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March 5, 2024 48 mins

In this episode of the Sober Motivation Podcast, Johnny Lawrence shares his path from an unstable and traumatic childhood to a fulfilling life of sobriety. Born into a mixed-race family subjected to domestic violence, Johnny found comfort in alcohol. However, he felt compelled to give up drinking when he became a father. Johnny discusses the details of sobriety, emphasizing resilience, honesty, and the importance of never giving up. He also shares his concept of 'The Four A's - Awareness, Accountability,  Acceptance, and Action' to handle life changes. Johnny underlines that while the journey to sobriety can be challenging, the emotional resolution and personal insights gained make it worthwhile. This is Johnny’s story on the Sober Motivation podcast.


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00:00 Introduction and Guest Arrival

01:47 Guest's Early Life and Struggles

05:38 Turning Point and Leaving Home

12:52 Finding Solace in Wrestling

16:30 Becoming a Father and Facing Old Demons

22:30 The Journey to Sobriety

24:40 Understanding Emotional Regulation and Alcohol Cravings

25:26 The Journey of Sobriety: Relapses and Vulnerability

27:22 The Struggle with Suppressed Emotions

28:06 The Honesty Stage: Recognizing the Impact of Alcohol

28:56 The Transition to Sobriety: Challenges and Self-Soothing

31:16 The Four A's of Behavioral Change

34:50 The Emotional Journey of Quitting Alcohol

39:15 The Power of Persistence and Building Emotional Resilience

43:47 Final Thoughts: Never Give Up

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