Sunrise Life - beyond skin deep conversations with freelance nude models

Sunrise Life - beyond skin deep conversations with freelance nude models

Traveling nude models sharing stories (the fun, the creepy, and the awesome experiences!) and confiding in each other. Everyone - including models- struggles with something; be it social awkwardness, financial hardship, shame, anxiety, toxic relationships etc. The purpose of this podcast is to bring people closer together in understanding, expose our vulnerabilities, and share entertaining escapades. Cover image by Shaun Tia


November 30, 2023 60 mins

The internet can be a harsh, dehumanizing space... especially when it comes to displaying "18+" imagery! David Bollt founded Model Society as a place to celebrate the art of figurative nude photography, to embolden creatives and to create a community where this type of photography can be appreciated. 

I have been so curious about "the man behind the curtain" of Model Society, since they are a team of like-minded humans who facilita...

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Zoe West was arrested in downtown NYC while nude in body paint! Videos of it went viral online. She has always been a daring model, and perhaps one of "loose morals" as she mentioned during this podcast, and her vibrant spirit has allowed her much success and fun in her modeling career!

Zoe has been published in Penthouse and traveled the world. Though she has had major success in modeling, she still struggles to find her true plac...

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Ann Teak is one of the rare professional models over 50, which makes her unique in our community. I had so many questions for her! She has modeled for film photographers back in her college days, but didn't serious about modeling until much later in life - after a career, marriage, a mortgage, having kids and all that! 

Hollywood film noire is one of her favorite genres, as well as artistic nudes. Ann loves modeling and takes reall...

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Jayde reached out about the podcast and I am so glad she did! I had a great time getting to know her over the course of this episode: she's from the PNW and her dad even had an interaction with a known serial killer... Jayde's modeling reflects her vibe and creativity - she loves urbex abandonment shoots, moody vibes, and she loves the winter!

Jayde is very self aware and has gone through phases of losing herself then finding herse...

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Dakota Simone is a Los Angeles based nude model whose love for life shines through her work. She has been published in Playboy Magazine and has been featured in mainstream music videos. Dakota loves to dance and be herself, you can see her on instagram being goofy as well as elegant across her portfolio of images and videos. 

We talked about how empathy for the models at photoshoots is important, after she told me a story that left...

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Mika Lovely is a dedicated creative model who lives and breathes her art. Her hot goth vibe emanates from her social media presence. Though we have met in person years ago and been connected online for so long, I never felt like I knew Mika all that well until we had this amazing podcast conversation!!! I am so glad we did, because I learned we have so much in common!

Mika used to work in customer service before she became a model,...

Mark as Played

Sophia and I met at Muses in Wonderland earlier this year, and I was so happy to get to know her better through the course of this podcast!! Some of her stories were so intense I found myself gasping with intense cringe!!! 

She was gifted with good model friends who helped coach her into professional nude modeling! Her career launched pretty fast, even though she had good guidance, some of her experiences were shocking. 

Sophia has...

Mark as Played

Her crazy photoshoot story was soooo cringe! The photographer presented himself as a female online, so she trusted them, and the shoot got real weird real fast!! You have to listen to the whole episode to find out what happens!! 

Louise opened up quite a bit in this episode. She exposed to me that she had a past life of addiction that she is grateful to have escaped from, but it was very challenging and a past love was involved. We...

Mark as Played

Jenna Citrus is so dedicated to her originality and her craft! It was really inspiring listening to her talk about the lengths she goes for her content creation- she even learned how to produce her own music so that she would not get flagged for using certain audio tracks on her monetized youtube channel! 

I almost died laughing at her photoshoot story involving a wipe out that was filmed and featured on Fail Army, you gotta listen...

Mark as Played

I was a little starstruck to have the opportunity to interview Dakota Lee for the podcast! She is such a powerhouse! Her professionalism exudes from her online presence. Dakota has rebranded herself in many ways over the years. 

From becoming a professional photographer to quitting nude modeling and having new doors open for her as a result, my conversation with Dakota had me thinking about freelancing from a fresh perspective! 


Mark as Played

Keira Grant is such a light hearted and beautiful human! Her first photoshoots were by her friend when she used to socialize at her local nude beach. After being photographed nude and eventually starting a portfolio, Keira entered the world of traveling freelance modeling!

Painting and music are also some of Keira's passions. She is somewhat mysterious about her music in her social media though, she says she likes it that way. 


Mark as Played

Over the course of time I have known Bunny, they have transformed so much into someone who is very self aware and very conscious of what makes them happy. When we first met, Bunny photographed me in a very unique way: double exposures with me as a subject and nature as the second exposure in the image, and this is one of Bunny's specialties! 

Bunny Luna's photography came before their modeling career, and they modeled primarily wit...

Mark as Played

Between the crazy stories Dane shared with me, I also felt a bit like she was interviewing me too!! We both got down to the nitty gritty of how we relate to sensuality and to the world, how modeling has affected our lives, how we deal with photoshop, and more!

From her almost getting sacrificed early in her career to her navigating relationships with friends and lovers while being a traveling model, Dane Halo did not hold back on a...

Mark as Played

Shaun Tia had been successfully touring as an art model before me, and I always heard about how amazing she was at posing! I finally met her in real life and we became friends. On this podcast episode we talked in depth about what it was like for her to transition from modeling to primarily photography. 

She had some really funny and some rather effed up stories to share! Especially that one photographer who forced her to shave her...

Mark as Played

I learned so many interesting things about Marcus Rasaan that you will surely find fascinating as well! Their career has been a progressive challenge because many photographers want to photograph Marcus in narrow stereotypes - either hyper sexualizing or characterizing them. Though Marcus is a trained dancer and flexible gymnast with a vast range of emotive posing and depth, so many photographers wanted to depict them as a super ma...

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I've been super curious about Alice for quite some time, now I finally got to ask her all the questions I was wondering about! She has been modeling since she was in high school (through Barbazon) and started her Model Mayhem account in 2016. 

Alice has had some traumatic experiences when she was younger, and modeling has become a way for her to express her beauty and interact with other people socially in a safe setting. Safety in...

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Creating photos with intent in mind is certainly important, and my conversation with Roarie brought this into a more obvious space. It's fun to show up and "wing it" but sometimes you nail things better when you set an *intention* for where you want the creativity to be enjoyed.  

We also talked about how modeling has evolved over the past decade, shoot etiquette, and rebelling from norms in modeling! 

I was super happy that Roarie...

Mark as Played

Jay Ban is a nurse as well as a nude model, she juggles both of these lives elegantly! We talked quite a bit about what it was like for her to just love modeling for the joy of creating art, modeling "tfp" (meaning unpaid) for so many years before deciding to take her efforts more seriously. Photographers offered to hire her frequently! So she made the shift into professional freelance modeling. 

My eyes were bugging out of my head...

Mark as Played

In the last decade, models have been privately sharing information with each other in secret invite only groups on FB and in IG group chats etc... Merrique was the sole moderator of a prolific group for traveling freelance models, unfortunately some horrible things outside her control happened within the model community and the backlash of it caused her to close that group down. It has been a few years now, and I wanted to chat wit...

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Julia is such an inspiring human! Don't let her cute doe eyes fool you, she has way more life experience than you would expect! Julia exposed what it's like becoming a model after she survived life threatening cancer as a young teenager. Now her perspective on life is that everything is a blessing. So many others who have been scarred and maimed have reached out to her about the scar she shows in her modeling images, and so Julia h...

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