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June 18, 2024 101 mins
On Tuesday's show: The Reds play a game filled with slop, and David Bell is mad about...the LED lights in Pittsburgh?

Plus, Jerry Jones takes a swipe at the Bengals, a reminder about the Bengals schedule, and the number one immutable sports truth proves itself again.

Also, Apple TV's Nate Bukaty talks FC Cincinnati. 

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Taco Tuesday. Taco Tuesday. YesdayTaco Tuesday. It is yes, it
is Taco Tuesday. I can confirmwe are having tacos not right now,
though I wish we were high.I'm all eggar. David Bell embarrassed himself
last night. Man, sorry,embarrassed himself. Reds lose to the Pirates

four to one. Did the gamefeel like it was that closed last night?
I almost tweeted this and then Idecided not to. I didn't feel
like being that guy. It wasfor to one. It felt like it
was fourteen to one. Paul Skeinstied Red's hitters up in knots. Carson
Spiers gave the Reds some length.TJ Friedel got hurt by the way Reds

just released their starting lineup for thisevening. TJ is not in it.
Came out of the game after makinga great catch in center field, dealing
with hamstring tightness. I'm sorry,man, he says he's fine. Maybe
they're gonna win. Sist he's okay. The way this season is gone?
Are are you? Are you?Do you believe that? I I'm skeptical.

I'm skeptical about a lot of thingsright now. And I don't want
to be glad that you are here. We're broadcasting today from the ESPN fifteen
thirty studios, powered by Greater Cincinnati'sroofing and exterior restoration experts, made Well
Restoration dot com. Uh, we'vegot a show preview video on x thanks
to Emory Federal Credit Union, yourcredit union with hard since nineteen forty nine.

Good to EMORYFCU dot org. Youare welcome to call this show whenever
you feel like. At five win, three, seven, four, nine,
fifteen thirty, we've got some Bengalstuff to get to. A good
soccer guest on FC Cincinnati coming upat five twenty, and a big steaming
hot WNBA take. I hope you'reready for it. Reds lose the game,

which fine, Paul Skens was terrific, which fine. The Reds don't
have a very good offensive team rightnow now, which I don't know how
that's gonna be fixed. They havethirty five games between now and the trade
deadline on July thirtieth, and we'lltalk a lot about what helped the Reds
can get from outside, but inthe short term, internal offensive options are

just gonna have to suffice internal offensiveimprovement is gonna have to suffice, and
we're gonna get to all that.I could deal with a team that isn't
very good offensively. You could dealwith no hitting. You could deal with
Paul Skins, who looks like heis going to be a star in this
league. You could deal with himafter the first inning, tying your team
in knots. What's hard to swallowis the slop. You know, we

saw the Reds play a really sloppygame on Friday, but they won,
and so we didn't really talk aboutthe slop. We saw more slop last
night. We saw Will Benson outthere doing a belly flop for a ball
in left field that I guess helost in the lights. We had another
Ellie de la Cruz misplay. Wehad two guys including Ellie, get picked

off base last night. Slop andthat drives me nuts. It drives me
nuts because, and I know Italk about this all the time. It
takes the already thin margin for errorand it shrinks it done wide and it
shrinks, it shrinks it. Thisteam cannot afford to shrink its own margin
for air. How do you haveguys getting picked off, especially Nick Martini,

like Ellie Dela Cruz. Fine,everybody's expecting him to run, and
so you know the guy's gonna payextra close attention. And it was a
close play. How does Nick Martini, who should be thanking his lucky stars,
he's in the big leagues, whoshould be doing everything he can to

not get demoted. How does thatguy get picked off? How did David
Bell embarrass himself? I'm sure you'rewondering, Well, last night, I
can understand him being mad and upsetand frustrated, and I guess he was,
although apparently not by the slop,but he was upset that between innings

in the eighth inning last night,he was mad at the fact that the
Pirates have an LED lights show whilehis players are trying to play catch between
innings, and so he comes outto make a point about that, and

then that quickly escalates and he getsinto an argument, and he throws a
temper tantrum, and he gets thrownout of the game, which felt very
unnecessary and performative to me, Andhere he is being asked about it afterward.
Your argument with the umpires was thatover the LED lights being too dark.

