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June 10, 2024 99 mins
Dan Hurley turns down the Lakers Job to stay in Storrs, Caitlin Clark left off the Olympic team why Team USA missed a huge opportunity. Reds taking 2 of 3 from the Cubs and my conspiracy theory regarding Joe Burrow.
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lots of stuff, and I'll behonest with you, there's more stuff than
usual that's kind of taking place outsidethe two seventy five loop. But I
think a lot of it is prettyinteresting, and I detect at least some

of you are interested in this stuff. Let's begin with the stuff that happened
this weekend at GABP, where thered saw the seven game win streak come
to an end yesterday. I'm I'mgonna be glass half full because right now,
how could you not be if you'rea Reds fan. They just won
seven straight games, They have reentered, or I guess entered the playoff

race. There's lots of good thingshappening. Unfortunately the result of yesterday's game
was not one of those good things. But I'll tell you what, Carson
Speyers did a terrific job yesterday.I mean, it's it's four zip.
Frankie Montas just didn't have it,and you're still looking for more consistency there.
And I still think, like,as we talk about who's gonna do

what over the final three and ahalf four months of this season, he's
kind of a wild card for me. We have seen him just in consecutive
starts. We've seen the great andthe not so great. We've seen the
ceiling in the floor. The greatwas to start last week in Colorado,
where he takes a no hitter intothe seventh inning, he was awesome,
and then yesterday he was terrible.The Chicago Cubs battered him. Frankly,

his pitching line isn't completely reflective ofhow poorly he threw. And you know
at some point Ian Happle was gonnahave something to say about how this series
went. He did in the firsthitting yesterday, Frankie Monta is not very
good. And I've talked and wehave I think as Reds fans, we've
talked a lot about the starting pitchingand it's upside and why the starting staff

is maybe reason number one why youshould have optimism for how this season turns
out. But within that starting staff, Frankie Montas, I keep using the
word reliability. I'm looking for alittle bit more reliability. Now. Look,
every starting pitcher has clunker. Goodstarting pitchers have clunkers. Good starting

pitchers have days where it just fromthe get go he doesn't have it,
and his day ends early, andyou just hope he can come back in
five days and be dramatically better.And so I don't want to overreact to
one start yesterday, but again,the whole Frankie Montas experience has been sort
of encapsulated by two games, twostarts within a five day stretch, and

the seven innings of shutout baseball.The six no hit innings against Colorado,
Let's be honest, felt like anoutlier. Maybe yesterday was an outlier.
The norm for Frankie Montas is.I still think we're trying to figure that
out. That being said, becauseagain we're being glass half full here,

Carson Spyers was terrific. The onlything he didn't do well was get the
leadoff hitter in every inning out,but he minimized the damage by basically ensuring
that there was no damage and hegave his team a chance to win the
ball game they didn't. Unfortunately,Showta AMaGA just was terrific yesterday. Aside

from the home run that he gaveup to Luke Mayley Reds Do given out
on the base pass. That didn'tbother me too much. But look,
a seven game winning streak, itwas always going to come to an end.
But since we're all feeling really goodabout this team right now, I
guess for me, the headline ofthe day yesterday was Carson Spyers saving the
bullpen to a degree, giving theteam a chance to win the game to

a degree, and I don't know, maybe showing that he should stick around
regardless of what happens with Emilio Pegunwho was back on the injured list for
a second time. So the Redswin three out of four against Chicago,
four interesting games, four good games. Even yesterday's game was interesting. And
now the Reds are two under fivehundred, entering a challenging week, entering

a week that's sort of scheduled weirdbecause of the off days, one today,
one on Thursday, and then abig series next weekend. This is
a massive week for the Reds.So I'm gonna play a good, really
good Cleveland team Tomorrow and Wednesday,and then they go to Milwaukee. Now,
the Brewers have right now a verycomfortable lead in the National League Central

six and a half in front ofCincinnati and Chicago six and a half in
front of Saint Louis. The Cardinalsare a percentage point behind the Reds and
Cubs because they have one fewer winbut also one fewer loss, and the
Pirates are seven games back. It'sbasically Milwaukee and the field of four teams
that right now, at least havehad a hard time separating from the pack.

Reds go there this weekend. Thatis a Milwaukee team that has been
good at home. They've scored aton of runs, and they have figured
out away with a new manager andPat Murphy to survive and thrive and have
the National League's third best record despitea revolving door with the starting staff,
a revolving door with the pitching staff. The Brewers have used twenty seven pitchers

this season. They have had elevenpitchers make starts this year. By comparison,
the Reds have used eighteen pitchers.They've used seven in starting roles,
and two of those games were startedby Brent Sooter when you knew it was
going to be a bullpen game.Why am I talking about this because you
know we've talked a lot about Okay, are are the Reds going to enter

the race? Is the Are theirhopes for the National League Central Crown cooked?
Are they bonified playoff contenders? Ikind of make it more about a
number than I do the GB column. If the Reds are going to be
in the playoffs, I think they'regoing to require a minimum of eighty five
wins. Now that number would havegotten him in last year, so too

would have eighty four, especially lastyear in particular because the Reds did win
the tiebreaker over the Arizona Diamondbacks.But I still focus a little bit more
on the division race, and Ijust I wonder, I wonder how sustainable
it is what the Milwaukee Brewers aredoing. They don't have Corbyn Burns anymore.
Wayne Miley has had to go undergoTommy John surgery. He's on the

shelf. Brandon Woodruff has had toundergo Tommy John surgery. He's not gonna
throw a pitch at all. Intwenty twenty four. They have constantly cycled
through guys. They've used a billionpitchers, They've scored a bunch of runs.
Uh. But I just I can'thelp but wonder how sustainable is what

they're doing with their pitching. TheReds play them this weekend, so head
to head, and obviously they havetwo games between now and the three against
Milwaukee this weekend, head to head, can you make a little bit of
a dent against Milwaukee? And canyou use the rest of the month of
June. During this month they willget Noel j. Marte back. He

is set to start his rehab assignment. Your guess is as good as mine
with dudes like Christian and Carnassi onStrand or Emilio Pagan. Your guess is
as good as mine as to what'shappening with Brandon Williamson. Your guess is
as good as mine as to whetheror not Matt McClean is gonna play this
year. I'm still leaning towards hedoesn't. But they're gonna get Noelvee Marte
back, and that that's not aninsignificant piece. I think there are some

who have kind of forgotten how goodthat dude was last year. In the
middle of all that, can youcontinue to get closer to five hundred,
get above five hundred, make adent in that deficit that you have when
you look up at Milwaukee. Playwell enough this week that you don't undo
the seven game winning streak, Takeadvantage of a softer schedule over the final

two weeks of the month of June, and then make your move big picture
when things perhaps start to fall apartin Milwaukee. That team deserves all the
credit in the world for the leadthey've built in the NL Central over five
hundred, they've scored one thousand runs, they have the third dest run third
best run differential in the entire NationalLeague. They are where they are for

a good reason. But they arewhere they are in spite of a starting
staff that feels like it's being heldtogether with tape and bandages. And you
could apply that to the rest ofthe pitching staff too. Meanwhile, with
the Reds, I know, FrankieMontos wasn't very good yesterday, and we're
still looking for more good Frankie thanbad Frankie. And you know, who

knows what's gonna happen with Graham Ashcraftspot in the rotation, given the fact
that Brandon Williamson was returned from hisrehab assignment and peers like he's gonna take
a little bit of a break.I still feel like there's so much upside
with the red starting staff. Istill feel like there's so much upside with
the Reds pitching top to bottom,despite legitimate questions that, boy, if
they can maybe make a little bitof a dent this weekend and survive this

week where they played two good teamsand then come back and take advantag a
softer back end of June, Istill feel like, if I look at
the rest of the division. I'vewatched the Cubs play a bunch. They
feel like the very definition of mediocrity. The Cardinals feel the same way.
The Pittsburgh Pirates have Paul Skins anda lot of really good young players.

There's a part of me that feelslike they feel a little bit like last
year's Reds team. I believe thatof the other four in the NL Central
that aren't the Brewers, the Redsmight have the best chance, and I
think Milwaukee could still be had,primarily because when you've had to use this
many pitchers, and when you're stilltrying to figure out on almost a game

in a game out basis who's goingto start, and you've had to cycle
through relievers the way they have,I just wonder how sustainable that is If
it isn't. Are the Reds theteam in this division best equipped to take
advantage of what one might argue isthe inevitable not collapse, but coming back

to earth in Milwaukee. My phonelines are open at five point three,
seven, four, nine, fifteenthirty eight six six seven oh two three
seven seven six. We have alot of different stuff to get to today
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dot com. Dan Hurley is stayingin college. I mean he's he's going
to remain as a college basketball coach. He's not going to go coach the
Lakers. Instead, he's going totry to win a third consecutive title at
Yukon. I was rooting for himto go to the Lakers because I think
that's a really interesting story. ButI'm very happy that he is staying in
college for one specific reason. MikeTomlin has gotten a contract extension in Pittsburgh.

We've got some thoughts on that,a kind of a missed opportunity,
missed opportunity. I'm going to talkabout Kaitlyn Clark not making the US women's
basketball team. That is a missedopportunity for reasons that are obvious and reasons
that are maybe not so obvious.And I have advice to folks who are
UK fans, supporters, or alums, or maybe all three all of that.

Between now and six o'clock, wehave a lot of ground to cover.
On ESPN fifteen thirty, Cincinnati SportsStation Cincinnati's, which won't have Kaitlin
Clark, which is stupid. It'stwenty three minutes after three o'clock. This
is ESPN fifteen thirty. I'm oegar, thank you for joining us on a
uh this here in Kenwood, cloudyafternoon. I've now referenced the weather twice.

