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June 12, 2024 106 mins
An idiot went to a Reds game, he decided to run out onto the field, and he ended up getting tased.

We discuss.

Plus...Can the Reds' pitching carry the lackluster offense? Will they get a bat at the deadline? Free money on a potential Tee Higgins wager.

Dr. Trevor Wiikes from OrthoCincy on injuries to CES and Brandon Williamson,

And Jerry West's basketball life.

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All right, what's up? Goodafternoon, Moegger, ESPN fifteen thirty.
The guy we should be talking aboutmost last night ain't the idiot who ran
out out of the field. Theguy we should be talking about most from
last night doesn't play for the Reds. The guy who we should maybe be
talking about most from last night isn'tthe coff who tays the idiot who ran

out out of the field. We'llget to that in just a second.
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six, we are gonna give awaymore tickets to go see the Coral Reefer
Band at Riverbend in just about thirtyminutes. We're gonna test your your mad
and cover knowledge today where we havemore Ohio Cup questions. We've got to
talk about Joe Burrows, football immortalityor football mortality. I don't know,
I don't know. I guess it'smortality. It's not immortality. I should

correct my tweet. We'll get tothat in just a bit, and a
few thoughts on Jerry West as well. The guy we should be talking about
most from last night is not somuch the dope who ran out onto the
field, although we are going totalk about the dope who ran out onto
the field because I'm going to bethat guy, and we're actually going to

talk about the team itself, andwe're going to discuss the impact of the
loss, and we're going to discussthe central question to the entire really next
what four to five to maybe sixweeks of the red season. We have
all of that coming up in abit. But the guy that we should

be talking about the most is TylerFreeman. Tyler Freeman pretty much won that
game last night for the Cleveland Guardianswith his defensive heroics. In the first
inning, he robs Spencer Steer ofan extra base hit in a run batted
in, and then he robbed JakeFrayley of what was possibly a home run.

Like a show last night in SaintLouis, the Cardinals fans, who
fancy themselves as being the best fansin baseball, they gave Paul Skeens a
standing ovation and I actually have aquestion about that a little bit later on,
and I will go watch Paul Skeene'spitching person because he seems like he's

must watch. Got to be honestwith you, there's a part of me
that felt like giving Tyler Freeman around of applause last night. I didn't,
but I probably should have. Ididn't then, but that might not
have been the most impressive thing.Perhaps the most impressive thing he did last

night was when the idiot ran outonto the field. William Hendon, the
pride of Saint Xavier High School andthe Ohio State University nineteen year old who
was in court this morning. He'sfrom Cleaves. William Hendon, the goofball
in his Johnny Bench Jersey runs outonto the field last night. And it

was weird being at the ballpark lastnight because it typically, when like there's
a fan that runs out onto thefield, you don't notice him or I
guess in some cases her, Atfirst you notice the reaction, right,
you know, Like I saw thefirst base umpire just suddenly start waving his
arms and it's like, man,what's he doing? And he was obviously

reacting to a moron running out ontothe field. He runs to dead center
field where Tyler Freeman is standing,and Tyler Freeman just stood there. He
didn't shake his hand, he didn'tgive him high five, he didn't give
him a fist bump. I gottabe honest with you. If I was
Tyler Freeman, I would have beenscared out of my mind. I would

have been spooked. So Tyler Freeman'sheroics started with the two catches. They
were awesome. It continued when thedope from Ohio State and sane X ran
out. And by the way,I'm sorry if you went to those institutions
that's where he's from. I guessI could keep saying his name Will Hendon.

I can keep doing that if youwant. Uh, Tyler Freeman standing
his ground and just sort of likelooking at him like, bro, what
are you doing. It's about toend badly for you. Uh. Well,
I couldn't have done that. Icouldn't have done that. Last night,
Reds lose the game, which we'regonna talk about. They play the

Guardians again tonight. Hopefully they snapa brief two game losing streak and hopefully
no one runs out onto the field. I think sports fans have no obligations.
You know, my colleague down thehall sometimes will bring up like did
you watch the French Open? Well, if you don't, it's one of
your obligations. This is portslan andI'm like, buddy, this is the
toy department, this is recreation.There are no obligations. There are no

obligations. Be as much a fanas you want, be as little of
a fan as you want. Bediehard, be fleeting, be bandwagon,
be fairweather, be casual, behardcore, paint your face, show up
at the game in a suit andtie, be whatever sort of fan you
want to be. The only obligationyou have is to stay off the playing

field or the playing surface. That'sit. It's really the only obligation you
have. And I like it wasfunny. I'm not gonna it was funny
when he got Tay's is funny whenhe does the backflip. The jokes are
funny. There were MVP chants lastnight. Folks are making this guy out
to be an ic, Like,I get it, ironically, it's funny,

But I'm gonna be that guy.I'm gonna be that guy. And
I'm sorry because this isn't what anybodywants to hear. But this is just
where my goes when something like thathappens last night, and I was at
the ballpark and by the way,really good crowd last night. We live
in a day and age where,dude, you just don't know. And

I'm sorry, man, I'm sorryto be serious about this, but we
do. We live in a dayand age, or it feels like on
nearly a daily basis, we're readingabout somebody going into a supermarket and shooting
people, or a church and shootingpeople, or a mall, or a
movie theater, or a synagogue ora school. So I'm sorry, man.

The very first thing I think whenI see something like that is something
really bad is about to happen.Something bad is really about to happen to
one of the players, maybe someof the fans that used to not be
where my mind went initially. Perhapsit's a reflection of being a little bit

older and perhaps slightly more mature.Maybe it's just a reflection of the times.
But my first thought last night was, I hope this guy doesn't have
a gun. I know they havemetal detectors, metal detectors that you walk
through. Okay, I'm sorry,I'll be that guy. I'll be the

wet blanket. I don't find itfunny when that happens last night. I
don't find that funny at all.Really, I thought it was funny that
he got tased, because you know, you do something like that. I
guess you're thinking, Okay, they'llhaul me off. I'll be in court,
no big deal. I guess he'sbeen barred from the ballpark. I
don't know if that banishment is permanentor temporary. I've never been tased.

I don't plan on putting myself ina position where I'm going to get tased.
But sure I'm not gonna lie.I was with two of my buddies
last night he got tased. Ilaughed. But when he got tased,
I thought, okay, unknown situationdiffused this idiot, William Hendon, nineteen
years old, who was in courtthis morning wearing is Johnny bench jersey,

looking like Frankly like I used tolook when I was nineteen years old.
The next day, except I nevergot tased. The night before, he
was likely being harmless, mostly innocuous. He was going to be nothing more
than a nuisance, provide some lastfor his buddies go viral and like the

way the world works now, there'sa good chance he's going to cash in
on this and maybe become famous forit. And I don't think that this
kid's life should end because of this. We all did dumb things when we
were young, but when incidents likethis happened, and this is not the
first time I've said this. Like, walk around downtown Cincinnati, and I
love downtown Cincinnati. Up until fiveyears ago, I lived downtown. I

one day with my wife plan onmoving back when our kids all grown up.
When you walk around downtown and youwalk around other areas and you just
see you look at people and you'relike, Okay, that dudes, that
dude's maybe a little unhinged, andyou see people muttering to themselves like I'm
I'm sorry, man. We gota mental health crisis in this country.

We have a violent crime crisis toa degree. In this country. We
read about places all the time whereyou never would have imagined somebody would walk
in and harm someone. It happensall the time. The first place my
mind goes to is, well,something bad's about to happen here. Now
when it doesn't, there's a sighof relief. And we all have a

laugh and the picture. By theway, the pictures were awesome. They
go viral. But I'm sorry,man, I have no interest in celebrating
a nineteen year old kid who inconveniencedthe cops and probably scared the crap out
of a few people last night.And yeah, this is innocuous and it's
funny, but I'm telling you what'sgoing to happen. There's gonna be a

time where, maybe at a baseballgame, maybe at a football game,
we have unhinged people all around us, pissed off about their lives, pissed
off about the world, pissed offabout their gambling losses, pissed off that
their favorite athlete blocked them on socialmedia. It's going to happen. Fans

gonna run out out of the field, We're all gonna cheer, and then
they're gonna harm somebody, maybe eventhemselves, and then it's not gonna be
funny. I'm not mister serious.You know that I'm the guy who takes
almost nothing seriously that I take seriously. Because it's gonna happen. You know,

we saw maybe twenty twenty or soyears ago. I think it was
in Chicago. Tom Gamboa was thefirst base coach of the White Sox,
and here come to boozed up.I think it was a father and a
son. They go out onto thefield and it's just Harry. Two idiots
running out onto the field and theyattack the first base coach of the Kansas
City Royals those twenty years ago.Now, I know this is not what

you want to hear. I'm dreadinglooking at my social media ats. But
I'm sorry, man, that ain'tfunny. Not for not for anybody who's
above the age of I guess nineteenyears old, not for anybody who understands
what's happening in the world in thisday and age. Not for anybody who

pays attention to the stuff that happenson almost a daily basis. And again,
this dude's intentions seem relatively innocuous,and the harm here is pretty negligible.
And I don't think that this kidshould carry a life sentence around I

don't. I hope he gets punished. I hope he learns his lesson.
I hope he gets shamed for awhile, and then I hope he goes
on and does great things. Butwhen that happens. Maybe I'm in the
minority in fact, judging by beingat the ballpark last night when thousands of
people were chanting MVP, that guy'snot an MVP. That guy scared.
Can you imagine being a player onthe field, like dude, you're Tyler