It started that way and beyond that, it's not really it doesn't really
matter, it's not really worth talkingabout. But yeah, that's how it
originated. That was the rigeal reasonfor going out there. So the big
issue last night was the light showbetween innings. They dimmed the lights for

some sort of led light show,and that's what he's mad about. Now
you know how it works, right, Sometimes in life you'll express anger at
something, but what you're mad atis really not what you're expressing anger toward.
And so you might say, look, he's frustrated. He watched Paul

Skens just stick it to his club. He watched his team give up two
more outs because it got picked off. He's watched his team fail to make
any real dent in the NL Centralstandings. He has watched his team now
build a small but still not insignificant, three game losing streak. He stuck

inspires was okay last night. Imean he dug himself a hole. But
whatever, you might say, well, he's really frustrated at some of this
other stuff, and it it justit boiled over. And you know,
when you're mad at a sometimes B, even if B is insignificant, that
can make you just boil over.And maybe that's what happened with the light

show at the ballpark in Pittsburgh lastnight. Here's what I want to know.
If you're mad, if you're likelegitimately pissed off at your guys get
pissed getting picked off, and you'relegitimately mad that your guys seemingly had no
answer for Paul schemes, and andyou're mad that your team has played a

lot of really sloppy baseball, howabout you just come out and say that
you're mad about that. This teamcan handle it. It's it's a team
full of adults, right, Imean this, this isn't T ball,
It's not not whole like these guyscan handle the truth. I have a
good track record here, man,you know, say what you want.
You might think I am the crappiesttalk radio host in America, and that's

fine, But right or wrong,I've got a very good track record.
I don't just gratuitously bang on themanager of the coach when the team loses.
I have a very well established trackrecord of that, very well established.
Don't take cheap shots, don't makeit personal, try to go out
of my way sometimes maybe even toa fault to not blame the coach or

manager when things go wrong. Buthere's the reality. When it comes to
a baseball manager. He is thespokesperson for the team. He's basically to
the facto press secretary. I havecolleagues of mine who get mad when I
say that, but it's true.He's the only person who's required to speak
multiple times per day on the recordabout anything happening with the team. Often

often thinks he has nothing to dowith Nick Crawl doesn't have to do it.
We haven't heard from either Castellini inforever. The players don't really have
to do it. Does multiple times. He's going to meet with the reporters
before the game. He's got achat with Tommy Thrall before the game.
He's got to talk to Jim Dayafter the game. He's gotta then spend
time with all the writers after thegame. He's the he's the press secretary

for the team. Uh so,you know, he's got this forum that
he could use, and managers useit all the time to sort of express
what's pissed him off or what whatangers them. Last night, he was
he was mad at the led Lightsshow and the dimming of the lights at
the ballpark, and he might havehad good reason for it, I guess,
I don't. I don't know,But if you want to use that

and go, well, he's reallymad at the fact that his team plays
sloppy, why can't he come outand just say they play sloppy? Or
or if he's legitimately upset at thelight show, okay, that's fine.
I guess would it be harmful ifhe came out and expressed that some of

the things that have happened in thesegames the Reds have lost, and even
some of the things that have happenedin the games the Reds have won,
are unacceptable. Like Austin asked methis last segment about well, how how
long do you do you really getaway with Hey, they'rey young, and
by the way, it's a fairquestion, but if you want to go
with the hey, it's a youngteam now, I mean, just you

know, really quick like Tylers Stevensonyoung, Jonathan India really youngest, Jamer
Candelario young, Nick Nick Martinez thirtyfour years old. He is, if
if I'm not mistaken, the oldestguy in the team, right, I
guess Justin Wilson is he's the oldestposition player on the team. Nick Martin,
the old guy got picked off lastnight in a four to one ball

game. That's that's not a youthfulmistake. It's sloppiness. It's inexcusable.
You can talk about how young theyare, right like, youth is one
thing, and you might you mightsay, well, what a company's youth
our mistakes. Then there's a lotof truth to that, But mistakes still

shouldn't go unaddressed. I have aseven year old daughter. She does stupid
seven year old things all the time. It's part of raising kids. The
part of being a parent is youaddress the mistakes. If if I don't,
then not doing my job, notdoing what I signed up for.

You know, I don't parent publicly. David bell manages publicly. No,
no, dude, how about insteadof yeah, you know they were turning
off the lights on us as ourinfielders were playing catch? How about can
we fix the fricking getting picked offbase thing? Can we fix the errors?
Can we fix the slop? Look, there's roster limitations that are built

in. They're not a good offensiveteam. No high level hitter on this
club right now. Part of that'sinjury. Part of that is youth,
part of it is just the makeupof the club. Can we not get
guys picked off? Like? Thereis nothing in baseball that drives me nuts
more aside from sacrifice bunting, whichis of course bad strategy, that drives

me nuts more than that than dudesgetting picked off. It even understanding the
Reds are gonna be aggressive and forcethe issue and steal a lot of bases,
like Nick Martini is getting picked offin a four to one game,
it's okay, And it's okay withthe players who actually matter nothing against Nick
Martini, but ain't gonna be herein a year. I'm not sure he's

gonna be here in two weeks.It's okay to say that what we are
doing and how we are playing isnot acceptable. Had David Bell said that
last night, I would have noddedalong. Have David Bell shown frustration with
that last night, who among uswouldn't have been able to relate to him?

