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April 12, 2024 52 mins

In this episode we have  Brandi, who openly shares her harrowing journey through a rocky childhood riddled with exposure to alcohol and abuse, leading to her own struggles with alcohol and substance abuse.  Brandi narrates how early childhood traumas, including being raised by her grandparents due to her parents' youth and inability to care for her, normalized the presence of alcohol and chaos from a young age. Her story goes into the depths of her addiction, detailing a cycle of struggling relationships, involvement with drugs and alcohol, and the consequential negative impact on her life and her children's lives. The turning point comes when she decides to seek help and successfully enters rehab, marking the beginning of her journey to recovery. Brandi's narrative highlights the stark realities of addiction, the importance of support, and the possibility of redemption and rebuilding one's life.


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00:00 Welcome to Season Three: Unveiling Sobriety Stories

00:19 Brandy's Journey: From Childhood to Sobriety

00:36 The Early Years: Chaos, Alcohol, and Family Dynamics

04:22 Adolescence: Struggles, School, and the Spiral into Substance Abuse

10:23 Turning Points: Escaping Abuse and Finding New Paths

15:37 The Cycle Continues: Challenges, Loss, and the Fight for Sobriety

19:36 Reflections and Revelations: Navigating Life's Turbulent Waters

24:00 A New Chapter: Overcoming Addiction and Embracing Change

25:05 A Journey Through Addiction and Loss

25:26 The Spiral of Addiction: Pills, Alcohol, and Cocaine

27:01 Family Struggles and the Cycle of Addiction

28:49 Hitting Rock Bottom and Seeking Help

34:52 A New Chapter: Recovery and Sobriety

46:51 The Importance of Connection and Routine in Sobriety

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