Freeman ran out there years ago andBilly Hamilton was playing center field and Billy
Hamilton ran away. And I rememberthe next day going, man, I
don't blame Billy Hamilton. You haveno idea what that person charging towards you
has in the back of their mind. You have no idea what they have
in their pocket, You have noidea what their intentions are. So I'm

sorry. That ain't funny. Scaringpeople like that ain't funny. And making
people think of some of the worstthings that happen in our society that also
ain't funny. You are welcome toyell at me, because I'm not the
guy who wants to have a goodold laugh at our guy. William Hendon
here five pine three seven four ninefifteen thirty at eight sixty six seven h

two three seven seven six I Iparked last night on Third Street. I
got done with the show, parkedon Third Street, walk over to the
ballpark, and like, I don'tknow, man, I have greater awareness
of my surroundings than I ever have. I'm just looking at people and I
just I look, I look.I don't see William Hendon. He was

probably illegally getting drunk somewhere. I'mguessing. Uh, but I you know,
I watch a guy across the streetand he's muttering to himself and he's
boy, just he looks, helooks like he looks like something's wrong,
Like you see people like that allthe time. One day, that dude's
gonna end up on the field andwe're all gonna cheer, and we're all

gonna laugh, and we're all gonnawonder if he gets tased, and then
he's gonna hurt someone, and thenit's not gonna be funny. Eighteen minutes
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Delta Dental is building healthy, smart, vibe, vibrant communities for all
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about his football mortality. A fewmore thoughts on that Jerry West passed away.
Uh, We're going to spend afew minutes on him. I have
some free money for you, someabsolutely free money for you. I'm not
talking about making a wager on aon a game tonight or on the NBA
Finals, but I have some absolutefree money for you. And a question

of if not now, then whenwhen it comes to the Reds. A
lot of ground to cover between nowand six o'clock. I'm thrilled you're here
on Moeger. This is ESPN fifteenthirty Cincinnati Sports Station twenty four after three.
This is ESPN fifteen thirty on Moweger. You are not being pulled over.
You're you're not being apprehended. That'sjust it's a missnew booty. I

just want to make you hear thesiren. You're thinking, Oh, something
bad that is about to happen.You're it's okay. Twenty five minutes after
three o'clock. We'll have a pollquestion in a few minutes. Thanks to
our friends at United at Heartland Insurance. Reds did lose the game. They
lose a bullpen game. This team'soffense has to get better. This team's

offense is likely to go through moreups and downs. I think there's a
central question to the entire season,which we're going to get to a little
bit later on. Joe Burrow isthrowing, by the way at Bengals mini
camp. So you have that goingfor you if you woke up today worrying
about going through hysterics because Joe mayor may not throw, even though he
talked extensively yesterday about dialing it backa bit. More thoughts on that here

in just a bit, and Ido have some free money for you,
free money for you in the fouro'clock hour. Monica Sellis was stabbed on
a tennis court in nineteen ninety three. It's thirty years ago, man,
And you know, it was aninternational incident, and it was an individual

sport in a smaller, more confinedarea than say, a big league major
league ball field. But still,and that was thirty years ago, thirty
one years ago, I guess,and suddenly unhinged fans like Morgana the Kissing
Bandit was in the seventies, notthat there wasn't crime in the seventies,

but Morganda the Kissing Bandit in theseventies and eighties was you know, bucks
and woman would run out onto thefield, identify a player, give him
a kiss. It was fun,it was innocent. I am a fun
and innocent guy. We are notliving in a fun and innocent age.
I wish we were. I wishto god we were. We're not,

And so thankfully last night this loonylooney ball. What are we going to
go? I've run out of adjectives. This moron did not have anything on
his mind besides acting like a jackasspublicly. That's good, and I'm glad

I'm not him today, But that'sgood. What about the next one?
Like I'm not. I don't knowthat there's a huge solution to this.
I don't know that there's, youknow, a need to hire more security
or line the field with cops.I think the folks who worked for the

Cincinnati Police Department who did their jobslast night did their jobs well. I
just I don't find this necessarily asfunny as everybody else does. And I
don't live my life in fear byany stretch of the imagination. I don't
think anybody should. But I justdon't know how if you understand just where

we are right now, how yousee something like that and have your brain
default to a position where you're nowreally worried that something bad's about to happen.
I'm glad it didn't. I'm notgoing to say I wasn't amused by
him getting taste. I'm not goingto say I'm not amused by the photos.

I'm not going to say that I'mnot amused by the jokes. But
for a few seconds last night,I wasn't amused. It's going to happen,
man, It's going to happen.And then the next day we're not
going to be laughing. We're notgoing to be talking about how the guy's
a hero. We're going to bewondering could that have been prevented. Let's

see PJ and Mason. You're onESPN fifteen thirty. Go ahead, how
are you, man? I'm good? Good. Hey. I what you're
saying here about this guy the cityat who ran the food on the field
last night, Yeah, it reallyresonates with me because you and I are
the same age, and look,I'm all for people having fun. I

did really dumb crap when I wasnineteen twenty, and I wish it was
still a time when you know,like when Tom Browning went up into the
stands and drank a beer with thefans. I wish that that was still
possible. It's just not. Andyou know, I wish it was.
That was great, but you know, like I just got back from la

this morning on a family vacation,and to your point, like I'm I'm
going all the sights and I'm seeingall these people clearly out of their mind,
muttering things to themselves, and Iwas, you know, my wife
was two steps behind me, andI would get back behind her because I'm
like, you got to walk infront of me because I want to see
what's what's going on, because youyou just don't know, you know what

I mean. And you know,I lived at the Banks for three years.
I was I think I was thefirst resident at the Banks. So
I loved all the games and Iloved all the people, and it was
a great bought, great energy.But I saw a lot of crazy stuff
down there. And I don't know, I don't know if it's just our
age at this point to where justa little bit more cautious and people are

nuts. Yes, people are strugglingwith a lot, yes, And you
just don't know what somebody's motives are. Yeah, it could be just a
drunk frat kid trying to get someget some clout with his buddies. But
you don't know, you know,Yeah, I mean, unfortunately, PJ,
thank you. You know, whetherit's concerts or malls or movie theaters,

or churches or schools or you know, large gatherings. I just just
been so many bad things that havehappened. Like I'm not to live my
life and fear guy by any stretchof the imagination. Maybe I'm a little
bit more cognizant of my surroundings sinceI've become a father. I just I'm

not as amused by that. I'mmore scared by it. And I can
only tell you how it makes mefeel. That really scared the hell out
of me last night, just becauseI'm going, oh boy, how's this
going to end? I mean,I was reading a story that somebody sent
me yesterday. I'm very much infavor of legalized gambling. I'm glad we

have legalized gambling. But the storywas about some of the unhinged people who
reach out to athletes because they're pissedoff that they lost a wager and they're
sending death threats, and they're slidinginto dms and they're sending messages. And

there were some athletes quoted in thestory about how there's always been that element,
but now it's being ratcheted up alittle bit. And I'm as in
favor of legalized gambling as anybody,but I certainly don't understand that if it
becomes more widespread, which it has, it becomes more accessible to unhinged people
who are are gonna say and dothings that they shouldn't do. And so

I'm watching that last night, goingall right, is this guy pissed off
that Tyler Freeman's gonna cost him moneybecause he made two catches in the first
inning? Did Tyler Freeman do somethingto piss this guy off? Uh?
In another game? And here's hischance to exact revenge? Like, I'm
sorry, man, how does yourbrain not go there? First? Five

point three, nine, fifteen thirty. Uh. We'll give away the Coral
Reef Band tickets in the next hour. Also, Christian and Carnassian Strain is
weighing surgery, and so is BrandonWilliamson. We will talk about those two
guys and an NBA injury that hadmore verbiage to it than any that I've
ever seen. Get to one ofthe experts. With Ortho Sinsey coming up

in one hour. Barring something totallyunforeseen, we are guest free between now
and then on ESPN fifteen thirty CincinnatiSports Station. Cincinnati's efforts headlines are a
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family to yours for life kelseyshev dotCom, Reds and Guardians Again. Tonight's

second of two in the Ohio Cupat GABP seven ten. Tonight's first pitch
on a seven hundred wl W Cincinnatiwill send Nick Lodolo to the mound.
Tanner Biddy is gonna throw for Cleveland. Uh, you want a starting lineup,
I'll give you a starting lineup.I gotta pull up the start.
I have a lot going on inhere. I have a laptop with a

cracked screen, and so I hadto send it in for repair. So
I'm using the studio computer, whichis not easy. Not that anybody cares.
Here you go, here's a redstarting lineup thanks to a Madewell restoration.
Go to Madwell Restoration dot Com.Freedom and center. Eli de la
Cruz at shortstop, Jamercandelario is atthird base, Spencer Steer betting cleanup at
first base, Freelian right, Stevensonbehind the plate, Jacob Herdabies in left

field, Indy at second base.Will Benson is dhing and again. Niic
Lodolo is on the hill reading apiece from Mark Sheldon of MLB dot Com.
He says that Blake Dunn is okayafter being drilled in the head last
night a pitch that cracked his helmet. Apparently he is okay, and that's

a good news. Florence y'all's takeon Windy City tonight. That game is
going to be played in Florence.NBA Finals continue game free in Dallas.
Celtics lead two games to none.The game is live on ESPN fifteen thirty
and one of the absolute legends ofall of sport, Jerry West, passed

away at the age of eighty six. The logo. What's interesting about that,
I didn't know this until today,but the NBA has never officially acknowledged
that Jerry West is the logo,That the NBA logo is Jerry West.

Now the person who designed it backin nineteen sixty nine. In twenty ten
admitted, yeah, it is thelogo, but the NBA has never admitted
that. I don't know if thereis anybody who had a basketball life anywhere
close to the one that Jerry Westhad if you consider his individual accolades and

awards and accomplishments, what his teamsdid. A fourteen time All Star,
he made the All Star team everyyear that he played. He was All
NBA twelve times. He was anAll Defensive Team in the NBA five times.
He won a scoring title, Hewon an NBA title, He was
a Finals MVP in a series inwhich his team lost. He went into

the Hall of Fame as a player, he averaged twenty seven a game as
a player, and then he wenton to become a legendary executive. I
did this all the time. Ialways talk about, like in baseball,
even before he won the World Series, Dusty Baker, I think should have
been in the Hall of Fame becauseI think there's something about baseball lives And
even before the Astros won the WorldSeries and gave Dusty the World Series as

a manager, World Series Championship asa manager that he to that point didn't
have. I thought he was aHall of Famer because in my view,
there should be something about Hall ofFame lives, Hall of Fame baseball life,
Dusty Baker, who's had a betterone? I've always made that case
about Joe Nuxall, like Joe wasn'ta Hall of Fame player, and he
might not have been technically a Hallof Fame broadcaster. But if you combine

the two and add his significance tothe franchise and what he meant to soap
people, a long and successful bigleague career, the youngest player to ever
appear in a big league game,and then beyond that, he pitched for
a long time and was terrific,and then had a broadcasting career that spanned
decades. Like who had a betterbaseball life than that? That's a Hall
of Fame baseball life. Jerry Westis his basketball life. I'm not sure.

