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Practical Leadership Podcast

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November 20, 2023 37 mins

In this great episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nelson, the brilliant CEO and co-founder of How Now. As we delved into his  journey as an entrepreneur, I couldn't help but be inspired by his unwavering determination and passion for creating something extraordinary.

Nelson talks about the significance of finding the perfect individuals who share the same vision and values when it comes to building a business. Drawing paral...

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In this podcast episode, I had the opportunity to interview Tajan Renderos, a remarkable leadership development coach, author, and trainer. Tajan shared her journey with me, shedding light on her path to becoming a coach and delving into her specialization in leadership development. It was fascinating to hear about the challenges she faced when transitioning from an individual contributor to a people manager, and how she overcame t...

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In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming Helen Marshall, Chief Learning Officer at Thrive Learning and thought leader in the learning and development industry. Helen shared her journey to becoming a people leader, highlighting the role that joy plays in effective leadership. Her insights on professional and personal development were insightful, urging people to harness their strengths and actively seek mentorship.


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In the latest episode of the Practical Leadership Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Garin Hess, the founder and CEO of Consensus.

Garin shared some profound insights during our conversation. One of the standout moments was when he quoted, "Too many men tiptoe through life trying to make it safely to death. I do not want to do that. I am grateful, regardless of how it turned out, that I was willing to take those risks."


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In this great episode I had the pleasure of chatting with Miles Downey, a top-notch c-suite leadership coach, author, and consultant. We delved into the fascinating world of coaching, exploring the similarities and differences between coaching leaders in business and coaching in sports.

One of my key takeaways from our conversation was the importance of self-reflection for leaders. Miles emphasised that taking the time to reflect o...

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Barry Foster, an expert in leadership, technology, and the future of work, discusses various topics in this podcast episode.

He addresses the changing landscape of work due to technology advancements and emphasises the importance of reskilling and upskilling to adapt to the evolving demands of the workforce. Barry also talks about the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace and the need for organisations to embrace digital and hybrid w...

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Only 8 % of companies include age in their Diversity initiatives.

It's time to WUSUT - Wake Up Shake Up Thrive

People over 50 are washed up, past it, done. 

People under 50 should pay attention, because what's happening, will happen to them. (The alternative to getting older is rather more dramatic.

We discuss the 3 big scenarios for (everyone?) the over 50s:

  1. You have an itch to do something more / new / different
  2. You're on you...
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We've take a bit of a break over summer - but now, roaring back to life with some outstanding individuals sharing their hard-won knowledge and experience with us.

Let's find out what's coming up in the Practical Leadership Podcast:

  • 18 Sept - Dominique & Ellen - talk about WUSUT - how to age gracefully over 50 (Wake up, shake up, Thrive!)
  • 25 Sept - Myles - on expressing your inner genius!
  • 2 Oct - Barry - helps us survive the...
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In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Mike Pino, a futurologist, about the future of work and the challenges that new managers face in today's business environment. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation:

- We talked about how technology is changing the job market and what that means for the future of work.

- Mike stressed the importance of insight and wisdom in the knowledge age, and how these qualiti...

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Binda Patel is the Director of Innovation at the Sutton Trust and the Sutton Trust that champions social mobility through different programs, research and influencing policy, news and opinion. 

She was in the front line when covid sent the world to hell.

She is also a trustee at Arts Emergency, a charity that supports and mentors young people interested in arts and the creative sector. 

Both are important in Binda's eyes and both a...

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In this episode, we dive into a fascinating discussion with Shantanu Shekhar, an experienced leader in revenue operations, who shares his insights on how to drive success as a manager. 

Shantanu's three-pillar approach, focusing on people, process, and purpose, creates a balanced and effective management style that fosters growth, accountability, and belonging within his teams. 

Shantanu dives deep into the importance of Process, P...

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We talk about a lot. I've never met a neurodivergent leadership developer before. 

In this great episode, Kene Erike and I discuss the significance of the number 33, mental maturity, goal-setting, and the importance of having a purpose. 

We cover the need for introspection and self-awareness, as well as the value of creating systems and habits that help achieve goals. 

Kene shares his work with the neurodiverse community, helping t...

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In my latest episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO of Flexa, about how to truly embrace and make the most out of flexible working. Flexa is a company that specializes in helping organizations create genuinely flexible working environments, and Molly has some fantastic insights to share.

Molly and I discuss the importance of setting clear expectations and frameworks to help employees thrive in a flexib...

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Dr. Pat - why am I fat and lazy?

Believe it or not, Dr. Pat has an answer...

Dr. Pat Boulogne is a doctor of functional medicine, CEO of Healthteam Network and a "coach with a mentor's heart".

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Pat Boulogne, a lifestyle medicine expert and chiropractor, who shared her insights on the importance of maintaining a high-performance lifestyle to achieve better health and success. Dr...

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Jimmy Burroughes, a former British Army captain turned Business Leadership Management coach.

Jimmy shared his journey from his first management role during the Gulf War to becoming a coach, and we bondedn on the importance of focusing on the basics and building on solid ground. (A house built on sand...)

He described the leadership training at Sandhurst, which is all about building trust, consensus, communication, and connection. H...

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From part time student to CEO. 

Learn how CEO of Sana Commerce Michiel Schipperus made his move and how he hires for success.

When the future minister of finance of the Netherlands offered Michiel his first management job as a part time student, he thought he was joking. 

He wasn't.

23 years later, Michiel is on a well-earned sabbatical, mulling over who to chose as the next CEO of B2B eCommerce success story Sana Commerce.

When yo...

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Josh Novelle is an analytical people person. And a former long-haired Metal fan. And a welder. (Different type of metal...)

He's also a pragmatic business leader who annoys the heck out of people by asking "why". A lot. 

We talk about 

  • Being a custodian of talent
  • Tours of duty
  • People unit economics
  • The impossibility of objective decision making

and more.

Join me for a fascinating tour of the inside of a fascinating person...

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Teaching taught him to be prepared for anything! (Has he met my kids?)

Knowing you don't have to know the answer helped him become a better manager.

Faris Aranki, CEO of Shiageto consulting is an advocate of Pre-Mortems (a great technique for avoiding disaster by thinking through risks in advance).

He also suggests that you can build a relationship faster than you might think. There are a few things he does to force the relationsh...

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Flo Broderick likes to promote from inside, although she says it is a difficult balance to make.

After all - that's where she came from. 

Do you hire just the right experience from outside, or look at the talent you already have, recognise that it's the choice with the fewest unknowns and help them to grow into the role?

We also talk about why you should over communicate. Again, and again. How you should go to work to be respected,...

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Vinit Patel co-founder of keeps on going by working in bursts, and designing his job so he takes on different roles every so often. He thinks it's a great thing for anyone in any company to do.

He recommends everyone should find a coach or a mentor to act as a sounding board, and that you should go easy on yourself. It's not all your fault!

You should ask for help. Try your line manager, HR, or an experienced manager f...

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