This time of year. I getslightly obsessed with weather because I want
to be out in it. Igot to cut my grass in it,
want to play golf in it,want to sit at the pool in it.
Lot's going on five, one,three, seven, four, nine,
fifteen thirty. There's a good piecein The Athletic by C. Trent
Rosecrans, and the cruxt of itis go check it out at the Athletic

dot com or I guess because they'repart of the New York Times ny Times
dot com. The headline of thepiece Reds rewarded for staying the course instead
of panicking about a dismal may Sosomething did happen when the Reds were really
struggling, and they have I sawtoday. I think they've gone thirteen and
six since it. David Bell threwhis chair in the dugout, which I

believe is not was not necessarily areflection of him being upset with his team.
I think it was a reflection of, as he stated, the number
of guys who had been hit inthe hands, specifically on the hand area
specifically. And I also think ithad something to do with the unwillingness of
his pictures to retaliate. I thinkthere was something there. But you'll look.
If you believe that that's what inspiredthem to win thirteen out of nineteen

games, then fine. And ifyou don't believe that, then that's fine
too. What is undeniable is ateam, and see Trent mentions this in
the piece, a team that spenta lot of time in the first two
months of the season, insisting thatthe vibe in the clubhouse is similar to
what it was last year. Thingsare going to be okay, we've got

to get through this. We're goingto get healthier, we're going to be
better. Better days are ahead,at least here on the short term.
That has proven to be the case. And you know, nobody wanted to
hear that back in the middle ofMay. Nobody wanted to hear that a
month ago, right whenever you know, things go poorly, and things were
going very poorly for the Reds fora while. Whenever things are going poorly,

you know, we want to seesomething get done. We want to
see Nick Krawl do something. Wewant to see David Bell do something.
Not a bunch was done, andthey kind of stayed the course, so
to speak. You got the sensethat the people who run the club believed

that with a roster as young asthe Reds roster is. On top of
that, all the dudes who maybeshouldn't have been here, who were here,
think Mike Ford, et cetera,that first of all, we've got
to get hold and we've got toget healthier. And that's happened. TJ.
Friedl has come back. They're fourteengames away from Noelve Marte being allowed

to come back. He's gone onhis rehab assignment, which you know,
we talk about all these guys whothe Reds may get back when they're going
to get him right now, noidea when Christian necronassion strain is going to
come back. We know, specifically, barring something unforeseen, we know specifically
when Noelve Marte is going to comeback. We know at which point he
will be eligible to play, andhe gives them an option and gives them

a guy who last season when hegot caught up, did pretty much nothing
but hit. So that's a reallygood thing. But you know, nobody
wanted to hear this back in Aprilat May. But the Reds, what
they're trying to do is hard.They're trying to win while also trying to
developed players, and they did haveto put up with players who they are
still trying to develop struggling the waythey did. And they're a team that

saw a big part of its corenot answer the bell on opening Day because
of injury, and then in TJ. Friedl's case, get injured again just
about a week or so after hecame back, and so you know,
when things were going poorly, thatinvited a lot of criticism being aimed at
David Bell. It invited a lotof criticism being aimed at the front office.
Now the team, I guess yesterdaynotwithstanding, now the team is playing

well, they've entered the race.We could talk about them having a chance
to contend this summer. We aregoing to want to see the front office
do something if this continues, becauseyou can't convince me they can't benefit from
adding a piece from the outside.I think those discussions should already be underway,
but more than anything, stay inthe course and hoping for better health

and just waiting through the inevitable slumpsthat come with a team full of young
dudes. Has given way to ateam that offensively has been more than good
enough in recent weeks, and thathas pretty good starting pitching. And so
I like c trans piece because it'san attempt and a successful one to do
something that not a lot of peopleare gonna want to do. I'm not

a big believer in blaming the managerwhen things go wrong, and I'm really
not a huge believer in automatically creditingthe manager when things go right. But
if we're gonna default to the onewhich is well things are going poorly,
it's time to move on from DavidBell, or they shouldn't have given him
his contract extension. If we're gonnado that, then I think we have
to do the opposite when things aregoing well and when patience is starting to

pay off and some of the guysthey stuck with are starting to perform better.
I mean, you know, look, it's not that it wasn't frustrating
in April and May watching this teamhit, but you kind of knew that
some of these dudes we're gonna performbetter, Jonathan India, maybe most notably
Ellie de la Cruz, certainly noteworthyin that regard, Spencer Steer two.

And then when they got healthier andgot TJ. Friedel back, that was
going to help as well, andit's happened. So, you know,
the strategy, which was, wejust got to figure out a way to
get ourselves through this. That's notgreat sports talk radio fodder, that doesn't
generate a lot of headlines, it'scertainly not very transactional, but the you
know the insistence of let's just figureout a way to get through this.

Let's just figure out a way tosurvive while we get a little bit healthier,
and when some of these guys whoaren't hitting start to hit, hopefully
it'll happen soon enough that when itdoes, we still can go ahead and
win this thing. And obviously there'sa long way to go, and they
have a tough week in front ofthem, and there's probably some more valleys
still ahead, but that patience hasbeen paid off. And as much as

everybody wanted to dump all over DavidBell and you know, anecdotally, there
were times where I certainly joined thechorus. Okay, if you're gonna do
that, then I think a chunkof credit should go to a guy who's
insistence on just sort of getting throughthis has has paid off at least a
little bit. Three thirty on ESPNfifteen thirty sports headlines are coming up.

We have a giveaway. I thinkwe're gonna do today. I think we're
gonna do today. I do,I'm not entirely sure because we had this
thrown at us last minute, Tara. We gotta find out how many tickets
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which is basically Jimmy Buffett's band withoutJimmy Buffett, who died last year.
But his band is gonna keep goingand I guess it's gonna play his songs.

We have tickets to that I thinkto give away, but I'm not
sure if it's every day and I'mnot here Thursday and Friday. So find
out and we might have a giveawaycoming up at four thirty three. I
have advice. I'm gonna give injust a bit, but first, the
sports story of the day. It'stechnical reach area college basketball. We will

spend a few minutes on it nexton ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station fifteen
thirty, Cincinnati's Sports Station, Cincinnati'sSports Station. Sports headlines are a service
of Kelsey Chevrolet, Home of lifetimepowertrain protection and guarantee credit approval from their
family to yours for life, kelseyshevdot Com. No game for the Reds

tonight. The Cleveland Guardians are here. It's the resumption, the renewal of
the Ohio Cup two against Cleveland Tomorrownight and Wednesday. Remember weeknight games from
now it's seven ten since school bynow is out everywhere, correct, my
daughter school has been out for acouple of weeks, seven to ten.
Both nights, it'll be a bullpengame for the Reds. The Guardians come

to town having won their last two. They have a four game lead in
the American League Central. They'll givethe ball to a Tristan McKenzie tomorrow night,
A righty? What else do wehave? What else do we have?
Bengals are set to begin Mini camp, three days a football activity mandatory
mini camp. Jamar Chase expected tobe there Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday we'll

see. If the Bengals actually holdthree practices, we will see. We
will see college basketball and NBA.Note, Dan Hurley is not going to
coach the LA Lakers. He isgoing to stay and coach at Yukon,
turning down a reported seventy million dollarcontract that would have made him coach of
Lebron James, Anthony Davis and areally bad roster sorry Terran. Dan Hurley

staying in college. We talked aboutthis last week. It's an enormous It
would have been a more enormous storyhadn't actually resulted in Dan Hurley leaving college
to go coach the LA Lakers.Even thinking about the possibility created a lot
of different discussions, and really goodones. I was rooting for it to
happen because I root for interesting andthe best coach in college basketball leaving to

go coach the LA Lakers, whichis a great brand, and I'm not
sure it's a great job. Thatwould have been uber uber interesting. It
would have been interesting at the professionallevel, and I think it would have
created a really fun couple of weeksif you're a college basketball fan, because
then think of how the dominoes couldhave fallen around the sport once Yukon's opening

came, Yukon's job came open,and then we would have gotten a lot
of takes about how this is thelatest piece of evidence you need to suggest
that college sports are falling apart.We'll get to that here momentarily. Now
there's what I wanted. Also,by the way, if you're a Xavier
fan, are you rooting for DanHurley to coach at Yukon or rooting for

Yukon to sort of fall apart becauseDan Hurley's not there anymore? What I
think would have been a good discussionwould have been this, so players have
more freedom of movement than ever before, but the portal itself is closed.
Had Dan Hurley chosen to go toYukon, he would have left in June,
right that job comes open and theyhave a coaching search in June.

Now, Yukon probably still would havegone and hired a good coach, but
the players are stuck there. Again. We are in this era where there's
more mobility, more freedom of movement, more choices for college athletes than ever
before, and I love that.I don't think there should ever have been
restrictions on how many times a playercould transfer or I don't think we ever

should have had a thing where weused to, which was coaches could block
a transfer. I think it wasdumb to make student athletes set out for
a year once they transferred. SoI'm glad that the college athletes college basketball
players have more freedom of movement thanever before. But even within this era
of freedom of movement, had DanHurley left, those players who committed to

go play for him kind of stuck, kind of stuck. I also don't
think the Laker job is very good. Lebron James is going to be forty,
Anthony Davis just got through a fullseason. I'm not sure I'm counting
on that happening. They don't havea ton of draft capital. The Western
Conference is insanely good and competitive.If the Lakers are in the East,

dude, go for it. Ijust don't know how good. It's an
incredible, iconic sports brand. Thejob itself doesn't seem great. Dan Hurley
has a great job where the sportthat he coaches matters, and yet it's
a little bit more difficult. Iguess the fundraise when you don't have high
major football at the same time,if you're funding nil deals at Yukon.