I don't know how many peers.He has two time NBA Executive of
the Year GM of the Lakers inthe eighties, and then he trades for
Kobe Bryant. He signed Shaquille O'Neill. His fingerprints all over the Shack and
Kobe Lakers. He goes to Memphis. He takes that franchise to the playoffs
as GM three times. He joinsthe Warriors in twenty eleven. His fingerprints

all over that dynasty, threatening toleave if they trade Klay Thompson, helping
to sign Kevin Durant, then inhis later years and exec with the LA
Clippers as a basketball life, youknow more contemporary dudes who have had other
chapters after their playing time. MichaelJordan was not a successful owner. I'm

sure owning the Bobcats Lash Hornets wasvery lucrative for him, but the team
was irrelevant. And Larry Bird wasa good coach and a a decent accomplished
executive. Nothing close to Jerry Westand Magic Johnson has had an incredibly successful
next act in business. He wasbriefly an NBA coach, it didn't work

out. His advisory role with theLakers was riddled with controversy. He's like,
I don't know that there's anybody who'shad a life in their sport close
to Jerry West passes away at theage of eighty seven. The logo let's
see here Patrick in Cole Rain thanksfor hanging on here. On ESPN fifteen

thirty Hey, mo, how's theday going so far? Today is going
great? How about yours? Ohit's not going too bad. I just
wanting to touch on something that youbrought up about because I haven't seen the
footage of it yet. I'm alittle bit of a daylight and dollars short
with looking up the footage of thekid running out on the field. But

I am just talking about what peoplego through mental health. There was something
I was thinking about as far asyou had on Brandon Spinner, uh like
maybe maybe a week and a half, couple of weeks ago, and he
was talking about his his his bourbonshow on YouTube, well out of nowhere
in my feed yesterday and then youdon't have to make I mean, it
wouldn't be like a weekly or aeven a monthly thing, but just something

as far as there's a Brandon Sajoand and I've been out of touch,
I guess because I didn't I didn'tknow that. I didn't know. I
guess I don't watch news as muchas I should. I didn't know that
he wasn't the sports reporter for Channelfive. And it's been over a year.
He has a show on YouTube calledThe Mental Game and it literally just

popped into my feed and I waslooking at him and it was in YouTube
shorts and I was like, Iwas, I was like, he looks
familiar. I was like, who, And then all of a sudden the
clipped. I was like, isthat Brandon Sajo? And and he was.
He was talking to like a fewcelebrities, like he was talking to
Terry Crews, and just something Ithought, I mean, maybe interesting.
I mean, in the future,maybe get somebody like him. I just

talk about his shows called The MentalGames about mental health and just that what
people go through, and you know, and I'm sure he's still in the
sports and still keeps up with everythingpretty well. But I thought that was
interesting. As far as just fromwhat I've heard, the kid running out
onto the field, I understand whatyou mean, because it's just it's hard.

It's one of those where you've gotto tiptoe these days, because it's
almost like you got to pre coordinatein your mind when you see something like
that happening, Like this a goodtime or is this a time that I
need to, you know, lookout for myself, my family, loved
ones, or get down. Imean, it's hard to know because it
is the age we're living in,and honestly, I would have, probably

my left brain would have probably lookedat it like, oh, it's just
a kid run out on the fieldhaving a good time. But I do
understand where you're coming from because we'rein a day and age where you really
can't go anywhere. I mean,I live in Colraine. In just a
couple of weeks ago there was theshooting over on Cole Worne Kroger. So
it's just, you know, it'sthat. That's really all I had to

say about that. I didn't reallyhave too much more, but I just
thought it was really interesting that BrandonSejo popped into a YouTube feed and I
didn't know he had. It seemsreally interesting about like mental health, and
I'm sure he's keeping up with sports. Just something maybe the pipeline down the
line. But yeah, that's reallyall I have, man, I just
wanted to throw it out there andjust have a good rest of your day.
You do the same man. Firstof all, on on Brandon's podcast,

it's called the Mental Game and itis terrific. I listened Sunday morning
to his podcast with Kirk Herbstreet andhe gets some really well known people on
uh, but Kirk is pretty openwith Brandon's a terrific interviewer and for those
of you who don't know, wason Channel five for a while. He
actually briefly worked here as a producerh and then left TV news and started

a podcast, and he's had alot of really well known people on it.
Maybe some folks who aren't quite aswell known, but he really does
a good job of getting people toopen up about some things they've gone to
from a mental health perspective. Youknow, I with last night, I
don't want to get I don't wantto get too deep into the serious stuff.
I don't That's not my intention here. I just my job is to

tell you how things that are happeningmake me feel and what I think about
them. And like last night,as with two buddies of mine, and
as that is unfolding, I justI don't want to say I tensed up,
but I'm just watching that go on, Like, Okay, is is
this something as simple as drunk dudedoing something stupid that he's gonna regret and

have a great story to tell later, or is this going to be something
worse? And like legitimately he's runningtoward Tyler Freeman. Tyler Freeman in the
first inning made two insanely good catches. Insanely good catches. I think the
second one might have taken a homerun away. The first robbed of Xra.

It's really good catches. And soI'm watching. This guy's got a
reds jersey on, and I'm like, is he gonna try to confront Tyler
Freeman because he made those catches?Now, you and I, that sounds
silly, right to most of us, that sounds silly. You're gonna get
in the face of somebody who tookaway a couple of extra base hits from
your favorite baseball team or contributed toyour team's loss. To you and I,

that sounds silly. But to unhingedpeople, what might sound silly to
you and I makes total sense.Again, Like, I just it's going
to happen at some point. Ihate to be that guy. I'm thankful
that last night was was when itdidn't happen. I'm thankful that this dude

just is a young guy who didsomething really stupid. He's gonna pay the
price, you know again, doI? I hope he serves as punishment
and then goes on and does greatthings. But my guy, you gotta

understand, when I was a kid. I know, we're way late here.
When I was a kid, Iwas I was in a car with
some dudes and we had Halloween masks, and two of us thought it would
be funny to go into a gasstation to just get like whatever, something

to drink, snack wearing the Halloweenmasks. Well, the person behind the
counter lost their mind, called thecops. Cops showed up and it was
nothing more than young kids doing somethingstupid, and we got a talking too,
and we got yelled at, butwe didn't get a hauled away.
And it was like, boy,it didn't occur to me that that's what
people who rob gas stations do.They put on masks. I did this

when I was sixteen years old.Now, if I'm in a gas station
and I see someone doing that,like I'm grabbing whoever I'm with and we
are getting out of here, theymight just be being silly. They might
just be me being sixteen years old. But uh huh seeya bye gone,
especially if I got my kid withme. So like, I understand it,

man, When I was like whenI was a young man, when
I was a teenager like yeah,haha, funny, let's go screw around.
But you add age to it,you add experience, and then again
you just you add the climate we'rein. And you know, people talk
all the time about well in thisthis era that we live in, and
I hear it all when it comesto the to the gun debate, which

we are not going to have onthis show at any point, but like,
hey, you know what, peoplejust need to be a little bit
more vigilant. People just need tohave their eyes open more. And I
agree with that, and for themost part, I am so like that
vigilance. For me standing up therehaving a cold one in the bow tie
bar watching a ball game and Isee a dude running out onto the field,
It's like, uh, oh,what's this? And again, thankfully
it was nothing in the grand schemeof things, and this is somebody that

we're just gonna make fun of andhe's going to go on with his life.
I guess my overall point is thatthe next time we see something like
this, whether it's at a basketballgame, whatever it is, just just
put your mind into place where,oh, this could be something bad that
happens. I hate to do that, But I don't understand how you don't.

Way late eight from four ESPN fifteenthirty, Pride Month is here and
Bounty is ready for Cincinnati Sports Station. All right, what's up? It's
five minutes half or four. Thisis ESPN fifteen thirty. I'm Moeger,
friend of Mian and Johnson. Baseballis coming up later this hour. We
got to give away our concert tickets. We cannot can't push it back to

tomorrow or Friday because I'm not here. So we're busy. We've talked a
lot about the goofball that ran outonto the field, and I've got folks
waiting on hold that I want toget to about that particular top. Excuse
me. As for the game itself, the the best laid plans for Graham
Ashcraft kind of blew up last night. Red's used a bullpen game twice this

year against the Dodgers. It worked. Last night it did not, And
you know, Graham Ashcraft got sentto Louisville, and it kind of felt
like, all right, well,Brandon Williamson's going to be back, and
so you're kind of swapping out thetwo. Now, Brandon Williamson faces a
very uncertain short term future, andso they got to get Graham Ashcraft back.
He would have pitched that game lastnight. Instead they go to a

bullpen game. Now the Reds dohave another off day Thursday. Hunter Green
is going to pitch on Friday,Nick Lodolo tonight. They can get through
their rotations starting with the Milwaukee series. They play six games in six days
and then another off day in thetwentieth. There's still a few days away
from Ashcraft being able to be calledup. That kind of blew up in

their face last night. This teamoffensively, you know, it's the middle
of June. The Reds have playedbetter as of late. They got some
help last night, which the Brewerslosing. By the way Milwaukee is playing
this afternoon, they're beating the BlueJays by a score of five to one.
So Reds remain like everybody else,seven games back in the National League

Central where it's Milwaukee and everybody else. Pittsburgh didn't win in Saint Louis last
night, the Paul Skeens game,where the folks in Saint Louis gave him
a standing ovation, which we'll getto in a bit. So they're six
and a half back Cincinnati, Chicagoand Saint Louis each seven games behind the
Brewers, but the wild card raceis wide open. The red starting pitching

has enabled this team to stay afloatand enabled this team to take advantage of
some guys hitting better. During thatnice two to two and a half week
run. What it felt like theygot their season at least back on track
just a little bit. So nowwhat has happened? Well, Reds are

playing good teams this week and thisweekend Cleveland and Milwaukee. Reds have a
chance this weekend to make at leasta little dent in that Milwaukee lead.
The schedule after this weekend softens upjust a little bit. We're in the
middle part of June now. Theend of July is a month and a

half away, and if the Redscan kind of stay in the hunt,
we'll talk more and more about thetrade deadline. We're not quite to the
point, I guess where we're reallygoing to talk about making trades now.
I'm certainly a proponent of being proactiveand seeing what deals you might be able

to strike well before the trade deadline. You are allowed to make trades before
July thirty. First, you areallowed to acquire players before the deadline is
imminent. You're allowed to do that. It requires sometimes overpayment in order to
do that, but you are allowedto do it. But there's really there's
really one central question that looms overthe next couple of weeks. Because we

can talk about how the Red shouldmake a trade. Let's be honest,
if they do, and that's abig if. If they do, the
trade would be most likely to comein late July, around the deadline.
We're at the deadline, so okay, it's June twelfth. This gives us
what about seven weeks between now andJuly thirty, first the All Star breaks

in the middle of that. There'sessentially one key question that hovers over the
next few weeks. This is nota good offensive team. I mean,
I mean, just call it whatit is that the sample size is pretty
damn big. They've played more thansixty games. It's not a good offensive
team top to bottom. Find somebodywho statistically is having a good year.

