Red Flags, Green Flags : Modern Psychology for Everyday Drama

Red Flags, Green Flags : Modern Psychology for Everyday Drama

In this podcast, I deep dive into human relationships and the psychology of every drama to help you better understand how to navigate modern-day relationships. The world in recent years has changed rapidly and every new technological and societal change adds more complexity to everyday life. Human relationships have become complex and we are losing our abilities to properly read and respond to daily situations. When is behavior a red flag and when is behavior a green flag, and more importantly when are we the red flag in certain situations. We will be covering various domains of human relationships from dating and romance, to friends and family, and work relationships. This is a podcast you need to listen to to help you look at the modern world with a behavioral lens to make better decisions for yourself and others!


April 8, 2024 39 mins

During this podcast, I speak with Karl Feilder, Chairman and CEO of Neutral Fuels the largest producer of biofuel in the Gulf, about how to identify toxicity at work. Karl, having successful started, run, and sold various companies in his lifetime, shares various personal experiences which help identity the traits of toxic bosses and characteristics of unhealthy work environments. We also decipher what people's behaviors say about ...

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During this very engaging and personal episode, I speak with serial entrepreneur and investor LouLou Khazen about the red flags and green flags in Startups. The startup world is a very dynamic environment which is very different than most corporate work environments, and which comes with unique challenges. To be successful in a startup you need to be of a different breed. It requires a lot of mental toughness, determination, and to...

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In season 2 episode 2, I interview legal counsellor Candida Pinto about her personal experiences with bad management. Candida provides a phenomenological perspective of bad management in the workplace and the impact it can have on you emotionally and mentally. Through her stories we explore the characteristics of good and bad management and reflect on the impact bad management can have on employee performance and mental health. We ...

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Welcome back everyone, kicking off 2024 with new episodes of drama for Season 2 of Red Flags Green Flags : Modern Psychology for Everyday Drama. I am super excited to showcase 6 amazing episodes about red flags and green flags at work. 

We spend 2/3 of our lives at work and it is inescapable part of social life. If you experience drama at work, you cant just walk away from it (not without losing your job). Learning how to deal with...

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In Episode 7, I speak to Tatyana Shin and Daria Smith about the modern dating world and cover various contemporary topics such as dating as a single mom, dating in 30s and 40s, and what monogamy means in a modern world and how willing you are to have an open relationship. We address the difficulty of having so many options in today’s world, from people to relationship formats, and we also deep dive into the reasons why people are g...

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In Episode 6 of 'Red Flags, Green Flags: Modern Psychology for Everyday Drama' I speak with Elham Murdaa and Abdullah Ahmad about romance and how toxic the modern dating world has become. 

One thing that is undeniable about today's dating world is people's growing unhappiness with how they are being treated by others. Social media is full of memes, videos, and stories of how people are getting ghosted, catfished, cookie jarred, bre...

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One of the perspectives we will be capturing in today's Episode 5, is from my fellow penises. Men’s perspectives in dating are often overlooked, brushed away, or even ridiculed, especially on social media. Men are often portrayed as the rotten apples in the dating equation and when many men do speak up or share their opinion or even their emotions, wrongly or rightly so, are often being told that they are insensitive, mansplaining,...

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In this episode of 'red flags green flags - modern psychology for everyday drama', I speak with Soumana Ammar about the importance of knowing who you are. Especially in dating, people are more focused on the other person, especially when things go wrong. Having a successful relationship requires a deep understanding of self. Not only in terms of unconscious biases and past traumas, but also how relationship norms and gender roles a...

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September 26, 2023 34 mins

In Episode 3, I speak about the benefits and challenges of dating someone older/younger than yourself. I dive deep into the psychology behind age attraction and explain what older/younger age signals to potential partners. Having a relationship with someone much older (>10 years) can be amazing and enriching, but it is not without drama. I describe the different issues that age-disparate couples can have and how best to overcome...

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September 3, 2023 43 mins

In Episode 2, I deep dive into the realm of infidelity. What is cheating, what kind of forms of cheating are there? And why is cheating on the rise? In this episode you will learn why people cheat and which red flags to watch out for to assess if your partner is cheating on you or not.

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In this first episode of my podcast "Red Flags, Green Flags: Modern Psychology For Everyday Drama", I go into detail about why modern dating is not working. I also speak about common red flags and green flags you need to watch out for when you start dating someone.

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