Instead, if the iyer is aimedat the guy up in the press
box who's in charge of messing withthe lights between innings, and if you're
gonna say to me, mo,he really wasn't mad at the guy messing
with the lights between innings. He'smad at his club. Maybe his club
could stand to hear it, whetherit be publicly or privately. I'm a
David Bell guy. I'm not gratuitousbashed the manager guy. But last night

manager made me question some stuff.How about you? My lines are open.
Love to hear from you this afternoon. Five one, three, seven,
four nine, fifteen thirty and uheight six six seven zero two three
seven seven six. David Bell madat the led light display in the eighth
inning last night at the ballpark inPittsburgh. Meanwhile, his team is getting

picked off. They're throwing the ballaround. I mean this is and has
been a little bit of a sloppyclub here. They got away with one
on Friday. He did not lastnight. You can send a tweet during
the show at Moweger thanks to ourfriends at Delta Dental. Delta Dental is

building healthy, smart, vibrant communitiesfor all good at Delta dentalh dot com.
We have a lot of ground tocover this afternoon. Nick Buccatti is
going to join us at five twentyis. He's got the FC Cincinnati match
this weekend. FC Cincinnati obviously playstomorrow at home, but we'll just talk
about the club coming off their bigwin over San Jose on Saturday night,

some Bengal stuff. A little bitlater on a very optimistic projection for the
Bengals that I agree with, notbecause I agree with the projection so much,
but because I agree with part ofthe rationale, and it's part of
this team that you cannot forget aswe get closer and closer to the start
of training camp. I am insanelylate. It's eighteen after three o'clock.

Let's ask the question of the summernext on ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station.
Since then twenty five after three,This is ESPN fifteen thirty. I
don't know what about last night's gamestuck in my crawl. Paul Skins was

awesome, and I was excited towatch him at greater length than typical when
it's been highlights here there, whenI've been able to grab a few winnings
here or there. And he wasawesome, and I'm a little bit disappointed
that he's not going to pitch againstthe Reds next week at GABP. But
you know, after the first inning, Tarren said this to me off air,

Eli dela Cruz certainly looked like yousaw Paul Skins okay, and the
Reds in the first inning hit someballs really hard against him and took a
brief one nothing lead that unfortunately CarsonSpiers couldn't make stand up. But from
that point forward it looked like hehad that lineup in the palm of his
hand and he has done that toeverybody, and he's going to do that
to a lot of teams. Butthere was there was something about the game

last night, and your phone callsare coming up. There was something about
the game last night, whether itbe because of the sloppiness of it,
the pickoffs, and like I'm anEllie de la Cruz guide too, right,
like I'm probably is at least fromamong those who do this as biggest
supporter, defender fan, however youwant to put it, and like I

get it. With young players,there are some things that you're going to
get that you don't love and youhope that they get corrected. And with
an aggressive team, you understand they'regoing to have a higher propensity for giving
away outs on the base. Thisteam's been picked off thirteen times this year.
That's the second most in baseball behindthe Washington Nationals, picked off thirteen

times. The league average per teamis six. If you've got a club
that just rakes, smashes, clubsthe ball out of the ballpark consistently getting
guys on base, that's easier toswallow than it is when you have the
low ceiling offensively that this team has. It's really hard when you're losing a

game by three runs in the laterinnings and you're having guys get picked off
base, and I don't know,man like, I think it's okay.
I think it's okay to say thosethings. By the way, David Bell
should have a lot of job security, and I don't expect these lou Panela

esque rants after games. I getit, we're not gonna we're not gonna
get that understand how this works.But these are adults. This is a
manager who should have some modicum ofjob security because he's got a contract extension
that takes him through twenty twenty six. If you're going to use displays of

emotion to I don't know, geta rise out of your team or get
them to wake up, or gettheir collective heads in the game, well,
why why not directly address what someof the issues are. This team
plays sloppy baseball. I mean,you know, they they almost lost that
game on Friday where Alexis t Asnearly had an implosion, almost lost that

game in part because of the defensivesloppiness. Sloppy, sloppy baseball. And
by the way, like you couldsaid, well, they've they've played really
well recently. They had the sevengame winning streak. They're no closer to
first place today than that they werea month ago. And I could say,