You really can't. There's some playerswho have done some really good things and
have gone through good stretch. There'snobody, you know, Tyler Stevenson's having
an okay season. Ellie dela Cruzis having an okay season. I love
Ellie de la Cruz, but let'sadmit that Jamer Candelario has swung the bat

better recently. He's having an okayseason. His ceiling is not very high.
And know they don't have Christian andKarnassi on strand. Christian and Karnasi
on Strand was putting up terrible numberswhen he got hurt. And they don't
have Matt McClain, which stinks.Matt McLain, even if he comes back
not till August, that's a waysaway, so they're going to need offensive

help. The question right now iscan the pitching remain good enough to keep
them afloat? Right now, thepitching is good enough to keep them afloat.
The offense is bad enough to eventuallysink the team. The Reds pitching
is good enough to give him achance. The Reds offense is not good

enough to win to the extent thatwe would like. So between now and
then, can the Reds pitching keepthe team relevant enough that around the deadline
they could find a bat or batsthey need and I can can can that

be enough? Can they? Canthe deadline provide enough offense. Look,
they've they've got to get healthier,but that's that's to me sort of the
being clumsy about this, But thisis sort of the central question to the
next few weeks. Can they hitenough? Where is the uptick and offense
going to come from? Can theyfind a power bat? But more than

anything else, can the pitching remaingood enough to keep this team afloat just
enough so that by the time reinforcements, either in the form of a trade
or a player coming off the injuredlist, or somebody just getting really hot
for an extended period of time,it's enough to get this team to the

playoffs. Can the pitching be goodenough for the next six to seven weeks
that they have almost no choice putto make the offense better? And one
guy's impact on the offense is typicallya little bit overstated, but just the
makeup of the club, the healthof it, who's having a good season,
the strengths and weaknesses of the roster. You can make an argument though

they're gonna need bullpen help. Youcan make an argument that you can never
have enough starting pitching. Those arefine. It's hard for me to imagine
that as good as the starting pitchinghas been that this team can get to
the playoffs, and that's the goalthis year, right, that they can
get to the playoffs without adding abat. Is the pitching between now and

the deadline time late July going tobe good enough to keep this team afloat
so that by the time late Julygets here, they have almost no choice
but to go get a bat thatcan make them better this year. It's
the key question for the next fewweeks. And by the way, if
we're going to do the whole like, well, should they really go get

a you know, somebody called theshow yesterday and said, well, what
do you give up? Man?I don't know. You can't have as
many untouchable players as we talked aboutthem having last year. And if they're
within striking distance at the deadline thisyear like they were last season, and
they don't go for it, likeif not Alvin, when we're gonna do
this next summer. But the pointis mood. If the pitching craters and

suddenly, you know, Hunter Greenhas some poor starts, or Nicolodolo has
some poor starts, or the bullpenjust caves in and they lose a bunch
of games because not because of theoffense, but because they're giving up a
bunch of runs, then this wholeconversation is basically pointless. Talking about trades
on June twelfth is probably pointless.It shouldn't be, but it is probably

pointless because chances are they're not gonnaand there are still a lot of teams
trying to figure out if they're init or not, including the Reds.
So that's what I want to know. In the next five six weeks.
Can the pitching continue to keep themafloat and get them to a point where,
Okay, we're within striking distance,Let's go get our guy and then
have that be added to what weget from the injured list and have a

team that offensively is good enough tocontend. I don't know that I have
the answer to that question, becauseas bullish as I am, and as
bullish as most of us are onthe Reds starting pitching, there's still a
lot of youth, a lot ofinexperience, still a little lack of unreliability,

although not a ton, and they'rebeing asked to do a lot.
I mean, that's the thing.It's it's one thing to have good starting
pitch. It's another thing to havea team where if the starting pitching isn't
really good, they have almost nochance. And let's be honest, because
of their offensive deficiencies. That's kindof where they are right It's kind of
hard to imagine the Reds winning alot of games. Eleven to eight.

It's hard to imagine the Reds winninga lot of games in spite of their
starting pitching. They can do itanecdotally. Can that be the rule moving
forward? Probably not so. Yeah, the starting pitching is better. The
bullpen work is good. I thinkDavid Bell does a good job managing the
pen. I think it's really hardto criticize a manager when he's being forced
to use bullpen days. But you'reasking a lot of this staff. You're

asking, you've already asked this team'spitching to carry it through two and a
half months because they're not a goodoffensive team. As we get into the
middle of the season, the heartof the summer, the teeth of the
schedule. Now it's great, NoelveeMarte is going to come back. And
by the way, had a coupleof hits last night for Louisville. That's
what I want to know. You'rewelcome to answer a five point three seven

thirty. Can the pitching be goodenough to get this team to a point
where it has no choice but togo get a bat that can make a
difference. Now, then the questionbecomes can they get a bat and will
the bat make a difference. They'renot getting that bat for a while,
so can the pitching carry this teamto the trade deadline? And then at

the trade deadline can they acquire whatthey need? And will what they acquire
be enough? Took me a whileto get there, but I got there
five three seven, four nine fifteenthirty. Uh, tarn. We have
folks waiting on hold to want totalk about the moron that ran on the
field last night who got tased.He's, by the way, he's been

banned from GABP. Do we knowif that's a permanent ban or just a
temporary one. He was in courttoday. It's temporary for now. Should
it be a permanent ban? Ithink you should it. Boy, that's
a tough one. You're a nineteenyear old dude. I would imagine a
Reds fan, your Buddi's go toball games with you, and now you're

not going to be able to gofor the rest of your life. Wow,
that might be our poll question.Should they ban him for life?
From GABP And like, remember theguy who nineteen years ago, Greg gall
was his name, ran onto thefield Bengals Packers took the ball from Brett
Favre. He's been banned from whatused to be called Paul Brown Stadium?

Is it isn't it all hard forhim to actually get in? Like?
Is the facial recognition technology so goodthat someone like that can't find their way
into the stadium? I don't know. These are the questions I have.
So we have folks waiting on ahole that want to talk about this.
We also have to give away ourtickets. What should we do? And
we've got our orthos since the experton all these Reds injuries, Well,

we can't give weight tickets with peoplein hole. So I think we take
the people on hole of them.I would get to some of the folks
who have waited, and uh,we have games to play. We've got
Madden covers and we've got Ohio copI think both, don't you think?
So? All right? Very good? It is seventeen minutes after four o'clock.
Your phone calls are next DESPN fifteenthirty Cincinnati Sports Station X. Thanks

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Should the the dope who got tasedwhen he ran onto the field last
night get a lifetime gabp ban votenow at moegar that is. That's a
tough one. Man nineteen years old. Let me just think, like,
I don't know if this guy hasa significant other, but you start dating

right. She wants to go toa ball game, her and her friends.
You've got to tell her I can't. Oh why I gotta work.
No no, no, it's notthat we don't like baseball. No,
no, it's I like baseball.Why not? Well, I'm not allowed
in the ballpark. Really? Why? Because I'm the guy who ran out

onto the field and got taste.Oh okay, We're going to the game
without you. Thanks to everybody whois waited on hold. We're We're gonna
get to Cees and Brandon Williamson andalso an NBA injury that is the most
complicated name of an injury that I'veever seen. That coming up in just

about ten minutes. But first,Scott, you're on ESPN fifteen thirty.
What's up? I'm awesome? What'snow? So a couple of I have
questions about the Ohio Company. Yeahyou can you drink? You can't.
So do the players get to takeit home kind of like the Stanley Cup

and show it off to all oftheir friends. I think they should be
allowed to, but I have notread that they are. I think it
should be the sort of thing thatthey're allowed to take like the Stanley Cup
for three days. Now, youunderstand the Ohio Cup has changed. It
used to be a very big trophyand now it looks like something you could
put on your mantle. But yes, you can drink from it. Okay.

So as far as the kid goes, I was surprised to see the
amount of good job kind of tweetsor quotes for what he did and how
it was not demonized like you andI have I think it was stupid.

I don't think. I don't knowhow he got away with doing what he
But again, I see a lotof people who are giving him an Adeboy,
I don't get it. Is itbecause he got because he did a
backslip? What is it? Ithink there's there's something in each of us

that I'm willing to admit. We'veall wondered, wouldn't it be cool to
do that? Right? He alsogave us a laugh. I mean,
he also gave us a laugh.He also sort of, you know,
defied authority. I mean, there'sa part of us that would love to
be able to defy authority. Butthere's no part of me that wants to
be taste. There's no part ofme that wants to be in court.

There's no part of me that wantsto have to stand in front of a
judge. There's no part of methat wants to have to explain to my
boss I can't come in today becauseI got arrested. There's no part of
me that wants to be known forbeing the moron that ran out on the
field and got taste. And soI think people are doing it because it's
funny. Ha ha, and look, I get it, man like it's

oftentimes it's amusing and watching a guyget taste. I never seen a guy
get taste before. That was funny. But as a general rule, when
the fan runs onto the field,I assume something bad is about to happen.
Thank you that, I mean,yeah, for sure. So so
I would think a lifetime ban,though, would be hard, because all

you had to do is invest insake, mustaches, wear a hat,
you know, something like that.I don't know how, I don't know
how good the security and facial recognitiontechnology is to really ban somebody from the
ballpark. So I know you're nota golfer. I am a golfer.
Well, okay, maybe you don'ttalk a lot of golf. No.

