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December 16, 2022 2697 mins

It is our first episode of our podcast, The Bravo Lima Podcast!! 🥳 Meet our hosts, Andy and Ashley, as they go over:


- The purpose of The Bravo Lima Podcast

- What to expect with future episodes

- What Blue Line Aviation is

- And they answer questions from our followers!!


The Bravo Lima Podcast is an aviation/flight school podcast, a production of the most efficient flight school in the nation, Blue Line Aviation! We talk to student pilots, flight instructors, airline pilots, aviation influencers, FAA representatives and more! We discuss all topics of aviation, and it's not uncommon for us to get side tracked and talk about even more than aviation. Skies are clear, comms are open! Welcome to the Bravo Lima Podcast!


🕒Timestamps 🕒

00:00 - Coming Up

00:19 - Intro

00:34 - Overview

01:10 - Your Hosts

03:07 - Meet Ashley

09:12 - Meet Andy

13:12 - Why It’s Called The Bravo Lima Podcast

14:30 - Atlanta’s Plane Train

16:37 - Why It’s Called Bravo Lima Part 2

17:17 - The Purpose of the Podcast

18:04 - Who is Blue Line Aviation?

21:17 - College Can Slow You Down

23:25 - Type of Guests

23:36 - Intermission (Dog Takeover)

24:25 - Type of Guests (cont’d)

26:00 - Our Diamond Simulator

26:45 - Sponsorship - Low & Slow

28:10 - Answering Follower Questions

28:16 - Prepping for Glass Cockpit

29:43 - College and Flight School At The Same Time?

30:46 - Our Purdue Global Partnership

31:54 - Aviation College vs Accelerated Flight School

33:33 - Are We Building Student Dorms?

34:16 - Why Blue Line Over Other Flight Schools?

35:41 - How To Start The Pilot Journey

37:55 - What The First Couple Of Weeks At Blue Line Are Like

40:07 - How Many Blue Line Students Have Degrees?

41:03 - Where Will This Podcast Be Available?

41:28 - What Jobs Do Our Graduates Normally Get?

43:54 - Outro


Click on the link below to learn about our Career Pilot Program, where we take students with zero experience and put them on the most efficient track to a professional pilot career in as little as 5.5 months:

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