well, let's talk about the wildcard. I'm not even getting there.
It's middle of June. So youknow, I am a believer that
the Milwaukee Brewers pitching is a bitof a house of cards. That's the
phrase I used last week. Somebodyis going to challenge them. I'd like
to think it could be the Reds. I don't know if they hit enough
to overtake them, but assuming they'renot gonna hit great across the entire season,

if the slop doesn't get cleaned up, this team goes nowhere. Like
I'm just put it in very basicplaying terms that addressed the problem directly.
There's just there's too much slop andthat can't just be excused away or wiped

away because quote, they're young.Kind a thirty four year old guy getting
picked off first base in a fourto one game last night. I don't
know how that doesn't drive you nuts. So maybe David Bell was really mad
about that. He decided to makea stink about the led light show because
he wanted to get kicked out andwanted to throw a temper tantum and wanted

to see his team see it.Dude, just be an adult about it.
Address the issue. You got ateam that's playing very sloppy baseball right
now, had a team that givesaway outs on the bases far too frequently.
You've got a team defensively that hasn'tbeen very buttoned up recently. That's

not a great defensive team to beginwith. Your phone calls are coming up.
Five one, three, seven,four, nine, fifteen thirty A
Bengals prognostication that I like for onesimple reason that I think has to be
emphasized often as we kind of wrapour brains around how the twenty twenty four
season may unfold. Uh. Theother thing that happened last night is TJ

friedl got hurt he's not in thestarting lineup tonight. We'll give you tonight's
starting lineup and so much more comingup on ESPN fifteen thirty. Cincinnati Sports
team Kelsey Chevrolet home of lifetime powertrainprotection and guaranteed credit approval from their family
to yours for life, kelseyeshev dotCom, Reds and Pirates Tonight, Nick
Lidolo and Lefty Bailey Falter six fortythis evening on seven hundred W Well W

I guess to be expected. NoTJ. Friedel in Tonight's starting lineup.
Hopefully Tonight's starting lineup is made well. We bring it to you thanks to
our friends at Madewell Restoration. Goodto Madwell Restoration dot Com. If you're
not sure which your home needs,trust Madewell. Fairchild's leading off in center,
Elliott Short, jam Or Candelario atfirst base, Spencer stier Lefield,
Tyler Stevenson behind the plate. No, he's not, He's dhing. Sorry,

Tyler Stevenson is dhing. Jonathan Indyis at second base. Santiago Espinal
is playing third base. Tonight Freeley'sand right, and Luke Mayley is catching
and batting ninth. Florence takes onWindy City tonight. College World Series UK
after losing to Texas A and Mlast night, has an elimination game against

Florida. That game will start atseven o'clock f C. Cincinnati head coach
Pat Noonan confirms that Matt Miyoska notavailable Tomorrow night is the Orange and Blue
takes on the Philadelphia Union, dealingwith that leg injury suffered on Saturday night,
he did acknowledge this could be along term injury. In hockey,
tonight, NHL Stanley Cup Final Gamefive, Edmonton and Florida Panthers lead dead

series three games two one, uhfive point three. Fifteen thirty is our
phone number. Thank you to thoseof you who have waited patiently. Roger,
you're on ESPN fifteen thirty. Goodafternoon, Hey mo, Good afternoon.
Uh. You know, I justwanted to touch on a couple of
things earlier. You know, don'thelp the Reds, the errors, the

blunders on the base path. Butwhat I really think it comes down to
is, and you spoke about ita couple of weeks ago, hitting the
hitting code. Something is not clickingwith these folks. The highs are high,
the lows are super low. There'sno in between with these guys.
With all the modern technology, analytics, video of pitchers, you know,
the pitch percentage, these guys goup there and look lost nine times out

of ten. Even when it wasthree one last night, two run game,
I didn't have that confidence that theywould come back. The way they're
hitting, they're scrapping across one run, you know, two runs getting thrown
out on the base. But I'mnot lobbying for anybody to lose their job
by any means. But it's agood way to make a statement. Somebody
lose their job and it sort ofwakes people up to say, hey,

we just lost that guy's job.Let's do better. It's just frustrating night
in and night out to see him, you know, barely produce any hits.
Yeah, I mean, you know, the hitting coach thing, for
me, I typically ignore. I'llignore it if it's a veteran team,
But when you have a lot ofguys who are still developing, well,
the hitting coach takes a has arole in that development. If he doesn't,

then then why I have a hittingcoach and you're just not seeing it
happen at the rate that we wouldlike, you know, Cees before he
got hurt, a lot of peoplewanted to send Hi him to the minor
leagues. Why well, he's notdeveloping Spencer Steer season this year. I
think he's hit a lot of ballshard right at people. But still I
think we're not we haven't seen itat the rate that we would like Will

