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June 14, 2024 105 mins
Richard Skinner of Local12 talks what the Reds could do with Elly De La Cruz moving forward. Joe Burrow and the Bengals, College World Series and so much more.
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Are you ready for some football?Hi? This is Dan Horror joined Dave
Lapham and me for every play ofevery game on the official home of the
Bengals, ESPN fifteen thirty. Hey, welcome in on this Friday afternoon.
I'm Richard Skinner from Local twelve,Local twelve dot Com in from Oegar this
afternoon. Tarren Bland running the show. Between now and six o'clock. We'll

get in some Reds brewers and thequestion of what to do with Elie d
Lacruz. I've got to think asimple solution. We'll talk some Bengals.
I was just at Minichamp for thelast three days, covering four Local twelve
dot com talk from Joe Burrow,some of the things that Zach Taylor had
to say from the mini camp,and just some general takeaways. Mike Patriya

from CLSN Sports will join me inthe four o'clock hour to break that down
as well, and I'll also getmaybe a question for him on the Reds.
He does cover the Reds too,he covers a lot of sports in
Cincinnati, covers colleges as well,so he'll join me then and my podcast
partner Rick Boring will join me injust a few minutes. We're gonna kind
of put a bow on the collegebasketball transfer portal. I'm gonna ask him

to grade how he thought, yousee Xavier, Kentucky and NKU, which
he's the radio analyst for how theydid this offseason, and put literally a
grade on how each kind of addedto their roster and maybe built their roster
for the next season. I've gotto take on Jamar Chase in his contract
situation. It won't be popular,but the market keeps exploding so much and

I'm honestly not sure a long termlucrative extension is the right way to go.
And I'll tell you why. AsI mentioned, I've got to I
think a simple solution to maybe helpingEllie de la Cruz. One thing they're
not going to do is I hearda couple of people called during during Austin
show, since he three sixty fromNew to three about you know, Redsney
to send Ellie out. That's notI mean, he's listen, there's no

better solution. Well, they martTa can play shortstop. He's not coming
back for another couple of weeks.But that's not going to be the answer
either. I mean, he hasstarted sixty seven of sixty eight games for
a reason. But again, there'ssomething that can be done with him that
can help him. In my opinion, they won't. It won't be done,
but perhaps it should be done.This weekend is the College World Series,

and I'm not gonna make any bonesabout it. I am a University
of Kentucky graduate and UK is inthe College World Series for the first time,
and I'm literally excited to watch,super excited to watch. I had
somebody ask me on my podcast asa Kentucky grad slash fan, where does
this rank in terms of what UKhas done in its sports history? And
I said it's number two for me. Number one was the nineteen seventy eight
National Championship basketball team because at thetime I was in my teens and that

was the team I rooted for.Is the first time I saw them win
a championship, so that was abig deal. But this is number two
for me. But they're in theCollege World Series and Dick Gabriel, who
hosts Big Blue Insider on WLAP Radioand Lexington, was going to join me
in the five o'clock hour just toset the scene for what their head coach,
Nick Minjiona is done to get thisteam to the College World Series.
What it's meant for the fan baseof which he's got the pulse of,

and maybe their chances as they actuallywere the number two seed the nation going
into the NCAA tournament. The numberone seed Tennessee is also there as well.
And of course your phone calls arealways welcome five to one to three,
seven, four, nine, fifteenthirty. I'll also keep you up
to day on the US Open,and I'll give you a quick scoreboard update
on that right now, where ithas been a crazy blood bath. There

are only where are we at?There are only fifteen players at the moment
under par, and six of themare still on the course. The cut
line at the moment is projected atthree over there currently. Well, look,
a minute ago, there were sixtyfive players inside the cut line.

The cut line is the low sixtyin ties, and that has already moved.
Now there are sixty five plays.Now there's only sixty three players,
So this cut's gonna go to fourover in all likelihood, and could go
to five over as well. That'sstill that's a lot of worse. There's
seventy five players that are t seventyfive or better. And one of the
players outside that and in that fiveover group is Scotty Shuffler, who shot

a seventy four today after a seventyone yesterday. So he is in the
five over group. He's done,and so he's just sitting there seeing if
the cut line floats to him again. It's right now at three, I
would suspect it goes to four.Five is probably a stretch. Your leaders
in the clubhouse are Thomas Deetree atfour under and Bryce and d Chambeau at
four under. There are three playerson the course at the moment, Matthew

Pavaughan, Patrick Can'tlan and Ludvig Gabergall at five under par. And again
I'll keep you updated on those scoresthroughout the rest of the program today,
Reds and Brewers. This weekend Tonight, Hunter Green goes against Freddie Bralton.
The Reds did make a roster movetoday, Nick Martini backed up from Louisville.
Blake Done goes down. It makessense the Reds face three right handed
starters this weekend, so Martini,being a left hand bat, makes all

the sense in the world for himto be back up and pretty good matchups
for the weekend Green and Pearl toTonight, It'll be Andrew Abbott Bryce Wilson
tomorrow and then Sunday in the inthe finale, Frankie Montas goes against Colin
Ray. Red's entered this weekend thirtythree and thirty five and in a jumbled,

jumbled wild card group at the momentwhere you have the San Diego Potters
at thirty seven and thirty five arethe first wild card at the moment,
and between them and the New YorkMets, there are eight teams actually taking
nine teams within three games of thewildcard, and the Reds are just a
half game out at the moment ofthat. And it's certainly too early to

start looking at wildcards. But Iheard Austin earlier this week and I would
be in agreement with him on this. You know, as jumpled as this
is, there's a lot of teamsthat will be looking to make moves,
and with the news of Christian andKarnison Strand this week, the Reds are
really in desperate need of a powerbat, and in my opinion, a
right handed power back, and whereyou are at the moment would tend to

make me say the sooner you makea move, the better. Now listen,
I'm and I'm not savvy enough toknow what they would have to give
give up to get that back.I wouldn't want it to be a significant
bounty of guys. But I thinkyou're at that spot after they didn't pull
the trigger last trade deadline, andI didn't blame them. In fact,
I was in that camp that saidI'm fine with it. I think they

wanted to see what they had inthe young guys, and that's really what
last year was about. Again,when you're in the playoff funt arguably you
should go for it, and maybethey should have it in retrospect if you
want to relitigate it. They obviouslyshould have made some kind of a move,
but they didn't. And again that'swater under the bridge. But now
here we are again, and youwere counting on Christian and Carnassi on Strand
to be a big part of yourlineup. You're counting on Matt McLean to

be a big part of your lineup, counting on La Martine to be a
big part of your lineup. Nowyou're getting him back and you have a
definitive date to get him back.It's when they open the series against the
Cardinals at the end of next week, as he's on a rehab stit at
the moment. But this team coulduse not just a power bat, but
a right handed power bat. JammerCatillarry is starting to fill that role a

little bit. Will Benson has providedsome from the left hand side of the
plate. You've got no power,surprisingly out of Jake Freiley, and I
just I guess that illness really sappedit out of him. Tyler Stevens is
not really a power bat John thanAny certainly is not. I mean,
they can hit a home run hereand there, but you need a definitive,
almost middle of the lineup power bat. And I think you are in

that vein of sooner rather than laterswhen that deal would have to be made
because other teams are gonna start makingdeals to try to get themselves better.
Those teams that are that are inthe wildcard hunt, and I mean the
law it's it is a laundry list. The Giants, the Cardinals, Diamondbacks,
the Cubs, the Nationals, thePirate, even the Mets, as
bad as they they're three games outof the Wildcard and Yeah, it's a

lot of teams they have to leapfrog. But as you've seen the Reds,
literally the stretch that they're in rightnow is kind of leap frog them
back into it. I don't wantthis to be wait till the dre tredy
della, wait till after the AllStar If you can start making some deals,
make them do it now, makethis team better now. I can't

sit and hope Matt McClean comes backand win. That might because you don't
know, they don't know, hedoesn't know. So I'd like to see
them do something like that. I'msure you would too. As I mentioned,
I was at the Bengals mini campthis week where obviously the all eyes
were on Joe Burrow and I knoweverybody wants to know what's he looked like,
how's you know? He doesn't likehe's ripping throws? And to Joe's

point this week when he spoke,I think is one that people need to
just take a chill pill with allthis as he as he said this,
this is he's still in the rehabprocess. I didn't expect him to come
back, and part of their theirmini camp really wasn't about doing those kind
of things. They had a handfulof minimal seven on sevens that were speed

with helmets. So his comment aboutI'm not trying to be ready in June,
I'm trying to be ready by Septembermakes all the sense in the world.
And while you want to know noweverybody wants it, is he okay.
I don't think he even knows whenokay will be, and it's certainly
not right now. He's coming backstill from surgery, as he mentions,

he has good days and bad days. He's trying to listen to his body
more. His head coach is tryingto help him by giving him scheduled days
off. The Joe Burrow we've knownhas tried to work through injuries, tried
to work back lord. He cameback way too early from the appendectomy and
the appendicitis. A couple of trainingcamps ago and looked the part. The

first couple of games out of theshoot to the Bengals lost last year.
Came out to practice wearing a sleeveon his calf lo and behold, calf
got hurt. Tried to fight throughcalf injury, didn't work. Angles get
off to a one in three startas he tries to work through that.
So he's he's trying to listen tohis body more. His coach is trying
to help him with that by evenwhen things are going well and Joe says

he's feeling fine, of nope,we're gonna take this nice and slow and
have a plan. But we're notgonna know what that wrist is really until
we see eleven on. Eleven's intraining camp, we see him in joint
practices, where again he's not goingto be able to get hit as quarterbacks
don't en camp. They wear thered jersey or orange jersey for a reason.

They can't get hit, and theydon't. That's just part of it.
But there is live rush, thereare bodies around him. He has
to at some point rip a throwinto a tight window. Now. I
did find his answer to a questionhis press conference the other day pretty interesting
when he was asked, you knowif you had to make a tight window
throw right now, could you?And he said without a blink one I'll

take him at his word, butI think we all need to see it,
and I think he needs to seeit. Could he rip? And
I joked afterwards the people that coveredI said he said he could rip a
throw. I mean, could herip multiple throws? We don't know.
He doesn't know. And the otherpart is until he gets contact and has
to brace a fall with that risk, we're not gonna know. But I
do think that to his credit,I think he's trying to finally take this

with more of a professional approach asopposed to no ifense. I admire him
for some of this grit in histeeth and trying to fight through injury stuff.
You probably do too, You probablylove that out of the quarterback.
But I think when these injuries havestarted to pile up, I think he's
understood. All right, I needto listen here. I need to take
this in a different route. Andobviously his quote from the other day about

his football mortality coming to mind.I know some people may have taken that
the wrong way, but I thinkthat's a guy being honest in saying,
Hey, you know, I guessI'm not invincible. Maybe I thought I
was. I'm not. So therewasn't a ton to glean from Burrow being
in what he did at many camp. There was some I mean, he
threw the ball, he made acouple of tight window throws. He made

a couple of nice deep out routethrows, didn't really rip it deep down
the field. That really wasn't theplan. But for those who thought maybe
you'd know after me, you're not. You're not gonna know until until training
camp and maybe even into the season. Once he finally does get hit and
does have to brace a fall anddoes have to to throw forty five passes

in a game, that's when you'llknow. I got a couple other takeaways
from from Minni camp, including oneon Chase Brown and some of the younger
guys and the situation at corner withcamp Taylor brid I'll get to those in
just a bit. But coming upnext to my podcast partner Rick Browing,
who's also works for also runs thesite Musketeer report dot com and as the
radio analyst for ENKU, We're gonnaput a bow on the college basketball transfer

portal for the local teams. I'mgonna ask him to grade how they did.
But we also got into this onthe podcast yesterday about the young man
will handed he ran onto the fieldand as I mentioned at the end of
Sincy three sixty with Austin Ellmore thatI was told that the kid friends raised
five thousand dollars for him to runon the field, and Rick and I
kicked around what the price point wouldbe to do something like that. We'll

do that again, but then wealso have a similar decision on what to
do with people that run on thefield. He and I will break all
that down next. I'm Richard Skinnerin from Oegar this afternoon, and you're
listening to ESPN fifteen thirty three twentythree. Welcome back in ESPN fifteen thirty
Richard Skinner from Local twelve, Localtwelve dot com in from Oegar this afternoon.
Lots of Reds and Bengals ahead toget to talk from college baseball in

the five o'clock hour. The collegeWorld Series looming. But he and I
host a podcast together. He alsois the man who's the main man at
Musketeer Report dot com, the radioanalyst for NKU basketball. He is Rick
Brooring, And We've got a coupleof things to kick around, but I
do want to start with college basketballwith you, Rick, as we're kind
of putting a bow on the transferportal, So I'm gonna ask you to

great how you thought each of thethe well, each of the four teams
I'm gonna give you UC, Xavier, NKU, and UK did in kind
of building their roster this offseason.If there's anything else in the portal that
maybe these teams will look to pickthe carcass of because there's not a ton
left, but there are still someguys in the portal. I'll start with
the team that you mainly cover,which is is Xavier. Put a grade

on what they did this offseason,so it's skinny, just like we would
doing our podcast. I'm gonna takethis in a different direction on you fair
enough, it's so difficult to gradethese teams with specific grades because we haven't
even seen any of them play togetherin a practice. That's why we do
this. Well, give me asecond, and I would say most of

these teams, in terms of addingguys, I feel good about what they
did about I think they're all somewherein the beat like B minus to B
plus. All the local teams dida pretty good job. I'm not wowed
by any of them. So whatI would tell you is the team that
I feel like got closest to bemaking a significant improvement at Cincinnati, like

