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April 5, 2024 48 mins

In this episode, we have John, who shares his deeply personal journey through childhood challenges, struggles with self-esteem and self-confidence, his battle with alcohol addiction, and eventually finding sobriety. Growing up in a family grappling with addiction, John's early experiences shaped his relationship with alcohol, which became a coping mechanism during his teenage years that carried into adulthood. Despite early signs of his struggle, the loss of his father and the responsibilities that followed further complicated his path.  The turning point in John's story comes with his decision to seek treatment, triggered by another trip to the hospital. His journey toward recovery is proof of the power of seeking help and the significance of a supportive community in overcoming addiction. John emphasizes the importance of trust, sharing his insights on how sobriety has transformed his life and relationships. Now, he strives to be a source of hope and support for others facing similar battles, highlighting that change is possible at any age.


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00:00 Welcome to Season Three: Unveiling Sobriety Stories

00:24 John's Journey: From Childhood to Sobriety

00:38 The Early Signs: Growing Up with Addiction

02:37 High School Struggles: Acne, Fitting In, and Early Drinking

04:21 College Days: The Start of a Deeper Relationship with Alcohol

13:42 Post-College Life: Realizations and Responsibilities

19:34 Marriage, Parenthood, and the Turning Point

21:48 The Journey to Sobriety Begins

22:28 The Realization and Struggle with Sobriety

24:28 A Second Chance at Sobriety

27:42 The Impact of Family and Age on Recovery

28:49 Embracing Recovery and the Path Forward

35:18 The Power of Community in Sobriety

40:05 Final Reflections and Encouragement

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