The Cash Compound Podcast

The Cash Compound Podcast

The Banking Bros. Jeremiah and Jonah Dew, seek to teach people how to Save & Spend money at the same time by debunking the many money myths they were taught growing up. Learn more and schedule a call at


October 20, 2023 32 mins

Jesse interviews his mentor, friend, and Infinite Banking Guru Brent Kesler. They talk about how they each respectively were exposed to the idea of Infinite Banking, what it looked like getting started, where that led to meeting each other and what they're doing now to help folks just like them get started on their way to financial freedom. 

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Ever feel like you're the only person who cares about Infinite Banking?!? Well, in the US Virgin Islands,  you might just be that one. JDew interviews Yolanda, who began a private banking policy in the Caribbean in 2021. They discuss mindset, money, and moving others toward the light!

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October 6, 2023 22 mins

Robert's celebrating his Infinite Banking Whole Life Insurance In Force Anniversary. And together with Jonah, they are walking through the numbers. How much was it guaranteed to grow? How much did it ACTUALLY grow? What's Robert been able to do with the cashflow from his policy? And what has he learned along the way?

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JDew and Coach Jesse are continuing their Banking Book Report series and today they are covering Napoleon Hill's book Think & Grow Rich. They discuss the 13 Principles that guided the greats from the previous century via Hill's interviews. What didn't they see coming? And what financial advice are they taking to heart?

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September 22, 2023 21 mins

JDew interviews one of our most recent agents, Staley Brandon, about the history of insurance in America and Brandon's history with being an agent who wasn't trained on privatized banking. How can it been used, who wasn't able to get it, and how all of us can use it today are all topics in this episode.Want to add to the conversation or have questions? Schedule a call now.

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JDew and Dipo Adesina ( @dipoadesina5778  ) profess that they "never let school intefere with their financial education." Join these two in their conversation around educating the country around financial tools that will set you free!

If you're interested in the strategies that we're employing for our finances we'd recommend you get the source material for yourself: R. Nelson Nash's book: Becoming your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash ...

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Jarret Freeman is teaching how to stay on track toward the American Dream despite the trap of college loans and debt. He and JDew discuss how having different pools of money and resources—and knowing how to use them—will keep the next generation on track.

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Health = Wealth and Health = Wealth. JDew interviews a friend and chiropractor, Dr. Jeremy Wilson, about the parallels between his views on physical wellness and financial wellness. Dr. Wilson is also a infinite banking practitioner himself, and recently used his cash value for a home improvement project. He's starting his own podcast soon—be sure to give it a listen.

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August 11, 2023 34 mins

JDew is sitting down with long-time friend Steve Endres to relive old times and catch up on the latest business. From laugh out load moments to inspiring insights—this episode is an infinite banking joy ride so buckle up.

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JDew is in the studio with local entrepreneur and real estate guru, Willie Coleman. He started buying property at age 15 and has been killing it ever since. How did he get started? What is he passionate about (and does it matter)? Where he's headed there's room for YOU to be involved so Listen and learn y'all. If you're interested in the strategies that we're employing for ourfinances we'd recommend you get the sources material fo...

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You can't believe everything you see and hear on TikTok, right!? JDew caught up with @taxfreemike  and demanded a debate around using permanent life insurance as a mechanism for financing purchases. The question still remains, is it possible to use Indexed Universal Life insurance for infinite banking. You may have to decide.

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