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Richard Mutton Filling in as Guest Host While Regular Host Mark Barnes Is Overseas. 

This Week I Had a Meeting with the Hon David Littleproud MP, Leader of the Nationals This Week. 

This Week I Met with the Hon. Tara Moriarty, MLC, Minister for Agriculture, Minister for Regional New South Wales, and Minister for Western New South Wales. 

Met with a Group Undertaking an Evaluation of the Murray Darling Medical Schools Network. 

The Reject Shop Opened Their 385th Store in the Nation This Week – in Wellington. 

Councillors Held a Budget Workshop on Thursday Night. 

Aussie FMX Put on a Motorcross Stunt Show as Part of Youth Activities This Week. 

New Residents Night Will Be Held on 22 May at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre. 

Australian War Memorial’s Michael Bell to Deliver Anzac Day Address at WPCC. 

The EOI Is Now Open for Parties Interested in Leasing or Buying the Livestock Markets. 

An Update on the Blueridge Link Road Progress. 

DRC Is Submitting a Bid for a Second Triple J ‘One Night Stand.’ 

Early Stages of a Proposal for a Hydrogen Service Station. 

Limerick of the Week. 

Mark as Played

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