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March 12, 2024 51 mins

In this episode we have Meg who shares her deeply personal journey from growing up in a culture of appearances and early alcohol exposure to facing significant life challenges and navigating gray area drinking. Meg details her experiences with perfectionism, the pressures of life, early  interactions with alcohol, and traumatic events in college that contributed to her complicated relationship with alcohol. As she left college Meg got sucked into the mommy wine culture. She discusses the important moment when her drinking habits began severely impacting her life and her decision to seek help, only to be dismissed by a therapist. This is Meg’s story on the sober motivation podcast


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00:00 Welcome to the Sober Motivation Podcast

00:14 Meg's Journey: Childhood and Early Encounters with Alcohol

02:26 Navigating Adolescence: Peer Pressure and First Experiences

03:08 College Years: Binge Drinking and Trauma

05:45 The Work-Hard, Play-Hard Culture and Its Impact

14:03 Facing Life's Challenges: The Slip into Nightly Drinking

17:09 The Realization and Quest for Sobriety

22:50 Reflecting on the Journey and Embracing Change

26:15 The Journey to Sobriety: Tools for Self-Love and Comfort

26:54 Unraveling the Story: From Denial to Discovery

27:11 The Power of Community and the Sober Curious Movement

28:11 The Transformative Impact of Sobriety on Personal and Family Life

30:57 The Ripple Effect: Inspiring Change in Others

38:32 The Importance of Addressing Alcohol's Role in Society and Personal Trauma

42:37 Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Empowermen

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