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May 3, 2024 82 mins
The Verge's Nilay Patel, Alex Cranz, and David Pierce discuss this week's tech and gadget news. Further reading: Rabbit R1 review: an unfinished, unhelpful AI gadget  The Rabbit R1’s first software update addresses its dismal battery life - The Verge  Turns out the Rabbit R1 was just an Android app all along TikTok and Universal Music Group end feud with new agreement  Microsoft’s OpenAI investment was triggered by Google fears, emails reveal Peloton announces new round of layoffs as CEO quits Elon Musk goes ‘absolutely hard core’ in another round of Tesla layoffs  Tesla layoffs hit Supercharger team just as it’s poised to take over EV charging LinkedIn is the latest company to get in on gaming  Pixel 8A leak reveals $499 starting price Beats announces Solo 4 headphones and $79.99 Solo Buds Beats Solo 4 review: playing both sides  Walmart is about to launch a 4K Chromecast that’s also a smart speaker SwitchBot S10 review: with plumbing hookups, this robovac and mop is actually hands-free iOS 17.5 beta lets you keep Find My on during iPhone repairs Razer made a million dollars selling a mask with RGB, and the FTC is not pleased Instagram’s updated algorithm prioritizes original content instead of rip-offs  Meta is “exploring” algorithm changes on Threads. Email us at or call us at 866-VERGE11, we love hearing from you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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