Surefire. I think Xavier has thehighest ceiling. Zager has more question marks
with what they did. I thinkCincinnati adding Dylan Mitchell, adding Connor Hickman,
they were pretty close last year.They brought back almost everyone that was
important to that success last year.The young guys, Dan Skillings, Gigsel

James, those guys are going toimprove. You added Connor Hickman and Dylan
Mitchell. I think Cincinnati has themost sure fire offseason that they're going to
be closer to being a competitive teamat the top of the Big Twelve this
year with Xavier. I think ifeverything goes according to plan, they could
come out looking like an A orA plus. The problem is there are

still a lot of question marks therewith guys that are coming off injuries.
I mean, first of all,two of your best players are Zach Fremantle
and Jerome Hunter. And while ZachFremantle looks great right now, you know
you're still relying on Jerome Hunter torecover right about the time the season is
going to be starting. So thereare some serious question marks there. And
you add in a guy like JohnHugley, who really has to get back

in shape after having a couple ofdown years due to injuries. He's gonna
have to work his body back intoa physical condition to where he can contribute
at the high major level. Idon't think he's really close to that right
now. A guy like Lasina Trioreseems like more of a backup to me.
Will see what he looks like whenthey get into actual workouts here in
the summer. But I just don'tknow that they have a bona fide starter

at the center position yet. Andthat's the biggest question I have for them.
So that was what would keep themfrom getting an A from me.
With Kentucky, it's like they areThey added so many different guys. You
would say they added the most qualitypieces, but they had to replace an
entire roster, and when you're talkingabout Kentucky, the expectations are so high.

I'm not even sure if this isthe top twenty five team. I
think after the addition of Jackson Robinson, most pundits would agree that they'll move
them into the top twenty five whenthey make their updated rankings. That they
haven't done that already, But thereare still question marks about the way this
team has come together. I'm notwild it. I don't love the point
guard situation, assuming it's Lamont Butlerbacked up by Kerkkrisa. So I think

that's kind of where I'm at onKentucky. And then finally with Nku,
anytime you lose the school's all timeleading scorer, and I mean, you
don't really replace him with any oneimpact guy. Necessarily, it's hard to
say that you've got an a offseason. But at the same time,
when you're in a league like theHorizon League where over eighty percent of the
players on the all conference teams lastyear were plucked by high major conferences in

the transfer portal, bringing back guyslike Trey Robinson, Sam Vincent even though
he's coming off a knee injury,LJ. Wells, especially Randall Pettis,
Jeremiah Israel bringing back all of thoseguys. NKU had as much coming back
as anyone. And oh, bythe way, they went out and landed
another Division two point guard that lookslike he might be the most talented of

the three Day's landed over the lastthree years, the other two being Michael
Bradley and Xavier Rhodes. Let's goback to Xavier for a minute. Should
you read anything into well, Iguess I'll start with this, do they
need to try to add another frontcourt piece at this moment, Is there
even anybody out there? No,they're done. They filled up all thirteen
scholarships and they even use that lastscholarship to give to a former walk on.

So I think that made their planspretty clear that they're done for this
year. They're relying on some guysto be healthy, and even if they're
not, I think they're going tobe able to play small ball. You
can go Zach Fremantle at the centerposition, and whether Jerome Hunter's playing the
flour or you have to go witha guy like Dalen Swain or Cameron Fletcher,
who's another guy coming off multiple ACLinjuries who transferred over from Florida State,

a one time Kentucky recruit, verytalented prospect. At one point,
you have multiple options to play differentlineups and be versatile if it doesn't work
out at the center position with aguy like John Hugh Glee or with Lacina
Triore as your starter. I thinkthey have enough bodies. But in terms
of like being impressed by their frontcourt, it's just not there yet.

We have to see more from them. Let's go back to both UC and
Kentucky for a moment, and let'sstart with you see how much in your
opinion did the Dylan Mitchell add movethe needle of that of whatever grade you
would you said he'd pev Mall andthe b's, I mean, how much
did that move the needle for them? Yeah? I would say, like
you know, they went from whatI would have said was a C offseason

to a B or B plus withthe addition of Dylan Mitchell. He gives
you a bona fide starter in thefront court that's already proven himself at the
Big twelve level coming from Texas.I mean, this is however you feel
about where his game is headed,and whether he's a pro prospect or not,
or what positions he can play,how versatile he is, he's already
proven a baseline that's better than whatCincinnati has in the front court. Last

I think that's the important part ofit, is you look at a guy
who had not major numbers, butbona fide solid numbers in that league.
Yeah, he's such an athlete andhe gives you something from that perspective,
And when we look at the typeof team that Wes Miller has put together,
that's who they were last year.They were long, athletic. We
heard so many teams talk about goingup against them their physicality and that length

and athleticism, especially on defense.He's just another guy that's added to that.
Now. I'm not sure exactly howthe lineup is going to play out
now because it's like I thought theywere best when they had Sehwans Lucacius at
the four last year and a seatBandego at the five. Where does Dylan
Mitchell fit in? Because I thinkhe's either a four or five, And
if you slide Lucasis up, doesthat mean Skillings goes to the two?

And then you got Gisel James atthe one because I think that's you got
to have him in the on thefloor as well. Where does Connor Hickman
fit in? Then the transfer fromBradley who was an over forty three point
shooter on about six attempts from beyondthe art per game last year. They're
expecting him to make a major impact. So what is definitely going to have
some massaging to do with this lineupto figure out who's going to be the

five starters and how that six manfeels about not starting, and on to
Kentucky and it's again, it's thelate addition. I thought Mark Pope had
done a really good job. Imean, again, there's some he wants
to have shooters. He added someshooters. He got a guy who's a
winner in Lamont Butler. I knowyou're not very high on Kirk Criesa,
but he's started in two big programsand done okay. But the addition of

Jackson Robbins at the end was thata must have. Definitely, It's sort
of like the Dylan Mitchell addition forCincinnati. It takes Kentucky from Okay,
maybe this team will be okay tooh, you feel a lot better about
it, and now they look likea likely top twenty five team. At
least. Part of that is notonly is he talented, skinny, but

he knows Mark Pope's system. Andthat's going to be a major advantage when
you're trying to bring in all thesedifferent players for the playing together for the
first time, brand new, mostof them playing within this system for the
first time ever. To have probablyyour best and most talented player already experienced
within the system, that's going tomake a major difference for Mark Pope and
his coaching staff. So without adoubt, that was a huge addition.

I'm not wowed by the overall roster, but that's kind of the Mark Pope
system. I think a lot ofit's going to come down to do they
have enough skill to run what hewants to run? All right, I
gotta switch gears on you here.And we kicked this around on the podcast
yesterday. We spent probably more timethan we should have on it. On
the on the young man getting tasedat Great American Ballpark, Will Hendon,

I said, I was told thatfriends had raised five thousand dollars. Is
why he did it? Because thatwas always a question of why did he
do it? Was he drunk outof his mind? Something else going on?
You know, maybe it was justcold hard cash. We kicked around
our price point yours was off thestratosphere. Austin Elmore said he considered it
for five grand I told you I'dconsider it for five and I said I'd
consider it. I don't know ifI'd pull the trigger on it, but

i'd consider it. But one thingyou and I did agree on, while
we were wildly different, in whatthe cost was. And I'll let you
answer this because I'm in full agreementwith you, and we were both serious
about this. What should be doneto people who jump onto the field and
run onto the field. Look,this is nothing against a young man who
ran onto the field. I don'tknow him personally, probably a great guy.

He's he's having a great week andhis own T shirt and everything,
so this is nothing against him.But just that act in general is selfish.
It's played out. It's not funanymore, Like, no one's laughing
at that. For the most part, if you land a backflip, it
does help. It adds the innerstanding. It did add to the value.
It gave something for us to talkabout. So from that perspective, he
did a decent job with it,I would say. But for the most

part, these are not a funevent. If you're at a sporting event,
it kind of just takes up sometime and makes everyone wait around.
So I just start shooting him.Just kill on one or two I think
would do the trick. No one'srunning on the field. After that,
you should one or two of themand it's over with. We never have
to watch the guy running on thefield again. What about court rushers and
field stormers? Yeah, I meanthat's man, that's going to turn into

a problem. Then if you haveto shoot all of them, I would
say it's best to just do it, you know, just the one person
running on it. If they're doingit after the game is over, it's
not a problem for me. Idon't really care as much about that.
But during the during the game,while it's still going on, it's it's
a hazard and it's annoying. Idon't disagree with you. Rick, appreciate
it. You and I will beback doing the podcast again middle of next

week. Thanks for the time,all right, Skinny, Thanks, and
you're insane for being willing to dothat for five grand. I'm just gonna
leave that. I said I'd considerit, that's all I said. I
didn't say, well, what doesthat mean? What does that even mean?
If I had five thousand dollars ofcold hard cash that was flashed to
me and seen, I'd strongly considerit, that's all. You're not nineteen

anymore. You don't need five grandthat bad to go sit in a courtroom
all morning on a Tuesday afternoon thinkingabout what you've done with your life.
I may because I'm leaning towards takingDallas plus one tonight. Well that's a
different story than Goodbye exactly, asRick Broring coming up next, what can
the Reds do with Eli Da LaCruz. I think I've got at least

a solution to it. Maybe youdo as well, but I don't think
it's even a really hard solution.We'll get into that next as we continue.
I'm Richard Skinner in from Oegar thisafternoon. You're listening to ESPN fifteen
to thirty Cincinna Pray forty on thisFriday afternoon as you head to the weekend.
I'm Richard Skinner from Local twelve Localtwelve dot com in from Oegar this

afternoon. I'll get you a quickUS Open scoreboard update. And the cut
line is quickly floating to four overand still could float to five, which
is where Scotty Scheffler finds himself atfive over par Right now, there are
sixty players even who are at actuallylike sixty one players who are at three
over or better, and the topsixty and ties make it so that's gonna

it's floated very quickly here by inthe last fifteen minutes, quickly towards that
four over number, and again ScottyScheffer needs to get the five because he's
in the clubhouse at five over parwhere he misses the cut leaders and they're
on the course. Patrick can't laysix under. Ludvig Amberg gets six under
Matthew Levon under In the clubhouse areThomas Dietree and Bryson d Chambau, both

