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Last Week for Richard Mutton to Fill in for Mark Barnes. 

Has Council Voted to Continue with the DREAM Festival? 

What Agreement Was Reached with the Dubbo Firming Power Station? 

What Is the Result of the Federal Government Grant Application for the Wiradjuri Cultural Tourism Centre? 

Why Are There Goats around the Wellington Caves? 

When Will the Lights Be Repaired on the Tracker-Riley Cycleway? 

Has Council Entered into a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for Advanced Wastewater Treatment? 

When Will Council Upgrade the Scabbing Flat Bridge at Geurie? 

What Happened with the Meeting with the Standing Committee on State Development in Relation to Their Inquiry on the Ability of Local Governments to Fund Infrastructure and Services? 

What Discussion Did You Have with the Hon. Jenny Aitchison, MP, Minister for Regional Transport and Roads When You Met with Her at Parliament House? 

What Discussion Did You Have with the Hon. Paul Scully, MP, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces When You Met with Him at Parliament House? 

What Discussion Did You Have with the Hon. John Graham, MLC, Special Minister of State, Minister for Roads, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Music and the Night-Time Economy, and Minister for Jobs and Tourism When You Met with Him at Parliament House? 

What Did IPART and the Audit Office Mention in Their Presentations at Country Mayors? 

What Is the Latest in the EOI Process for the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets and Is There $23 Million Sitting in a Bank Account? 

What Rumours Are Being Discussed in Relation to Candidature for the Parkes Electorate? 

Limerick of the Week. 

Mark as Played

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