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March 29, 2024 53 mins

In this episode, we have Suze from England who shares she faced various significant life challenges, including being sent away to boarding school at a young age, facing bullying, the sudden death of her mother, and surviving the terrifying 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. She discusses her struggle with alcohol, which became a coping mechanism following these traumatic events and the subsequent dip in her mental health. Despite initially starting to drink socially in her late teens, Suze's real battle with alcohol began in her thirties, intensified by trying to moderate her consumption without success. Eventually, feeling trapped in a cycle of drinking, she sought help. 


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00:00 Welcome to the Sober Motivation Podcast with Sue

00:15 Sue's Childhood and Early Experiences

01:49 The Start of Sue's Drinking Habits

03:07 Traumatic Events and Their Impact on Sue

07:50 Boarding School Memories and Its Influence

10:17 Navigating Early Adulthood and Challenges

12:21 The Tsunami Experience and Its Aftermath

18:55 The Journey of Motherhood and Its Struggles

22:36 Finding a New Beginning and Facing Challenges

25:53 Reflections on Drinking and Its Role in Coping

26:59 The Vicious Cycle of Alcohol Addiction

27:36 The Turning Point: Seeking Help and Finding AA

32:04 The Journey to Sobriety: From Desperation to Hope

34:44 Embracing a New Life: Growth and Healing in Sobriety

39:23 The Power of Community and Self-Reflection

48:36 Advice for Those Struggling with Sobriety

50:28 Conclusion: The Continuous Journey of Recovery

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