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June 12, 2024 75 mins

In this episode of the Sober Motivation Podcast, Mod Sun shares his transformative journey from a chaotic childhood in rural Minnesota to becoming a successful solo artist. He discusses growing up with divorced parents, early sports ambitions, and how he looked up to Travis Barker which sparked his music career. Mod Sun opens up about his battles with alcohol, cocaine, and the turning points that led him to sobriety, and the steps he took to battle addiction. Just passing 5 years this is Mod Sun’s story on the Sober Motivation Podcast.


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00:00 Introduction to the Podcast

01:05 Early Life in Minnesota

05:04 Transition to Sports and Social Life

09:03 Discovering Music and High School Challenges

21:25 Substance Use and Post-High School Journey

27:44 First Band and the Influence of Bob Dylan

32:58 Joining Four Letter Lie and Pursuing a Solo Career

35:02 First Tour Experiences and Early Career

35:58 Struggles with Substance Abuse

38:37 A Dark Turning Point

43:01 The Path to Sobriety

45:08 Maintaining Sobriety and Personal Growth

48:19 The First Day of Sobriety

56:17 Embracing Sobriety and Its Challenges

01:08:10 Final Thoughts and Encouragement


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