The Energized Mama | Stop Mom Burnout, Control Your Emotions, Overcome Mom Guilt

The Energized Mama | Stop Mom Burnout, Control Your Emotions, Overcome Mom Guilt

Are you longing to raise good, godly kids, all while preserving your own well-being and energy? Do you ever find yourself thinking, ’How can I have a life outside my kids..while also raising them to be loving and Jesus-like?’ I’m Cheyanne, and I’ve walked in your shoes. I know what it’s like to face the daily demands of motherhood and wish for more energy to be the loving, godly mom I aspire to be. I’ve been there feeling caught between a strong-willed toddler and the desire to balance being a devoted wife, mom, stepmom, and entrepreneur. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to raise your children with strong values and boundless love, all while nurturing your own energy and well-being. In this podcast, you’ll find valuable insights on managing your time and boosting your energy. You’ll gain practical tips for disciplining your children with grace and wisdom, and you’ll join me in the journey of raising your kids to be good, godly individuals. My mission is to help you thrive as a mom while experiencing the joy of watching your children grow in faith and character. We’ll explore how you can maintain your energy, because the most godly, loving mom is the one who takes care of herself too. So, go ahead and grab those headphones, pour yourself that refreshing green smoothie, and get ready to be #Momspired. Because, rest assured, you’re no longer alone on this incredible journey of motherhood. Connect: IG: Grow: Learn: Community:


July 1, 2024 39 mins

Are you a married mom whose parents are just SO overbearing? Or, what about your in-laws, do they just drive you crazy with all their thoughts or opinions? Navigating family life as an adult can be even more challenging than when you were a challenging - especially when you are now the matriarch of your OWN family.

How can you navigate these challenges? How can you set appropriate boundaries? How can you still have a healthy relati...

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Hey Mamas! Want to discover practical ways to turn your God-given passions into profit? Then, stay right here and tune in to this inspiring episode of The Energized Mama. Learn how Christian stay-at-home moms can harness their talents and interests to create fulfilling, income-generating activities that align with their spiritual and family values.


Key Points Covered:

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Get ready to dive deep into a heart-to-heart conversation with Tori Maehein, a passionate storyteller and trauma-informed coach who walks in faith. In today’s episode, we explore the transformational journey from uncertainty to empowerment. Tori opens up about her personal struggles and triumphs as a mom, sharing how she turned her own self-doubt into lasting self-worth through a trauma-informed lens.



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As moms, we navigate the daily dance of duties and devotion, often teetering between the roles of Mary and Martha. 

Remember the story? Martha busied herself with tasks, while Mary chose stillness at Jesus' feet. 

Both sisters loved Jesus, yet they showed it in different ways. 

So, which one resonates with you? We're gonna find out together in this episode. Stick around and dive deep, Cheyanne 


Grab my e-cookbook + devo...

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Is self care unbiblical? In today’s world, the term ‘self-care’ often brings up images of spa days and solo shopping trips. But as Christian moms, we sometimes pause and wonder: does this concept align with our biblical values, or have we drifted into a secular mindset?

The truth might surprise you. Self-care, at its core, isn’t a modern invention or secular indulgence; it’s deeply rooted in Scripture, reflecting principles of rest...

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"Bloom where you are planted" isn't just a quaint saying; it's a profound invitation to embrace the beauty and purpose in our current season of motherhood, no matter how challenging or mundane it may seem.

Right now, you might be in the thick of sleepless nights, navigating toddler tantrums, or guiding teenagers through life's big questions. It's easy to gaze over the fence, longing for the next phase or reminiscing about past free...

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Modern Christian motherhood often confuses 'busy' with 'holy'

In today's whirlwind of playdates, Pinterest-perfect birthday parties, and meticulously planned Bible study sessions, it's easy to blur the lines between being busy and being holy. 

The modern Christian mom narrative seems to whisper, louder each day, that our worth in God's eyes, and perhaps in our own, is measured by the length of our to-do lists and the perfection of ...

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Have you ever felt a gentle nudge in your heart guiding you in your decisions as a mom? That quiet whisper that seems to know just the right thing to do in times of chaos and calm alike? Well, you're not alone.

In the beautiful, bustling journey of motherhood, there's a guiding light that often goes unrecognized, a soft whisper amid the chaos of daily life—'mom-tuition'. 

It's easy to chalk up those gut feelings and heart tugs to m...

