Small Business Talks

Small Business Talks

Are you a small business? Looking for answers to small business challenges or looking for ideas and solutions from other small businesses? Maybe you are looking for inspiration. That’s what we are all about! Small Businesses Talking to Small Businesses, sharing their experiences, discoveries, and thoughts to help your business succeed. From talks about getting started to new products and services they created. We feature interviews from small business owners and include experts in the areas of marketing, strategy, and resources to help you improve.


April 3, 2024 31 mins

Many businesses ask if they should hire an outsourced IT Provider to manage their company’s information technology. This is especially true for the Legal cannabis industry which has unique challenges and hefty regulations for growers, distributors, and dispensaries in the cannabis industry. In fact, Cannabis IT Services and Solutions is fast becoming one of the largest growing areas in the IT service market.

To help us better under...

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Zinc is a versatile metal that offers many advantages to product development and manufacturing, yet many products designers and engineers are fully aware of these benefits. Zinc Die Casting is an optimal choice for the right casting. Dave Magner, Director of Sales, and Marketing at Deco Products talks with us to understand when zinc is a good choice and how it impacts both product design as well as manufacturing and profitability.


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In this cutting episode of Small Business Talks, we sit down with Dave Brown from The Original Saw Company. Dave dives into the advantages of beam saws, explaining their superior platform, stability, and exceptional cross-cut capabilities. We delve into the practical applications for businesses, both large and small, emphasizing the beam saw's ability in cutting a variety of materials.

Dave also touches on the importance of the rig...

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Online Loans vs. Local Community Bank Loans

In an increasingly digital world, the financial landscape has witnessed a significant increase in online lending platforms. However, are local bank loans still a viable and advantageous option? Join us in this thought-provoking podcast as we delve into the realm of borrowing and explore the key differences between online loans and the benefits of turning to your local bank for home loans ...

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March 16, 2023 25 mins

An agricultural bank, also known as an AG bank, is a type of financial institution that provides specialized financial services to farmers, agribusinesses, and other rural clients to help them manage their finances, invest in their operations, and grow their businesses. In comparison to other types of banks AG banks often have a more specialized understanding of the unique risks and opportunities of associated with the agricultural...

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In a previous episode, we learned about Dr. Allen Kramer and his extensive years of research at the National Institute of Health doing years of research on proteins and how he turned that experience into a small business manufacturing type 2 collagen supplements. Since then, we have had many listeners contact us about companies offering a 30-day collagen challenge for joint pain. We reached out to Sr. Kramer to get his view on the ...

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Every company has a story on how they got started or why they went into business. Our feature small business had extensive experience in the biochemical field and used that knowledge and experience to become a collagen supplement manufacturer to help those with joint pain.

Learn how collagen works and how it may help people with joint pain and learn how Dr. Allan Kramer turned his extensive knowledge and experience into a business ...

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As more and more companies look to solar energy for power many new challenges come along that need a solution for it to all work. In this case The Rock River Lumber and Grain Company needed help getting their solar batteries to communicate with the utility grid. We talk with Jake Thompson a Network Engineer at Twin State Technical Services who explains how they got involved and created a network for their solar battery array and th...

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Let’s face it, businesses today are facing a mountain of challenges, the urge to focus on product sales and not your customers are at an all-time high. Some believe price is the only way to get sales and that quality or focusing on solving customer’s problems is no longer important.

A good business is concerned with the customer's needs and how they can help their customers be successful because they recognize that a successful cus...

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Monetizing TIF

Tax increment financing (TIF) is a financing tool that has been used by municipalities for redevelopment, and infrastructure, projects for over 40 years. TIF was designed to help with the unexpected additional costs of a project like an environmental issue or developing streets and storm drains. TIF can help reimburse some of the additional developer’s costs. Emily Blaylock, president of Untamed Equity explains how T...

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For small businesses and manufacturers, the past two years have been full of challenges, even ones that continue to cause production problems. Many companies can get the parts they order from their manufacturers because the manufacturers can’t get the raw materials to fill the orders. This supply chain disruption affects products, workers, and our economy.

One company, Plas-Tech Tooling is helping companies who rely on cast parts o...

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More than ever manufacturers are having to rethink the materials they choose for product design for a variety of reasons, costs, quality, and more recently availability and supply given the supply chain disruption of 2021-22. Therefore, many companies are looking at die casting over other manufacturing methods for their products.

In doing the research for this topic, we noticed a large amount of information on die casting or die ca...

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Metal fabrication is the unique process of cutting, bending, shaping metal or steel into parts and products from a specific design or set of drawings. Manufacturers use metal fabricators to develop prototypes or small production items that would be cost prohibitive if they were to fabricate it themselves. Likewise, many small businesses may need a custom shelf or piece of equipment to make their operations run smoother and more pro...

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An Interview About Indoor Grow Lights & Technology

Grow Lights have been around for decades and have evolved from fluorescent to high pressure sodium to most recently LED. Grow lights are critical to indoor growing operations because they supply the light which is converted into plant energy through a process called photosynthesis. As technological advancements have been made so to has the understand of just how indoor light affect...

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May 9, 2022 1 min

Do you own or work for a small business or manufacturing company? Are you looking for answers or ideas to help you with the challenges you face as a small business? Or maybe you just looking for inspiration or to hear what other companies like you are doing?

Hi, I’m Neal Rabogliatti, for over 25 years I have been helping small businesses and manufacturers to develop strategic and tactical ways to improve their business online. Over...

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