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December 27, 2023 28 mins

Every year, around late December-early January, I do an exercise called the year in review / the year ahead. Today I’m going to focus more on the year in review and next week we’ll talk about the year ahead. 

I like the year in review part of the exercise because it’s a great way to reflect back on the year that was. It helps me bring to mind the positive memories and savor them. Sometimes it helps me process through some difficult things that may have happened in the year and learn from them. Give myself some compassion. And often I realize that I accomplished more than I realized.

Looking back and reflecting on progress is not something we do a whole lot in weight loss. We are always looking ahead - to that over the rainbow magic land of Oz where I’ve lost my weight and my life is now amazing. 

And when we do that, we’re putting all of our happiness in the hands of the scale and forgetting that there’s so much more to life, to happiness, to weight loss, than just the scale.

I mean tell me the truth. Have you ever found yourself staring at that stubborn number on the scale, feeling like it holds the key to your entire well-being? You're desperately looking for progress but only finding frustration?

Only measuring your progress by the scale is all-or-nothing thinking. It’s like going from 1 to 1000 without acknowledging the 999 milestones in between.

The key to weight loss success (and by the way the key to actually ENJOYING your weight loss success) is to count those victories that come in all shapes and sizes - not just on the scale. Because that is the secret sauce to keeping your momentum going.


Ready to reflect back on the year that was and find all the little gems hidden along the way? 

That’s right! Strap in cuz we’re going mining for gold here people!

Let’s go!



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