Benson. It feels like to alarge degree he has kind of regressed.
You know, the overall offensive profileof the team isn't very good. But
I focus on guys whose development youwould have liked to have seen kicking the
gearby now, and when that's nothappening, who's in charge of the development?
Well, at a major league level, the hitting coach has a large
hand in it, even if youwant to say he's not in charge of

it. And so when that developmentisn't coming, I think it's fair to
then question the person who's got thelargest hand in that development, which is
the big league level again, isthe hitting coach? You're right? And
the one last thing out point atI think there needs to be some mix
of veteran presence Handelario is not it. He doesn't seem like a real leader

to me. Oftentimes at third,I don't know if he's gonna ground the
ball, make an error. Hemakes me nervous. And I understand we're
playing with a short deck, butI would like to see some of these
pieces that just probably aren't in thefuture, maybe leverage those for some sort
of vetter on presidents, because youknow, at times, even though I
feel negative about it, I feellike they're on the cuss, but it's

just like that five hundred mark,we just can't get over it. I
think there needs just a little bitof change up to get us over that
hump and to sort of lead theseyoung guys. But that's my point.
I appreciate you taking my call.Great job, as always, no Roger
Verry kind of you. Thank you. I mean, I'm not equipped to
say whether or not Jamer Candelario isa leader or not he's hitting. I
have no problem with Jamer Candelario.I mean, frankly, you know,

relative to how he started the season, what he has been able to put
up through you know, whatever it'sbeen, seventy two games is pretty good.
I don't know if he's capable ofleading. I don't know, And
I brought up the idea if youwant to like jump in and get somebody
right now. I mean there's onlylike four or five teams that are probably

clearly in cell mode. We kindof know who they are, you know.
Joey Vado's just now, I think, started playing baseball game for the
Toronto Blue Jays. Tommy FAM's interestingto me. I mean, like the
Diamondbacks acquired him last year and hebecame a regular for a team that went
to Game six of the World Seriesand raked in the postseason in some of

those series. Is he bit psycho? Sure? Part of me that feels
like this team could could use someof that. I don't know, like,
is there probably still some some lifein his bat and a relative to
the other options that are out.I mean, look, he's Tommy FAM's

thirty six having an okay season.But I mean, yeah, I went
to Arizona last year and then batin the postseason. I mean at for
twenty one in the World Series,for twenty nine in the National League Division
Series. Like veteran dude, beenthrow a lot, been, throw a
lot off the field. Kind ofcrazy. I don't know, man,

Like I just it is easy.I admit this, It is. It
is easy. To gratuitously beat onthe manager after a game like that.
I I do not do that.I mean I do not do I don't
believe in doing it. I don'tlike doing it. I usually feel like
that blame is misplaced. But I'mwatching last night. He's getting thrown out

of the game in the eighth inning, and he's acting like a three year
old who's been told they can't havedessert, and I get that's what managers
do. And I'm like, well, okay, what's what's what's the issue
here? What's he's met at theLED light show? Okay, isn't there

other stuff to be mad at?And then I'm told, well, actually
that's the stuff he's really mad at. He just can't say why, why
not? What's there? There's adifference between calling people out and challenging them.
Calling people out is blaming them.Challenging them is demanding they do better.

What's wrong with publicly challenging this teama little bit? You know?
If they're so young, which Ihear every single day, if they're so
young, then that means they're kindof impressionable. And if they're impressionable,
they can maybe be challenged and maybehave that make an impact. I don't

know. Man. Five point threeseven four nine, fifteen thirty is our
phone number. More of your phonecalls are welcome. We're guests free until
five twenty when Nick Bucatti joins us. Talk a little FC Cincinnati. I
like this Bengals prognostication. Today theAthletic does their their best bets for over

unders. They've got the Bengals listed. I like it. And there's one
basic reason why that should not beforgotten. We'll get to that and more
on last night's lopsided for to oneReds loss to the Pirates as well on
ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station.But he did. Hey Friday, Reds
are home. They're playing the RedSox. We are going to be broadcasting
from the Holy Grail downtown right nextto GABP from three to six. You

should join us. It's gonna beawesome. Have a nice cold beer,
stick around, go to the game, stick around, watch the game.
I have no idea. If youhave tickets to the game, go,
If you don't have tickets, cometo the Grail and then hang out.
We'll see you there, hopefully threeto six at the Holy Grail before the
Reds and Red Sox. We're gonnado a couple of shows before Friday Reds