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Ever heard yourself ask the question: Who AM I NOW that I am a mom? What WORTH do I have beyond motherhood? Will I ever have a sense of my true IDENTITY again? These questions and so much more are so common and normal for any mama, but especially a mom of young kids. We are in the THICK of raising kids, and if you're a Christian mom, you care about so much more than just your kids physical health, but also their spiritual lives. To...

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Have you ever felt that in the very place where we seek refuge and support (our churches), we sometimes find ourselves weighed down by expectations and judgments instead of being lifted up in love and understanding?


I know, it's a tough pill to swallow. But today, we are going there. Press PLAY to be encouraged and re-focus on the One who calls us His own. Xo, Cheyanne 


Grab my e-cookbook + devotional for busy moms + ...

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Hey Mama!  Today, we dive deep into the art of shepherding our toddlers through the challenging terrain of tantrums. Drawing on biblical wisdom and practical strategies, we explore how to guide our little ones with compassion and understanding.

Prevention is Key:

  1. Establishing Routines: Like manna from heaven, consistent routines for meals, play, and rest offer our toddlers a sense of security, reducing tantrum triggers.
  2. ...
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Have you ever stood at the crossroads of a dream, heart racing with potential, yet found yourself frozen, unable to choose a path?

Today, you'll encounter the heart of decision-making in the life of a mompreneur. We delve into the world of 'analysis paralysis', exploring the biblical wisdom and practical strategies that can illuminate our path forward.

Join me as we unlock the secrets to moving beyond indecision, inspired by the ...

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Lost in the Easter hustle? In this special Easter episode, I’m peeling back the layers of traditional Easter festivities to uncover the profound, life-changing story of Jesus' resurrection and what it truly means for us as Christian moms. 

In This Episode:

  • The Easter Bunny Dilemma: We start by addressing the elephant (or should we say bunny?) in the room. How do modern Easter traditions, like the Ea...
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Struggling with mom burnout and searching for that spark to energize your parenting journey? This episode of The Energized Mama is a deep dive into the transformative power of sleep, both for you and your little ones.

With Sarah Nagar, a Pediatric Sleep Coach from A Little Sleep, together we unravel the mysteries of restful nights. Come discover the impact of sleep on parental vitality and child development, bust common sleep trai...

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Ever wonder why mom guilt clings so tightly? This episode dives deep into the roots of mom guilt, from the high expectations we set for ourselves to the unending comparison fueled by social media.   I'll explore practical steps to shed the guilt, embrace grace, and find joy in the beautifully imperfect journey of motherhood.   Join me as I navigate the challenges and triumphs, learning to balance self-care, parenting, and perso...

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Hey there, mama! Feeling like a broken record with your kiddos? You're not alone. In today’s episode, we're diving into the all-too-familiar world of "Why won’t my kids just listen to me?" I've got some heartwarming advice and godly parenting tricks up my sleeves that’ll help you grab their attention without losing your cool. So, grab a cup of coffee (or wine, I don’t judge!), and let’s chat about turning those frustrating moment...

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Are you accidentally sabotaging your own energy? Unintentionally, so many moms are keeping themselves stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. But all that, ENDS TODAY. 

Join me as I detail not only how to stop feeling drained in your everyday mom life, but how to choose an energy boosting approach that's tailor-made for you. It's time to find the long-term solution to your energy goals and discover what fuels your mind, body and spiri...

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Ever imagined what you'd be doing if you WEREN'T knee-deep in stress as a mom of littles? What if you had some practical advice you could actually apply that would make you feel less overwhelmed and able to accomplish your OWN dreams? Mama, this is where you get to stop wishing and start DOING.

Today, I have my good friend, mentor and coach, Jennifer McGraw, on with me sharing EXACTLY how you can make simple changes today to make t...

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Surprise! Today, you're getting a behind-the-scenes exclusive of the whole first module of my program, The Energized Mama Method. I am taking you through the exact steps I take my clients through! Stop wondering how to add more energy in your life, find your answers here! Xo, Cheyanne

Listen to PART TWO here: 

97 \\ Are you sabotaging your energy? Uncover the hidden truths behind exhaustion and true vitality: Part 2



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In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of niches, focusing on the dynamic world of Christian mompreneurs.

What exactly is a niche, and why is it a game-changer for those balancing the roles of motherhood and entrepreneurship within a Christian context? We'll explore how identifying a niche can lead to a more focused and impactful business, fostering expertise, and strengthening your connection with a targeted audience.


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