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April 24, 2024 52 mins

In this episode of the Podcast, we have Leigh, discussing her journey to sobriety. Leigh shares her upbringing in a traditional household in Missouri, where drinking was not part of the story, her initial encounter with alcohol in college, and her struggles with anxiety, OCD, and social awkwardness. Despite starting drinking at a later age, Leigh talks about her gradual increase in alcohol consumption through college and into her professional life, highlighting the culture of drinking in her workplaces and the slow recognition of her drinking problem. She touches upon the significant moments that led her to realize the need for change, including the impact of her father's death on her alcohol consumption, various attempts to quit drinking, and the role of sobriety programs and accountability through social media. Leigh emphasizes the importance of deciding that 'drinking is not an option' and the freedom and peace found in sobriety. This is Leigh’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast.


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00:00 Welcome to Season Three: Unveiling Sobriety Stories

00:17 Lee's Journey: From a Traditional Upbringing to College Drinking

09:03 Navigating Early Adulthood: Work Culture and Social Drinking

11:55 A Shift in Perspective: Recognizing the Impact of Alcohol

15:07 The Rocky Road to Sobriety: Challenges and Realizations

18:08 Exploring Sobriety: Breaks, Relapses, and the Path Forward

25:29 The Journey to Sobriety: A Personal Story

25:44 Challenges and Relapses: Navigating the Path to Recovery

26:17 Finding Connection and Support in Sobriety

27:35 Turning Points: Embracing Sobriety and Starting Fresh

27:42 Building a Sober Community: The Power of Sharing and Accountability

30:09 The Impact of Sobriety: Personal Growth and Helping Others

34:52 Reflections on Sobriety: The Continuous Journey and Future Outlook

46:03 Navigating Social Dynamics and Maintaining Sobriety


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