Now you do have a mammoth women'sprogram too, but well you don't exactly
have to fork over a lot forfootball players at a non Power five football
program like basketball men's and women's drivethe bus there and you have a massive
amount of success in recent years,so you have. That's the point too.
That's a good gig, good gig. Uh, it's gonna do something

else here on that really quick.I think it would have been fascinating to
see how the dominoes would have fallen. I do think it's awesome that we
are spared. We are spared hearingabout how this was going to mark the
end of college basketball, because itwas already that anyway you were getting We
made fun of the Mike Greenberg cutlast week. Well, this is going

to be the end of college sportsas we know it, which we already
have. Didn't need another series.It takes about how that was going to
be the end of college basketball whenpeople stop going to games, and when
people stop watching, and when peoplestop consuming, and when people stop buying
tickets when the stadiums aren't full.I'll i'll then arrive at the conclusion that

college basketball and college football are doneas we know it. We are not
there yet. We have some informationfrom our good friends. Give it to
me, Give it to me,Give it to me, Tarren. He
just wanted to let us. Letyou know that if a coach were to
leave, Yes, the players havethirty days. Oh see, this is
why we have experts like Chad.So the players could have bounced. Yes,
I was ill informed. Not thefirst time that's happened. So the

kids would have had thirty days tohit the portal. Yep, right,
well that's equitable, that's fair.This is why we're glad where we have
experts like Chad. All right,well, very good. So then he
could have left and we would havebeen We would have seen then a whole
new slew of players enter the portal, and that would have been more fun.

Like I said last week, thishas been the most fun off season
in college basketball history, at leastin my lifetime. With player movement and
trying to figure out, you know, who's gotten better, who's gotten worse
in the portal, which players arethe best fit in certain places. We
could have had a mini version ofthat, perhaps in the middle the summer.

Dude, that would have been insane. We don't get it. Well.
I thank Chad for the uh information. Mike Tomlin has a contract extension
in Pittsburgh. Good next in thisweek's Marketers. I don't know it's ten
away from four. This is ESPNfifteen thirty. My name's Moegar. Thrilled

that you are with us today.Bengals Mini Camp Tomorrow day one of three
days where the workouts are Buddy PaulDinner General will be here in the three
o'clock hour tomorrow afternoon and we arelooking forward to that. I think the
big NFL news today involves the PittsburghSteelers, who have given Mike Tomlin a
contract extension through the twenty twenty sevenseason. Mike Tomlin, as you likely

know, has never had a losingseason as the head coach of the Pittsburgh
Steelers. This is obviously no no, there's no automatic guarantee that this means
he is going to coach through thetwenty twenty seven season. But if you
know anything about how that franchise hasbeen run, and look, I've a
life, lifetime Bengals fan, butyou know, you could still acknowledge it
is remarkable that that franchise has hadthree head coaches since the sixties remarkable.

And Mike Tomlin has a Hall ofFame resume, and he's won a title,
and he's been to another Super Bowl, and yes, he has never
had a losing season, and hispress conferences yield a lot of different quotes.
There are two teams in the NFL, two franchises in the National Football
League that I think right now though, would give a coach like Mike Tomlin
a contract extension. A coach whohas not won a playoff game since after

the twenty sixteen season, A coachwho has become synonymous with a lot of
good things, but also early playoffexits. And we've discussed this. I
think in each of the last coupleof years, regular season losses in games
his team has no business losing,he's become synonymous with those two things.

It has been forever since the Steelershave won a playoff game. I don't
have off the top of my headlongest droughts without winning a postseason game,
but I would imagine it's at leastsomewhat reasonably up there. So you know,
he's one might argue kind of coastingto a degree off of previous successes,

and I think the Steelers have hada good offseason. I'm a big
proponent of what they've done with theirquarterback situation because they've paid almost no money
to get two better choices than theguy they had as their main quarterback last
year and Kenny Pickett. But still, there are two franchises who would have
done that. One is, obviouslythe Pittsburgh Steelers, a franchise renowned for

loyalty, for not cycling through coaches, for not col towing to public pressure
if there is a lot of externalheat to fire the head coach. That's
not what the Steelers do. Theother is the Bengals. And I don't
say this as an insult to either, I just I can't. I can't,

for the life of me, imagineI come up with another franchise that
right now. You know, onemight argue Baltimore. Would Baltimore do it
with John Harball. John Harball hashad more recent postseason success, although obviously
in recent years not an over otherworldlyamount, but more postseason success than Mike

Tomlin. He's had better teams.Certainly argue he has a better quarterback situation
with Lamar, But how many NFLFR Bengals would do it. And I
could say that because I think wesaw him do it with Marvin Lewis,
and I think they'll do it withZach Taylor. And again, this is
not this isn't a criticism. Ijust think it's a statement about how both
teams are run. But what's interestingis the way one team gets run constantly

gets dragged through the mud. Likein the case of the Trey Hendrickson situation,
where he asked for a trade andthe Bengals didn't. They didn't trade
him. They also didn't extend hiscontract, they didn't give them more money.
They just sort of nodded along andsaid, yeah, that's fine,
which was the right strategy because TreyHendrickson's under contract for two years at a

good reasonable deal. But what happenswhen the Bengals get dragged through the mud.
Hey, they are being cheap andthey're being obstinate, and players don't
want to play there, et cetera. You've heard the criticisms, you read
the criticisms Pittsburg. It's a littlebit different. Like, I get it,
the Steelers as a franchise have anawesome franchise. I get it.

The Rooney family has one more thanthe Brown family has, at least in
the NFL in Cincinnati, But ifyou read about the contract around the country,
it's more coaching stability and further testamenthas Tollin's greatness. He's going to

coach for twenty one plus years andstill keep going. He's only fifty two
years old. He also doesn't wantto playoff games since twenty sixteen. How
many franchises around the league would keepin place a head coach who I didn't
want a playoff game in seven years. Steelers are one Bengals of the other.
And again that's it's neither a complimentor a criticism. I think it's

just how it is where you cancoast if you will on successes that are
way back in the rearview mirror,more so in Pittsburgh and in Cincinnati.
They'll gonna be Steelers fans who don'tlike that, who don't like being lumped
in with the Bengals. But Ithink it's true. I don't think there
are many franchises where you can goas long as Mike Tomlin has gone without

winning a playoff game and get notbrought back for a year three more years
on top of the one that you'reabout to coach. It would happen there,
it would happen here, and franklynowhere else. Brendanman and Jones on
Baseball, coming up in the fouro'clock hour. I also have advice if

you love UK. More on theReds next to ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports
Station. Good three point. Thisis Dave Lapwork and you're listening to the
Home of the Bengals ESPN fifteen tothirty. Go and should be Ring of
Honor and Doug Dee Dave Lapham.Hopefully, hopefully that, hopefully we can
get that recut this summer because Daveis going into the Ring of Armor.

That'd be great. Good afternoon onMowager. This is ESPN fifteen thirty.
Thank you for listening. Hopefully yourMonday afternoon is going great. Brennaman and
Jones on Baseball a little bit lateron advice for you if you love UK
and the big sports story of theday is nothing to do with Cincinnati.
I'm going to weigh in on itanyway, but I was just listening to

the thing the top of the hour. Excuse me. Reds are off tonight.
Guardians are here tomorrow. The OhioCup resumes Red's win three out of
four over the weekend, which we'llget to in a second. Also,
we have an MLB player's poll thathas Elie Dela Cruz on it. We'll
spend a few minutes on that herein just a few minutes. As listening
to the thing at the top ofthe hour where they were talking about Dan

Hurley's not gonna go coach Lakers,He's gonna stay at Yukonda. What a
great day this is for college basketball. And on a very basic level I
agree. On a macro level,I agree, And again as a college
basketball fan, I was looking forwardto more offseason stuff. But it is
cool that this big personality, like, you know, we don't have as

many college basketball coaches whose personalities movethe meter like Dan Hurley's does. John
Kella Perry still does, Dan Hurleystill does. I'm not really sure there
are a ton of others that reallydo. Dan Hurley does. And so
you know it's Connecticut coming back withthe same coach and trying for a three
peat. That's a great college basketballstory, keeping that brand enormous or that

is basically the Northeast college basketball program, right now it's kind of taking the
place of Villanova. That is enormous. It's good for college basketball. When
you have somebody like that who isheld in such high regard that the Lakers
would want to coach him, that'sreally good for college basketball. It doesn't
make Lebron James look all that goodlike and I'm a Lebron guy really quick

and don't really often start the hourwith Lebron James talk. But you're you.
You work for a franchise that offeredhim seventy million dollars, offered to
double his pay. I'm sure madethem all sorts of other guarantees. Not
only does he get a massive payraise, not only does he get a

huge chunk of money and whatever otherguarantees there are, he gets to be
the coach of the LA Lakers,which from a branding perspective, it's not
like coaching the Memphis Grizzlies or theBrooklyn Nets. It's the LA Lakers.
And you get a chance to coacha guy that some consider to be the
greatest of all time. And thecoach said, no, think about that

for a second. You know,for all of Lebron's accolades, he does
have a bit of a reputation,you might argue undeserved for being kind of
a coach killer. They've had athousand of them during his career in the
three different stops that he's been at. Nobody coaches the Lakers for more than
three years if they're not named PhilJackson. With Lebron James, that always

feels like the coach is on thehot seat, even if they've won.
Like Frank Vogel did, let's sayabout Lebron James, it's the La Lakers.
They offered him a ton of money. Now, there's a lot of
big picture issues there. The Lakersdon't have a ton of draft capital.
Anthony Davis is always hurt, althoughnot so much this past season. And

in spite of the money, inspite of the title, in spite of
the brand, in spite of theprestige, in spite of all the complications
that come with being a college basketballcoach, you would have thought maybe he'd
want to coach Lebron James. Andhe said no, in spite of all

that stuff. He said, no, you could coach Lebron the Lakers double
your salary. No thanks. Idon't know, man, That maybe is
a statement about how coaching in collegebasketball ain't all that bad, and by
the way, I don't think it'sthat bad. Coaches in that sport are
having to adapt and evolve and changeand change how they do things and change
how they run their programs and getused to a new environment. Some will

decide, and some have decided,you've seen it in football, this is
not for me, and that's okay. Not every change in every field is
for everybody who's worked in that field. I've seen it in the field that
I work in. Like some greatbroadcasters have decided, you know what,
the Internet age ain't for me.I'm out, that's okay. But many

have adapted and and change how theydo their jobs and understand how audience consumption,
consumption habits change, and audience preferenceschange, and our competitors change,
and they adapt and they succeed.Not everybody's gonna want to adapt, and
that's okay. They go find somethingelse. That's true in college sports.
The ones complaining about how hard itis in the era of the portal and

nil, I think they're just complainingabout having to work. I think they're
just complaining about having to work.It's I'm sure, it's more difficult.
There are things you have to dothat maybe you don't have to do in
the NBA. But for all thedoom and gloom about how well if Hurley
leaves, it's going to show howhard it is to coach in college,
and so many of these guys aren'tgonna want to do it anymore. This

guy had an outah the greatest safetynet in the history of coaching. Hey,
you can come to LA, youcan make more money, and you
get to coach Lebron. He said, no, that's not at least somewhat
of an indictment against Lebron Gay,I think it is. I think it
is. Ten minutes after four o'clock. Frankie Montas was not good yesterday.

