Two Gals and a Glass Half Full

Two Gals and a Glass Half Full

We are two Physical Therapists, that are doing our best to keep our sanity and enjoy each day in this crazy life. We strive (most days) to live healthy, see our personal glasses as half full (somedays we have to round up for this one), and hope to share that perspective with you all. Who knows, maybe we can have some fun exploring the challenges to healthy living and finding creative solutions? Tune in with us for monthly mini series that will be released weekly to follow along the national narrative.


July 15, 2024 34 mins

In Episode 28 of "Two Gals and A Glass Half Full," join hosts Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess, two passionate physical therapists on a mission to empower listeners to enhance their health and well-being through sustainable changes. This week, they welcome a very special guest, Amanda Armstrong, a neuroscience and trauma-informed anxiety & depression coach, and the Founder of Rise As We, a revolutionary mental health coaching space.


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In this dynamic episode of "Two Gals and A Glass Half Full," join hosts Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess alongside special guest Elizabeth Anne Walker for an illuminating exploration into the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As Australia's leading integrated NLP trainer and the visionary founder of EAWTC, Elizabeth brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Together, they delve into the intricacies of NLP, sheddin...

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Join your hosts, Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess, on another outstanding episode of "Two Gals and a Glass Half Full"! In this captivating interview, they sit down with the renowned cardiologist and #1 New York Times bestselling author, Dr. William Davis, MD, to dive deep into the fascinating world of the gut-skin axis and its profound impact on skin health and appearance.

Dr. Davis, the author of the Wheat Belly series and the recent hit, ...

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Welcome back to "Two Gals and a Glass Half Full" with your hosts, Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess! In this lively episode, they dive into the vibrant world of summer plans and staying active during the sunniest season.

As healthcare professionals dedicated to promoting wellness, Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess bring their expertise to the table, sharing practical tips and creative ideas to keep you moving and healthy all summer long. This episode ...

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Welcome back to "Two Gals and a Glass Half Full" with your hosts, Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess! In today’s episode, they sit down with Samantha Maciaga, MA, LCPC, a seasoned mental health professional, to explore the art of stress management and its impact on overall wellness.

With over a decade of experience in the mental health field, Samantha brings a wealth of expertise to the table, specializing in trauma, eating disorders, anxiety...

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Welcome to "Two Gals and a Glass Half Full" with your hosts, Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess! In this empowering episode, they sit down with the incredible Nikki Cheak, founder of Intentional Wellness Coaching, to explore the essential strategies for prioritizing health and cultivating a mindset for sustained energy in the midst of a busy mom's life.

Nikki Cheak, a devoted health and wellness coach and busy mom herself, understands the str...

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Join Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess as they sit down with the remarkable Lindsey Cortes, a passionate sports dietitian and advocate for female athletes, to explore the vital role of nutrition in athletic performance.

Lindsey Cortes, MS RD CSSD, brings a wealth of experience to the table as a former Division 1 Track & Field athlete and lifelong runner. With a mission to empower female athletes to fuel their athletic dreams, Lindsey has...

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Join Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess for an insightful episode of "Two Gals and a Glass Half Full." In this episode, they sit down with the compassionate Dr. Amanda Joseph, a psychiatrist specializing in postpartum mental health, for a candid conversation that sheds light on this important topic.

Dr. Amanda Joseph, a mother of two with another on the way, brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the table. Based in Louisi...

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Join your hosts, Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess, two doctors of physical therapy with a penchant for positivity, on another enlightening episode of "Two Gals and a Glass Half Full." In this episode, they sit down with the esteemed Dr. Debra Schreibman, affectionately known as Dr. Deb, to delve into the world of functional and holistic medicine.

Dr. Deb brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, with qualifications ranging f...

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Join Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess in this episode as they sit down with the esteemed Melyssa Allen, a double-board certified lifestyle medicine professional and health/wellness coach, to dive into the transformative power of lifestyle medicine and health coaching.

Melyssa Allen brings over 15 years of experience in behavior modification to the table, along with a passion for helping others discover the joy of sustainable, health-promoti...

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Join us on an enlightening journey as we delve into the world of movement with Cheryl Whitelaw, a seasoned practitioner dedicated to empowering individuals through somatic intelligence. Cheryl's expertise lies in guiding her clients to discover the profound connections between movement, vitality, and overall well-being.

In this episode, Cheryl shares her insights on how she supports individuals in reclaiming their movement potentia...

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Join us as we speak with Dr. Sarah Hung from Whole Hearted Naturopathic. Listen as Dr. Hung answers the questions of: 

-How is Naturopathic medicine different from conventional medicine? 

-What are some ways we can seek balance in our health during modern times? 

-What are some benefits of Chinese medicine and herbal medicines over conventional medicine? 

-And much more! 


Dr. Hung’s Special Offer - All listeners will receive 25% ...

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April 21, 2024 39 mins

Listen as we speak with Megan Mikkelsen from Detox by Design about decreasing the toxins in our homes and the little steps we can take to improve our health. Some examples of questions we will dive into are:

Why should we think about the products we bring into the home?

Why can't we trust marketing claims?

What ingredients should we look out for?

What is greenwashing and how to spot it.


A little about Megan:

“Health, the environm...

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Join Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess in an enriching discussion on stress management with the insightful Kristen Breese. Kristen provides invaluable insights on tackling it through gradual, mindful shifts.

Explore practical strategies and empowering perspectives aimed at helping you navigate stressors with resilience and poise. Kristen, emphasizes the significance of taking small, deliberate steps in addressing stress, leading to profound ...

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Today we are talking to Jason Contreras from Sow the Land. We are talking about all things homesteading, growing your own food, having animals, and the changes in life when moving from Southern California to the mountains of North Carolina. 


A little about Jason and Sow the Land

Jason and his family document homestead life on their Sow the Land Youtube channel. In 2016 they sold most of their belongings and left the city in Los A...

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Listen to our podcast interview with Martha Lewis, certified sleep expert and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner.   Martha Lewis is a sleep consultant to health-conscious, high achievers who want to sleep but can’t. Martha addresses both body and mind with stress resilience techniques and testing for hidden health issues to get to the root cause of her clients’ insomnia. She has been featured in numerous publications, suc...

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Listen to our podcast episode about stress, yoga, breathe work, and life balance as we interview Alexandra Charles-Kersey. Alexandra was born and raised in Sydney Australia, and has been a professional dancer her whole life, with her performance career bringing her to the USA in 2014. Alexandra found yoga early on to help heal some injuries and meditation to assist in centering and finding balance. Her approach to both is with whol...

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Join Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Jess in Episode 11 as they discuss the interconnected world of exercise, wellness, gardening, and toxin-free living. Discover the transformative power of movement for both physical and mental well-being, while exploring how cultivating a garden can enrich your life and promote sustainability. Learn about the importance of choosing toxin-free products for your health and the environment, and how these choices...

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Listen to our episode about the changes and trends in nutrition over the years and how to keep a healthy perspective with nutrition and how to incorporate healthy habits into your life. Our guest in this episode is Christine Palumbo, an award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist and wellness expert in Naperville, Illinois.

Her entrepreneurial career includes freelance writing, corporate wellness, nutrient analysis, corporate c...

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Listen to our podcast interview with Brittnee Cannon, RDN. Brittnee is a passionate and dedicated plant-based registered dietitian nutritionist and holistic health coach. With a strong commitment to promoting the health and well-being of children and families, Brittnee advocates for incorporating more whole plant foods into daily eating patterns, all while emphasizing a lifestyle that’s geared towards preventing chronic health issu...

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