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June 7, 2024 55 mins

In this episode of the show, we have Thomas, who shares his inspiring journey toward sobriety. Thomas discusses his childhood and his teenage years filled with minor troubles. He recounts how his drinking habits escalated during his bartending career and later as a brand ambassador for alcohol companies. Thomas speaks about the moment he realized he needed help, spurred by personal and professional crises during the pandemic. His story underscores the importance of community, seeking help, and the transformative power of sobriety. This is Thomas’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast.

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00:00 Introduction to Season Three

00:14 Meet Thomas: Early Life and Childhood

03:09 Teenage Years and School Experiences

07:51 First Jobs and Discovering Bartending

09:49 Alcohol and Bar Culture

18:52 COVID-19 and Escalation of Drinking

26:33 Struggles with Sobriety Attempts

27:23 Seeking Help and Support

28:09 Facing Social Situations Sober

29:13 Conversations with Family

30:34 The Turning Point

32:42 Importance of Self-Motivation

36:22 The Day of Sobriety

40:51 Processing Emotions Sober

45:15 Life After Sobriety

47:33 Career Transition

50:17 Advice for Others in the Industry

52:31 Conclusion and Gratitude

Mark as Played

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