Carson Spyers was the good news though, is Andrew Abbotts pitched well. Nicolodolo
pitched well. They're gonna move HunterGreen now to Friday because of the workload
that he has taken on. Ithink this is smart. He's gonna pitch
the first game in that Milwaukee series, which is pretty big. They've they've
extended him. He's thrown a hundredpitches in a bunch of different starts.

He's gotten into the seventh inning ona bunch of different starts. He's pitched
well, and so I'll take thisat very much face value and say they're
being smart with him managing his workloada little bit, taking advantage of the
fact that there are two off daysthis week and they can line it up
well to have him start the firstgame of that Milwaukee series. You know,
we set it back in April andMay, when the team was losing

a bunch, that the reason whythis team was worth not moving on from,
or not giving up on, wasthe starting pitching, right. I
mean, when they were losing alot, when they were sinking themselves into
a ten under five hundred roll,the biggest complaints were not about the starting

pitching. Biggest complaints were about theoffense and players who we thought would hit
better, players who should hit better, and in some cases players who had
no business being in the big leaguesbut they were because the Reds had some
hurt guys. The complaints were notabout the starting pitching. And so you
know, now the offense has wokenup a little bit. They've played top

to bottom some pretty good baseball,but the one constant has been that the
starting pitching has been more than fine. I look at them in Milwaukee and
I feel really good about the Redseven though they're six and a half back.
Even though the bottom part of theNational League Central is really crowded.
The Brewers on a daily basis aretrying to figure out who's going to pitch
the next day. Now the Red'sgoing to figure out Graham Ashcraft's spot in

the rotation. And I wonder howBrandon Williamson having to pause his rehab is
going to impact their long term planwith Graham Ashcraft. Is he going to
be brought back at the very firstopportunity they have to bring him back,
which is still a little ways away. The good news this week is they
have a couple off days. Theygot a bullpen game. By the way,
the Reds have won their other twobullpen games. I don't know that

I believe that Frankie Montas is theweak link, but I do think that
over the last week or so wehave sort of enjoyed the full Frankie Montas
experience, where he was terrific inthat start last week against Colorado, no
hitter into the seventh, seven inningsof one head shutout. Baseball and then

yesterday in the first inning it lookedlike he was throwing batting practice and then
couldn't figure out a way to geton track in the second inning. Thank
god, Carson Inspiers at least gavethe team a fighting chance to come back
and win the game and kept DavidBell from having to use a bunch of
different relief pitchers. But I stillthink it's fair to wonder, start in
start out, what are they goingto get from Frankie Montas? And I
think it's fair to wonder between nowand the end of the season, in

the whatever nineteen or twenty starts heis scheduled to make, what can the
Reds expect. Like you would expectNicolodolo to keep getting better, and you
would expect Hunter Green and Andrew Abbottto keep getting better. And even when
Graham Ashgraft comes back, I thinkyou would expect he's going to keep getting

better. What about Frankie Montas,Like his next start he might be lights
out, It would be unsurprising.His next start he might pitch the way
he did yesterday. We've seen somegood we need to seem more consistent if
they do. I don't know,man, I look at where they are.

They're getting healthier, they're hitting alittle bit more yesterday. Notwithstanding,
the starting pitching is probably only goingto get that or and be more of
an asset like your ago at thistime. You know, we keep talking
about twenty twenty versus twenty twenty fourand comparing what they did and didn't do
with the deadline last year to whatthe approach should be this season. Last

year, the red starting staff wasa bonafide weakness. You could have said
that in the middle of their twelvegame winning streak last June. Bonafide weakness.
Now I think you could argue it'sthe strength of the team. How
much more of one is it asthe season unfolds, and if it continues

to be the strength of the teamand the Brewers keep having to use a
revolving door to be there to providestarters for their staff, how much more
does the race close? Five pointthree, seven, four, nine,
fifteen thirty is our our phone number? Can I bring up something that was

brought up a lot a year anda half ago, because I'm gonna do
something I said I would do ayear and a half ago. Next when
you found Cincinnati ESPN fifteen thirty twentyafter four ESPN fifteen thirty, Oeger,
thank you for joining us. Weare broadcasting from ESPN fifteen thirty studios powered

by Greater Cincinnatis Roofing and exterior restorationexperts Madewell Restoration dot com. There's a
player survey MLB player Survey in theAthletic and they do this every single year.
They interviewed more than one hundred players, split evenly between the American League
and National League, not across everyteam. They did this across eighteen teams.

It was an anonymous player poll,so, for instance, who is
the best player in Baseball? Gotone hundred and two votes. The overwhelming
answer to No. One surprise showHey Otani with forty six percent of the
vote, ahead of Ronald Acunya fortysix, Mookie Betts eight point eight,
Aaron Judge eight point eight, Miket and then a whole bunch of other
guys who got one vote. Also, questions asked about players you most won

on your team. The guy whogot the most votes back Mookie Betts twelve
point six percent out of ninety fivetotal votes. Elsewhere on the list,
Shohyotani, Ronald Acunier and judge KyleSchwarber. Mike shrouded is worth mentioning that
Luke Mainley got a vote, HunterGreen got to vote. Good for those

guys. And then you know questionsabout whether or not the season is too
long. Anthony Randon, the ofteninjured third baseman for the Los Angeles Angels.
Vannaheim had that take back during thespring said the season is too long.
Most players disagree because they understand ifthey shortened the season that could impact
their bottom line as well. It'sinteresting which team would you sign with if

contracts, state taxes, and rosterswere not a factor. So the team
that got the highest percent of votes, and this was among eighty six percent,
so we're not talking about the largestsampling here, but still eighty six
votes. The Atlanta Braves got twelvepoint seven percent, and then Boston,
the Dodgers, Texas, and theNew York Yankees round out the top five.

The Reds got three point four percentof the vote. Now, I
haven't seen the stipulation here. Theyalso asked which organizations have bad reputations among
players. The Cincinnati Reds did notget a vote. They asked seventy nine

players seventy nine players responded to thisquestion, So again, not the largest
sampling. You know, there arethousands of big league ball players. To
no On's surprise, the Oakland A'sgot more than half of the votes forty
out of seventy nine, and thenthe White Sox, Angels, Rockies,
and the Mets. The Reds werenot even mentioned. And so why am

I bringing this up? Because I, first of all, I wonder and
they did this a year ago.They did not do it in twenty twenty
two, to the best of myknowledge, but less than or a little
bit more than two years after Whereare you Gonna go? Where else You're

gonna go? By Phil Castellini,they don't even show up in the voting.
I bet you there would be somewho would feel surprised if you told
him that. Ellie Dela Cruz didget three point three percent of the votes
among fifty nine players. When askedwho is the most overrated player in baseball?

Jazz Chisholm of the Miami Marlins gottwenty point three percent, then Anthony
Raandon, Carlos Correa, Tim Anderson, and Jack Flaherty. Ellie Dela Cruz
was received three point three percent ofthe vote, along with Cody Bellinger,
Alex Bregman, Manny Machado, andBlake Snell. Each of those guys got

three point three percent. I loveEllie Dela Cruz, love watching him play,
Believe he's going to be an AllStar, and one million percent in
on Ellie Dela Cruz. I'm theguy that back in April, when everybody
wanted to send him down, Isaid, Okay, I'll take all your
Ellie Dela Cruze stock. And thenwhen he had a resurgence in late April,

said okay, it's it's an opportunity. Go ahead take it and take
back your bad Ellie take And thenwe had a rough month of May.
On the guy that said, okay, you know, look, he's now
just starting his second full season inthe big leagues, and he has celebrated
as a one year anniversary of beingcalled up last week, and he's celebrated
by hitting a three run homer.But like overrated to me, first of

all, you have to be rated. Like there are restaurants that I think
are overrated that I would still gladlythat I just don't think they're as good
as others do. Elie Dela Cruzhas people who believe he has the potential
to one day be the best playerin baseball. That's not me making stuff
up. That has been written byevaluators. We've had Keith Low on our

show from the athletic, former TorontoBlue Jays executive formerly a ESPN who has
said, yes, there are scouts, there are evaluators, and I'm one
of them who believe he has thepotential to be the best player in baseball,
and the best player in baseball,that is obviously a subjective title,
So I don't know. Man,If he's the best player in baseball,

he will have dramatically defied the odds. If he's merely an All Star or
merely a guy who puts up goodnumbers for a winning team, well you'll
be able to say that he wasslightly overrated. Guy. Hear this all
the time. Jay Bruce was insanelytouted right his big league debut in Cincinnati

in two thousand and eight, thatwas like a civic event. I remember
that night, It's Tuesday for MemorialDay against the Pirates. Like his arrival
was insane. Relative to his arrival, you could say the Jay Bruce's career
in Cincinnati was a bit of adisappointment, but if you remove the hype
that came with his arrival, histime in Cincinnati was terrific. So I

kind of view this as Number one. He's talked about a lot. He
is talked about often as if heis a star who has arrived. He
gets talked about often. You know. I mentioned watching Sunday Night Baseball a
week ago last night, and ina conversation just about the state of the
game, Ellie de la Cruz's namecomes up, and it gets brought up

