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June 18, 2024 13 mins
Nate Bukaty from MLS Season Pass on Apple TV joined us to talk FC Cincinnati's two games this week, the impact of Matt Miazga's injury, and much more. 

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We have only two more months tohear that thing. Twenty three after five
o'clock. This is ESPN fifteen thirty. It is going to be a busy
week, usually already started on Saturday. Busy week for FC Cincinnati. They're
home tomorrow to take on Philadelphia.That match starts at seven forty five.
All of the matches this week onApple TV. Tomorrow's matches on Apple TV

are free part of MLS Season Pass, and then quick turnaround right back at
home on Saturday for a home tiltagainst New England. The Orange and Blue
coming off. I think that themost entertaining game of the season so far,
a four to two road win againstSan Jose, but a win that
came at a cost because Matt Mioskais not going to play Tomorrow night.

Looks like a pretty decent chance he'snot going to play for a while.
Nate bukaty Is works for MLS s'sonpass on Apple TV. He does not
have the game tomorrow, but hedoes have the match on Saturday, and
so I thought we'd bring him onand we could talk about both. Nate,
it's good to have you, uh, I guess, but before you
get here, welcome to Cincinnati.What's going on? Hey? Thanks,

Ma, I appreciate it. Firstof all, digging the biggie on the
bumper music, that's that's a goodvibe you get brought in on. I
appreciate that. Second of all,Yeah, I'm actually in Los I just
got to Los Angeles because I've gotthe La Galaxy versus NYCFC game and that
could be ye a match that's relevantto Cincinnati. Obviously, the Eastern Conference
race is really good. That alsomeans that I'm gonna be enjoying very different

types of cuisine during the course ofthis week. Right now, I'm sitting
outside at an overly complicated modern tacoplace as you can imagine in southern California.
And then I'll be trying some Skylinechili here in a couple of days.
My man, very good. Well, I'm partial, I'm biased.
I know what I prefer. Butnonetheless, it'll it'll be nice to have

you in town. Uh, there'sno reason to over complicate tacos. Man,
I'm just gonna tell you that rightnow, we're on the same page.
Yeah, give me a shell,give me some be some lettuce,
throw some cheese and uh and we'regood to go. Uh, let me
start with the kind of the newsof the week. So you know how
good Matt Mioska is. This teamis gonna play tomorrow night without him and
likely a number of matches for awhile. How do you expect his absence

to impact what they're trying to do? Yeah, I just voted for him
on my All Star ballot to beone of the starters for the All Star
team. That's how much I thinkof Matt. I think he's He's always
been a very very good player,but he seems like he continues to grow
and mature as well. And obviouslythe Robinson situation complicates things as well for
Cincinnati. So look, if there'sa team out there that seems to be

able to cover things like this,it seems to be Cincinnati right now.
Just such such a well oiled machinegoing. But that is a big loss,
there's no doubt about it. Andyou know, I'm gonna be interested
to see how they look tomorrow night. I don't know what kind of a
test it is this Philadelphia team.They're in a little bit of disarray right
now, but I'll be interested tosee what it looks like tomorrow night.
Before I get to call that gameon Saturday, because there's there's no coding

it that. That's definitely a bigloss for Cincinnati. It is a big
loss. I feel like what alot of folks are doing, and I'll
admit I'm doing it as well.Is okay. You'd love to have Matt
Miyoska. He's awesome, right,anytime you have to fill his role,
that that's a challenge. But ifI could play the Luco Acosta card,
that's that's pretty damn good. Oh, without a doubt. I mean,

I think you're talking about, outsideof Lionel Messi, quite possibly the best
player, the most important player inthe entire league in luchol Coast. I
the guy is incredible and obviously whathe did this past this past game against
San Jose is a perfect example ofit. You know, it's I think
Cincinnati are I think the supporter shieldrace is going to be fascinating this season

in Major League Soccer. I thinka lot of teams are factors in it.
But to me, Cincinnati is everybit as much of a favorite as
anybody else, in large part becauseof how many different ways they seem to
be able to beat you and howwell their team fits together. And so
I do think there's a bit ofa next man up mentality and some of
it also, you know, maybehold the fort down just a little bit

until you get everybody back. Havethey said for sure how long he's gonna
be out yet or is that stillkind of up in the air. No,
so he's not gonna play tomorrow.The question was posed to Pat noon
in today, you know, couldthis be a long term thing? And
he said yes, now you know, no, no time frame, no
timeline, nothing like that. Butbut it's you're not hearing anybody you know