home games at the Holy Grail duringthe summer, and looking forward to that
this Friday three to six. Wehope to see you there. More on
the Reds and your phone calls comingup here in just a bit. Yesterday
we found out that T Higgins isgoing to play for the Bengals in twenty

twenty four, which we knew andso not that they can't go make one
more, one more maneuver. Thereare I think a handful maybe of free
agent defensive tackles that you might bringin and give him a world during training
camp, but not that most ofus didn't think the Tea was gonna play

for the team. It feels likethe last, the last box this offseason
has been checked. I still thinkit's gonna be interesting to see if Evan
McPherson gets a contract extension. Butbeyond that, if you believe there was
any amount of uncertainty surrounding T Higgins, it ended yesterday. He's gonna play
for the team. He's gonna showup for training camp. Most of us

have expected this, you know,some of the other noise this offseason.
They were never gonna trade Trey Hendrickson, so he's gonna play for the team
this year. So now we can, as training camp gets closer, focus
on the team and how it mayplay and how it may fare, and
what its chances are winning the AFCNorth, which should be uber competitive,

and getting to the playoffs and advancingonce they're there, and perhaps getting back
to the Super Bowl and maybe evenwinning. We can also talk over unders.
Theathletic dot Com has a piece thatcame out over the weekend NFL twenty
twenty four over underwin totals, bestbets and predictions for all thirty two teams

listed under best bets. Along withthe Giants at over six and a half,
the Chargers at over eight and ahalf, the Seahawks at over seven
and a half, the Bucks atunder seven and a half, the Colts
at over eight and a half,are the Bengals at over ten and a
half wins lofty win total. Itwould mean they go ten and seven,

probably make the playoffs, but theyhit the under over ten and a half
minus won twenty five, so obviouslythey have to win eleven games in order
for this to hit Vic Taffur writes, Hey, the last we checked,
t Higgins and Trey Hendrick center stillon the roster, and Sheldon Rankins was
a very nice add on defense.The Bengals have also given Joe Burrow perhaps

the best offensive line of his careerand can get the steam train going early
thanks to their schedule. This isthe key part of this because I feel
like, and perhaps this is earned. Maybe you have some who don't don't
want to invest heavily on Joe Burrowstaying healthy for an entire year, or

some who will hold against this teamit's recent track record of starting slowly.
This to me is the key.This might be the most key development of
the entire offseason. Cincinnati opens againstthe Patriots, Chiefs, Commanders, and
Panthers. Outside of the defending champs, that's three teams with new coaches,
two with new quarterbacks, and lastyear's number one pick who still has much

to prove. The Bengals aren't projectedright now to be at least nine and
a half point favorites in three oftheir first four games. Now Sandwiched in
the middle, there is the gameagainst the Jeeves, which, even if
you believe Kansas City is going towin that game. And look, that's
fair. Beat them last year,beat them the last time they played.

They are the Chiefs, they arethe defending Super Bowl champions. Even if
you believe they're gonna lose that game, you certainly aren't expecting a blowout.
I think most of us would putmoney on that game being in doubt in
the fourth quarter. And I thinkmost of us would be comfortable putting money
on that game being in doubt inthe last four or five minutes. But
even if you lose that one,the NFL gave this team a gift free

uber uber winnable games. If thisteam is not three and one through four
games, something will have gone dramaticallywrong, whether it be injury, this
team playing more poorly than anybody couldexpect, some sort of coaching issue.
Now, yeah, the schedule getsmuch much more difficult later in the season,

but I feel like what has becomepart of this team's mo and why
some may sit on their hands withit as they you know, project things
like over unders and who's going towin the division and who's going to make
the playoffs. What's going to beused against it is how bad they've been
early in the season, how badthey've been the first couple of weeks,
how they've had to play ketchup,how they had to have had to spend

a lot of time in the middleof the schedule playing ketchup. They shouldn't
have to do that. This teamshould do what it did three years ago
and play from ahead. And thatteam three years ago went through some some
rough patches. They started three andone, ended up being five and four,
got to seven and four, thenthey were seven and six, and
then they really turned it on.But the last two years it's been well
documented. You remember those teams,how bad they were at the start of

the season. So let's let's takethe leap of faith and assume that Joe
is going to be healthy game numberone, And we do have to take
a wal little bit of a leapof faith there. If he is,
Oh boy, I mean, youlegitimately could not have asked for a better
runway to the season. Patriots,Commanders Panthers each within the first month,

each are at least nine and ahalf point dogs against him. This team
should go into October playing from ahead. Now, then things get tough with
that Week five game against Baltimore,but still This should be the talking point
all summer. How if they don'tget off to a good start, something