in the same breadth as some ofthe names of players who are far more
established. Well in that regard,Yeah, you could say he's overrated,
he hasn't done it yet, ButI also feel like this is more a
reflection of the ridiculous seal that everybodyhas talked about. I don't care who
the player is until they become thebest player in baseball. If they're talked

about as being good enough to bethe best player in baseball and they're not
the best player in baseball, thenI'll say they're overrated. Like there are
all star players who I think areunderrated, and there are all star players
who I think are overrated because relativeto how people have talked about them,
they just have not quite gotten there. It's like if Ellie plays for the

next ten to twelve seasons and makesa couple of all star teams and helps
his team to the playoffs and hasa few good postseason moments but doesn't break
records, doesn't lead the league,and stuff merely puts up good numbers instead
of insane numbers, it's gonna feellike he was a bit of a disappointment,

and many will say, well,he was overrated, And look,
the viral highlights are awesome, watchinghim do what he does on the base
pass, watching how he can impactthe game in so many ways with his
skill set. All of that stuffis great. The highlight real moments are
awesome. The velocity with which hehits the ball is awesome. But the

overall statistical profile is not even closeto some of these guys who are talked
about as being among the best playersand some who are talked about as being
a little bit overrated. So doI think Ellie is overrated? Do I
think his skill sets overrated? Notnecessarily? But the bar for him was
set so high, the height wasfor him was so outsized that even if

he merely shows up and does afew good things and takes some time to
develop, it's gonna feel like he'soverrated. And I kind of feel like
this survey reflects almost exactly that.Twenty nine minutes after four o'clock, sports
headlines to spend a few minutes onthe other big sports story happening today,

which has nothing to do with Cincinnati, and advice for a fan base.
Next in fifteen thirty, sports headlinesare a service of Kelsey chevro lifehome of
lifetime power train protection and guaranteed creditapproval from their family. The Yours for
Life kelseychev dot Com. Reds areoff Guardians here tomorrow. It's two games,

the Ohio Cup, the vaunted,the venerable, the sought after.
The Ohio Cup is going to be. I guess it's gonna be at the
game. I don't know. TheReds are gonna use a bullpen day Tomorrow
night, two game series, andthen they're off to Milwaukee on Friday seven
to ten tomorrow evening. The Redsobviously, now that school is out,

their weeknight games weeknight games had beenat six forty. I like going to
those weeknight games in the pitchclock era, the six forty first pitch means,
especially as you get to June,late May, early June, you could
you could go to a game catchall nine innings. You're home by nine
thirty. Remember, like the wholepitchclock thing, you know, because there's

there's never a change that that doesn'tcreate good conversations and and so you know,
the pitchclock gets put. I wasa big pitchclock proponent. There were
pitchclock violations during spring training in twentytwenty three, and every time there was
you'd have somebody go see a postseasongame is gonna end because of the pitchclock.
Well, if it does, thenit does, Like that's the fault

of the person guilty of the pitchclockviolation. It was never about length of
game. I'm rarely in a rushwhen I go to the ballpark, but
I like, we took our daughteron Saturday, and you know, it
wasn't really overly hot. But ifyou've ever taken a young child to a
ballgame, I think pre pitchclock,when you're settling in for something you know

is gonna be three hours. Yougo to the ballpark not expecting to see
all nine innings right, and theold way of doing it, when three
hour games were the rule, notthe exception, they were the rule.
You go to the ballpark thinking we'renot gonna see all nine innings. Now

you go to a game, ifyou have young kids, I think you
go and you expect that a prettygood chance to see all nine. The
thing moves quick, and so wheneverthis first was put in place, and
you know, people were losing theirminds over and getting manned possible pitchclock violations
and imagining the worst. My takeon it was, you're gonna see a

direct correlation between the pitchclock and lengthof game being shortened. That's that's inevitable.
And I feel like you're gonna watchgames now and you're not gonna miss
the standing around, You're not gonnamiss the downtime. They're shaving off the
least interesting part of any baseball game. And also players, because this is
what they do for a living,they will quickly adjust. And yeah,

you do occasionally see pitchclock violations,you don't see that many, and now
when you do, it feels likeit's never during a point of the game
where it matters all that much.And national TV ratings our way up.
Fox's Baseball TV ratings our way up. ESPN's TV ratings for baseball are up.
But I remember when this first cameinto b and my take on it

was, let's not wait till theend of the season. Let's wait till
close to midway through the second season, and then let's see if your complaints
about the pitch clock and its potentialharms are still valid. Well, here
we are. We've now played.You know, every team in baseball this
year is played between sixty and sixtyfive games. We obviously had all of

last year, pretty good sample size. Is there anybody who actually misses the
old way of doing things? Isthere? Is there anybody like you could
do this? You can go onYouTube and find a game played before twenty
twenty three, and it's like watchinga different sport. The amount of just

standing around, the amount of justtime where literally nothing is happening. And
I'm not even talking about postseason games. Just go grab on on YouTube a
regular season game from just two yearsago, not from nineteen seventy nine,
because baseball games were played more quicklyin nineteen seventy nine. They just were

Also, we had less time betweeninnings, but just a game from two
years ago. It's excruciating. Itis. It is like watching an entirely
different sport. I beat up onbaseball for a lot of stuff. Man,
I don't think rob commissioner is arob Manfred's a very good commissioner,
but boy, this one. Also, I'll admit to being wrong about something.

I thought taking away the shifts wasgoing to lead to more strikeouts because
I thought, you know, nowthat you took away a guy on the
poll side, players were going totry to pull more and we'd have more
overswings. I think strikeouts now arejust a byproduct of the strikeout stigma,
no longer existing players no longer reallycaring if they strike out. Also,

pitching's really damn good. That's theother thing about this MLB player poll.
One of the questions is what's what'syour biggest what complaint do you hear most
from former players? And you know, well, players aren't tough enough,
And players in this survey talked abouthow former players don't seem to really understand
how good the pitching is now.It's ridiculous, Like you watch baseball nowadays,

dudes are coming out of the bullpenof the fifth and sixth inning,
Just throw and get watch Carson Spidersyesterday, comes in the game, just
got called back up from Louisville,comes into the game in the second inning
and was making Chicago hitters look foolish. But I think I was wrong about

banning the shift. I thought banningthe shift was stupid. I don't miss.
I don't miss. I don't misswatching balls get hit up the middle
and you still have a lot ofplays. Ellie picked one off this week
where he's positioned almost right behind secondbase, and so you know you're you're
not taking that away. But Idon't miss the number of balls that were

hit, and years of being abaseball fan would train you to that ball
is going to be a hit,and instead it goes right into the glove
of a field er that doesn't haveto move very far to go get it.
I don't miss that at all.I think they got it right.
Man. I did this to ayear and a half ago. I said,
let's let's give like a season anda half of these rule changes before
we can make our mind up.And the big two where the pitch clock

and the shift, also pitching engagementsor disengagements were getting more stolen bases in
the sport. I was wrong aboutthe shift, Like I don't miss it
at all, and just legitimately,go find a baseball game from any point
from like twenty fifteen through twenty twentytwo. You're gonna go, God,
how do we do this. We'regonna have fifteen twenty years from now a

generation of baseball fans who ask us, how did you not have a pitch
clock prior to twenty twenty three.It's legit the best thing that sport has
done in decades. And I can'tfind anybody who misses it. The games
move, there's tempo to them,and I was thinking about it on Saturday.
That's the second time we've taken withthe first time we've gone as a

family. This year we went withanother family that has a four year old.
Did all nine innings. A paceof play is great. We know
we're not going to be there forfour hours. Have a reasonable expectation.
You know now when the thing's goingto be over with, and you have
a better chance of getting through nineinnings with a young kid than you did
just two years ago. I loveit, and so we are doing I

said, let's do it at theAll Star break in twenty twenty four.
We don't have to wait that long, basically a year and a half in
anybody who misses a pre pitchclock baseball, your phone calls are coming up,
I promise five, one, three, seven, four, nine, fifteen
thirty Brendanvan and Jones on baseball isalso coming up in eight minutes on ESPN

fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Nation. Buckais awesome. Reds are playing better.
They lost yesterday. They take onthe Guardians tomorrow night. There there what's
happening in baseball. Also, theKentucky Wildcats have qualified for the College World
Series. The dude who's on withColin Cowherd last week he referred to Kentucky

as a football school. That's beena debate that has happened. John Kella
Perry pushback against that. Are theya football Kentucky by the ways of basketball,
but maybe they're a baseball school.They've made the College World Series.
Here's my piece of advice to youif you're a UKLM, if you're a
UK fan, and look, there'sa lot of us who like latch on

the college basketball college baseball because youlove a college basketball program. But it's
spring. The team is good,so let's be into baseball. If that's
you. The Wildcats are going toOmaha for the College World Series. Here's
my piece of advice. Go tothat event. That is the best sporting

event I have been. I've beenlucky because of work, but also because,
like twelve years ago, I decidedI was going to start doing stuff
that I could cross off my list, and so I've gone to a lot
of cold sporting events. The CollegeWorld Series is the best. It is
one half baseball convention, one halfparty. Tickets to the games are reasonably

inexpensive, especially if you go early. Omaha is an awesome town. You
could stay on the cheap over theRiver and Council Bluff, Siowa. There's
a billion awesome steakhouses. The peoplecould not be friendlier. The baseball is
a lot of fun. Like abuddy of mine took me for my fortieth

birthday, I had been wanting togo since I was in college. I
finally went. It exceeded my expectations. So if you're thinking about it,
heck, I would say go evenif you're not a UK fan, because
you know I'm a UC and aUD guy, those programs were not in
Omaha when I when I went twentyeighteen, I've been lucky enough. I've

gone to Super Bowls, college FootballPlayoff, went to the Masters in twenty
nineteen US Open Tennis into a WorldSeries game, the College World Series.
Trump's them all. I mean that, So just take it with a grain
of salt. Maybe Omaha's not nowbut a place you want to drive to.
It's not a place you could flyto direct. I don't think I