insists, Hey, this isn't goingto be a long term deal. This
is no big deal. There hasbeen the acknowledgment that this could be a
long lasting thing. Yeah, that'stough. I'll say another thing you mentioned.
Acosta Wobodo is another guy that Ivoted for for the All Star Game,
and I know he doesn't get thekind of attention because of the position

that he plays, but for mymoney that that position might be the most
important on the field because it protectsthe guys behind him, like Matt Mioska,
but it also connects that back lineto the to the guys like a
Costa to do their job, andI think he's one of the best midfielders
in the entire vegue, if notthe best, So there's protection for however
they decide to fill that spot.Cincinnati's not based on one guy, not

even a Costa that they are.It's a squad and that's one of the
things I like so much about them. So I think when you're in a
situation like that, you can coverfor the loss of a really great player
better than certain teams, you know. I think about like a Nashville for
example, if they don't have HoneyMooktar, they don't they don't have a
team. If they don't have WalkerZimmerman, they're in serious trouble. I
don't We'll see what happens. ButI don't think that's the case with Cincinnati.

You don't have the match tomorrow.But when they play Philadelphia, it's
always interesting. They have such sharedhistory with obviously, you know Pat Noonan
being a Philadelphia guy and being soinstrumental in that team's success, and same
for Chris Albright. They've played insome great matches, including in the playoffs
each of the last couple of seasons. This Philadelphia team they've put on the

field this year is doesn't feel likeit's the same as some that we've seen
over the last couple of seasons.What's changed there, Well, I mean
it's they they've got they've got someserious problems right now. Obviously, you
know, they're they're they're having tosend one of their best players overseas,
and you know, I think thatthey've they've done a good job of just

explaining, you know, Jim Curtinsin a good job of explaining why they're
doing that. And I think longterm that Philadelphia organization is a model organization.
But they've got players within their organizationcomplaining about their lack of investment in
players. Uh, nobody was complainingabout that when they were inches away or
minutes away from winning MLS Cup acouple of years ago. But you know

when when you when things start togo poorly and your team that doesn't spend
a lot of money, then thenyou know you have players start to step
forward and complain. And they hadto say goodbye to some players because they
weren't able to pay them or haven'tbeen willing to pay them. But they've
got a great organization when it comesto bringing young players through the system and
turning them into good players, andthen a lot of times selling them overseas.

But right now, it's it's it'sbeen really interesting to see why they've
struggled this year. I would putI would put Philadelphia in Orlando as the
two most disappointing teams in terms ofwhat I thought they would be this year
versus what they are. Of course, that's that's something about MLS. I
mean, you really you don't knowfrom year to year. You think you
know who's gonna be great, andyou're not always right. But uh yeah,

right now Philadelphia, man, they'restruggling in a lot of ways,
and and I think that that Cincinnati'scatching them in a very good time.
Uh Philadelphia struggling the team that comeshere for the match you're going to call
on Saturday. Uh, that wordapplies. And then some what's happened to
the New England Revolution? Yeah,but all of a sudden, they've won
three in a row, and I'mand I'm not sure how much to make

of that. Their competition hasn't beenthe best. You know, a couple
of games ago they beat the NewYork Red Bulls and the New York Red
Bulls are a really good team,but they're without half their best players who
are on international duty. I meanthey're they're missing there two they're only two
really good attacking players the Red Bullswere, so you know, New England
caught them at the right time.I don't know how much to make of

this three game winning streak that they'reon right now, because before that,
they absolutely looked like they were ateam in complete disarray. There were reports
everywhere, whether you want to believethem or not. Caleb Porter was quick
to dismiss these reports, but therewere reports of all kinds of you know,
disharmony in the locker room and withthe coaching staff and all of these
things. And maybe that's just whathappens when the results are poor and you

know, reporters want to get ascoop on something. But it seemed like
everything was going wrong for New England. So now they won three in a
row. It's going to be interestingto see what type of team comes to
town against Cincinnati that they Varoni isthere is scored a goal for them this
past weekend, but he has reallynot been what they've needed him to be
as a goal scorer through the courseof his time in New England. I