will have gone dramatically wrong. Somethingwent dramatically wrong last night. We'll get
to that next on ESPN fifteen thirty. This reap you found Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen
thirty. Oh, it's interesting agram Ashcraft got sent down twelve days ago
and most of us were four.Why well, Reds are trying to get

to the playoffs. Reds are tryingto get to the postseason. Starting pitching
is a strength. Graham Asscraft wasa weak length. Now, maybe their
best laid plans went awry, soto speak, because Brandon Williamson ended up
getting hurt. Perhaps they have founda short term solution in carsonspires. Maybe
Graham will be back before you knowit. But I mean, I think

there was a bit of a lessonsent there right when they did that,
Like, we're not We're not justgonna wait around for you to get better.
We're not just look, you're young, we think you have a lot
of upside, we think you havea lot of potential. But if there
are other options, we're gonna goahead and take advantage of those other options.
Because we do want to win thisyear, so you can't necessarily use
the hey, look they're ahead ofschedule thing again this year, or just

continue rolling out the well very young. When things go poorly, like stuff
can be addressed, you do needother options. It's like I've made fun
of those who want to send downEllie de la Cruz in large part,
not entirely, but in large partbecause there are no other options to play
shortstop five minutes after four ESPN fifteenthirty m Oeger, thank you so much

for joining us. One quick notethat I just saw a few seconds ago.
If you're a UK fan looking forwardto watching your baseball team in the
World Series tonight against Florida, theexpectation for really bad weather in Omaha tonight
and I just saw a picture andit looked like it's already like midnight out
there. Means the game tonight hasbeen postponed. So they're going to play

at eleven o'clock tomorrow, an eliminationgame against Florida. They we're gonna play
at seven o'clock that will now beplayed tomorrow at eleven a m. Also
Reds and Pirates, No TJ.Friedel I have not yet seen any official
update on him, aside from justthey took him out of the game with
that tight hamstring. After the game, he insisted he feels okay, but

he is, and not unexpectedly,he is absent from the starting lineup tonight.
Brendanman and Jones on Baseball coming upand the number one mutable sports truth
proves itself yet again. I'll explainmore on the Reds as well and one
more Bengals thought too, but firstlet's chat with Greg. Greg, thank

you for your patience. Good afternoon. How are you no problem though,
just always good to talk to you, and I mean it sincerely. I
think I told you I mentioned fourteenyears ago over there at the game day
with my daughter. Yes, butI've listened to a lot of talk shows
and I've told people is you arethe best. I mean that, and
I'll tell you why. All theinfo I always for sure try to listen

to your first hour, so allthe info I get. I like you
talk to facts and you say itthe way it is with that without being
offensive, you know, because I'mkind of like that with people and they
tell me I'm offensive, but lettersthat's that's why I like your show.

I really do, and I ama you know, I didn't really start
calling in till recently to you,because you know, I'm seventy six years
old, and that is a littleintimidating, you know, to call in.
But I can call in now,and I feel comfortable calling in.
But you are number one. NumberOne. Two things, A, You're
always welcome. There's no reason toever be intimidated by any talk show,

whether it's me or anyone else.Number Two, When you tell people you
feel that way, do they laughat you? Do they just shake their
heads? Do they yell at you? What's the response? Just usually say
I'm a pain in the ask fairenough? I get that as well.
The close grumpy grampy, how's that? Okay? Something like that? Sure,

But everything you talked about last nightwith David Bell, you know,
I mean, here's the thing.I almost always agree with you. I'm
serious about that, Okay, lastnight something like that. It's kind of
like the old act, like you'vebeen there before. And I'll tell you
what And this is just I'm justkeeping this short because what really irritates me

about him. I've been watching thisgame probably for sixty eight years. Hell,
I'm an old Cleveland Browns fan.I was watching Cleveland in the fifties,
been the Reds forever. You know, I watched MLB. I listened
to you, and so I thinkI'm pretty smart when it comes to this
at my age. And when hesits there on these post post game and

tries to tell me something I didn'tthey didn't see, it's insulting. I'm
just gonna give you one example,five or six years ago, excuse me,
five or six weeks ago Martin.I'm not picking on Martin, but
Martini was back. They brought himback, and then in a post game,
he had a home run that gameto run Homer. He played the

ball off the wall. So ina post game they said to David Martini,
he said, oh, he justplayed a great game. He said
he had that. You had tworun Homer and he had that great and
you can play the tape. Greatdefensive play. Now here's the defensive play
I saw. He played it offthe wall, grabbed a fair handed and