I I just thought that maybe it'sbecause you weren't a golfer. Have you
seen the ridiculous, ridiculous odds forthis weekend UH for the US OP?
Yes, the number of players underpar uh that I haven't seen. What
would you guess that would be?The number of players under par? Yes,

like over under players at the endof the tournament. How many players
do you think are under par?Uh? Over under four and a half?
That's very good. It's the numberis actually three and a half.
Okay, but I found that prettyamazing. I mean that that means that

everybody is going to be under overpar except for maybe four people. Yeah.
Yeah. Now what I had seenwas was Scheffler, who's obviously on
a just absolute heater right now,was eleven or four, right, And
so was trying to find and nowwith Ramna playing, that made the odds
even shorter. So I was tryingto find somebody who would maybe have a

little bit more value. And frankly, I have a hard time betting against
Gotti Jeffler, That's right, youcan't, except for maybe Victor Hoblin,
maybe Victor Hovlin. I all,was that like fifteen to one maybe?
Yeah, yeah, so yeah,eleven to five. Have you seen some
of the balls being dropped on thegreens? Uh today? No? Just

in general? Oh, just ingeneral, yes, yes, yes,
showing how that the slope and theridiculousness of howlose balls will just continue to
roll and pick up speed and rolloff the green and come right back at
you. Yeah, if you don'thit it hard enough. Yeah. Yeah,
it's great that that happens to meon nearly Flack Greens. It does

to me too, all right,Scott, thank you have a go.
You did the same five one,three, seven, four, nine,
fifteen thirty. Can we do?Do we have time to squeeze in a
contest like at four forty five?Tearn? Yeah, I think we do,
all right, Doctor Trevor Wilkes onCees and Brandon Williamson. And then
we're gonna give away tickets to gosee the Coral Reefer Band tribute to Jimmy

Buffett. It's Jimmy Buffett's band,obviously without Jimmy Buffett. We'll we'll get
two contestants. We'll give you achoice. You want to play a game
about Madden covers of the Ohio Cupthat coming up in just about fifteen minutes.
But first, Doctor Trevor Wilks,Please don't call now, no,
because we have to call Doctor TrevorWilkes. On ESPN fifteen to thirty Cincinnati

Sports Station Cincinnatis on Wednesdays, wechat with one of the experts. We
talked injuries with one of the expertsfrom Ortho Sinsey. The great thing about
Ortho Sincy is they've got specialists andlocations throughout the tri State and they also
walk in orthopedic urgent care during theweek from nine a m. To nine
pm and on Saturdays from nine amto one pm. And Edgewood and Anderson

learnmord orthosincy dot com ortho ci ncydot com you never need an appointment.
Joining us this week is doctor TrevorWilks. So we got some some bad
news yesterday about both Christian and Carnacion, Strand and brand and Williamson. Let
me start with Brandon who he leavesa start during spring training, they put

him on the sixty day injured list. He makes four minor league starts in
a rehab assignment that began back inmid May. They shut him down for
a few days. He had beenpitching well, looked like he was getting
closer to making a comeback, andnow he is exploring the possibility of surgery
because he is dealing with a Bennettlesion. I've never heard of this.

Let's begin with that. What isa Bennett lesion? Yeah, thanks,
Bo, that's actually a good one. Is this is kind of in my
wheelhouse as a shoulder guy. Butso, a Bennett lesion specifically refers to
calcifications. So calcium or bone that'sin a place it's not supposed to be,
in the back of your shoulder.It is associated with tears of the

laborum. So the laboram's are arim of cartilage that helps hold the ball
in the socket. And so whathappens most these pictures that have just thrown
thousands and thousands of reps, theybegin to constantly irritate the back of the
laborum and the back of their shouldersocket, and that creates inflammation. And
in certain patients that inflammation manifests asthese as these little calcium deposits in the

back of the shoulder. And it'ssuper interesting because if you just go grab
one hundred high level pictures and Xraym you can sometimes find one or two
who have that and don't even knowit. But in other people it causes
constant inflammation and can be an impedimentto them and their pitching career. Is
this related to the strain that originallyput him on the injured list? Yeah,

I mean, it's obviously hard toknow for sure, but you'd have
to think that it does have somethingto do with it, and you know
it is likely related to why hewas off since the preseason and why he
had the trouble when he tried tomake those starts coming back, So I
would guess yes, all right,So now they're trying to determine whether or
not he's going to need surgery.Is this particular issue, does it usually

require surgery? And if it does, what's the long term And I guess
also a short term prognosis? Yeah, so a good question. But so
typically we will try conservative treatment first, shutting them down, anti inflammatories,
throwing rehab. But I would considerthat this period of time that he's likely
had, they're going to consider thata failure of that conservative treatment. So

in those situations, yes, itbecomes a surgical issue. It's an arthroscopic
surgery or a minimally invasive surgery inwhich we remove the calcifications, repair the
labrum, and then rehab, andit is typically a six to nine month
rehab. All right, So it'sJune. Let's say this were to happen
here in the next couple of weeks. Six to nine months means we're touching

Marge. So is this the sortof thing that could possibly prevent him from
starting next season on time? Thinkmaybe a delay and he need to be
one of those guys who's just alittle behind the training schedule for next season.
I mean, obviously, I hopenot. We all want to see
him kind of fulfill his potential,but it could be. Yeah, all
right, let's talk about Christian andCarnassi. On Strahan, this has kind

of taken on a life of itsown, unfortunately. So he's hit by
a pitch back in April. Theydo x rays negative, but they find
an old fracture. He misses acouple of days, and then they say,
well, actually there's a new fracturethat they have discovered in the same
risk. So he's been out sincethen, since early May. He is

progressing, I guess nicely, andthen they stop. He stops doing baseball
stuff. He doesn't exam in acouple of days ago June fifth, and
they're trying to figure out what thenext steps are and he the player cees
ops for a second opinion, andthen the specialist who looks at him determines
that there is ligament damage on topof the owner's styloid fracture. So there's

a lot here. Let's go backand recap what is an ulner's styloid fracture,
which I guess was the original injury, the old Yeah. So the
so if you feel your own wrist, if everybody pinches their own wrist on
the pinky side of the wrist oryour small finger, we call it the
ulner side of the wrist. There'sa little bone that kind of pops out

you can roll under your finger.That's your ulner styloid. So it's the
dis it's the far end of yourulna, the two bones in your forearm,
the radius and the ulna, Andit is and it really serves no
purpose mo other than to be theattachment point for a little complex of ligaments
and cushioning on the outside of yourwrist. It's really commonly injured with a

like a forceful fall into an outstretchedwrist. So you know, you trip
and fall, you put your handout catch yourself. And there are a
lot of people who have old injuriesfrom from those kind of you know,
quote unquote sprains that they didn't knowabout. But mixing in the hit by
pitch and the old injury, it'sgetting a little confusing with ces, isn't
it. No big time Yeah,that's why you're here. So I mean,

are we talking about something here wheremaybe the fracture was so severe that
it perhaps made the ligament damage hardto detect. Yeah, agreed, Yes,
hard to know. Again, itseems like something when you got hit
by the pitch, it prompted,you know, enough internal bleeding inflammation that
this and this is something we seein sports medicine sometimes where maybe an old

injury that an athlete is quote unquotecompensating for or living with, something new
happens and pushes them over the edgewhere they're no longer able to compensate or
live with that injury, and it'snow symptomatic, you know, and it
gets confusing to the athlete. Wellwhy did it not bother me before?
Why does it bother me now?But it seems to be one of those
situations. So I kind of agreewith your statement. Yeah, all right,

So now they're exploring the possibility ofsurgery because this just seems to have
not gone well from the get go. I'm us the cynical part of me
assumes he's just gonna have surgery.Does this feel like that's the likely outcome
here? Yes? I mean alwayshate to project on these on these things
about medical stuff, but it does. It's given the way things have gone.

It feels that way to me too, and and and again, this
is a reasonably successful surgery. It'stypically done arthroscopically or with the camera or
or sort of a minimum arthroscopic andopen assisted approach. It's a pretty successful
surgery, a pretty good track record. I will Sam, I'm laughing all
of us in Cincinnati having our favoriteathletes having risk surgery, getting a little

old. Getting a little old tous. But uh, but you know,
generally it's associated with with good outcomesand return to sport. All right,
return like early next season, ontime in twenty twenty five. Agree
he should he should be on timefor spring training? Yes, hi,
doctor Trevor Wilkson orthos since he onemore read to talk about. And then

I have the the end read thatI'm probably not going to be able to
pronounce coming up in a second,but I know how to say, right,
lad strain Amelia Pagan is dealing withthat again. Let's let's begin with
the lat. What is it?How does it work in relation to other
muscles? Yeah, so the latissimusdor sa or your lat's a big muscle
on the side of your back.So if you pull your elbow out away
from your body and you feel thatbig muscle that kind of wings out or

in bodybuilders that kind of wings out. That's your lat. It's really important
to shoulder function as it pulls yourarm down. So you could imagine doing
like a doing like a pull upor a row, and your lat's going
to be pulling your your arm down. And so it's important in throwing obviously
because it helps you to generate therotation to throw the ball and it helps

you to control what you're doing withthe ball. Based only know about emelia,
it does. I mean, they'rethey're talking about the likely outcome is
he's available in the second half ofthe season. Now that's that's a large
sw of of time. So kindof walk me through the likely timeline here.
Yeah, And I guess just forthe audience, the relevant thing is
these muscle injuries are really tricky mode. You know, by strain, what

they mean is internal damage to themuscle. And this would be really similar
to our reds athletes with hamstrings orobliques or different muscle injuries, and athletes
are so different in the way theyrespond to that injury and we hate it
as at athletic trainers or doctors becausepredicting timelines is so challenging, and you're

just going to take it as Ameliaprogresses in the training room, which is
why I think they left such awide scope of injury. And then the
second, the last point I'll makeis just they're prone to re injury.
So if you're going to make amistake, you want to miss, you
want to err on the side ofcaution so that he doesn't reinjury it.
All right, So usually when Iget you or one of your colleagues on

I at least have heard of thebody part that we're talking about here,
or I've heard of the injury,even if I need your background and expertise
to kind of explain what the nextsteps are. So, the NBA Finals
are happening right now. Chris topsPorzingis plays for the Boston Celtics. Uh,
he just missed about five weeks withthe soliest strain, and so yesterday
I see all the NBA writers onTwitter. They tweet about his latest injury,

which may or may not keep himout of the lineup tonight. I'm
gonna read this verbatim and pardon meif I screw it up. But he
is dealing in with an injury tohis left leg. It's a torn medial
retinic calum allowing dislocation of the posteriortibulus tendon. That's a lot of words

solid there, doctor Wilkes, whatis that. Yeah, you did a
good job. You did a reallygood job. Yeah. So that is
so unusual injury. And I wantto make a quick tie in just for
fun here at the end. Butso you know, Christops has had a
lot of injuries. But so thisis at your ankle. So on the
inside of your ankle, you're gonnafeel a bump. That bump is called

the medial maleialis so that's bone,go behind it, and behind it there's
a series of tendons. So tendonsare what connect muscles to bones so that
the muscles can do their action.And these little tendons, we need things
to hold them in place so thatthe tendons don't go snap in back and
forth and going in places they're notsupposed to. So the retinaculum is the

name of a structure that holds thetendons behind that bump. So the muscles
kind of up in your lower legkind of on the inside of your calf
and it helps move the ankle andfoot bones. And so this retinaculum is
torn, and now it is torn, the tendon can actually slide in and

out from behind that bump, causingtendon irritation. So that's the injury,
all right. Is it a severeinjury like they say he can play tonight?
I mean to me, the moreverbiage in an injury, the more
severe I think it is. Canbe played through this? H Yeah,
yes, there's actually a fun back. So the short answer is yes,
absolutely, if the tendon, Ifthe tendon will stay behind the bump,

the medial malilas and sometimes we cando tricks like we can tape it,
wrap it. You know in basketballyou can even get away with some pretty
bulky braces. And if the tendonwill stay in place, then he's going
to be able to play a reallyawesome tie in just for your off for
your audience. But if you rememberthe Kirk Shilling story when they sewed the

tendon, so this is the otherside of the ankle most so, and
Kirk Shilling on the outside of hisankle, he had the same injury,
but the perineal tendons were snapping outof place, and the team doc for
Boston sewed the tendon to the skinso that it wouldn't come out of place.
That was the whole Bloody sock saga. That was such a great story.