four under, Rory McElroy at threeand a Decie Matsuyama at two under power.
Everybody wants to know about Tiger Woods, right, so we'll give you
Tiger Woods. He is at fourover, just outside the cut line.
He's played eight holes on the day. All I know there's always going to
be until he breaks out of theinconsistency, this handwringing over Ellie de la
Cruz and some of the lengthy slumps. He's in a one for seventeen at

the moment, batting averages down totwo twenty eight, ops is down to
seven thirty five. And until heshows that consistency, I'm not sure anybody
should expect it yet. I mean, you hope it. Matt McClean showed
consistency from Jump Street and kept itgoing through. Ellie is the unicorn,
right, He's gonna do some justcrazy things in a week span, and

then he's going to hit the skidsagain in a week span, and he's
in one of those kids at themoment again, average down to two twenty
eight, all of those things.But I don't hear this much. We
hear about, you know, tryingto get Ellie to make better contact,
and he's got ninety two strikeouts,which is just insane in two hundred eighty
seven at bats. He's on pacefor well over two hundred. And I
know that's the day and age ofwhat we're in in baseball. But for

a guy who who runs like that, especially from the left handed side of
the plate, how hard it wouldit be to bunt far more often?
I know it's only he should havethirty bunt hits a year, and he
doesn't even drop down good bunts,And then you know what the thirty bunts
turn into with him and his speedmore times than night, it wouldn't be
every time into basically doubles. AndI do think the human nature of it

is they see the number. Hesees what his number is, his batting
average is, and again, battingaverages be all end all, but you
see that it's on the scoreboard tosee you see it online wherever. And
I do think at times it forcesyou to press, you force to get
three hits a bat or hit thefive run homer. I think this team

went through it in a contagious wayduring that spell before they kind of ride
the ship a little bit where itseemed like everybody in the lineup was slumping.
I mean, they still aren't agreat hitting team. You know,
two twenty six as their average,which is fifteenth best in the National League,
they're ops is six to seventy nine, which is twelve. So it's
out of the teams in the NationalLeague. They're clearly among the worst offensively.
But why is it so out ofthe question for him to bunt more

often? And he's a pretty goodbunner. I get the analytics. I'm
more sacrifice bunt than none. Iget the hole. Don't want to make
it out and give up. Ifully, I'm not asking him to do
that. I'm asking him to buntmore often for a hit. I think
he'd be extraordinarily successful at it.And if you're saying, well, yeah,
but man, one swing of thebat, he can take it out
of the park. Fair he's goteleven home runs. It's side for the

team league's that's a fair point.I hear your point, but I also
know this, he is basically eighttimes more likely to strike out than hit
a home run. He's got ninetytwo strikeouts and eleven homers. Get me
Elli dalea Cruz with thirty hits ayear, the average goes up significantly.
Let's just say he only turns twentyof those into stolen bases. I still

think it'd be more because I'm I'mnot gonna ask him to probably do it
with runners on, although I'm notopposed to that occasionally either. You know,
leading off an inning, leadoff battermakes a lead out of lead off
out of the game, he dropsone down with his speed, it doesn't
even have to be perfect, andhe's likely gonna beat it out. So

while we're hoping to have him makemore contact swinging and that's that's fine,
and there's certainly things that need tobe ironed out there, I'd like to
see him a be a little bitmore aggressive now. Early incounts when teams
are taking advantage of him trying tobe more selective, which was what he
was asked to do. And Iget it, and he was doing a
better job of it. Hones,he is it that hard to bunt?
It shouldn't be, and for him, again, that's the beauty of his

speed. Thirty bunts are gonna leadto twenty five doubles. I mean add
that if you want to his totalbases, and I still like to see
that stat change by the way ofhaving stolen bases added to your total bases,
which affects your slugging percentage, andthen if a guy gets cost stealing,
you take that away. He's plustwenty eight in the stolen base category,

thirty four steel six cots. Whyis it that hard to ask him
to bunt more? I think itwould benefit him because the average would go
up, and it would benefit theReds because he'd get on base far more
often than the three twenty three cliphe's getting on at the moment, and
it would lead to him being onsecond base and scoring position more often.
Don't think it's that hard. Comingup next hour, Mike Pachaia from CLSN

Media will join us. I gotsome more Bengals to get into some mini
camp takeaways. I'm almsot gonna touchon something that Jay Morrison, my friend
from Pro Football Network, did thislast couple of weeks leading into Mini camp
kind of a downtime where he diddifferent positional rankings, et cetera for the
Bengals all time, and I reallyenjoyed it here and I chatted about it
the other day, but I don'twant to go into each one of those.
I do want to go into hisranking of the five best, and

I've got a sneaky team that hedidn't put in his top five that I
think belongs there. We'll touch onthat and we'll see what you think the
top five should be, maybe yourown personal rankings five one, three,
seven, nine, fifteen thirty.I'm Richard Skinner in from oegor. You're
listening to ESPN fifteen thirty. Welcomebackga In. Richard Skinner from Local twelve,

Local twelve dot Com in from Oegarthis afternoon. Mentioned I was at
Bengals Mini Camp the last three dayscovering it for Local twelve and Local twelve
dot com and all eyes obviously onJoe Burrow, and I touched on that
back at the start of the show. I'll get back into that a little
bit more again of what you reallyweren't going to see, and you're not

going to see until they come backfor training camp itself. But a couple
of the things that were certainly noticeable, and one of those was what head
coach Zach Taylor talked about yesterday,was some of the steps forward that some
of the second year guys have taken. Andrey Yoshiv was very noticeable. Again,
Jamar Chase was there, did notparticipate. I'm okay with that.

Maybe you or not, Maybe youthought he should have. He did show
up its mandatory. He didn't wantto be fine, so he was there.
He took part in some offensive installAgain, they were not practicing hard,
so there wasn't a lot to gleanfrom any of that. And I
think Jamar Chase is just fine.He'll be there at training camp and that's
plenty of time. I get thewhole contract deal with him, which I'm
gonna get on to a little bitnext hour. Probably no T Higgins.

So it gives some of the youngerguys a chance to do some things in
the seven on sevens and some ofthe drill work that they do. And
Andrey Yoshibash was one that stood out. But another one that was cited by
Zach Taylor is second year running backChase Brown, and I thought this was
really interesting where I guess right atthe end of the year where they had

their exit interviews, he made apassing comment to Chase Brown, or actually
maybe a stated comment to it tojust forceful comment to him of I'd like
to see be better catching the ball, and that's the next step for him.
And here was what Zach said yesterday. He said, I won't go
through them all by name. There'sa lot of guys, a lot of
to your guys that you see takingthat next step. And then he was

asked specific about what he thought aboutChase and he said, to that coaching
point, I think he took coachingand worked on it hard. That's exciting
to see a guy that you canjust make a small comment to and four
months later it comes back and youcan tell he's really emphasized it. I
think that's everything we knew about Chase. That's everything we thought we thought we
had in Chase. A guy that'sgoing to continue to grow and understand what
the role entails is a running backin this league, and the more downs

you can put yourself on the field, the better. He's worked really hard
to do that. It's noticeable,and that's a real positive. And it
is because Chase Brown is being counteredon to be a big part of that
backfield. This is not Zach Mossis the BELLCW like Joe Mixon was.
This is probably going to be ashared role at running back. And while
Zack Moss is a little more established, not a ton more, but a
little more established than Chase Brown,they're banking on Chase Brown to be a

big part of that. And youknow that the banking of it came before
they had seen Chase Brown this offseason. They made that Joe Mixon decision well
before they had actually traded him.But they traded him back in March with
the idea after signing Zach Moss,of Chase Brown being the other running back,
and to hear that is a hugepositive. I think the big key

for him is the whole staying healthyportion of it, because if he does
just the dynamic things that he cando with the ball in his hands,
we saw that in limited action lastyear, so that was interesting to me,
and the other one was and againthey don't like putting labels on first
string, second string in these camps, I usually riot with the tint of

This was the first unit that wasout there and whose erazo was out there
on the first time they went onthe field and seven on sevens and at
one of the outside corners in placeof DJ Turner was one Das Hill.
Now does that mean a changing ofthe guard already? No, but I
did think it was interesting that hewas out there with the quote unquote ones
in seven on seven and stuff inplace of DJ Turner. It will likely

be a camp battle. I mean, maybe that'll signify that Dax goes into
camp it's his job to lose.But that seemed to be a quick transition
there. Of guy was not gettingit done at safety, they were gonna
move him. I thought they weregonna move him into a role maybe as
a backup slot corner, and maybethat would be his role moving forward after

this year, when when Mike Hilton'scontract expires and they can still resign Mike
Hilton again for all I know,that could be in the cards. But
to see Dax out there again asthat with the quote unquote first team at
outside corner, maybe it's a greatsign that he's shown he knows what he's
doing in the classroom and in whateverworks they've done, because until this week

the Man Story Mini camp, wewere only been privy to one practice a
week, which is fine, that'stheir progative, but maybe in those other
ones we don't see he was doingsome really good things. Again, they're
not doing hard practice stuff. Theyare doing some things and for some of
the OTA you can't do anything asfar as eleven on eleven or seven or
seven. They've been able to doit the last few weeks, starting back
on May twenty eighth, they've onlyhad what ten practices of the ability to

do that, and they don't doa lot of it, and they certainly
didn't do a lot of it inthe mandatory mini camp. But docs actually
showed a couple of things knocked down. A pass in a seven on seven
would look to be a really goodplay and a really good break on the
ball, and so there were somepositives to see. There just wasn't a
lot to glean from it, justbecause of the aspect of the of the

work that they put in for thattimeframe. Mike Petraley and I will discuss
some more of that coming up inthe next hour. Also We don't have
a Reds lineup yet. Hopefully we'llget that sometime in the next hour,
and we'll get you a US Openupdate as well, where things have stabilized
a little. Scottie Scheffler's sweating outmissing the cut, sitting at five over
par with the cut line about togo to four over. Was still a

ton of golf to be played,a lot of golfers on the course.
I think the last group is,I believe just on their second or third
hole, so there's a lot ofgolf to be played. Scores have not
been great, as you can imagine, six unders tied for the league.
We w each a full up onthat next when we continue. You listening
to ESPN fifteen thirty the Sinnati's sportsstation, ESPN fifteen thirty four five With

this Friday, Hope the weekend isfinding you sooner rather than later. A
good afternoon. I'm Richard Skinner fromLocal twelve and Local twelve dot com,
where I'm the digital sports commerce andeditor and also Bengals Beat reporter. Occasionally
pop up on TV in from Oegerthis afternoon. No taking a long weekend
off. Hope he's enjoying himself.Coming up this hour. In this half

hour, Mike Petraya, my friendfrom CLNS Media, will join me to
talk Bengals Mini camp, also probablytalk a little bit of Reds as well.
Red's beginning a series tonight, threegame series in Milwaukee. As you
probably know, Hunter Green against FreddyPeralta eight ten first pitch down the out
on seven hundred WLW, and theydid make a roster move today, Nick
Martini up Blake done down. Makessense. The Reds will face three right

handed starters this weekend and Martini,obviously a left handed back, do not
have a lineup yet. We willpass that along as soon as we do.
That's not out as of yet.I got some Jamar Chase to get
into in this segment, but beforeI do, let's get a quick peek
at the US Open scoreboard, wherethe cut line has moved to four over

par. There are now seventy oneplayers at four over or better. The
cut line is sixty right now.T fifty nine is the four overscore,
So there's actually a little wig roomand it just keeps moving. I swear
every time I refresh my screen,it's moving closer and closer down to the
five line. Again, they stillhave to have eleven players. Twelve players

get to that five underscore, butthere's so many guys on the course hovering
around three over, four over,even two over early in the rounds that
could slide back. And why isthat five out five overnumber importance because that's
where Scotty Scheffler finds himself at fiveover par, done and sweating out making
the cut. That is where TigerWoods finds himself as well, at five
over par just making the turn.He's played nine holes and the leader.