don't know if that'll get him startedor not. I'm a little hesitant to
believe that. So look, Ithink this is a time Cincinnati. You
guys are just such a good team, by the way, and also I
just want to say this mode thatI've only had a chance to be in
your stadium one time, and thatwas this year, my first time to
get to go there. I'm aKansas City guy, you know. I

was a Sporting Kansas City announcer foreight years, born and raised there.
Incredibly proud of what Kansas City didas a soccer market to kind of push
the ball forward in terms of thestadiums that we see now. I want
to tell you this, you guyshave taken what places like Sporting Kansas City
started and you've done it better.And to me, that's I mean that

as a massive compliment. I mean, I think that's what you want to
do when you when you set abar, you hope other people in your
league clear it. And I thinkyou guys have as good of an atmosphere
as there is in the league.It's better than what Sporting Kansas City did,
which is to me saying something,and I can't wait to get back
there this weekend because I just thinkit's a wonderful stadium, a phenomenal atmosphere.

And as a person who comes froma smaller market as well, I
love love seeing the mid markets inMiddle America thrive the way Cincinnati is right
now. So I can't tell youhow excited I am to be back there
on Saturday. It's gonna be awesome. And you're right about the the in
game atmosphere. That is the nicestthing anybody from Kansas City has said to
me in four years. So yeah, we got some bad blood in other

sports. When when when you cometo town, I could tell you what
not to pack. Okay, Ishould not wear my Mahomes jersey in the
town and that, yeah, Iwould. I would leave that in them.
I would leave that in the closet, you know. I mean,
you know there's you could wear theTravis Kelsey gear up near Clifton where you
see is. But for the mostpart, I would advise you to leave
that stuff at home. Yeah,I'll try to keep a low profile on

that. You know. I understand, man, I understand. Well,
have a have a great call tonight, save travels to UH Cincinnati and enjoy
Saturday evening. I do appreciate thetime man, thanks so much. Hey,
thanks by. If you got anytips for me on my skyline order,
I'm just gonna be honest with you. I've been kind of a hater.
I've been kind of a hater.Have you had it? I mean

you have? You have you actuallyeaten it, but not not at skyline
like I've had the canned stuff okaythat people have sent to me, and
uh, I feel like I needto walk into the place and really,
you know, take it in likea local in order to really fully appreciate
it. Is that Is that accurate? Yeah? So I mean there there
are there are more than there's morethan one skyline within reasonable walking distance of

the stadium. Now. It's likeone hundred and fifty nine degrees outside right
now, so you're not gonna wantto do a lot of walking. It's
it's it's very simple. You goin and you ask if you want the
full experience, get two cheese conieswith everything, which means onions mustard right
with it, and then and thenget a get a three, four or
a five way. I prefer athree way because I'm not a huge beans

guy, but I think if youdo a three way and two cheese coneys,
that will encapsulate the entire Skyline chiliexperience. You know, Nate.
Right now they're selling hot met cheeseconies for a limit the times they have
like a hot Mets if you likea little extra spice and to cool you
off. They just started selling icecream floats, so you know, you
you could really run the gamut.I think the good thing is I'm basically

flying straight there from from La overnightThursday, so I got all day Friday
because I think I'm gonna need todo that Friday, so I have all
day to digest that. There's noway I can handle that on game day.
It would be uh well, thatwould be a poor decision on my
part. Well, I mean,if if you're a local, you could,
but I understand, Yeah, getget too cheese Coney's and get the
freeway and you'll be You'll be prettygood. You'll be all right. Yeah,

I think I'm definitely not a local. I'm soft. I'm soft in
this regard, but I'm gonna checkit out because I want to take in
the local flares. All right,get get the skyline, leave the chief
stuff at home, and we'll begood. Yeah, don't hold that part
against me. Okay, I'll justhear to call a great soccer match.
And like I said, I'm amassive stand of what you guys are doing.
So I can't wait. I cansee you there, Mo. Yeah

no, that's uh, that's myplan. I'll be there, Thank you
so much. Right on, takecare you got it? Uh. Nate
Buokati is calling MLS Season pass actionon Saturday night. FC Cincinnati hosting New
England. FC Cincinnati will host Philadelphiatomorrow and that match is free on Apple
TV, and of course you couldalso hear it on ESPN fifteen thirty.

Uh five one three, seven,four nine fifteen thirty is our phone number.
We're late. Sports headlines a rantrave about David Belcamore on ESPN fifteen
thirty, Cincinnati Sports Station

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