Simple SEO and Marketing, Business Growth, Organic Marketing, Keywords, Online Business, Blogging, Content Creation

Simple SEO and Marketing, Business Growth, Organic Marketing, Keywords, Online Business, Blogging, Content Creation

Hey pal, I see you over there googling “how to get more website traffic”, “How do I find the right keywords” and “SEO for dummies.” I know you’ve been busting your hiney to build this online business. You’ve got a SWEET offer, but you’re just not seeing the growth and the (let’s be honest) SALES that you KNOW you could. And let’s get real here, the traffic that you ARE getting, sure isn’t coming in organically from people searching for what you sell. Can I shoot you straight? You are leaving SOOOO much money on the table by not strategically using keywords, SEO strategies, and blogging to grow your online business. I know that in the past, all of this has seemed, well, too complicated to learn or too time-consuming to implement. But pal, I’m here to change that. I’ve learned some SWEET secrets to having a GREAT SEO and Keyword strategy for organic marketing, and I’m here to spill ALL the tea and FINALLY get you that business growth and organic traffic that YOU’VE been dreaming about. Welcome to Simple SEO and Marketing, where you’ll learn all about SEO, Keywords, & Blogging so that you can get MORE organic traffic and GROW your business ALL with a God-honoring perspective! Grab your pen and paper cuz I’m skipping the fluff and getting straight to the actionable tips to help YOU grow your business with organic marketing!


May 21, 2024 17 mins

In online marketing- or really any marketing these days- building, nurturing, and getting sales from your email list is of TOP priority. With the ever changing algorithms of social media, email is THE ONE WAY you have a direct line to your people. But HOW do you build and email list? Well, the first step is to come up with a great lead magnet, a freebie, a REASON for your ideal client to hand over their email list. 


When it comes...

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Listen, creating content is just part of the JOB when you have a business. Period. 


But- if you do it wrong- if you miss any of these 3 things, you're not only leaving money on the table, you could be hurting your business. 


Listen in for 3 steps you CANNOT skip when creating content. 


Learn the exact method we use to blog SMARTER not harder in The Organic Marketing Framework 

Write the BEST content of your LIFE- 10 Tips to W...

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One of the things I visit with clients and students THE most is- conversion. Which is a fancy way of saying: is what you are doing working? Is it getting the desired results/

With ANY content, you SHOULD have a goal in mind when creating it- even if that goal is to entertain or connect (though that is generally more of a social media situation) 

Here are 5 simple but POWERFUL things to include in every blog for increased conversion...

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Let's chat about long-form content and how much of it you need to generate leads for your business. It's no secret that I love creating long form content for businesses and that I think blogging is highly valuable, but is it enough? Do you need more? And if so, how do you do that without going crazy?

Let’s talk about my team repurposing your podcast or video FOR you into an SEO-friendly, well-written blog. 


Learn how to repurpose...

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One of the biggest things that came out of the Google Core update last month, is the need for people to focus more on what's working and what’s not working. (Which by the way… we should been doing anyway). Content that’s been created the right way, with a strong intent to serve, can live forever- YAY! Some of my top-performing blog posts are things that I wrote years and years ago.

And honestly, when you put a lot of time and effor...

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Have you ever thought, “Well, I want to honor God with my business, but I don’t really know what He wants me to do or HOW to do it?” This is a subject that is NEAR and dear to my heart.  Here are 7 VERY practical ways to partner with God in your business because, after all, it is ALL His anyway.

Benham Brothers podcast episode that teaches listening prayer. 

Learn the exact method we use to blog SMARTER not harder in The Organic M...

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Are you working hard to create great content, only to have nobody read your blogs or listen to your podcasts? As much as I know that great SEO will help you, sometimes it's NOT actually an SEO problem but a TITLE problem!


And while each major platform- YouTube, Podcasts, Blogs, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook has its own “rules”, there are a few hacks that will work for each platform- regardless of the algorithm and its changes. 


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Everyone is all worried and up in arms about (every) update ever. 

Meanwhile, I’m over here without a care in the SERPS world


Because for my own website AND clients, we’ve always prioritized serving over SERPS-ing. 

OBVS SEO matters, and the things you do to GET ranked matter. I love to teach you how to blend the art of serving your people well WITH non-scary SEO. 