It was actually a three way tieat one point. Now it's just Ludwig
Goldberg at six hunderd par. He'splayed seven holes, so that score could
go backwards. It seems like theygo more backwards than they do forwards.
Patrick Can'tley has slipped back to fourunder. Matthew Pavaughan is four under and
in the clubhouse technically tied for thelead. The clubhouse lead Thomas Dietrie and
Bryson Deschambeau, both at four underpar. Will keep you up to date

on that. Obviously, Bengals MiniCamp came and went this week. It
was not a whole lot of newsworthinessout of that other than some of the
comments from quarterback Joe Burro that havealready been rehashed, and Joe throwing for
a couple of days and been givena day off on Thursday as he tries
to make his way back from thatwrist surgery. But Jamore Chase was there.
He had not attended any of thevoluntary stuff up until the mandatory mini

camp. The mini camp mandatory meansyou're fined if not there. I think
Jamar Chase, with the contract that'spotentially looming for him here. I say
potentially, so i'll give you areason for that word here a minute,
that contract looming for him here,he can certainly afford the fine. But
it was wise on his part tobe there. I don't think there's any

animasity. This is business as itis. He's hoping for a contract extension
and what would be a big oneat that. But was there. Everybody
made it a point to talk abouthow important it was that he was there.
Good to see him. He beinga cheerleader around the other wide receivers.
He didn't take part in really anythingother than installs. At least I
didn't see it. I don't thinkanybody else saw it that reported it did

take part in some of the installstuff, so it gets a head start
on some things. I think he'san important part of what they're going to
do offensively this year, and thatwould be the case anyway. But I
do think you're gonna see him movearound a lot. I think you'll see
him not only out wide. Ithink you'll see some or motions from him.
I think you'll see him in theslot more often. I know this

this whole offseason with the wide receiverroom has been who's going to replace Tyler
Boyd in the slot, And theanswer is no one. I true,
well, it will be someone technically, but I don't think it's just looking
for a slot receiver replacement for TylerBoyd. I think you're gonna see all
kinds of wide receiver combinations, andJoe Burrow alluded to that a little bit,
so did Zach Taylor. Where AndreYoshivash, who's had a really good

offseason, Joe Burrow named him byname the other day and asked about some
guys that have impressed him. Hementioned Andre trent or winning of all people,
Shedrick Jackson, who was a practicesquad last year's practice squad guy last
year, but I think you'll seedifferent skill sets now. Charlie Jones was
thought to be drafted as the slotreceiver replacement for Tyler Boyd and Charlie Jones
and some of the seven on sevenstuff lined up out wide also a slot

possibility for him. I think you'llsee some times this year where Mike Kasicki
will be in the slot in twotight end alignments. As I mention,
I think you see Jim chasing theslot, and maybe it'll be Yoshivash outside
with t Higgins. Maybe you'll seeJermaine Burton both in the slot and outside.
So I do think they're going todo a lot of things with the
wide receivers this season and mix itand matching groupings and trying to create mismatches.

And certainly Jamar Chase coming out ofthe slot would be a mismatch.
But with this wide receiver market justexploding financially not quite to the quarterback market,
I'm still scratching my head over theTrevor Lawrence one. But you do
you, Jacksonville. We saw whatJustin Jefferson got and he can get up
to one hundred and ten million dollarsin guaranteed money. He's got eighty nine

guaranteed no matter what. There's someoption bonuses that can be picked up that
will be picked up in all likelihoodthat will take that one hundred and ten
million dollars guaranteed range. And youwould think that by the time Jamar Chase
comes around to the contract, andif it is indeed with the Bengals,
then it'll be maybe even north ofJustin Jefferson. I mean, you can

argue Justin Jeffers a better wide receiver. Sure this production has been clearly better,
but they're they're on par I thinkeverybody would agree that the very worst
he's going to get Justin Jefferson likemoney. But I'm not so sure when
you are paying the franchise quarterback whatyou're paying him, and he earned it.
Franchise quarterback, there's not many ofthem in the league at the moment.

Joe Burrow is one of them,and he's got a lot of guarantees
stuck to his name, and understandablyso he was going to get paid.
The thought all along was he's goingto get paid. And one of the
two main wide receivers, T Higginsor Jamar Chase were going to get paid,
and it was the belief that it'sJamar Chase and that's the way it's
playing out. T Higgins is goingto have to then make a decision on
July fifteenth, when it comes andgoes and the two sides don't have contract

terms with each other, that he'sgoing to have to make the decision at
that point do I sign? Andhe will sign because he's not going to
give up twenty one point eight milliondollars guaranteed money. It'll get pushed into
August. You'll be fretting a littlebit, probably as a Bengals fan.
He's going to sign. It'll beplayed out, just like Jesse Bates,
They're not going to come to along term extension. I think that's been
written on the wall for a longlong time. Well with Jamar Chase and

trust back, he is everything andmore the player I thought he was going
to be and you probably think thattoo. And he has the production backs
it up and this year's production couldbe off the charts if they find more
ways to get him mismatches, gethim in motion more often, get him
in the slot, working against slotlevel corners more often, create those great

even more mismatches for him. Hisnumbers could go just crazy and understandably so,
which means the market financially for himgoes up and I'm not sure I
pay him. You can tag him. He's under contract through next year.
They picked up his fifth year option, so that's five years of Jamar Chase.
You can tag him for a sixyear It's only a one year guarantee.

It's a high sum. It's theaverage of the top five salaries of
wide receivers, which at that pointis going to be astronomical. But again,
you're not on the hook for longterm guaranteed money. You're on the
hook for one year guaranteed money.And you know what you can do again.
You can tag him a second time. That gets him through seven years.
I think at that point he mayhave been financially stable enough to say,
you know what, I'm not signingthat second tag. I'll hold that's
fine, tag him and trade himthen. Wide receiver. The wide receiver

money I don't think honestly is equivalentto production, and the fact that you
can get so many productive wide receiversout of college anymore on rookie contracts.
The Bengals had the luxury of havingtheir quarterback and their two best wide receivers
on a rookie contract and were ableto plug in a bunch of holes that

needed to be plugged in to makethem a super Bowl team and then a
team that was an even better team. In my opinion, the team that
went to the AFC Championship came afterthe twenty two season and last year derailed
by injury. Is still a goodenough roster to get to nine and eight
even without Joe Burrowing playing a lotand playing compromise for at least the four
first four weeks of the season whenthey started one to three, and I

know you can probably pay both.The financials will probably work out. How
compromise does that leave your team movingforward? Though? At that point you
better have hit on multiple draft picksand have a chunk of those guys on
rookie deals. As we see,especially with offensive linemen, it doesn't always

work out. The Bengals have technically, depending on what happens with Marius Mims
and whether he starts the season asthe starter right tackle, he's going to
start at some point, four theirfive starters on the offensive line all came
off the free agent market. That'snot a Bengals issue. I know people
want to make it a Bengals issuethat they don't know how to how to
draft offensive linemen and they don't knowhow to value. It's a league issue.

That's why proven tape for offensive linemenis so valuable for free agency.
I just I think the wide receivermarket has exploded at a rate where you
can find maybe you may not finda Jamar Chase right away, but you
can find more than capable and possiblyeven great wide receivers in NFL drafts in

rounds one, two, three,and there's always an outlier in a later
round. You can get those guys. And so I'm not telling you Jamar
Chase to cut ties today because you'renot. He's under contract through next year.
That's why there's an extension is notcoming this year. In my opinion,
maybe it does if it's a threeyear deal and they can they can

make the make the money work.I just don't see that taking place.
But isn't it wouldn't it be moreprudent? And again, I know I'm
saying goodbye to Jamar Chase after sixyears, but at some point the way
the wide receiver market has gone.Some team is going to have to swallow
hard at that decision and go,we've got the franchise quarterback. He's going

to make the wide receivers and thewide receivers. We're drafting these second third
round guys and maybe dipping back intothe first round for one. Those guys
are more than capable of performing witha Joe Burrow. Kansas City kind of
took that tact. Now they're payingTravis Kelcey, but either paying him tight
end money. They chose to getrid of Tyreek Hill. Still knew he

was a talent, He's proven thatin Miami, but chose to say,
hey, Pat Mahomes, you're thefranchise quarterback. We're gonna give you these
dudes, and you got to makeit work. And he's more than made
it work. They won a SuperBowl. And maybe that's the genius of
Andy Reid, maybe that is thegreatness of Pat Mahomes, but Joe Burrow
is close to on that level.He's one of the few quarterbacks that can

say he's handing Pat Mahomes and beatingPat Mahomes in the playoffs. And so
again, I know this is probablycontrary thinking. I know It may make
you angry that I say it outloud, but I'm just not sure I'm
paying those guarantees for a longer periodof time to a wide receiver. I'll

chew on that with my friend MikePatriya from CLNS Media and he'll get his
takeaway from Bengals mini camp, andalso we'll touch on a little bit of
Reds and more. I'm Richard Skinnerfrom Local twelve and Local twelve dot com
in from Moeager this afternoon. You'relistening to ESPN fifteen thirty four twenty two
on this Friday. I hope theweekend finds you getting an early start to

it. Maridgrid Gunner from Local twelveLocal twelve dot Com. We do have
a Red's lineup that came out duringthe break. I give that two before
I hop into my next guest.It goes like this. TJ. Fridel
leads off in centerfield. Elie dela Cruz, who should want more?
Bat second at shortstop, Jambercandelario isat third, Spencer Steer is at first,
Jake Faile is the DH Tyler Stevensoncatches. Jacob Herdabes plays left in

bat seventh Jonathan India hits eighth atsecond. Will Benson is in right field,
batting ninth, one hundred green onthe mound, facing Freddie Perol to
eight ten first pitch, and you, of course can catch it down the
dial on the big one, sevenhundred WLW. My next mess, My
next guest covers the Reds, theBengals, even colleges here in Cincinnati for
CLNS media. He is my guy, Mike Pachaia, Mike, before you

get u some Bengals conversation. Idid bring this up last hour in a
segment where I honestly believe Elie dela Cruz should bunt significantly more often.
I mean, we're all wringing ourhands over his lack of contact. I
know there was a possibility he canhit home runs, all those things,
but if he bunts with nobody onbase, he's a walking double, is
he not? Yeah, there's noquestion about that. I love the fact

that he has four initials to hisname. You gave him four more,
so that's pretty cool. But no, the other night there was an example,
I think Wednesday night Cleveland his secondor third of bat. I believe
in the sixth inning there were threeconsecutive pitches up and in. He swung

at two of them, had nochance of hitting them, and he's doing
himself a huge disservice if he continuesto show that inability to track baseball's he's
going to continue to get, youknow, those pitches and he's not going
to be able to do anything withit. So to your point, it's
easier if he gets the balls upin the strike zone, can get pictures

to pick him up in the strikezone, it's easier to bunt those to
a degree and at least see themand get on base. He is absolutely
a walking double. Though I dowonder about his legs tiring a little bit,
but I don't think at twenty twoyears of age we have to worry
about that. At the start ofJune anyway, Yeah, I think Noel
da Marte coming back will help givehim some breathers. I mean, Elle's

played in all sixty eight games,he started sixty seven of them, because
there is literally not another option.I mean, I guess you could throw
a Santiago Espanol in there on occasion, but they've chosen not to, understandably
so, which it also tells youthe value of Ellie of the crews.
But I think to your point,I think you will see when Noela le
Marte comes back. He's obviously goingto start at third base, but I
would imagine you'll get Ellie far moredays off in the return of Martin to

the lineup. I don't think there'sany doubt about that, skinny. They
need some depth bats that David Bellcan trust. Look, Espinal has been
terrific for the role he has hadto fill, but he is not going
to give you the kind of pompoff in the lineup that you need from,

you know, a middle infielder.And certainly I think they would like
to expect more production when they giveEllie a day off instead of yeah,
you know, putting up you know, for all intents and purposes, three
outs, No doubt, all right, jeworret Bengals mini camp like I was.
And obviously all eyes were on JoeBurrow. That was the focal point,
the focal point of you know,after he took a day off last

week when when the media was there, and then we don't know if he
threw or didn't throw the next daywhen we weren't there, even though he
was shown going out to practice bythe team on social media, there was
a little bit of a is heis he going to practice on this?
And he did, and then hedid it again on Wednesday. They gave
him the Thursday off. It wasa like practice anyway for the entire team,
as we're kind of the whole ofthe mini camp, but all eyes

on Joe Burrow, including yours.What takeaway, if any, did you
have from what you saw that heis treating his throwing now in OTAs and
the mini camp as rehab. It'spart of him getting back into the motion
of throwing. I think I believevery firmly that in the first couple of

weeks of off season practices in whichhe did throw, the first couple of
weeks of May, he probably feltpretty good because he hadn't tested the risks
that much, and he started tothrow and throw and throw, and then
I think eventually it started to catchup with him. It started to bark
at him. He's not going toadmit any of this, of course,

in detail, in any detail,but that would be my guess as to
what he was feeling and why hepulled back. But you know, as
he has told us on both occasionswhen he's addressed the media skinny. He's
listening to himself and his body muchmore closely this offseason than he ever has

in the ad, and I thinkthat's really That was my biggest takeaway from
watching Joe Burrow, not only thisweek, but the entire off season.
How is how he has gone aboutcoming back from very significant surgery. And
I will tell you I'm lucky.You know, back in February and even
March, I had my doubts abouthow much throwing he'd be doing period,

and I think he's yeah, AndI have to tell you he's done more
than I thought. And I thinkhe's you know, for all of his
comments about trying to ease off thepedal a little bit, he's gone at
it pretty aggressively, making sure thathe is in a place to start training
camp where you know, he canstart to push it a little bit more.