had. The guy had to gothrough Chicago via Southwest. Like, if
you're on the fence, or yougot someone in your life who's like,
yeah, let's go go with them, you'll thank me. Brenivan and Jones
on baseball Next Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirtyTraffic from the uc Health Traffic Center.
The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center isthe region's first and only provider of specialized

primary care services for cancer patients andsurvivors. Called five one, three,
five eight five. Uc CC beaware of an accident that's blocking two right
lanes and causing a twenty minute slowdown on northbound seventy five at Harrison Avenue.
It will be stopping go from FreemanAvenue, and we have an accident
reported on Fourth Street at Main Street, causing delay. I'm Nicole with ready

for some football. Yeah, Hi, this is Dan Hoyden joined Dave Lapham
and me for every play of everygame. I'm our racial Home of the
Bengals, ESPN fifteen thirty. We'lldo Dan, thank you sixe for five
ESPN fifteen thirty on my Thank youfor listening today. Hopefully you're having an
awesome Monday. I'm not a conspiratorialperson. I'm not. You know that

if you've listened to the show.I'm not a conspirat. This isn't even
really conspiratorial. This is maybe maybeconnecting dots. Tarn Correct me if I'm
wrong. The Madden cover gets revealedtomorrow, right, correct? Okay,
the Bengals have mini camp tomorrow.Correct. I don't know this. Tomorrow

is day one. The Bengals justa few minutes ago send out the media
schedule. Do we know what timewe find out who's on the cover of
Madden. No so, but atsome point tomorrow, yes, all right,
But they haven't said it's gonna belike a ten o'clock eastern or noon
or anything like that. That.I would it be a fair guess to

to say it's gonna be before twelveo'clock Eastern time. Yes, Like,
it's not gonna be at nine amEastern in the West Coast. It don't
want it happening that early. Butyour guess is, like, let's say
maybe like eleven o'clock in the morningEastern time, right, correct. So
the Bengals just sent out their mediarelations department sent out the media schedule for

Mini camp, player availability, openlocker room, stuff like that. This
is just a few minutes ago.So tomorrow the Bengals are going to practice
in the morning in their indoor facility, and then at twelve forty five,
Joe Burrow will have a press conference. Right now, my memory isn't very

good about such things, but typicallyon the first day of mini camp,
does the quarterback talk? No,I don't think the answer is the coach
does. Zach Taylor is going todo a press conference on Thursday, typically,
if my memory is correct, andthere's a decent chance that it isn't.

During mini camp there's no media availabilityfor the quarterback. Now, there's
always no shortage of things to talkabout. Joe Burrow with Huh to talk
with Joe Burrow about I should say, thank god, I don't talk for
a living. Uh. So youknow, he he did take a days
off last week and he is comingback from a hand injury, and he

is Joe Burrow. But is itat all interesting to anyone besides me that
on the same day the Madden coveris coming out that Joe Burrow has a
media availability m And I'm I'm Ihope he is on the Madden cover because

like, it's cool, it's cool, cool for Joe, it's cool,
it's cool for that, it's coolfor your Bengals fan. Like I haven't
played Madden in twenty years. That'snot entirely true. Yeah, twenty years.
Are you gonna play because Joe's onn'tcover? I'm gonna get it to
have it as a memento, LikeI don't. I don't have the console
to play it with. But doI think that's pretty cool? Do video

games that are unopen do those agewell? Do those appreciate and value depending
on the game, Depending on thegame. So let's say you have Madden
Football from twenty years ago and you'venever opened it. Does that could could
you find a collector who you paya lot of money for that? Probably?
Okay, especially like I don't knowwho was on in two thousand and
four, but in the market thatthat player played, Michael Vick was on

in two thousand and four. Allright, Can I get good money for
an unopened Michael Vick Madden game?Yes, because some considered that the greatest
Madden of all time? Really?Yes? All right is Madden? So
how much does the Madden like atwenty twenty four Madden game cost, regardless
of who's on the cover. Ithink you know they got the typical one

because they got the different packages.But the typical one about eighty bucks.
Eighty bucks for a video game?Very good? So I could buy the
Burrow Madden cover for eighty bucks.I've got it. I can put it
in my basement. It's up therewith a bunch of other local sports stuff,
and then in twenty years I canturn around and find some Bengals fan
who's like buying all Hall of FamerJoe Burrow stuff and sell the unused video
game. Probably, okay, I'mgonna buy it. Do you think I'm

being I'm I'm going out of myway too much to connect the dots in
pointing out that Madden releases the coverand Burrow is talking tomorrow. No,
like this is not coincidence, right, No, this is I don't Again,
I could be dead wrong about this, but I don't think they've ever

had a press conference for the quarterbackduring mini camp, and again I'm not
saying they shouldn't. And it willbe interesting to hear Joe talk about his
wrist and the comeback and the recoveryand how he's feeling in the off days
and the hysteria surrounding it, andyou know what lies ahead when training camp
shows up in about a month anda half. But I don't know.
Man, tomorrow Madden cover comes out. Many wondering if it's Joe already based

on videos that came out last weekand now Joe is gonna meet with the
media. I'm not s I'm saying. I'm just saying, right, is
that how that goes? Five o'clockHappy hours of service of michelob Ultra?
One of those sounds really good?Right now. I'll say that every single
day Red's over the weekend they win. Since we lasted the show. They
went on Friday, went on Saturday. Two really good games, two really

good games that the Reds have tohold on at the end, and then
they lose. Yesterday, Frankie Montasjust wasn't very good. You heard Brandanmann
and Jones before we came back onallude to what I was talking about before.
I think this division is slightly morewide open than an initial glance would
reveal. Now Milwaukee has set thepace. They've done it despite their starting

pitching being a bit of a wreck. They have used eleven starting pitchers.
It's June tenth. They've used twentyeight pitchers top to bottom. It's June
tenth. The red starting pitching istrending upward. Now they got to get
Graham Ashcraft right. Got to figureout what's up with Brandon Williamson. Can't
have any more outings like Frankie Montoass'syesterday. Somebody is going to challenge them.

Somebody is gonna make it interesting.Somebody's gonna have to be their primary
competition in the National League Central.I am not of the belief it's gonna
be the Saint Louis Cardinals. Iam of the belief. Although there's a
lot to like about where the Piratesare heading Organizationally, I'm not of the
belief it's the Pittsburgh Pirates. I'vewatched the Cubs now enough. You saw
him this weekend. That doesn't looklike a team capable of challenging the Milwaukee

Brewers. Reds and Brewers play thisweekend. They've lost two out of three
to them so far this year.Can they fire off a salvo of sorts?
And not trying to overlook the twogames the Reds have tomorrow and Wednesday.
Somebody's gonna have to be their primarycompetition. If they could keep the
group that is available or that istogether right now, if they can keep

that group healthy, Hunter Green,Nick Lodolo, Andrew Abbott and even Frankie
Montas and get Graham Ashcraft right,why can't it be the Rats? I
think it can be. I havebabbled for a very long time. Let's
talk to other people. Five one, three, seven, four nine,

fifteen thirty and eight six six sevenoh two three seven seven six. I
got a guy on here on theemail mad at me because I said the
College World Series was awesome. Theysaid, I am going to read this
instead. Let's talk to Greg.Greg you're on ESPN fifteen thirty. What's
up, hey, mo? WhileI was waiting to say what I wanted

to say, when you were talkingabout the shift, I thought i'd miss
the shift. But I'll tell youwhat I don't either, and I'll tell
you why. Yeah, I gottired of get the hitters not doing anything
about it. Yes, you know, you know you got the same pull
hitters trying to pull it over fourin fielders. So anyway, I don't
miss it. But what I wantedto talk to you about now, this

has been my wish with probably fora year a year and a half.
I feel that any team, allteams need at least two high velocity guys
that can throw strikes in their bullpenand can go a couple of nights in
a row. And that's what drivesme crazy. Diez is in there.

Twenty four pitches, twelve strikes.He did his high wire act. He
did complete the game. I willgive him credit for that. Yeah,
and with more upsetting it is Iactually went to that game. So anyway,
so then we come Saturday, he'snot available. Well, no,

he's not available because he threw twentyfour pitches. So what's available? Sims
walk the hit and I had toget Justin Wilson, you know, which
I'm glad he did to bail youknow, to bail us that in that
game, and to my if youstill got a couple of guys like that,
your count is a count and goingdown the stretch into the playoffs,

I'll tell you what, I don'thave a lot of confidence even though this
is a winnable division. M h, Well, he got those two guys
at the end. I don't havea lot of confidence in the job getting
done. They've got they've got toget Alexis d As right and look to
him not being available thing that's goingto happen. But you're right, I
mean, he throws twenty four pitches, makes it far more difficult than it

needed to be on Friday. Andbecause of that, instead of getting the
job done in twelve to fifteen pitchesand being available even even just to get
an out in the ninth inning,you're playing effectively shorthanded because of his ineffectiveness
the night before. I could notagree more. I mean, when Alexis
d As is on the mount,I still feel and I said this after

after the Higher Wire Act about aweek and a half ago, in one
of those games against the Dodgers.I still feel like he's going to get
the three outs, but it's it'sgoing to be more difficult than it needs
to be. And the more heplays with fire, the more the likely
hit. At some point he getsburned and the team gets burned. They've
got to get him figured out.They could also use bullpen help. The

good news is there's nothing in thesport that is more that is cheaper to
go get than bullpen help. Now, every team could use it, but
the Red's got Sam Mall last yearand he really helped, didn't cost him
anything, And so if that's theirbiggest deficiency, that's what's going to cost
you the least. The problem isit's going to be a little while before

they go and get relief help.And you're right, the alexis t as.
There is a ripple effect. Right, he got the job done on
Friday, but because it was harderthan it needed to be, now he's
not available on Saturday and you're askingJustin Wilson to close out a close game
on Saturday afternoon. That's not somethingyou want. A one another's thing.

