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One Hot Mess

One Hot Mess celebrates the journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. We’ll explore self-improvement, relationships, spirituality, astrology, and more. Whether you’re looking for advice, motivation, or inspiration, One Hot Mess has something for you! It’s time to discover how to embrace your messy, beautiful life.🤎


June 22, 2024 18 mins

-How to heal from a father wound and prevent it from damaging your relationship-


*While the lingering effects of a father wound can impact your love life, that doesn't mean that your relationships are doomed to fail. Whether it's you or your partner healing from a father wound, there are ways to protect your bond.


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Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess with Brittany! In today's episode, we delve into the critical decision of whether to stay or leave a relationship or marriage. We explore the motivations behind these choices and how understanding them can help you take control of your future.

We discuss how moving towards a goal, such as raising children together or working on personal issues, can strengthen a marriage, while staying out ...

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June 20, 2024 20 mins

*From Sink to Separation*

In this episode of ONE HOT MESS, find out about 'Kitchen Sinking, and also, we also unravel the tangled emotions of the all too common 'Kitchen Sink' arguments. Discover why we throw everything but the kitchen sink into fights and how this can prolong the healing process. Join us as we sift through the emotional debris, find clarity in the chaos...

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Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess. In this episode, we dive deep into the intricacies of love and relationships. We'll discuss how to identify if you might be the problem in your relationship and explore six ways you can control when, where, and with whom you fall in love.

We start with 14 insightful ways to assess if you're contributing negatively to your relationship. From being emotionally responsive to avoiding the fou...

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No Mud, No Lotus -Five practices for nuturing happiness. (Chapter Five)


*The difference between joy and happiness

*Why the Buddha kept meditating

*The first practice: Letting Go

*Releasing your cows

*The second pract...

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Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess. Today we're going to be talking about situationships and how to cope when commitment is unclear. Are they the one or just the one for right now?

So are you in a situationship where you are seeing someone but it's not exactly a relationship? You and your partner have fun as a couple and may even be intimate, but you haven't committed to each other or discussed a future together. If so, you...

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Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess. Today we will be talking about benching and dating and what to do when you have been sidelined.

Benching in the dating world means keeping potential partners as backup options, stringing them along without committing. This trend has become common with the rise of dating apps, where people juggle multiple partners. We'll discuss how to recognize if you're being benched, what it feels like,...

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Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess with Brittany! In today's episode, we dive deep into the emotional and psychological impacts of ghosting. We'll discuss why people choose to ghost, the feelings it evokes in both the ghoster and the ghostee and the broader implications of this phenomenon in our personal and professional lives.

Drawing on a recent study, we explore the various reasons people ghost, from incompatibility to a...

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 Welcome back to another episode of One Hot Mess. Today, we're diving into a topic that's a bit different but super important—sex addiction.

We'll talk about the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for sex addiction, and even touch on some real-life examples. While it's not officially recognized in the DSM-5, it's a real issue for many, affecting daily life and relati...

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Welcome to this episode of One Hot Mess with Brittany. Today, we delve into the transformative practice of inner child work and reparenting. Discover how your past shapes your present, learn about the concept of the inner child introduced by Carl Jung, and understand the significance of addressing inner child wounds to heal coping mechanisms.

We'll explore triggers that activate your inner child and discuss methods for nurturing an...

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Welcome to this episode of "One Hot Mess" with Brittany! Today, we delve into the intricate dynamics of love and hate and explore why sometimes the people we love the most can also drive us insane. We discuss the paradox of how love and hate can coexist, especially in cases of unreciprocated love or within thriving relationships.

Discover the challenges of maintaining au...

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In today's episode of One Hot Mess we are going to be talking about things that if you stay attached to, you will not move forward in life. And yes, I am still sick, so just bear with me and my screwed up voice, okay?


Living in the past is one of the biggest roadblocks to progress. We all have a tendency to hold on to our past experiences, our memories, and even past versions of ourselves. It's natural and it's part of being huma...

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Release and Transform the Patterns that Shape Your Reality.


In today's episode, we will discuss becoming aware of your underlying patterns and then either releasing or transmuting them into something more aligned with open-heart qualities such as unconditional love, gratitude, and trust. 

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Welcome to another episode of "One Hot Mess" with Brittany! In this episode, Brittany discusses how fear can take control of our lives and prevent us from living to our fullest potential. Despite being under the weather, she passionately shares six ways fear robs us of our dreams and how we can reclaim our lives.

From the paralysis of overthinking to the dread of failure, Brittany delves into the various ways fear manifests and ho...

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Welcome to One Hot Mess. 


-We are going to talk about some signs that it might be time for you to take a mental health break. You need to make sure that you take care of your mental health and your well-being.


-We will also discuss seven daily habits that just so happen to be mood boosters that will increase your happiness.








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 Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess. In this episode, we discuss the fascinating world of manifestation techniques. We cover everything from the law of attraction, visualization, and vision boards, to affirmations and gratitude.

Discover the power of scripting, the 3-6-9 method, and the two-cup method. Learn about the pillow method, the placemat method, and creating a manifestation box. We also explore the law of assumption...

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May 26, 2024 15 mins

*NO Mud, No Lotus-Part 4*Ease*

-Releasing the arrow

-Complexes and the sense of a separate self

-Greener Grass: The Story of the Buddha and Mara

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Welcome to another episode of One Hot Mess. Today, we're diving deep into the fascinating world of numerology, focusing on the significance of the life path number.

The life path number is a cornerstone of your numerology chart, revealing insights about your life's journey, challenges, and opportunities. We'll guide you through the process of calculating your life path number using your birth date and explore the unique traits and ...

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-Learn how to love yourself with these 15 tips for self-love. *15 different ways to love yourself- Keep what works for you, and dismiss the things that don't work. Learning how to love yourself is a personal journey.


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◇The year 2024 is unique because it's filled with the energy of the number 8. In numerology, each year has its own energy, and the energy of 8 is all about being strong, aiming high, and having many good things happen. Also, if you are new to numerology we will discuss some of the things that you need to know.◇
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