But you know, to your point, I think Burrow has really approached
this entire off season as a throwingrehab for his rist. I know everybody
took and ran with the one quotehe had and I did find it an
interesting coote where he talked about,you know, he starts to think was
his injury stack up about his footballmortality. I found that more honest than

anything else about that comment. Iknow some people took that as a little
morose of maybe even comparing it toAndrew Luck and what he kept going through
and finally saying I've had enough andthat maybe Joe's going along those lines.
I didn't take it as that.I think it was a guy who,
after he's fought through all these injuriesin years past, and maybe unwisely so,
as he's actually pointed out like thecalf injury, he now in retrospect
realizes shouldn't have done that, shouldn'thave pushed it. I took that quote

is literally finally going, you know, man, I'm not invincible. I
guess I'm not. And he's aguy that's always fought through things and probably
thought he was. And the otherthing, Skinny that I think is really
important to bring up here is aseven as a twenty seven year old quarterback,
he has gone through so much inhis early career that other star young

quarterbacks have not. Yeah, everyquarterback gets hurt, I get that,
but he has had a number atleast four or five significant season altering injuries
that a lot of young players havenot had to deal with us, certainly
at the quarterback position. And Ithink that's why the whole football football mortality

is more in the front of hismind than you would normally expect for a
guy of his age, because youthink, at twenty seven years of age,
he's not thinking about retiring. He'snot thinking about, you know,
being Tom Brady or Peyton Manning andhanging it up in a year or two
after, you know, hopefully aSuper Bowl or two. But you know,

obviously he's aware of how fragile this, you know, the human body
is when you play football at thelevel of that he plays it at Jabar.
Chase was at the mini camp,didn't do really anything other than take
part in offensive installation, And Ididn't make much of him not being at
the voluntary stuff. He's he's undercontract through next year because they picked up

his fifth year option. But thisis kind of the negotiating year, and
this is the time to take thetact of not showing up for voluntary stuff.
I get all that I was notsurprised he was there, and I
guess Mike, I really honestly wasn'tsurprised that he didn't do much there,
how about you. I don't thinkYeah, no, I was. I
don't think they want him doing muchand vac Taylor admitted as much skinny to

us on Thursday. He said,you know, we have got a trust
that he is doing the right thingsaway from our facility, and by all
accounts and all observations, he certainlyhas done everything to keep himself in tiptop
shape. With that in mind,I think the Bengals are like, well,
if he's in great shape and he'staking care of himself, and he

is taking care of himself in yearspast, then just let him show up,
be a part of the team,be a part of the bonding that
goes on, the camaraderie that Burrowhas mentioned several times. Let him be
a part of that. And that'shis biggest value. You know, as
you and I have talked before,he and t Higgins don't need another,

I don't whatever fifty seventy five morereps in mini camp to establish themselves with
more confidence heading into the season.They don't need that, So I think,
you know, Zach Taylor's tact withJamar Chase was a very good one.
I just I loved what certainly ZachTaylor had to say about Jamar Chase

praising him and letting him know heappreciates Jamar being there, because even at
that level, I think Jamar Chaseis an athlete who likes being complimented and
appreciated. And I think that wasZach Taylor's way this week of saying,
look, we appreciate Jamar showing upat this and move along. Like I

spent part of the last segment beforeyou came on making a point of why
I'm not sure I signed Jamar Chaseto a long term extension because of the
all the guaranteed money that's tied upin Joe Burrow and that would be tied
up in Jamar Chase, and howthat may hinder the rest of your football
team because the wide receiver has exploded. You could, you know, he's
technically as I meant, you're not, he's under contract through next year because

they picked up his fifth year option. You could certainly do what you've done
with t Higgins and tag him toget a sixth year as the Bengals,
and you could technically tag him again, which may dick him off, but
you've got avenues to keep him herewithout longer term guarantees. I know they
are going to come to terms onan extension. I do know that.
I know my idea is probably awacky one, although I have a fellow
member of the media that completely agreesand he's got some some stats to back

it up that I don't have infront of me. Mike Ay, I
think you're probably of the belief theywill come to terms on extension. Probably
won't be this offseason, it'll benext. But the way the wide receiver
market is going is it should shouldthere be a team that has the guts
to say I got my franchise quarterback. I can make do with with with
second, third round and occasionally forI can make do with guys on rookie

contracts at wide receiver. So here'swhy you don't do that. You have
a franchise quarterback in Joe Burrow,the whole program around Joe Burrow, and
Zach Taylor has said this time andtime again, build the weapons around him.
In Jamar Chase. You have acertainly a primo elite weapon to give

Joe Burrow and give him a senseof I can still like his When he
said this in twenty twenty one.I'm going to throw it up downfield and
Jamar Chase is screw it, He'sdown there somewhere. He's going to go
out and get the ball. JoeBurrow needs that in the back of his
mind. And if you just sayscrew it, we'll start over with a
wide receiver corps. You're not doingany favors to Joe Burrow, and I

think that's prime the reason number oneyou don't do that. I do understand
if you let t Higgins go afternext year and trade him and you're maybe
you're grooming Andrea Yoshavash for that rolethe same type of body build. I'm
not saying he's as strong as tHiggins is, but maybe you know you

figure that Andre Yoshabash can fulfill thatrole. But you don't get rid of
both weapons because that's done not onlya horrible message to the rest of the
team, you're not supporting your franchisequarterback. And from the get go,
Joe Zach Taylor has always said wenot only want the quarterback, we want
to give him the best weapons possible. So I don't think they're going to

do that. Last week, Igot about thirty seconds or so, Mike,
any other final takeaways from what yousaw or even talk to players about
at mini camp. I am fascinatedto see what happens with Dax Hill and
DJ Turner. I think their battlein training camp will be fun to watch.
I'm curious to see again what Yoshabashmight be able to do in training

camp. And keep an eye onMike Kyasiki. He is somebody that I
think was brought in not just tobe a conventional tight end like the Bengals
abused him in the past. Ithink you're going to see him move around
more to the slot, move himall over the field offensively, and he
is somebody else I would keep avery clear si on I know, and
I have noticed Burrow and Gisiki talkinga lot in OTAs and in mini camp.

That is something that bears watching.Mike. I appreciate the time,
is always great catching up with you, and you'll hit the golf course here
soon, right, Please do,Skinny. I cannot wait for you to
tutor me on the golf course.Well it won't be a tutoring, that's
for sure, but I'll enjoy itnonetheless. Mike Petria from CLNS Media,
who covers all things Cincinnati sports,including the Cincinnati Bengals. Come up next.
Jay Morrison from Pro Football Network rankedhis top ten, but I'll just

use the top five Bengals teams ofall time. I think we would all
agree on number one. I've gota different number two, a sneaky number
two, and a little bit ofa different list. We may have some
times to take a phone call ortwo on that, and maybe you've got
an idea of your ranking as well. Five P one, three, seven,
four, nine fifty, fifteen thirtyis the number, and we'll do
that next. You're listening to MoeggerShow on ESPN fifteen thirty. Bredavan Jones

on baseball coming up towards the endof this hour. Welcome back in.
I'm Richard Skinner from Local twelve atLocal twelve dot com in from Oeger this
afternoon. We'll talk a little CollegeWorld Series next hour with Dick Gabriel from
Big Blue Insider in Lexington. AsKentucky making its first trip ever to the
College World Series. Dick is actuallyeither on his way to Omaha or in

Omaha as we as we speak.It's a quick US Open update and then
a Bengals list I want to getto and open. The phone line is
probably the top of next hour.If you want to chime in on the
topic, we'll have some time thenat five, one, three, seven,
four, nine, fifteen thirty.The US Open has been a absolute
bloodbath today. There are only sixteengolfers under par at the moment for the

entire tournament. The leader Ludwig Obergat five under. He's played nine holes
today. Still in the course,Patrick Cantley has played ten holes. He's
at four under. In the clubhouseat four under. Actually Matthew Levon is
also four under. He's making theturn. Thomas Dietree, Bryce and d
Chambeau are the clubhouse leaders at fourunder par. Rory McIlroy three under,

Hideki Matsuyama and Tony fina Is inthe club house are two under par.
The cut line at the moment fourover. It's moved quickly to four over.
When we started the show it wasactually there's a lot of room to
go to get the four over.It's there. There are at the moment
fifty six players tied at four over. It's low sixty and ties, so

most of these scores are going backwardsrather than forwards, and so that will
continue to inch closer and closer tofive over. Right now, there are
sixty eight players at four over orbetter, so nine more or sixty nine
that are that, So nine aregoing to have to go towards the five
over mark to get Scotty Scheffler inthe field. He finished it five over.

The cut line continues to move closerand closer. That's where it looked
like he had no chance to getin. It may get to that point
before maybe even the show is out, certainly before the round is over.
He shot today a seventy four aftera seventy one yesterday. We'll keep you
updated on that. This is kindof the time of year of lists,

especially when it comes to football.We did have you know, some Ota
stuff and certainly Mini Camp to reporton last week. And I love list.
We all love list sports lists becauseit's easy to argue about, easy
to talk about, and I appreciatethose that put the work in. So
Jay Morrison from ProFootball Network dot comhas put together several lists of best position

players at each position group in Bengalshistory. I'm not going to go through
that. Although he and I didargue about James Brooks and Corey Dillon not
a heated argument. He's got CoreyDillon one, James Brooks two. I
said, man, I know whatyou're doing. I get it. Corey
was a great runner. They weredifferent players, all of those things,
but James Brooks just did everything extraordinarilywell over five yards of carry, great

receiver to the point where they'd runhim down seam routes and throwing the ball
like a wide receiver, terrific passblocker, or to be one of the
best you're gonna find in a runningback. And for my money, and
he was the best all around backin Bengals history. Cory you could argue,
is the best pure runner, andCorey had, you know, multiple

eight eight man boxes that he raninto and ran with power and had to
run through tackles. And I thinkhe's a great player. But James Brooks,
for my money, is the bestall around back in Bengals history.
So I'm not gonna go by withthe positions. I know that's been rehashed
on other shows, but he didwant to go over over his top five
teams. And I've got to whatI consider not a sneaky one because he's
got him on his top ten list, but he doesn't have him in his
top five, and I've actually gothim number two. I think we all

we would all agree, and maybeyou don't, and certainly you can.
We can discuss this out of thetop of next hour at five, pine,
three, seven, four, nine, fifteen thirty, and then we'd
all agree. The eighty eight teamthat went to the Super Bowl and watched
the forty nine ers is the bestin franchise history. I mean that that
team had an NFL MVP Blo moreasiasin uh, It's the only team in
franchise history where three players had atleast twelve hundred yards from scrimmage Eddie Brown,

