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May 17, 2024 58 mins

In this episode, Jen shares her journey with alcohol, from her early days of drinking at 15 to her decision to become sober. Growing up in a household without alcohol, Jen discusses how she turned to drinking to fit in and cope with insecurities and anxiety, leading to her involvement with party drugs during her teens. She recounts her years of putting rules around her drinking in an attempt to moderate, which didn’t work out. At times overtaken by the mommy wine culture. A turning point came after two significant events that filled her with shame and led her to seek therapy, change her lifestyle, and find a supportive sober community. Jen also shares the positive impact sobriety has had on her life, including improved confidence, being present, and enjoyment of life's moments, and hopes her story can inspire others to reconsider their relationship with alcohol.

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00:00 Welcome to the Sober Motivation Podcast

00:23 Jen's Childhood and Early Experiences with Alcohol

04:07 Transitioning to Adulthood: College and Work Life

05:54 Meeting Her Husband and the Party Lifestyle

08:10 The Impact of Parenthood and the Mommy Wine Culture

08:58 Reflecting on the Relationship and Alcohol's Role

14:27 The Internal Struggle with Drinking and Self-Reflection

22:04 Navigating Anxiety, Therapy, and the COVID-19 Pandemic

27:52 The Wake-Up Call: A Personal Journey to Sobriety

28:17 A Turning Point: Realizing the Need for Change

30:59 The Last Straw: A Commitment to Sobriety

33:23 Seeking Help: Therapy and Community Support

42:42 The Benefits of Sobriety: A New Perspective on Life

51:02 Reflections and Advice: Embracing a Sober Lifestyle

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