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April 9, 2024 47 mins

In this episode, we are joined by Jenna, who shares her story from childhood as a 4.0 student who excelled in sports. And at 14 everything changed when alcohol became involved in her life.  She discusses the impact of her mother’s hidden struggle with alcohol, and how her pursuit of athletic and academic excellence masked deeper issues of loneliness and the need for acceptance. Jenna's story dives into her spiral into heavier drinking and partying during her teenage years, leading to dropping out of high school, multiple jobs, and eventually motherhood at a young age. She describes facing the reality of her mother’s deteriorating health due to alcohol, and her journey towards sobriety, sparked by a desire to change, therapy, and the sober community. Jenna emphasizes the importance of wanting sobriety, the role of fitness and social media in her recovery, and now a mother of 6 and over 500 days sober and living a more fulfilling life without alcohol. This is Jenn’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast.

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00:00 Welcome to Season Three: Unveiling Sobriety Stories

00:14 Jenna's Journey: From Childhood to Sobriety

04:19 The Turning Point: High School and the Spiral of Addiction

10:03 A New Chapter: Motherhood, Moving, and the Struggle with Alcohol

11:16 The Bartending Years: Navigating Work, Motherhood, and Alcohol

18:07 Seeking Change: The Move and the Battle with Alcoholism

20:17 The Harsh Reality of Alcohol: Mental Health and Seeking Help

21:48 The Struggle with Isolation and Alcohol

23:28 Finding a New Path: Entrepreneurship and Fitness

24:28 A Wake-Up Call: Family Health Crisis

25:59 The Journey to Sobriety: Therapy and Support

29:04 The Power of Sharing and Connecting

40:29 Reflections on Sobriety and Personal Growth



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