the wide receiver, and running backsIkey Woods and the aforementioned James Brooks.
Nine players went to the Pro Bowlthat year. The scoring differential for
that team was among the best infranchise history, and I think that's probably
the right team to be number one. Jay has number two, the eighty
one team, and I get thatit's another Super Bowl team. It was

a very good team, went twelveand four. Kenny Anderson was the MVP,
lost to the Niners in the SuperBowl. Number three, he's got
the twenty twenty two Bengals team thatwent to the AFC Championship ahead of the
twenty one team, and I wouldagree with that, although I've got him
in a different order. He's gotthe twenty one team that went to the
Super Bowl as four, and thenthe twenty fifteen team the year that Andy

dal Dalton got hurt as number five, and that certainly was a great team.
But my list starts with the twentyfifteen team going backwards, I got
them at number five, number four. I've got the twenty two team number
three. I've got the eighty oneteam. As I mentioned, I agree
with him on number one, theeighty eight team, And for my money,

it was the seventy five Bengals teamthat's number two, didn't make the
Super Bowl, didn't win a playoffgame, but that team that year win
eleven and three. The seventy fiveBengals two of their losses, were too
arguably the greatest single season team orthe greatest team in NFL history, And
that's opening debate, but it's inthe conversation. The seventy five Steelers Bengals

unfortunately lost them twice, thirty totwenty four at home, and then thirty
five to fourteen on the road.That's two of the three regular season losses.
Their other one was an upset toa sub five hundred Cleveland team thirty
five to twenty three on a Sundayafter they had played the first Monday night
home game in team history, playingOJ Simpson in the Buffalo Bills and winning
that game. Let that you talkabout the classic letdown game. That was

it. So I'm giving them apass for that loss. Maybe that's not
right, but I'm giving them apass for that loss. So that team
win eleven and three. Their passdefense that year held opposing quarterbacks to a
passer rating of forty six point ninefor the whole season. It held opposing
quarterbacks to forty five percent completion percentage. It unfortunately went out to Oakland and

lost to an Oakland team and hadbeaten in the regular season thirty one twenty
eight in the playoffs and actually camefrom thirty one to fourteen down to make
it thirty one to twenty eight andthen recovered a fumble in Oakland territory inside
the forty only to have Ken Andersonget sacked on a fourth down play and
the game ended that way. Believeit or not, I'd have the twenty
twenty one team behind also, soI don't have my top five. I

actually have them seventh on my list. The seventy six Bengals team that went
ten to four and has the tiedfor the second and the highest scoring differential
in team history is in that group. That team that season lost twice to
this Steelers, lost a one pointgame at a really good Baltimore Colts team
twenty eight twenty seven, and lostat Oakland on a Monday night thirty five

to twenty and oh, by theway, Oakland went on to win the
Super Bowl that year. Minter,just see what your list would look cli
like of the top five Bengals teamsin history five one, three, seven,
four, nine, fifteen thirty.We'll get into that. Dick Gabriel
from Big Blue Insider, we'll talkKentucky baseball in the College World Series a
game tomorrow a little bit later onnext half hour, and much much more
ahead. We'll keep you updated onthe US Open as well. Brandanman Jones

on baseball is next. I'm RichardSkinner in from OEGAR this afternoon, and
you're listening to ESPN fifteen thirty ohNo one covers the Bengals like ESPN fifteen
thirty Cincinnati's sports station. What aboutget five oh six on this Friday afternoon,

Hopefully the weekend has already found you. I'm Richard Skinner from Local twelve
Local twelve dot Com in from Oegarthis afternoon. Tarren Bland doing the great
John producing as always. Later onthis half hour, we'll head out to
Omaha or maybe the Road to Omaha. Talks some College World Series with Dick
Gabriel from Big Blue Insider in Lexingtonas he's heading out there to cover Kentucky's

first appearance in the College World Series. If you're just tuning in, we've
talked to some Bengals Takeaways from MinnieCamp, where I was the last three
days. Why Elie de la Cruzshould bunt more? And it's a simple
thing to maybe get him jump startedwhen he's in a slump, and all
the advantages that would take. AndI don't know why it's that hard to
come to that conclusion. I mean, he's striking out eight times more than

he's hitting home runs. I knowwhen he makes contact, he can occasionally
hit a home run. He's gotgreat power, yes, but he also
doesn't make contact enough and with hisspeed, it's just not a hard decision
to make. At the end oflast half hours, talking about a list
of Jay Morrison from Pro Football Networkput together of the top peopleut together the
top ten Bengals teams of all time. We both agree on number one.
I think you would to the nineteeneighty eighteen, but I'd put a different

one in number two. I didn'tgo with any of the other Super Bowl
teams. I had the seventy fiveteam at number two, and I honestly
the twenty twenty one team, whichwas winning in a Joe Burrow spinning out
of a sack throw to a wideopen Jamar Chase away from winning the Super
Bowl. I've actually got a numberseven on my list. We'll get back
into that a little bit. We'lltake a phone call or two here in
a minute again. The Reds playtonight eight ten, first pitch Hunter Green

against Freddy Peralta. The Reds lineupis out TJ Friedel and center Ellie is
It Short, Jamer Candelario at third, Spencer Stear at first, Jake Fairley,
Dhing Tyler Stevenson catching Jacob hurdabees andleft, Jonathan Indy at second and
Will Benson in right. And aquick US Open update, the cut line
has moved definitively to four over.It's about six golfers away from going the

other way to going to five over. That would get Scotty Scheffler into the
field. The leader is Ludwig Goldbergat five under par. So is Patrick
Cantley, who's worked at back tofive under. Thomas T. G Bryce
and d Chambeau the leaders in theclubhouse at four under par. It's got
to the phone lines. Mike isin Los Angeles. Mike, how are
you Andy? I'm back at homein the Natty right now? Nice,

very nice. I come back andforth. I'm very thankful. Hey,
pal, I gotta take can Ishout out something real quick? I want
to shout out to Tony and Austinthe gentleman doing this show right now.
Richard Skinner is the natural. Heis the natural. I wouldn't that far.
I would. He has a vastexperience in sports talk radio back in

the day at Bob the Big Dog, with such stars as Lance McCollister,
Tim Lewis, Arch Schleister Mark DonBurrows, a host and his buddy Tom
Gamble. So just like a jockeycoming down to stretch, you better go
to the whip and keep an eyeon over that shoulder because Richard might be
coming. I am more than happyfilling in once once every couple of months.

Mike. That's enough for me atthis stage of life. You are
really good at rich I've thought thatfor years, So thanks for being on
the ear. The Reds tonight,Yelwich is on fire. Skinny yep,
the last month, since the beginningof June, he's hitting over three hundred
in every game he's played since thefirst gun. So watch out Reds,

and naturally we have to get Parolt. They got most of their studs are
going now you know it's starters,but they're two best. Now we're gonna
have to get them, of course, Parol ten Ray yep. Well,
we got some couple of studs ofour own with Green and Abbot. So
the guy in the middle, BryceWilson, I don't know much about him,
but they're all right handers, andmaybe that helps us out too.
I don't know, are we reallythat bad against left hander Skinning? No,

it's funny you say that. Iactually look that up before the show
because I am still the belief.And I heard Austin talking about this on
his show yesterday on since he threesixty about you know, the need for
a right handed power bat, andI do think they need to do that
now that Christian and Cronassian Strand isgoing to the surgery route. And I
really thought the splits would be wayworse versus lefties and righties, because it

feels like every time they run aright handed hitting lineup out there, it
just looks eh. But it's thesplits actually for them are slightly now they're
splits. They're not good, mindyou, They're they're better against lefties the
op yes wise than they are againstRiety's. But I'm a deal as Austin
is. They need another they needa right handed power bat, and they
need it sooner rather than later becausethere are so many teams in the wildcard

race at the moment. You know, can they still catch Milwaukee, Sure,
that's mathematically they're there's seven out inthis weekend could move them closer to
that, but really it's gonna bethe battle for a wildcard berth and with
so many teams in the hunt forit. All of those teams are going
to be looking to add to theirroster in some way, shape or for
him to make themselves better, andI think the Red should too. I
didn't blame them, Mike for lastyear not doing it. I think they
wanted to see what they had withthe young kids, and that was fine.

I think that was a prudent move. I know it cost them maybe
a playoff Berth, but I wasgood with it. This year, though,
I think it is time to pullthe trigger sooner rather than later on
a trade to add a right handedpower bat. I don't know who that
is. I don't know what theygive up to get it. I don't.
I'm not giving up a major piece, mind you, but I'm giving
up something to get that bat.Yeah, that's like most said, You're

gonna you know, you're almost gonnahave to give up something significant, Richard,
or ain't nobody's gonna bite. Imean, honest, you just get
lucky and find something that's enter andoff year or something that could be that
could be. No, but theyhave to do something. I know they
do they do. I mean,come on, Nick, Carl, just
you gotta show us a little something, spend a little money real quick.

I know you're doing the Bengals topfive, but I've been wanting to ask
you this for a while. Iwas waiting for you to come back on.
If you had to pick now,in no particular order, your top
five NFL teams for this season,who would they be. I mean,
it's hard not to start with KansasCity, right, I mean I think
I think it's hard not to startwith the two Super Bowl contenders from last

year, Kansas City and San Francisco. Neither one of them is really taking
a step backwards in personnel, andin Kansas City's case, it's added to
its wide receiver room with Xavier Worthyand another speed piece. So I start
with those two. Believe it ornot, maybe this is the flavor of
the month, but I thought theyhad a great off season. They have

a nice roster. They popped lastyear. I like Detroit in that top
five, maybe even at number three. I'll go Baltimore four, just to
be fair, and I might putthe Bengals in that fifth slot. I
mean, listen, this team wentnine to eight last year and did make
some changes on defense that had tobe made, added some pieces that needed

to be done. I think theygot better at the running back position.
I know fans don't want to hearthat, but go look at advanced analytics
on Joe Mixon from last year.So I think they've gotten better there.
I think at the very least,they've stayed even at right tackle, with
the upside of being even better atright tackle depending on how good a Marius
Mims is. And you still wentnine to eight last year with a physically

compromised Joe Burrow for part of itand an absent Joe Burrow for another chunk
of it, and still managed togo nine to eight. So it's still
a really good roster, and itfeels good going into the season with a
solid backup quarterback that you know nowthat I think that was what I'd love
to relitigate last year, knowing whatwe found out about Jake Browning and what
they might have done differently at thestart of the season with Burrow and his

calf. I really I wonder ifthey'd a treated that completely different because I
think they listen watching Jake and camplast year. I thought his last two
weeks were great, and he hada really good last preseason game. It
doesn't mean much, but I thoughthe really came on up until then he
was shaking in camp, and youdidn't know because he'd never taken a starting
snap in a in a real game. And so if you could relitigate it

knowing what you know now, I'mnot so sure that even Joe might have
said, hey, let Jake gountil I'm better. And maybe Joe's,
you know, and something sick oaway. Maybe the injury was a blessing
because now we're solid at that andwe don't have to worry about real quick.
I really like this Houston team.I'm with you on Detroit, but
this Houston team is getting and theRams now. And I'm a little partial

now because I live out here alot, but that offensive line they got
Richard is out Sandy, and theypicked up a rookie in the drafted wide
out and my memory's failing me now, But to go with Pooka they did.
Yeah, but don't let's not forLet's not forget though there's a certain
member of that defense that's no longerthere and that was a pretty big part

of that defense. You're right,you're right, thanks, Take care,
Take care, Mike, and ohI by the way. I did go
against Mike's betting betting system, andit's a good one. As Austin Elmore
says, we did that at theend of the the his show, the
home underdog angle taking them on aFriday night. You got it, and
you gotta be disciplined. I've doneit, and it does work. Austin's

probably done it more than I have. I haven't had a chance to do
it all the time, but thehome underdog angle first game of a series,
and if they lose, you doubledown the next game, and if
they lose again, you do itagain, because rarely does a home team
get swept. And again, youonly do it as an underdog, don't
do it as a favorite. Iwent the exact opposite. There's a home
underdog tonight, the Boston Red Sox. I went the Yankees minus all run

and a half to not only winthe game on the road, but to
win it by a run and ahalf. So maybe I'm gonna regret that
decision. I it was a mythicallock of the night. I've not made
that play, mind you, butI've staked I guess my reputation on it
by stating that at the end ofthat show, so we'll see who's right
again. Mike's system is a prettygood system. The home underdog first game

of the series, and if theylose, if they win, you quit.
That was the other part of it. They win, you quit.
You gotta have this one to quitbecause you got an underdog victory there.
You can get a little bit ofextra juice to it. But I'm completely
bucking the trend, and I'm buckingthe trend night as well. My other
pick was the Mavericks plus one.I just can't see the NBA allowing this
series to be a sweep. Ijust can't. And maybe I gotta think