But if it would be if Bostongets another bloody sock story, it
would be classic. It would reallybe great. The NBA Finals, we'll
see, We'll see what happens tonight. I appreciate the time as always,
awesome expertise, lots of talk aboutwe'll do it again, man, thanks
so much, thanks Raving. AllRight, there you go. That's our

guy, doctor Trevor Wilkes Orthos.Since I say it every week, the
great think about the people at OrthosSincy is they have specialists locations across the
Tri State including walk in orthopedic urgentcare weekdays nine a to nine p Saturdays
nine a to one pm, Edgewoodand Anderson. It's easier than going to
an er, and it's cheaper thangoing to an er. When you have
an urgent orthopedic injury, go toOrthosinc. Dot com Ortho ci Ncy dot

com. All right, we havevery little time to do this. I
need contestants. Five point three sevenfour nine, fifteen thirty. If you
want to go see a tribute toJimmy Buffett, the qralry for Band playing
at Riverband August fourth. Tickets areon sale now you can win them.
We're gonna give you a choice.We could test your knowledge of the Ohio
Cup, or we could test yourknowledge of the Madden cover. Not this

year's Madden cover, but Madden coversof the past. We need contestants.
Jump in now, five point threein four nine, fifteen thirty. Hopefully
we have time to play. It'sESPN fifteen thirty, Cincinnati Sports Station.
It's Tyler. We're not even gonnaplay Jimmy Buffett music because if we did,
I talk it up to the post, we'd play the music and we
wouldn't have time. So, Tarren, who do we have? We have

Adam on line one, Adam onlineone. How you doing, Adam?
I'm doing good? No, howyou doing? Man? I'm awesome?
And though, who else do wehave there? Tarren? We have Harold
on line Harold, what's up?Hey? How you doing? I've never
been better? All right? Taryn? Who who's gonna call the virtual coin
flip in the air? Well?Let Harold call Harold, call it heads
or tails? What do you got? Tails never fails? Tarren? Give

it a flip. Wow, okay, very good. That was a very
short flip. What do you gotfor me? What heads or tails?
Terren? Tales does not fail today? All right, Harold, Tails did
not fail. You wanna what arewe letting? Harold? Do play?
Pick which game or house? Okay, explain to me how my game works.
So, Harold, do you eitherget to choose which game you want
to play or you get the pick? Do you want to play or do
nothing? Oh? You want toask your questions about the Ohio Cup or

the Madden cover. I'll go Maddencover. All right. Well, so
he's gonna play and Adam's gonna donothing. Yes, all right, put
Adam on hold. He wants Maddencover. Harold. Are you ready a
big Madden player? I used today? He said, Madden cover,
right, Tarren? Yes, allright, here we go. We're gonna
test your knowledge of Madden covers.Let's see, all right, Harold,

who was the first active player onthe cover of Madden active player, meaning
he was an active He was acurrent NFL player at the time that he
was on the Madden cover. AEddie George, B. Jerome Bettis or
C. Marshall Falk Harold. Theshow ends at six o'clock Eddie George.

Yes, all right, Harold,you're one for one. By the way,
we're asking you five questions. Youhave to get three of them.
Right, you're one for one.You gotta get two more, right,
all right, here we go.The first quarterback on the cover of Madden
was A. Brad fav B.Dante Culpepper or C. Donovan McNab.
Which one Brett fhard Is it Brettfavtewn No, No, it was Dante

Culpepper. That's okay, you're alive. You got to get two of the
next three, all right. RayLewis was the first defensive player to ever
appear on the Madden cover. Whowas the second second defensive player in the
cover of Madden. A. TroyPalamalo, B. Drell Reeves, C.
Ed Reed, Troy Troy Polamalo.Yes, very good, all right,

two to three, very good,Gotta get one more. Barry Sanders
has appeared on the cover of Maddentwice. Both times he appeared, he
appeared with someone else. In twothousand, he appeared with John Madden.
He appeared again in twenty fourteen.Who did he appear with? Who was
on the cover with Barry Sanders intwenty fourteen? A Le'Veon Bell, b

Adrian Peterson, C. DeMarco Murray. I can't name them again. I'm
sorry, that's all right, that'sfine. A Le'Veon Bell, b Adrian
Peterson, C. DeMarco Murray,Adrian Peterson, Adrian Peterson. Yes,
Harold, there you go. Congratulationswinner, very good. You want tickets

to go see a tribute to JimmyBuffett the Coral Reef Band. They're playing
at River Bend August fourth. We'llgive away more tickets at five thirty three.
Right now, time for Brendaman andJones on Baseball Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty.
Traffic from the UC Health Traffic Center. The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center
is the region's first and only providerof specialized primary care services for cancer patients

and survivors, called five one,three, five eight five uc CC.
You can expect a ten minute delayif you need to travel northbound seventy one
between Smith Road and Stuart Road,and slower traffic is causing a five minute
slow down on southbound seventy one betweenMartin Luther King Junior Drive and Liberty Street.
I'm Nicole with Ni Bengals, ESPNfifteen thirty. There we go.

What's up? Good afternoon, mowegOr, ESPN fifteen thirty. Appreciate you
listening. Hopefully you're having the greatestWednesday afternoon ever. It's the five o'clock
happy hour. Thanks to our friendsat Micheloi Ultra. How good does one
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We have folks waiting? I startedthe show by talking about the dope wut
ran on the field last night.William Hendon our Paul questions. Thanks to
you, Unit at Heartland Insurance,and it's whether or not it's about whether
or not he should be banned fromGABP. And like I started by talking

about this last at the top ofthe show, I do take this very
seriously. I don't I find humorin everything, and looked there were some
humors. There was a lot ofhumorous aspects to what happened with him last
night. The photos Andy Lyons ofGetty has had a lot of his photos
of that incident last night go viraland they're awesome. And I had never

seen anybody get tased, and solike, I'm not going to say that
I didn't laugh when he hit thedeck. And the story in the paper
about how the judge said to him, all right, this is your fifteen
minutes. You're star now. Ithought you stuck the landing. And he's
in court and he still has hisJohnny Bench jersey on and he looks,

you know, a lot of ushave worn the look of regret. The
next day, he's wearing that lookin the picture that I saw in the
paper, and he says, well, I think I did. There's there's
there's a ton of humorous aspects toit. I don't want to be a
total wet blanket. But I justI started the show by talking about this.
When that happens, when fan runsonto the field, This isn't because

of me, This isn't my fault. This is a reflection of the times
we live in. I tense up, I think something bad is going to
happen, and and I hate tosay it's it's that way a lot of
places I go. I went toa church festival with my family two saturdays

ago, and I love church festivals. The backbone of the Cincinnati summer Reds
baseball and church festivals. And we'rehaving a good time, and then,
like you just you see someone wholooks they're by themselves a little unhinged,
and it's like, okay, I'mgonna keep my eye on them. Unfortunately,

we live in a day and agewhere it I hate to say this,
it feels like nowhere is safe.Supermarkets, malls, churches, synagogues,
playgrounds, goes without saying, schools, concerts, And so I see
dude running out onto the field andI think, unhinged guys about to do

something really awful. Tyler Freeman,the center fielder for the Guardians, stood
there last night and I'm like,the dude runs right up to Tyler Freeman,
who by the way, made twoinsanely good catches in the first inning,
and I'm like, great, thisis this is gonna be this is
gonna be awful. This guy's madthat Tyler sounds stupid, right, But

a lot of things that sound stupidto you and I make sense to people
who are unhinged. So like,there's humor in it. I'm not gonna
pretend there's not, but there's alsoto me when things like that happen,
I just I remind myself, likewe're we live in times that are different
than they were forty years ago,fifty years ago when MORGANA the Kissing Band

it was running out onto the fieldkissing Mike Schmid and Pete Rose. We
just do And I'm telling you,at some point it's going to happen,
and then the people who don't takeidiots running onto the field seriously enough are
going to start to take it seriously. When that happens, it will be
because something really, really sad andtragic and unfortunate happened. The ball question

was about whether he should be bannedpermanently from GABP I guess he has been
given a ban. I haven't readit's a lifetime ban. Fifty seven percent
of you on X right now sayhe should not get a lifetime ban.
I agree, Like, I don'tthink that should be a lifetime banishment.

I certainly understand the Reds not allowinghim to come to the ballpark for a
while, but should he And again, like, I don't know how good
the facial recognition technology is. Idon't know how good the Like I've gotten
into a Reds game without a ticketbefore by basically just like saying hi to
the guy. Shouldn't admit that,But that happened on opening day, like

twenty sixteen, seventeen, So like, I don't know how much they're gonna
enforce that. But do I thinka nineteen year old guy who did something
stupid and probably something that he I'mgonna guess alcohol could have been involved.
Uh? Should that mean that hecan't go to a baseball game in ten
years? No? No, let'suse some common sense here. Anyway,

you could vote at Moleger. Asfor the game itself, that game is
maybe different if Tyler Freeman doesn't actlike Superman in the outfield. Last night,
the Reds lose a bullpen game,but like, they've played really well
and they had the seven game winningstreak and it got snapped, And at
face value, losing two consecutive gamesis not the end of the world.

But you know, seven game winningstreaks are only good if you don't give
them back, right, And sonow you can't let this turn into a
three, four, five or sixgame losing streak. And you know,
let's be honest. As much asthe schedule has softened and they've taken advantage
of bad teams, they're playing areally good one right now in Cleveland,
the Guardians. I don't know thattheir offensive output is sustainable. Their bullpen

is awesome. That division top tobottom is just dramatically better than it was
last year. They're twenty one gamesover five hundred. Good Cleveland team.
The Red's good to Milwaukee this weekend. I think the Brewers pitching is a
house of cards. I said thaton this show yesterday. I do believe.

