

Today, I welcome Michelle to talk with me about the wonderful topic of creativity as two creatives in the YouTube space. Where does creativity start? How do we manage the whims of creativity as two ExFPs in a society that demands content? How do we handle deadlines? Is there a difference between “creative” and “artistic”? What makes our art unique? Are certain personality types more creative than others? How can you be more creativ...

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This episode is for the insanely niche sector of my audience that has an extensive interest in both music and MBTI! (Just kidding, it's for all of you, please listen 🙏 ) Let's take an unnecessarily deep dive into these 16 songs that I've chosen to represent each of the 16 Myers-Briggs types.

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Want to help your friends feel more understood? Well, thankfully, we're back with another long-form analysis of your instagram answers to my monthly question. This time, you answered, "In what ways do you feel misunderstood?" Can't quite wrap your head around the personality type of someone in your life? Then this episode is for you! Thanks, as always, to those who participated.

Timestamps: 4:17 INTP 7:05 ENTP 12:25 ISTP 15:41 ESTP...

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Today, I welcome fellow type-enthusiast and esteemed author, Joe Arrigo (aka "Ghost of Jung" on YouTube), to discuss the burden that is being an INTJ. Why do INTJs focus so much on the future, rather than the present moment? Do INTJs find it hard to touch base with their feelings? What do INTJs value in relationships? Dating advice, conflict management, and, of course, the million dollar question, “are you evil”? Joe also shares wi...

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Will Jenna put Kristin to sleep in this episode? Find out as we dive into all things Introverted Feeling (Fi)! How does Fi differ from Fe? What are some common misconceptions about each of these feeling functions? What might these functions look like in real life? And what the heck does Moana have to do with this? Let's dive in.

Learn about the 8 cognitive functions below:

Intro music by the talented Re...

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Today we welcome Laith, a dear friend of mine, to chat all things ENFJ. Do ENFJs really want to unpack everything? What even is Extraverted Feeling (Fe)? Are ENFJs prone to being "fake"? We unpack all this and more in this interesting, albeit slightly unhinged, chat. (This is the longest Laith has ever talked about himself in front of me.)

See Laith feature in one of my sketches below:

Intro music by th...

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Those darned "cognitive functions" that everyone talks about! What even are they?! Today, we unpack the 8 Jungian cognitive functions with my own ever-developing understanding of what they are in essence, how they differ from one another and how they might present in individuals. A big thank you to my sister for brainstorming the functions with me over many cups of tea, and letting me use some of her own clever phrasing.

My YouTube...

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