Dallas hasn't. I mean, althoughLuka Doncic has look like he is so
disinterested it's been embarrassing to watch,to be quite frank, maybe he finally
just says, I'm not gonna allowmy legacy to get a sweep in the
way I've gone out in this series. That's the only thing I'm banking on.
I'm not even But the logic isBoston kicks their ass and it's done.
But I'm bucking logic and all ofthat. With that all right,

coming up next, Dick Gabriel BigBlue Insider. He's either on the road
to Omahall for the College World Seriesor he is there. We'll talk to
him about Kentucky's first appearance and howtheir head coach, Nick Minjione has built
this program and gotten to the pointwhere it's not only in the College World
Series, but it entered the NCAATournament as the number two overall seed.
And you still got time for somephone calls as well before doing now and
the end of the show. Fiveone, three, seven, four,

nine, fifteen thirty. I'm RichardSkinner in from Moegar this afternoon on ESPN
fifteen thirty Cincinnati's ESPN Welcome bout youknow on this Friday. Richard Skinner from
Local twelve Local twelve dot Com infrom Moeger this same afternoon. College World
Series is underway. There is onegame in the book. North Carolina has

knocked off Virginia three to two,and Virginia advances to the winner's bracket to
play the winner of Tennessee Florida State, which will be tonight seven o'clock.
But tomorrow three o'clock. Kentucky,making its first ever appearance in the College
World Series, will take on NCState. The winner of that takes on
the winner of A and M andFlorida the loser takes on the loser of

that game. And to talk aboutKentucky's first trip to the College World Series,
the host of Big Blue Insider onwlap In Lexington Dick Gabriel, Dick,
are you guys on the road?Are you there? I am here.
We got here, Pecoro and Idrove yesterday. Guy there last night?
Ten hour drive? How about that? Ten or eleven? Yeah?

Who did the driving? We splitit up. Jeff probably did the majority
of it. He's a trooper.He's a trooper. So Dick Nick minjio
on the head coach, took overin twenty seventeen. He had taken Kentucky
to a couple of super regionals,they fell short. This year gets into
the College World Series. What ismade this guy the guy that has gotten

Kentucky over that proverbial humping into theCollege World Series. I think it was
a guy who was smart enough,not that the other coaches weren't, but
to realize that he was screwing upquite frankly, because obviously the college game
has changed with regard to on theportal, especially the portal, but also
with how he was scheduling. Imean, we all know he was walking

a tightrope. A couple of yearsago. He was winner else basically,
and he had just missed getting inthe tournament by a game. So he
went back to the drawing board onhis scheduling and built strength to schedule and
RPI, but also worked the heckout of the portal and last year had
the number six portal class in America. Retained some of those guys for this

year and then brought in even evenmore talent through the portal, but also
changed his style. Skinny. Youknow, they've got that chaotic style of
play now where they'll take an extrabase, they'll steal, they'll bunt when
you don't think they should be funning. Dud Flynn does the SEC plus streaming
games with me telecasts, and itkind of drives him a little crazy because

of course, he was used tocovering the reds and you know, watching
teams play for big innings and youknow, trying to crush teams when they
can. But that's just not theway Kentucky plays. But it's paid off
with a regional title last year,super Regional this year. In the SEC
Championship. Yeah, I can't rememberhis an interview he did, or maybe

an analyst that had talked to himsaid that that Literally he said, you
know what, if we're going downas a program, we're going down being
aggressive. We're going after it asopposed to sitting back. And that was
no more evident than Nolan McCarthy's dashedfrom second base in the Super Regional clincher
against Oregon State, where he ranthrough a stop sign. It was a
wild pitch. He saw the playin front of him, and I heard

I did hear Nick after that didsay that, Hey, I had my
back to the play. He sawthe play unfold, so that's why he
kept going. But he technically runsthrough a stop sign and scores what turns
out to be the winning run.I mean, this team, well,
it may seem reckless. It doesseem like they have a design to what
they're doing, but it does comeoff at times as reckless. It does.
But I think that's what keeps theother teams off balance. I asked

Nick one day, I said,do you think teams prepare differently now for
Kentucky than they did in the past? In other words, because your team
is better, he said, no, but I think they have to prepare
differently period because of the way theyplay. They've got a routine play and
it's not new. They didn't inventit where you know, a couple of
their hitters were will almost always showbunt on the first pitch. They'll take

the first pitch and show bunt justto put the defense in motion and force
the third baseman to move up astep or two just because. And then
it every now and then pays offbecause they can smack one right by them.
So it's little things like that thatthey're trying to take advantage of instead
of sitting back and playing for threerun homers, you know, and hoping

that they're pitching can hold them down. And early in the year, their
pitching carry them till they could gettheir lineup squared away. When their pitching
began to falter down the stretch,their offense carried them. And now it
seemed Richard, they've got everything backon track, Nick, the home run
has seemed to come back to collegebaseball. They took the life out of

bats for a period of time,and the home run didn't go completely away,
but it's you know, back rememberthose early College World Series games you'd
watch with Pete and Kavilli and thoseOklahoma State teams, and you know that
guy's hitting thirty plus home runs leftand right. Well, that's kind of
come back to the game in Kentuckyhas some pop. They got eighty four
home runs on the season in fiftyeight games. Ryan Nicholson's hit twenty one,
their lead off battle Ryan Waltschmid's hitfourteen, So they're not devoid of

power. But this really is ateam that does manufactures much. And as
we mentioned, they run one hundredand forty eight stiling base attempts, they
got one hundred and seventeen. Itdoes seem like they've got just a really
good mix of what they can dooffensively. That's exactly right. And they're
slashers in terms of putting the ballin the alleys and forcing the defense to

make a play of that kind ofthing. But yeah, they got some
pop. You know, you mentionedthe two guys with double digit home runs,
but they've also got guys with six, seven, eight home runs who
can get out of the ballpark.So you know, it can happen almost
any time with any hitter in theKentucky lineup. But they don't count on
it and they don't wait for it, and they don't need it to win.

But to your point, you know, all of us experts, we
experts kept telling people, hey,you know, in a tournament SEC tournament
begins in Hoover, don't look forhome runs. And the baseballs were flying
out of there. Like you said, you got to wonder about is it
alive or baseball or whatever. Butjust here in Omah a few hours ago,
they honored Charlie Condon from Georgia aswith the Hawser Trophy. He hit

thirty seven this year, so it'sjust incredible what's been happening. Pitching wise,
Trey Pooser threw a shutout in theopener of the Super Regional of Oregon
State. Was outstanding. He's hadan outstanding season three four six e R
and for a college pitcher in thatleague, that's pretty darn good. Mason
Moore is a solid number two.My question, Dick is this, and

they've had a lot of guys throwgames, and it's always weird to think
of Major League Baseball R numbers andthen you look at college and like an
NKU up here at I think ateam ERA of seven point seven and they
actually won their league and went tothe NCAA Tournament. And they're not alone.
And Kentucky's TM isn't in the youknow threes. It's a little bit
over five, which is again prettygood. But again, you got two
guys at the top of the rotationpooser and make some work. Do they

have enough pitching depth to win thisThat's a great question because the question is
after them, who do you thrownow? Early in the year, Dom
Nyman was the most consistent pitcher theyhad their left hand or Saturday starter preseason
All American after he was a thirdteam All American at Central Connecticut State last
year. But he had some sortof wall skinny. I don't know what

it was, but he suddenly hispitches began to flatten up and he really
got rocked a few times. Now. He pitched pretty well in a relief
appearance in the regional, but Idon't know if they're back to trusting him
enough to start, and maybe theywill. But they've also got Travis Smith,
who was a Friday starter until hehad a couple of knick knack injuries

that took him out and made wayfor pooser quite frankly, he's got the
best stuff on the team. It'sjust he hasn't pitched enough to really corral
its. So that's the golden question. Who's who's the third starter? You
know? And how far can he? Gore's at John Allstaff, you know?
Do you see what's right? AndTravis Smith, by the way from

this area of Walton, Verona indarn County. So look forward if he
can pitch. Looking forward to seeingseeing in pitch, Dick. I'll leave
you with this, and I don'thave a lot of sports bucket items left
for myself. I got a chanceto go to the Masters last year.
That's probably that on that group.I want to go to Las Vegas for
the first weekend the NCAA tournam.I'm usually working, so I haven't had
that opportunity in my life yet.I know gambling is legal around here,

but there's still something about Vegas andthat that I still want to do.
But right near the top is atrip to the College World Series. I'll
ask you, because you've done alot of different events around the country,
have you been into work this eventbefore? Is this your first time too?
My second time? Okay, firstone in forty years. Wow.
I was here in eighty four whenI was working down in Dallas and I

came up and it was at Rosenblad, which he doesn't exist right anymore.
But right now I'm standing u bya huge window overlooking downtown Oma Hall between
games, and I mean there arepeople. It's like an nca baseball or
basketball tournament. People everywhere. Hotelswere jammed. Uh. This this town
loves this event. And a fewyears ago they signed like a thirty five

year extension or something like that.So Omaha lives for this event. And
it's it's like anything you say Omahato anybody, as you know in college
baseball, they know exactly what you'retalking about. And when I was here,
uh, living down in Dallas fora couple of years, began to
follow the sexist Rangers, and theyhad drafted a kid they voted b McDowell
who wanted to go on to Spikeyep. So when I came up,

I said, oh, he wasplaying for eOne State. I get to
check him out. And people said, yeah, he's good. But that
kid in leftfield, that Bond,Yep, he's pretty good too. That
was a dog on good team.Man, they had some they had a
bunch of major leaguers on it,for sure, but didn't win it.
No, you're right, that's correct. Yep, that's exactly right. That
was. That was That was whenthey started televising those around eighty two ish

to that vein was a lot ofkint it. I think help college baseball
blow up for goodness sakes. Exactlyright, Dick. I appreciate it.
I hope you're there as a Kentuckygrab myself. I hope you were there
for a long stay in Omaha.Thank you, brother, appreciate it very
much. We'll take a time outcontinue still got some stuff ahead. We'll
get you to update on the USOpen, reset the Red's lineup, and
take a call or two as well, hopefully five one, three, seven,

four, nine, fifteen thirty.I do want to maybe get back
into the Bengals teams. I justwant to get back get into what I
just asked him about is I probablydon't have a lot of time for this,
but if you've got some sports bucketlist items that you haven't been able
to check off, trip to Omaha, whether it's my team in it or
not, it's always been near thetop of my list. I'm Richard Skinner
in for Moeger. You're listening toESPN fifteen thirty. Welcome I get on

this Friday afternoon. Not richd' skinnerfrom Local twelve local tuil dot com in
for Moeger. Go right out tothe phone lines. Late last hour,
I went to a list that myfriend Jay Morrison from Pro Football Network did.
He did a bunch of them ontop position groups, and he also
did the top ten teams in Bengalshistory. I mentioned he and I agree
Holly on number one, which isnineteen eighty. After that were wildly different.