I don't believe this with a tonof conviction that if anybody in the
division is capable of challenging them,I do think it's the Reds because I
don't think the Red starting pitching isa house of cards. That being said,
it's not a very good offensive team. This weekend is big. Red's
good to Milwaukee. Now, ifyou win two out of three, you
gain one game. If you sweep, you gain three. Let's be honest,

the odds of them sweeping aren't great. Can you go there and get
two out of three and at leastinch a little bit closer and at least
prevent yourself from losing three clicks onthe calendar and more ground on the standings
if you lose the series or getswept this weekend, Tonight's game to me
feels kind of big in large partlet's avoid a losing streak. Also,

the Brewers won today, take twoout of three from Toronto. That's a
Milwaukee team that was swept last weekby Philadelphia. They have bounced back by
taking two out of three the nexttwo series. So if you're looking at
this series as this weekend as kindof the first big one of the year,
and you never want to attach toomuch meaning to one series in June,

But if you're looking at it asthe first big series of the year,
lose to you're gonna go to Milwaukeeeight games out, which means if
you don't win this series, you'regonna go into next week nine or more
games out. This game tonight feelspretty big. Nicolodolo pitches for Cincinnati.
Liked what I've seen from Nicolodolo.We have more tickets to give away.

We've got a tester your knowledge ofthe Ohio Cup. There are a couple
of football things I'm gonna get to. We talked a little bit yesterday about
Joe Burrow's comments about his football mortality, and I have been teasing this,
as we say in the business,all afternoon. I've got some free money
for you. In fact, I'lldo that next. I've got free money
for you. First, I gottafind out if this is real, and

if it is, I've got freemoney for you, and we'll take your
phone calls on ESPN fifteen thirty CincinnatiSports Station, Cincinnati's ESPICKS twenty one after
five o'clock. This is ESPN fifteenthirty Tomorrow. Rick yu Chino is filling
in. Are you guys doing wrestlingTriva tomorrow? Tarn If we have them

with pair tickets to get away possible, you do, don't you? Because
we forgot to give them away Monday. Yeah, so who's doing the show
on Friday? I have no idea. It says to be determined on the
schedule. I have not getting receivedanything before I leave here today. Can
we confirm that there's a host becauseI don't want that phone call on Friday.

I won't be prepared to take thatphone call on Friday. Well,
there's no one here, can Butbefore we get done, can we just
make sure someone's going to be hereon Friday? Yes? Thank you.
By the way, I mentioned onsocial media we have our pole question about
the dope who ran out onto thefield. I put something on social media

today, but before I mentioned that, I guess on x formally Twitter,
if you like something I give you, you like could tweet that is now
private. Nobody can see your likesanymore. Ah. Okay, is that

supposed to make the experience better orworse? I've never in my life cared
what someone I don't care what peopleactually really like in real life. I'm
supposed to care about what they likeon a social media app? Yeah,
those nosy nancies on Have you evercared about what someone else likes on social
media? Okay? Like I gotthat note today it's like, no one's

going to be able to see yourlikes anymore. It's like, okay,
uh, okay, fine? Isthat that is? That? That's good?
I don't know. I don't know, but anyway, I mentioned this
on I put this on social media, said I get an email. I
get emails from a lot of sportsbooks. So I got an email here

from Bookies dot com. Bookies dotcom. It says, here is a
resource providing sports betters with trusted andup to date sports news and betting information
that helps them play safe and securelegal wagers with the best sports betting operators.
I got it from the communications departmentat Bookies dot com. Nine one

this morning. It says, goodmorning mo. The Cincinnati Bengals placed the
franchise tag on t Higgins with thehope that he would regain his form and
help create one of the NFL's premierepass catching duos. However, efforts to
secure a long term deal have stalled, and Higgins requested a trade. His
absence from mandatory mini camps and refusalto sign the franchise tender have further escalated

tensions between both parties. Have theyokay? So it continues? Bookies dot
Com odds maker Adam Thompson has updatedhis hypothetical odds as to where T.
Higgins plays during the twenty twenty fourNFL season. Now, I guess the

word here that we have to payattention to is hypothetical, because hypothetical is
like a theoretical possibility, Like hypotheticallyspeaking, what would I do with Tarren
brought me a three way from skyline? Well, I would devour it.

But he actually doesn't have a threeway from skyline. It's gonna take that
down another road. So I don'tknow if you go to I've tried.
I've gone to bookies dot Com totry to find these odds and I can't
find them. But in the eventthat Bookies dot Com posts these odds or

that you find them somewhere, hehas T Higgins twenty twenty four team odds
listed Bengals plus three hundred. Nowwhat that means is if you make a
wager on the Bengals to be theteam the T Higgins plays for at plus
three hundred. If you make aone hundred dollars wager and he plays for

the Bengals this year, you winthree hundred dollars. The Bengals are the
odds on favorite at plus odds.By the way, for what it's worth
in New England is next plus fourhundred, than Washington plus six fifty,
Arizona plus seven fifty, Vegas plustwelve hundred, Green Bay plus twelve hundred,
Jacksonville plus fifteen hundred, the Giantsof plus fifteen hundred, the Chargers

plus seventeen fifty, Panthers of pluseighteen hundred, and the field which is
everybody else plus eight hundred. Soyou could wager on hypothetically, speaking like
I I am looking at the articlethey sent. This guy was a senior

handicapper for sports Line and CBS,so they have linked to betting apps where
I suppose you can find someone totake this action for you. You could

bet on T Higgins playing for theBengals at plus three hundred odds. I
am handing you if someone is actuallytaking this action free money plus three hundred
odds. He's under contract. Imean, he's not under contract yet,

but he has no fluck. Hecan't go anywhere. He can only sign
with the Bengals. We've been throughthese scenarios a thousand times. I probably
don't need to repeat them. There'sbeen nothing to suggest the Bengals are engaging
teams and discussions about T Higgins.There has been nothing to suggest that T
Higgins is not going to play forthe team this year. No, he
hasn't come to mean he camp.No one expected him to. He probably

won't come to training camp on time. Nobody expects him to. He would
be foolish to let twenty one milliondollars evaporate if he chose not to play
for the team this year. Bythe way, I don't see in his
odds here no team like him notplaying football in twenty twenty four. So
do your shopping. If our friendAdam Thompson here, who is a guy

I've read his work before, Ifour guy Adam Thompson here is reflective of
what odds makers are actually offering up, I can't think of another instance where
the money seemed more automatic than this. And again, the Bengals are the
odds on favorite. He's not sayingthat it's more likely that he ends up

somewhere else. He is saying theBengals are the favorites, and he's laying
plus three hundred odds. So again, we want to make thirty bucks.
Find somebody who'll take this action.Bet ten you'll win thirty. I've also
got to do kind of do thesports talk radio thing here where I tie

the dufist that ran on the fieldlast night to Joe Burrow. We're gonna
do that, and we have moretickets to give away. One more pair
of tickets on this show to gosee a tribute to Jimmy Buffett, the
Coral Reefer band. We need.We already did Men and Cover, so
now we've got to go back andpivot to Ohio Cup. We'll test your

share knowledge of the or your knowledgeof the shared history between the Reds and
Guardians. I think these are allmostly based on the head to head battles
between these two franchises. Contestants needed. If you want to go see the
tribute to Jimmy Buffett, it's it'sJimmy Buffett's band. Obviously, Jimmy Buffett
passed last year, late late lastsummer, but his band is still going

to be playing. They're only playinga handful of US shows. One of
them is going to be at Riverbendon the fourth of August. Tickets on
sale now at ticketmaster dot com.We'll give away tickets. We'll spend a
few minutes on the red search fora bat, and I'll do my sports
talk radio thing where I tied JoeBurrow to the goofball who ran on the
field last night. A lot toget to between now and six on ESPN

fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station, youfound. Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty sports headlines
are a service of Kelsey chevroleta homelifetime powertrain protection and guarantee credit approval from
their family to yours for life kelseyshevdot Com, Reds and Guardians again tonight

at GABP seven to ten This eveningseven hundred wl W, Nick Lidolo will
throw for Cincinnati Reds, trying tobreak a brief two game losing streak.
I mentioned before. The Brewers werewinners today, so Cincinnati must win to
keep pace with millwall Boy whom isit whom? Whom they play on Friday.
Your starting lineup tonight hopefully made wellthanks to Madewell Restoration. Not sure

what your home needs you could trustMadewell. Go to Madewell Restoration dot Com.
TJ Friedel is leading off in centerfield. Elliott's short Candelario at third,
Steers batting cleanup at first base.Jake frehleian right field, Tyler Stevenson
is catching, Jacob Herdabes is inleft field, betting seventh indiat tewcond Will
Benson is d hing. Apparently BlakeDunn is okay. After kind of a

scary moment of the ninth inning lastnight, with the game on the line,
took a one hundred and one milean hour fastball to the head.
It cracked his helmet. Fortunately,it looks like he is gonna be fine.
Florence Yawl's will take on Windy Citytonight NBA Finals Game three, Dallas
hosting Boston. There is no buzz. I love the NBA, love basketball,

I love sports. Almost no buzzfor the NBA Finals. Lackluster and
short pair of conference finals, longdelay between the two series in a series
that for for the star power that'son the floor, the games just haven't
been that interesting. Maybe that changestonight, and a man who I think

had the greatest basketball life of alltime, Jerry West, passes away at
the age of eighty six. Allright, we need contestants five, one,
three, seven, four, nine, fifteen thirty. Uh, if
you want to go see Buffett.No, you're not gonna go see Buffet
unfortunately, but you're gonna go seehis band Pay Pay pay tribute to him.
August fourth, at Riverbend will testyour knowledge of the Ohio Cup.