Yesterday's lineup again, why couldn't ourcatcher be in there. Why why,
why the hell can why couldn't Stevensonbe in that lineup yesterday at least as
the DH. I you know thatthat bothers me too. Well, typically
I would say typically I would say, look today, that's it right,

it's it's there's a there's a dayoff today. And so that was my
reaction had they had a game today. I have no qualms with Tyler taking
the entire day off yesterday, butwith the day off today and then another
one on Tuesday. To me,I was a proponent of the National League

getting the d H for players likeTyler. That when you you want to
give them a bit of a breakfrom the riggers of catching, but you
still want to take advantage of theirbat we've created the DH. I could
not agree more yesterday, in particularbecause of the off day. Uh.
And look he did come to thegame and pinch it. But because of
the off day yesterday, that wasmy first thought. God, you couldn't.

You couldn't use him as a dH. And then you know,
take advantage of two off days withinthe same week. We we are in
agreement there. Well, here,here's the here's the thing. I'm still
one of those. I know it'sgonna be tight. It was tied last
year. We missed it by agame or two. And I just tell
you every to me right now alreadywhat June ninth, June tenth, Hey

man, Every every one of thesegames is is big time important. That's
why I look at it. No, you're you're right. I just Mike,
you're right. I I would haveor Greg, you're right. I
would have liked to have seen him. Thank you for the phone call.
I hope we hear from you again. I would have liked to have seen
them go for the kill a littlebit. Let's be honest. I mean
they they lost the game because FrankieMontoss loaded the bases for Ian happen the
first inning. Uh now look tobe fair. Uh steer DHD and did

get a hit and score a run. But yeah, sure what I have
preferred to see Tyler Stevenson in thelineup. Yeah, the Alexis DS thing.
I think Greg makes an important point. The lack of efficiency in getting
the three outs does have a rippleeffect. And again they did win the
game on Saturday, but because ittook him twenty four pitches to get through

the ninth inning on Friday. Nowyou can't use him on Saturday, and
it changes how you manage. Youneed a little bit more length from your
starter, which they pulled Abbot afterfive innings. I think the bright side
of this is if you're looking atwhat they made do with the trade deadline,
relief pitching help is not that expensive. I mean, the Reds traded

Joe Boyle last year for Sam All. I had to look that up.
Sam All last year was terrific.It has been good this year too,
So you know, that's kind ofthe profile the sort of reliever you're going
to be looking for. Now.Everybody wants guys like everybody would love a
version of last year Sam Mall.And if everybody wants something, then maybe

the asking price goes up. ButI don't know, man, That to
me is if that's their biggest issue, and maybe it is more bullpen help,
which, by the way, youcan never have enough. Twenty twelve,
the Reds had a good bullpen stillmade a trade for a reliever god
Jonathan Broxton. Seventh and eighth inning. Relief pitchers and pseudo specialists typically don't

cost that much. We're way latetwenty one minutes after five o'clock. Five
point three seven four nine, fifteenthirty is our phone number. There's one
non Cincinnati sports thing like the wayYou're not so I will coming up on
ESPN fifteen thirty, Cincinnati Sports station, Cincinnati's Epics. Caitlin Clark's not going
to be in them. I guessdidn't make the US women's Olympic basketball team.

From a basketball perspective, I guessyou can make the argument that she's
not one of the best what twelvefifteen women's players in the United States,
and then maybe she has to earnit. From a marketing perspective, it's
idiocy, especially if you're of inmy age group. You revere the dream

team, right the nineteen ninety twoUS Olympic men's basketball team, which was
that was the first Olympics where proswere allowed to compete, the first Olympic
basketball tournament where pros were allowed tocompete, and from an American perspective,
it was a chance to kind ofmake do for what had happened in nineteen
eighty eight when we sent a deeplyflawed squad to Soul and took the bronze

medal, and so our response tothat, as Americans, we're gonna send
the best. We're sending Jordan,We're sending Magic, We're sending Patrick Ewing,
We're sending Chris Mallin, We're sendingScottie Pippen. All bets are off.
We've dominated, we did not winthe gold medal in two thousand and
four, and because the world hascertainly dramatically closed the gap between itself and
the United States, now it's lessof a certainty every single Olympics that the

US is going to win. AndI mean, you've watched, you've seen
what's happened with the NBA, andit's great, but a lot of that
people talk about its roots were whathappened in nineteen ninety two when Yes,
FOBA and the NBA agreed to allright, we're going to allow pros and
NBA players are eligible, and bythe way, not just American NBA players

are eligible. There's a great bookabout this by legendary SI writer Jack McCallum,
the details kind of the decisions thatwent into ultimately US being allowed to
have NBA players in the Olympics andthe formation of the Dream Team, and
the primary motivation was marketing and DavidStern has obviously passed away a number of

years ago. Quoted in the bookis saying, like, the greatest three
things that happened to us in termsof marketing were we got Bird and Magic
in enormous markets, and they bothlived up to the hype that came with
their arrival in the NBA because ofthe seventy nine National Championship Game, and
then b Air Jordan television commercials wereon every five minutes and see we had

the dream team. Those happened atdifferent intervals, but still one of the
most wildly successful marketing campaigns in thehistory of a professional sports league. Was
not really a marketing campaign. Itwas, but it was disguised as US
exacting revenge against the rest of theworld for us being toppled in the eighty

eight Olympics. So not sending KaitlinClark is ridiculous from a marketing perspective.
By the way, we've Drew Holliday, who's terrific in Game two last night,
is on the Olympic team this year. For the men, the best
twelve to fifteen players, it's neverreally been completely about taking the best guys.
Christian Laitner was on the Dream Team. For some reason, Isaiah Thomas

wasn't. Neither was Dominique Wilkins.Politics have always played a part main reason
why Isaiah Thomas wasn't on the ninetytwo squad. It hasn't always been about
taking the best guys. We didn'ttake the best guys in two thousand and
four when we won bronze, takingplayers who you might argue haven't earned it.

Like you're writing this insane wave ofpopularity, it's not solely based on
one player. But she's a bigreason for it. She's a reason why
players in that league are soon toenjoy better salaries, they're getting chartered flights,
and the ratings are insane. Theratings for the WNBA Draft tripled the
ratings for the last game of theseason played last year when the Las Vegas

franchise won a championship. And theperson who's most responsible for this doesn't get
to play in the olympicsm fine usis probably gonna win the goal. They
win it every year, but froman interest, building from an eyeballs,
from a relevancy perspective, that's yourmeal ticket. You're not taking your meal

ticket to Paris? Why? Becauseshe has to earn it. One of
the greatest waves of popularity in thehistory of a sports league came in the
early nineties, and the Dream Teamwas a big reason why. That team
was built for marketing purposes. Bythe way, Larry bird By then was

probably well past his prime, notthat he didn't deserve a spot, but
still so. You can't make decisionsbased on marketing. Are you kidding me?
The Dream Team was put together becauseof marketing. Caitlin Clark is the
I don't understand not taking your mealticket with you man. That is the
WNBA's meal ticket. There are othergreat players, Asia Wilson's terrific, Brehanna

Stewart's awesome, lots of interesting storylines. I pay closer attention to that league
than I ever have. That's yourmeal ticket, Take it to Paris.
We early twenty eight from six ESPNfifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports station. You found
Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty Sports sad Linesare a service of Kelsey Chevrolet Home of

a lifetime powertrain protection and guaranteed creditapproval from their family to yours for life,
Kelsey chef dot Com. Off dayfor the Reds, Off Day for
the Florence Yawls for what it's worth, Reds and Guardians. Tomorrow night at
GABP will be a bullpen day forCincinnati seven to ten. First pitch game
will be live on seven hundred WLW. Also, if you haven't heard,

Dan Hurley is not leaving Ukon togo coach the Lakers. He's going to
stay in stores and try to wina third consecutive national title. Five o'clock
Happy Hour a service of Michelobe UltraMike. What's up? Great decision by
Hurl. I'm really happy form consideringthe Ookers go through a coach every two

years. Hey, did you everget a Did you ever pick out a
frame for your sketch? I meantto ask you. The sketch is actually
here in studio. I've yet toget a frame for it. But if
I do, I know where I'mgoing the Picture Frame company on the west
side of Cincinnati. Got you,brother? Cool? That's yeah. I've
been thinking about this Brewers lead thatthey have, and you you enlightened me

today regarding their I think you saidkind of a mass unit that's pitching for
them, But I got to lookingat that most so okay, the Reds
are ranked thirteenth in pitching for athree point nine the rank to the three
point seventy nine, so pretty close. I'm thinking if they're using all kinds
of pictures, if it's not fromjury but just experimenting with minor leaguers,

then they're actually kind of save inarms, aren't they? Uh Yeah?
But I mean it's not like they'regoing to get Brandon Woodruff back. They're
not going to get Wade Miley back, and they traded away Corbyn Burns this
offseason if they haven't had them allyear, Sure, And I guess I
guess that's I guess that's kind ofthe point, Like, is what they're

doing without those guys sustainable? Andmaybe the rest of the division is so
bad or so mediocre that they're notgoing to be challenged. I just I
have a hard time believing a teamthat has gone through that many pitchers and
is still on the hunt for moreis not going to be challenged. You

could very well argue that they're stillgoing to win the division if you said
to me, Mike you have toor Mike mo you have to to wager
an amount of money that matters toyou. Who's winning the National League Central
I think I'd be foolish to nottake the Brewers. They're up six and
a half against a quartet of teams, none of whom have really made a

move yet. Even the Reds,despite their recent success, aren't even above
five hundred. But somebody's going tocompete with them. And if they compete
with them, I think they canchallenge them. And if I'm looking at
teams that can challenge them, Ilook for the one that has starting pitching,
that has a chance over the courseof the season to be better.

And I think you may you canmake the case that the Reds are that
team, and I agree with thatone hundred percent. One hundred percent.
That's the bright spot of the wholeclub. Without question. Pitchburg is kind
of an interesting little thing going on. I looked offensively now, which are
third in the league hitting two fiftyseven. The Reds are twenty seven,
So they're hitting thirty points higher.That's a big deal, no doubt.