Dave is in reading with his alltime Bengals teams. Dave, how
are you hey, Skinny? Goodtalk to you. I got to kick
out of Mike's comment before coming chebut I do agree a great consonant fro
you did a great job on inyour podcast is great too. Appreciate that.
I got a quick question about thatbefore I answered, talked about the

teams. Are you going to haveyour Bengals backstage show on Sunday nights again?
Here? It won't be in thatformat, but we will have certainly
something Bengals post game for sure.Yeah, I know Fox nineteen's got the
Bengals team. Now, okay,talking about the teams, I was intrigued
with you saying about seventy five teams. I've always said that might have been

the best Bengal team ever because theywere very good that year in their division.
The Steelers were twelve and two,Banals were eleven three, and I
think the Oilers actually ten. Theywere ten. They were ten and fourth
thanks to the Bengals beating them twice. That's right. And it is ironic
that the Bengals could have won thatgame against the Raiders, kind of like

they could have won the Super Bowl. And Chase was wide open then got
the sack. If you remember TedHendricks yep, jumped up and got in
the Kenny's way and he couldn't throw. Isaac was wide open. Yeah,
And unfortunately, back then, kickersweren't what they were today, and they
just didn't trust that length of thekick, so they went forward on fourth
down. It would have been oneof the great comebacks. They were down
thirty one to fourteen at one pointand had the ball down thirty one to

twenty eight, and it's you know, I know, listen, I know
it's easy. And Jay and Iactually had fun debating this and he said
it's hard for me not to putat least a couple of the Super Bowl
teams won two, and I don'tdisagree. Where the twenty twenty two team
being in there that went to theAFC Championship Game. I think that team
was better than the twenty one teamthat actually to the point of almost winning
a Super Bowl. They were withinan eyelash. But when you look at

total body of work, I meanthat seventy five team has one Hall of
Famer in Ken Ryle, should haveat least two more, in my opinion,
in Ken Anderson and Lamar Parrish.They were great offensively, they didn't
run it great, but Ken Andersonwas just stupid good. He won an
AFC passing title that year and thedefense was off the charts great. As
I mentioned again, think about this. I know it's a different era,

but to hold a team to ourteams to a passer rating a forty six
point nine for a that's that.I've been meaning to try to do a
story on that, and I can'tfind anywhere statistically where it shows like the
best pass defense in passer rating ina season. It just for whatever reason,
it doesn't exist, at least asfar as me looking it up.
I have to reach out to aservice I can't imagine. At least I

would say, since the merger,you have to put a line of demarcation.
I'm not going back to the thirties, when you know Ford pass was
not much of a thing. ButI would say since the merger, that's
gotta be among the best, ifnot the best passer rating defense has ever.
Yeah, K, one last questionhere is one. Do you think
more frustrating that that thirteen seventy five? Seventy six today a lot harder to

make the playoffs? Back then seventysix they had another grant. They didn't
make the playoffs. Seventy seven theyhad to beat the Steelers by more than
six points to win the to getin the playoffs. They beat them by
seven down here in the game wasthe kind of high score something. And
then they lost to the lowly Oilersthe next week and didn't make it.

They called that the attache case gamebecause the Steelers bought the Oilers, you
know, cases for that. Butthen was that you think I had more
frustrating not getting something? Now?Those teams are the teams in two thousand
and five, six and seven whenthings went a right there where we had

some really good teams. Yeah,those were frustrating, maybe because those were
the teams of my childhood and youknow, go into games with my father.
Those are the memories I have ofthose teams and just how great they
were. Unfortunately, the Steelers weregreat at that point in time. Houston
was really good at that point intime in the same division. Baltimore really
good in that time, and certainlythe Oakland Raiders won a Super Bowl.
He won a Super Bowl in seventysix and erect to the seventy sixteen and

so that the Bengals, you know, really were in an era where they
were facing some just super teams.Unfortunately, I will say, and I
put him at number five on mylist I think, and Jay did too.
The twenty fifteen team is a whatmight have been obviously if Andy Dalton
stayed healthy, And I know nobodywants to hear that because he's a pairy
in town, but what if becausehe was having a great year, that

offense was was balanced. AJ Greenwas at the height of his greatness,
that defense was outstanding, that year. What might have been if Andy hadn't
gotten hurt and I know AJ McCarronalmost led him to the playoff win,
but he didn't. And again whatit might have been. I always say,
Skinny that that team I think wouldhave made to the Super Bowl if
Andy would stay healthy. They mighthave trouble winning it because their defense wasn't

was structural gins ver against Cam Newton. They put him in the year and
struggle with them. But yeah,if Andy didn't break as some and he
was all roll that year, andthen I still think they know we've made
it two super Bowl that year.Yep, I would agree. Dave you
good hearing from you. Thanks,take care well, look gets you a
US open update. Coming back,we'll maybe get a chance to go to

the phone lines. I do wantto get back into the bucket list thing,
because again the trip to Omaha,whether Kentucky was in it or not,
I mean, it's just the perfectstorm would have been this year with
Kentucky in it for me. Butjust to go that's near the top of
my list. I've checked a bunchof boxes off. Maybe you've got one
that you've you haven't done and wouldlike to do. And we'll certainly take

your phone call. We may havea little bit time for that five one
three seven, fifteen thirty which aUS open update on the other side of
that, and more as we rollalong. Finally finish things up on this
Friday afternoon. I'm Richard Skinner infor Moegar. This is ESPN fifteen thirty
five, forty eighties. We windthings down on this Friday. Richard Skinner
from Local twelve, Local twelve dotcom in for Moegar this afternoon. Oh,

taking a long weekend. He hadyesterday off as well. Ricky Chino
was filling in and I appreciate themasking Taron Bland doing a great job producing
as always Reds in action tonight eightten, first pitch in Milwaukee. It'll
be a hundred green against Freddy Peralta. They did make a roster move today,
Nick Martini back up, Blake donedown. Makes a lot of sense.

They're facing three ridies this weekend Peralta, Bryce Wilson, and then Colin
Ray on Sunday, and they'll sendAndrew Abbott tomorrow and Frankie Montas on Sunday.
That's one of the things that's beena positive about this year. Is
the rotation starting to sort itself outto where on most nights, either you
have a starting pitching advantage of yourthe Reds or in the very least you're

matching up toe to toe with theother team. Nick Lodolo not going in
this series, and he has certainlystatistically had the best season of the starters,
even though he's missed some time,but clearly the best season. But
you know, you give me thehundred green Andrew Rabbit. Frankie Montes and
again, I know he's been hotand cold. He was great at quarters
fields. Strangely enough, with thatfirst ever performance of seven innings, one

hit, nine strikeouts. No onehas ever in the history of course field
pitched at least seven innings, allowedone hitter or less. Today a Nomo
did throw a no hitter and strikeoutnine in the same game, and it's
hard place to pitch. And thenobviously his most recent start on Sunday,
he was not very good, butit does. That's the thing that gives
you hope, not only for thisseason, but as the future rolls along.

You got a big weekend series comingup. You're not rolling out guys
like they had to roll out lastyear. For goodness sake, you're alling
out legit starting pitchers, and theoffense is coming around a little bit.
It's still got some ways to go. I think Noelve Marte will help.
He's not a savior. And theneed to add another bat in the lineup.
I think you've gotten to that pointthat you it's it's at time to

make some level of move. Idon't know what it would be to give
somebody up. Maybe it is somethingof significance, and even if it's for
a rented player, that rented player, even if it costs you a prospect
in a perfect world, it's nota perfect one world. You're getting Christian
Encarnacion standback next year at one hundredpercent and he steps into that right handed
power back role. But I wouldhope that they do something sooner rather than

later. Let's gets you a scoreboardupdate in the US Open, and Scotty
Scheffler is going to in all likelihoodmake the cut. There's still a lot
of golf to be played. Butagain, this cut line is when we
started this show, it was firmlyplus three was going to make the cut.
Now plus four is clearly going tomake the cut, and you need

one more golfer to get into theplus five range, and the plus fives
will make the cut. That willget Scotty Scheffler in as he shot a
seventy four today to getting five overfor the tournament. For all the world,
it looked like he wasn't going tohave any shot at making the cut.
Now he is one golfer away fromgoing the other way, and there's
a bunch of guys teetering on thefour over. There's a handful that still

have multiple holes to play on thebackside, and fifteen, sixteen and seventeen
have been next to them possible thoseguys could could also go to five over.
So it's pretty clear that five overswhere the cut line is going to
land. Oh, your leaders,you ask. Ludwig Oberg still has some
holes to play. He's through fourteen, but he is a loan at the
top at six under. Patrick Cantleyis five under. He's also through fourteen.

Matthew Vaughan has worked it to fiveunder. He's through twelve, but
again they've got some tough holes stillto play in the clubhouse. Thomas Deetree,
Bryce and d Chambeau at four under. Tony Fenow is also on the
course. He's at four under parthrough fourteen holes as well. Rory McElroy
alone in seventh at three under par. His score. So a big sports

weekend. You got perhaps the finalgame of the NBA season tonight with the
Dallas Mavericks taking on hosting the BostonCeltics Boston looking for the sweep. You
got US Open Golf, you gotRed's baseball, you got just a huge
sports weekend. FC Cincinnati also inaction this weekend on the road at San
Jose. That's a ten to thirtystart time Tomorrow night. You can hear

that game right here on ESPN fifteenthirty, but again a late start time
at ten thirty. And the CollegeWorld Series as well. Obviously, I
know there are some in this partof Ohio where I'm doing the show from
that look at the Ohio River asa moat and that Kentucky does not exist.
But there are a lot of Kentuckypeople in this marketplace from a broadcast

and media standpoint, and for thosethat are over there, there are plenty
of University Kentucky fans. Big sportsweekend for them as well. Because Kentucky
makes its first appearance in the CollegeWorld Series, where they will play NC
State tomorrow at two o'clock, isof course a double elimination format. The
winner of that game will take onthe winner of Texas A and M in
Florida. The losers will face offin a loser matchup. I got a

chance to talk with Jermaine Pratt fora bit at Mini camp. Jermaine is
an NC State grad and I justtraded a little barbed with him, and
I didn't realize he's a big NCState baseball fan, so we're both have
a being interested in that. Andunfortunately I won't see him until training camp,
so can't give trash talk of Kentuckywins or take whatever he would say

to me in reverse. But anice little little friendly thing going on there.
So again, big weekend there forthe College World Series. It is
already underway. North Carolina was athree to two winner over Virginia in walk
off fashion just a few minutes ago. Another game that will take place tonight
as Tennessee taking on Florida State forSEC schools. For ACC schools in the

College World Series this year, itcould have been five SEC, three ACC,
NC State and Georgia matched up ina super Regional where NC State came
away a winner, and that's whywe got an even split between the ACC
and the SEC. Boy For awhile back in the day, the PAC
twelve was a dominant team, dominantplayer in this and obviously there's no more
PAC twelve. In fact, Kentuckyended the last PAC twelve hopeful in Oregon

State in the super Regional. Iwant to thank Taren Bland for producing today.
He always does a great job.I always enjoy talking to him on
Wednesdays during the football season when I'mon with Moegger as a guest and we
talked for a few minutes when hegets me on hold, so I always
appreciate the work he does, sothanks so much for running the show today.
I want to thank the guests.My podcast partner, Rick Browing.
We talked some college basketball, kindof putting a bow on the rosters set

by Xavier U see Kentucky NKU andhow he thought they did in the transfer
Portal marketplace and what they did there. Thanks as well to Mike Patria from
CLNS Media. We talked about Ellieda la Cruz a little bit and my
point being that he should bunt moreand Mike seem to agree with that point
because Ellie bunts Moore. Ellie's awalking double and instead of striking out so

much, occasionally put the ball inplay. And yes, I know there
are those of you screaming, butthe power, the power. Sure,
I'm with you. I'm not sayingyou need to do it all the time,
just a little more often. He'sgot eleven homers in ninety two strikeouts.
He's more apt to strikeout than hehas to hit a home run bun
twenty five thirty more times for hitsgreat. I think it would work out

swimmingly for him. And thanks aswell to Dick Gabriel from Big Louie Insider,
thanks for being with us. I'mRichard Skinner for Moro Egger, but
we'll be back next week. You'relistening to ESPN fifteen thirty

Mo Egger News

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