Listen in as I break down:

  • ...
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Coaching is a fun, but sometimes hard thing. It can be really vulnerable to sit down with someone and say, “Here’s my business, this thing that I’ve built and I love, but I need your help!”

As an SEO consultant and  Christian business coach- I don’t take it lightly that y’all allow me the honor to speak into your businesses! Truly! 


But I’m not going to sit here and tell you either that booking a coaching call is always the right...

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I have always loved learning. Go ahead, ask me how any books are sitting on my shelf just waiting for me to pick them up! And when it comes to learning about business and growth, MAN, I will NERD out. But sometimes, the online education space can be a little… overwhelming. What’s the best use of your money? Where should you spend your time? Most importantly- what and who should you allow to speak into this business that God has giv...

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Have you wondered if your website copy was holding you back? Unfortunatly, even the best service providers and the best products can be losing money with poor website layout or website copy choices. In this coaching call with DFW area photographer Amanda Ogg, we went through and revamped her website copy and SEO strategy. She later told me that the WEEK after she implemented these changes, she saw 2 conversions. Which means, that t...

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Ahhh, website traffic! Click through rate, Keywords, google analytics, third-party analytics.. It can all be V confusing and very time-consuming to understand. 


THIS I get. 


And while I am OBVIOUSLY a fan of doing keyword research and creating really strategic SEO-friendly content, and I actually ENJOY the content creation process, sometimes it can be REALLY beneficial to do a little backward digging and work in the rears, so t...

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Are you drawing a blank when it comes to keyword research? Or maybe you have too many ideas for keywords, and you just don’t know where to start? BEEN THERE! This is exactly why I created this process for myself and my students so that you can spend your time wisely and do keyword research the right way. 


Listen in for the 5 types of keywords that you must research to have a solid, well-rounded, SEO strategy for your business.


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Have you started to do keyword research and stopped because you know you don’t have the right things in place? Or maybe you dig in and then think “This is going to take FOREVER” (and it can) but only if you’re doing it the wrong way or don’t have the prep work done first. Listen in as I teach you how to build or your OWN keyword and SEO strategy in 2 hrs or less- and the foundational things that you must have in place for successfu...

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Have you ever wondered how to integrate your keywords into your blog strategy? Or how SEO can truly help grow your online business? Listen in on a snippet of an SEO and Keyword coaching call I got to do with Jenny and Kim from The Homeschool Well. You'll hear tips for email content strategy, blogging tips, keyword placement, and how to integrate keywords into your overall website successfully. 

Grab a coaching call of your own! 


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Content marketing is PART OF THE JOB of any business owner or entrepreneur, and AI has changed the landscape of content marketing to make it EVEN more about QUALITY content over quantity…  Which if you are stressing about your content marketing or content creation in general, then you KNOW content creation can turn into a hated part of your job REALLY quickly. So here are 5 tried and true tips to make content marketing MUCH less st...

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Listen, I get it. I am the QUEEN of just jumping into a thing and figuring out how long it will take and how hard it will be as I go. And while there IS a huge benefit in JUST GETTING STARTED, there is also a lot of fixing that needs to happen afterward! So many of my coaching clients and even my friends in business make this mistake- and I have made it too! But once you see it and make the correction, you will NEVER want to go b...

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If I could go back and tell little baby blogger Faith some things, there would be a LOT… But truly, if I could boil it down to 7 easy SEO tips, this would be the list.

Now, obviously, there are a LOT of factors that determine how successful your blog is and how much it will generate leads for your business, but these 7 SIMPLE SEO hacks will dang sure get you started. 

Also, if you have not listened to episodes 154 and 155, make sur...

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Did you know that if you're blogging with the wrong approach and on the wrong platforms, you're setting yourself up for failure? Yep, and I dang sure don't want that for you or your business. 

Listen in for part 2 of the 10 must-have foundational elements for a successful blog. 


Learn the exact method we use to blog SMARTER not harder in The Organic Marketing Framework 

Download the Content Strategy Repurposing Cheat Sheet Here


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I get it, you know that you need to blog for your business, you know that there's a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it, but you're up to your eyeballs in free advice and Pinterest pins that all say the same thing. 

As a professional SEO expert, content writer, and copywriter, we've learned a few tricks along the way... and the fact is... there IS no skipping the foundation. 

Here are 10 MUST HAVE foundational elements for ...

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