And look, Milwaukee, Milwaukee doeshave a good offensive team. But but
again, you know, at somepoint, you know, I always talk
about fatal flaws when we get toplayoff time. In any sport, you
know fatal flaws, what's your fatalflaw? Well for Milwaukee, it does
feel like it's going to be thestarting pitching well where Milwaukee has a fatal

flaw, the Reds have a strength. Now you might say, well,
the Brewers are a better offensive team, and you might say they've built enough
of a lead that it doesn't matternobody's going to catch them. Maybe this
weekend from a Reds perspective, goesa long way toward determining that. I
just when when you are dealing withthe starting pitching injuries and issues that they

have, and you're eleven over fivehundred on June tenth, and nobody else
has made a move in the division. And by the way, recently they
have cleaned the clocks of the ChicagoWhite Sox and the Chicago Cubs. They
took two out of three this weekendagainst Detroit. The Tigers are better this
year than I think some people thoughtthat they would be, but they're still
a fourth place team in their owndivision. They've they've kind of taken care

of business against mediocre opp as aswell. So again, like you are,
if you're going mo, look,I'm taking the Brewers versus the field.
It's hard to argue with that,but I do think it's reasonable to
expect them to come back to thepack a little bit just because of what
they've dealt with from a pitching perspective. And then who's most likely to give
him some competition. Well, ateam that's going to get healthier, you

could say that's the Reds. Ateam that's starting pitching is a strength and
only likely to get better. Ithink you could say that's the Reds.
No, I agree. I don'tknow if Milwaukee has any team speed,
but nobody's got the team speed ofthe Reds, so they're Kings in that
regard. I don't care who they'replaying, but here's an analogy, and

I know you got to go Diaz. Alexis Diaz is reminding me a little
bit now. Kenley Janssen with theDodgers. He got a lot of SIPs,
but by God, most of thetime he came in you had to
cross your fingers because he made itreally difficult to say. And he bore
oh some very big games for theDodgers. Those two are reminding me of

one of them, just because ofthe juggling act that seems to be going
on Uh, yeah, I meanhe he rarely gets through a clean ninth
th inting he didn't. On Thursdayhe did, and on Friday he's struggled
with his control. Uh, he'snot getting as many swings and misses.
He's taking way too many pitches toget the three outs, and then,

as as Greg mentioned before, itcould cost his availability the next day.
And so you know, you mightsay at the end of the day,
he's getting the three outs more oftenthan not, and there's something to that.
At the same time, the moreyou play with fire, the better
your chances of getting burned. Andit feels like every time out there Alexisdas
is playing with fire. Yep.Thanks great show, Mike, Thanks thanks

very much. And that's that's mything with my thing with Milwaukee. It's
like they got a big lead againsteverybody. If you're picking the Brewers to
win the National League Central, youcould have made that prediction before the season,
felt good about it, you couldfeel even better about it now.
But boy, they've just cycled throughpitchers eleven starting pitchers already twenty eight pitchers
in total on the season, yesterdaybeing an exception to the rule. The

rule for the Reds over the lastfew weeks has been the starting rule for
the Reds for most of the seasonhas been the starting pitching is quite good.
What's your like we did it lastyear? What's your biggest fatal flaw
for the Reds? It was startingpitching. Everybody was hurt. Lodolo never
came back, a lot of inexperience. Hunter Green's a better picture now than
he was a year ago. NickLodolo is pitching now, so he's automatically
a better pitcher now. I can'tsay the same about Graham Asscraft, But

I also feel like Graham Asscraft isn'tthat far away. We're not talking about
somebody who was non competitive when hewas here. He just he's not where
we hoped he would be by now. And so can that get fixed?
I'd like to think the answer isyes. Andrew Abbott is more than reliable.
A year ago at this time,if we were handicapping the division by

talking about fatal flaws, you mighthave automatically disregarded the Reds because they're fatal
flaw. Was such a flaw,they're fatal flaw now, Well, they're
not a very good offensive team.They have to be better than they have
been. Some guys have hit betterrecently. Marte is going to be back
here within the next three weeks.Hopefully they do continue to enjoy good health

from that point moving forward. Idon't know, man, Like I ain't
telling you that the Reds are goingto win the National League Central. I'm
also not that scared at looking atthe division standings trying to figure out who
from that cloister or four teams canchallenge Milwaukee. And I'm not intimidated by
that six and a half number betweenthe Brewers and everybody else. Can that

change in the next week? Sure, Reds lose two to Cleveland, go
to Milwaukee and get swept. Mathis going to be really, really hard.
But I don't know, man,And you know, look, they've
they've played better against weaker competition,They've played better against some of the teams
in their division. They get awhole bunch of Pittsburgh pirates still in front
of them here in the month ofJune. Somebody's gonna challenge him. Why

can't it be the Reds fourteen awayfrom six o'clock on ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati
Sports Station. When you buy KrogerGame three is gonna be on Wednesday on
ESPN fifteen thirty Dallas hosting Down two. Because I think it's over. I
picked Dallas to win the series.Look, the Celtics have won seventy eight

of ninety eight games they've played inthis year, and suddenly they're gonna lose
four out of five when they getgames five and seven in their own building,
and they haven't yet. Last nightthey didn't even play great, and
Drew Holliday was awesome, and theirteam is better. Luka Dancic doesn't look
like himself. Kyrie Irving is notthe player that we slobbered over the previous
two rounds. My guess it getsback to Boston three to one. Celtics

win in five, and I'm theguy that said MAVs and six. By
the way, I was connecting thedots before. So the Madden cover comes
out tomorrow. We don't know whattime it gets revealed tomorrow. Many are
wondering and speculating that it's going tobe Joe Burrow and connecting dots because of
the voice in that EA Sports thingand the orange hue that was there so

and by the way, it wouldmake all the sense in the world for
it to be Joe Burrow. He'sone of the faces of the NFL.
So I mentioned before that I wasconnecting the dots because the Bengals sent out
their media schedule for Mini Camp,which starts tomorrow three days Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday. Zach Taylor had already beenscheduled to speak on Thursday. Joe

Burrow is speaking tomorrow in the originalmedia schedule they gave us, which was
posted on the wall here in studio. I went out during one of the
breaks and our friend Austin Elmore,who does a good job of putting stuff
up that we need here in studio, said to me, Hey, do
you mind taking this down and puttingit in the studio And I said yes,
and I looked at it. Itwas the media relations schedule for the

Bengals. And then I went togo put it up and I saw we
had the old one already up here. There was no Joe Burrows scheduled press
conference tomorrow. There is a twelveforty five. Now. I'm sure he'll
answer questions about his arm, hiswrists, his hand throwing, not throwing,
taking days off. How much concernthere should be the hysteria around him

taking days off last week, whetherhe's gonna throw. They're practicing in the
morning, and so the media availabilityis after the scheduled practice. But you
know, it would make a lotof sense for Joe to have something to
say and take questions on the daythat he was announced as the cover athlete

on Madden. So this is anew development. It came out today.
So if you're telling me, I'mgetting a little bit too far ahead of
myself. The two things may becoincidental, they may be completely mutually exclusive,
but I'm now joining everybody else wholast week was yet people like looking

at that EA Sports video like itwas the Suppruterer film and slowing it down
and trying to look for hidden cluesthat it's Joe or it's not Joe.
All I'm doing is telling you whatI know. The Madden cover comes out
tomorrow. We've known that for awhile. Now, Joe Burrow is speaking
tomorrow. We know that. Wealso know a lot of people are either

assuming it's Joe or openly wondering whetherit's Joe. And you could do whatever
you want with those three things.But if he is on the cover of
Madden, I think that's pretty damncool. It means he has lived up
to the hype. I mean,look, he hasn't delivered multiple championships yet,
but I say this about high endathletes all the time. They should

be celebrated. Lebron James should becelebrated. Dan Hurley doesn't want to go
coach him, but it should becelebrated because as the most hyped team sport
athlete in my lifetime coming into thepros, he dramatically exceeded the hype.
He's had the longest prime of anybodyI've ever watched, twenty year prime.
Joe Burrow also is possibly going tobe on the cover of mad because he

has he's at least met the hype. Save a franchise, done, get
people to change how they think aboutthe Bengals, done, restore interest in
the franchise. Done, compete forchampionships, done, win a championship.
Not done. But all the otherstuff is why you get to be on
Madden. So hopefully it happens.I guess we'll find out tomorrow and if

he is on the cover of Madden, he'll talk about it. It's twell
forty five, we'll have that coveredfor you. We're back tomorrow. Paul
Danner Junior is going to be aBengals practice tomorrow and the Joe Burrow media
availability he joins us on Tuesdays inthe three o'clock hour. We are looking
forward to having him. Also acomprehensive preview of the Battle of Ohio.
And we didn't give away our CoralReefer band tickets today, so we have

a bunch to give away tomorrow.We might have to play Know your Ohio
Cup trivia who knows Our thanks toMichelobultra for sponsoring the five o'clock Happy Hour,
my thanks to Tarran Bland for producing, and of course our thanks to
you for listening. Have a greatnight. We'll talk to you tomorrow at
three oh five. Don't forget Sincythree sixty is at noon. Until then,

see ya. This is esp Infifteen thirty. This report is sponsored
by Macy's. Find the perfect Father'sDay gift with Macy's Gift Finder. In

just a couple of clicks, you'llget

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2. Amy and T.J. Podcast

"Amy and T.J." is hosted by renowned television news anchors Amy Robach and T. J. Holmes. Hosts and executive producers Robach and Holmes are a formidable broadcasting team with decades of experience delivering headline news and captivating viewers nationwide. Now, the duo will get behind the microphone to explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture and everything in between. Nothing is off limits. “Amy & T.J.” is guaranteed to be informative, entertaining and above all, authentic. It marks the first time Robach and Holmes speak publicly since their own names became a part of the headlines. Follow @ajrobach, and @officialtjholmes on Instagram for updates.

3. The Dan Bongino Show

3. The Dan Bongino Show

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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