Five one three seven four nine,fifteen thirty. We need two, We've
got one. We need one more. Five one three seven four nine,
fifteen thirty. While we wait forone more, we'll chat with Mike.
Hi, Mike, I'm mo,it's up. Hey, Yeah, sad
about Garry Westt. What a remarkableguy. I'm telling you kind of summed
it up. But you know thatone's finals. He was the MVP,

averaged forty plus a game in thatseries. Incredible. Yeah, you know.
I've used him as an example.In twenty fifteen, the Warriors won
their first NBA championship. They beatthe Cavs, and they probably would have
had Cleveland been healthy, but theyhad a lot of injuries in that series.
Kyrie Irving got hurt in that series. Kevin Love got hurt in that

series. Lebron was the best playeron the floor. Andre Iguidala won the
series MVP award. I made thecase at the time Lebron should be the
MVP even though his team's not goingto win the series, because the mere
fact that it got to six gameswas a reflection of his greatness. I
got yelled at, and what Iwould always do is play the Jerry West

card and go, look, thereis precedent. We've had a player win
finals MVP on the losing team before. If it's good enough for Jerry West,
it's good enough for Lebron. I'mwith you. And the only guy
I could think of that would beremotely close in baseball, and I mean
remote Joe to Maybe, Yeah,Joe Torrey. Sure, great player,

not a Hall of Fame caliber player, but a great player and a great
manager. You know, he managedin other places where the results were a
little underwhelming before he went to theYankees. So he was in Atlanta,
they did win a division. Hewas with the Mets, they were terrible.
He was with the Cardinals, theyweren't very good. Whereas with Jerry

West, there really wasn't an era. There really wasn't anything that he did
that he failed at. He wasan iconic player, he was a great
general manager, and he wasn't justgreat as the GM of the Lakers.
He ran the Grizzlies turned around thatfranchise. Has his fingerprints all over the
Warriors dynasty and was advising the LAClippers. What exactly his role there was,

I don't know, but there's nothinghe did where he failed. I
don't know that there's been anybody who'shad as successful a basketball life. We've
seen iconic players who have stayed inbasketball, and it just it hasn't worked
to the same degree that it didwith with Jerry West. He came from

a really rough background. I meanDirk poor father left abused him. It
was rough. Hey, I gota quick stat. You'll look because I
know you're second and the home Daggers. Don't forget to double down tonight.
Make your money back you go,don't forget Porzinga's Okay, the fifty two
minutes Porzinga has been on the benchthese teams are one oh nine. One

oh nine the minutes when he's playedthat flips twenty five plus from Boston.
That's how big he is. Uhyeah, he was insane at the start
of Game one. I this gamefrom a gambling perspective is a bit of
a stay away. I like Dallasearly in the game because you know it's

Game three, they're down oh two, they're at home. They have Luca.
You expect him to come out hot, and the value is too good
for Jason Tatum and the triple double. But this injury. I've seen people
opine that this is something he couldplay through. I've seen people wonder if
this is gonna be something he dealswith next year. I don't know.

Also, he has been hurting theseplayoffs before, and so my guest is
Boston's still gonna win the series.But this does add a a wrinkle that
is a little bit hard to wrapyour brain around. It sure is,
Hey, mo, I have agreat time at the games, and I
just kid pitching for the Indians.Now, he ain't no joke. No,
you're you're you're right about that.I will Mike, thank you?
Yeah, all right? Are weare? We getting right to the contest

now, Tarren? Well, wehave time take a break if you want,
but we do have du contesting.Well, let's not make those folks
wait. Let's get right to it. Huh for sure, you know you
know what it is. Yeah,let's let's do the contest and then we'll
see how much time we have.Right. Uh, we we have Who
do we have, Taran? Whodo we have playing our stupid little game

here? It's not stupid, awell thought out organized game. Hi?
Ryan, how you doing good?Man? I'm great? Who else do
we have there? Tarran? Wehave Brandon? I Hi, Brandon,
how are you great? How youdoing man? I'm doing well. Tarran
just has a brief aside. I'vedecided what I need in here is I

need like a secretary to like organizeall these notes and papers like I had
I lost? There are I lostmy Ohio cup questions? But I found
them. We're auditioning for a foran in studio assistant. Hi, guys,
uh Aran, Who's gonna call thevirtual coin? Flip? Oh?

Ryan can call it? All right? Ryan? Go ahead? Heads or
tails? Tails never failed? Tailsnever fails. They say, go ahead
and flip. Wow, look atthat. That almost hurts someone? What
did it? Land on? Tarran? It failed? It failed? So
Brandon, you either get to playor sit there and do nothing. Pass
pass. I guess that means thatthey're in do nothing all right? Put
Brandon on hold. I call hangon. I called tails and he gets

to choose what. I'm confused?Did it end as? Did it land
on heads or tails? It's onheads? Who called the corn right?
So now you're stuck answering bad triviaquestions about the Reds and Guardians. Are
you ready? Yep? Tarren?Are you ready? I'm ready? By
the way, I found my pentoo. Here we go, best of

five. You gotta get three ofthese correct? So uh. These are
not entirely related to the head tohead battles between the Reds and Indians,
but it's about their shared history.Here we go. On April the seventh,
two thousand and six, the Redstraded Jeff Stevens to Cleveland for which

player A. Sean Casey, BJoe Randa, C. Brandon Phillips.
I'm gonna go Sean Casey. ShawnCasey was Brandon Phillips. Reds did acquire
Sean Casey from the Cleveland Indians justbefore opening Day in ninety eight, but
that trade there in two thousand andsix brought Brandon Phillips to Cincinnati. That's

okay, Ryan, you still havefour chances to get three correct. Are
you ready yep? Nineteen ninety fivewas the only year in which the Reds
and Indians both played in their respectiveleague. Championship Series. Reds played in
the NLCS. Indians played in theALCS. Red's lost in four to the
Atlanta Braves. Cleveland in the AmericanLeague Championship Series played which team A The

New York Yankees, b The SeattleMariners or ce the Boston Red Sox.
I'll do Red Sox? Was itthe Boston Red Sox? Tearn oh Seattle
Mariners? Seattle Mariners beat the Yankeesin five in an iconic series and then
took Cleveland to six. Indians wouldgo on to lose the World Series to

the Atlanta Braves. Okay, Ryan, got it. You got to get
each of the next three correct?Stand by? Are you ready? Ye?
All right? In twenty sixteen,this Reds pitcher became the only starting
pitcher in Ohio Cup history to allowten runs in one start? Was it
a Tony Sinerani b Ross Olendorf orc Big pasta Alfredo Simon, I'll go

big pasta big pasta? See wasa big pasta? Yes, gave up
ten runs. Only pitcher in OhioCup history to surrender ten runs in one
start. All right, you're stillalive. Here we go. The Cleveland
Indians made the twenty sixteen World Seriesthat franchise. His most recent World Series
appearance made the twenty sixteen World Series. They lost to the Cubs in seven

games. That Cleveland team that lostthe World Series in seven games included this
current member of the Reds coaching staffas an active player. So current Reds
coach in two thousand and sixteen playedfor the Indians. A. J.
R. House B. Colin cowgillor C. Joel McKeithen. Jeez,

Uh is it Joel McKeithen. Ryan, I'm very sorry, but it was
Colin cowgill. Uh, you havemy condolences. Thank you so much.
Uh, Brandon, you did absolutelynothing. Congratulations, You're gonna go see
Jimmy Buffet's band. Perfect. Thankyou very much. You're don't thank me

really? Thank Ryan Tarren. Doyou want me to uh ask you the
fifth question? Just to see ifyou or the audience would know what it
is? Sure? Why not?Okay? The last Cleveland team to win
the World Series included a player whoseson would go on to manage the Reds.
Which Red's manager had a dad winthe World Series with the Indians.
Was it a David Bell? P. B. B. Pete mccannon or

c Bob Boone? It Bill?Was it Bob Boone? Bob Boone's dad
Ray played for the night. Teenforty eight, Cleveland Indians won the World
Series. Ryan, thank you forlistening. Our condolences Tea. Do you
offer condolences for not winning a sillyradio game? I don't know. Thank
you for playing, Ryan, Brandon, congratulations. Taran will get your information.
Ryan. Maybe Brandon and you cango to the show together. I

have no idea. It is triviawrestling Trivia Tomorrow with Ricky Chi. Do
we know who's doing the show onFriday? No, not yet. Is
anybody doing the show on Friday?Somebody will do the show. Just me
talking wrestling, that's fine. Whatever. You could talk wrestling for three hours
and well, I can't wait.It's a twelve away from six. This

is ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station, High Interest rates, maybe the norm
and a competitive eating duel between KobeYashi and Joey Chestnut on September the second
correct live on Netflix. Awesome.I'm not going to watch. There are
a lot of things that I like, and there there are some things that
I don't like, and I butI could understand why they're entertaining. Competitive

eating is not one of them.I have tried. You know, everybody
gets excited. Fourth of July andNathan's hot dog eating contest. I am
seen a wing eating contest once atthe ballpark fourteen years ago. Watching people
do that, and I could eatnow, well I could. I had
no problem eating. Watching people dothat made me sick to my stomach.

So if that's your thing, NetflixSeptember the second, you could watch Kobeyashi
versus. What are they going tobe eating? Hot dogs? Yes,
their first matchup since two thousand andnine. Why they haven't met in fifteen
years? Why is it only hotdogs they eat? Now? I would
be a little bit more interested ifthey would change up the sort of food
they would eat. Well, Ithink that's just the one that I guess
on TV. Hot dogs. Yeah, yeah, that's not my jam.

Sorry, it's a it's just notmy jam. Couple of things I didn't
get a chance to get to.In Saint Louis, they gave a standing
ovation to Paul Skeins and then there'sanother round to see like that's why in
Saint Louis they're the best fans inbaseball. Why don't we do that sort
of stuff here? Like we did? Anybody do that for Tyler Freeman last
night, not because he didn't highfive of the idiot that ran on the

field, but because of the twocatches he made in the first inning.
Don't do that here? Maybe weshould, I don't know. Joe Burrow
talked about his football mortality. Look, this is a reflection to me of
experience and him entering a stage oflife as an NFL quarterback that each one
of us hit at some point.I think every person reaches a point where

they go, you know what,I'm not invincible. I also think everyone
goes through things that alter their perspective, and I think everybody has things that
happened to them the change how youview what's important. I think that's happening
with Joe Burrow. I'm going toguess that is happening to Will Hendon the

dufist that ran out of the fieldlast night. I would elaborate, but
I can't because there's music that meanswe have to go. I am taking
the rest of the week off riquload management season. Ricky Uchino will be
here tomorrow and host to be determinedwe'll fill the seat on Friday time.
Like I'm nervous the last time Itook off and there was a blank space

on the schedule. At about twopoint fifty eight before the show goes on
the air, I get a phonecall, Hey, were you? I
think I remember that, so we'llsee what happens. Have a great night.
Thank you for listening. Thanks Tannerfor producing. This is the ESPN
fifteen thirty Cincinnati sports station. Thisreport

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