proceeded to miss India by ten feeton the relay. And that can only
tell you mode that led. Thatled to a run. Markin even brought
Markin even brought that up. SoI guess what, I guess what I'm
saying. I don't know him allthe time trying to protect his players,
and okay, that's that's a goodthing about him. But I just really
kind of think he insults people withhis covering for the players all the time

and everything's coming up roses but whateversays that anything should be fired or anything
like that. Of course not,but that's that's the one thing it really
irritates me about him. Anyway.Yeah, Greg, thank you for the
nice words and the phone call,and I hope to hear from you soon.
Man, Thank you so much.Okay, buddy, No, you
know for me, like, ifyou listen to college basketball coaches and their

you know, almost every single oneof them has a postgame radio show,
right, Sean Miller does, WesMiller does, I'm sure Mark Pope will,
Darren Horn does. And you knowthey're they're sitting with their radio crew
right after the game. They're upsetif their team is lost or if they
haven't played well. They're they're notthrowing players under the bus, but they

could use some sharp pointed criticism thattheir team as a whole or an area
of their team and you know,you can kind of gather who they're aiming
it at. But they're not justpointedly dumping players under the bus. Big
league manager can't do that. Like, again, it's not that they lost
the baseball game. You're gonna ifyou're gonna have a manager who's gonna lose

his mind every time his team losesa baseball game, nobody's gonna make it
through the season. Like, I'mnot expecting that. But when you see
things that should be deemed blatantly unacceptableand you have a requirement to come out
and talk publicly, and you're obviouslybothered by something. If he wasn't bothered

by whatever was going on in theeighth inning last night, he would have
been thrown out of the game.What's What's what is the harm in just
pointing out that certain things are unacceptable. I don't want to pick on Nick
Martini. Let's be honest. NickMartini seems like a really nice guy,
cool story, hit the home run, He's he's on the team because of
the lack of debt. There area lot of guys like Nick Martini bouncing

all across Major League Baseball. Theynever stick with one team. They're at
the bottom of the roster. They'reconstantly getting shuffled between here and tripa A.
But he's on the team and ina three run game, with his
team leading in the late innings,he gets picked off. Basse, you
might say, well, he kindof fell down. That that's that's that's
inexcusable. That that's that's not aguy being fooled by a pitch and grounding

out to shortstop and it kills apromising inning. That's you can live with
that. This this is different tome situationally, how do you how do
you and Ellie the previous inning.I'll give Ellie the the youth pass.
I guess he's twenty two. Uhfine, and I'll give Jelly Ellie the

youth pass because you know, okay, he's He's a guy that you just
would expect pitchers to pay pay closerattention to. But I'll be honest with
you, even doing that, Ifind it hard to excuse him getting picked
off. Nick Martini, though,is even more than excusable. He's not
running anywhere. That dude's not stolena base in his big league career.

I don't know if he has stolena base in his professional baseball career,
how's Nick Martini going? Like Elliede la Cruz will still your bag leads
a planet in stolen bases, marNick Martini is not. He's never stolen
a base as a major league baseballplayer. The hell's he and getting picked
off? And then you just havean Ellie Booter to ball at shortstop last

night? Like I love Elie dela Cruz, love him, and I
find no faults at all with hiseffort. But could you could still you
could still see things that just shouldnot be accepted. It could seem from
the entire team. What's wrong withsaying it? What's wrong with with challenging

some guys. David Bell is walkingaround with a contract that's going to keep
him in his current capacity through twentytwenty six. It feels like he has
enough job security, and one mightsay even just enough cachet to be able
to do that. Now, youmight argue it doesn't matter if he does

that stuff publicly as long as he'sdoing it privately. Are we sure he's
doing it privately? And his angerlast night at the led light again,
he's either mad at the wrong thingor he's mad at the right thing.

But he wanted to prove a pointto his team by pretending to be mad
at the wrong thing. To justcome out like an adult and say,
the sloppy ball club right now,we got to clean some stuff. We're
not good enough to give away outson the basis we're not good enough to
not make every play in the field. The Reds lost two out of three
to Milwaukee this weekend, and theRats in that series did some really nice

things defensively. They also booted theball all over the place on Friday and
watched the Brewers constantly kill rallies becauseof their outfield defense. That'd be fair.
TJ. Friedel did make a reallynice play last night in center field.
Unfortunately he got hurt during it.And if you want to give Ellie
credit for throwing out rowdy to Lez, I don't know what he was doing
running a third base on a ballhit to the shortstop. That's fine,

But you saw the value in beingable to make those plays in the field,
which the Brewers did, played goodcrisp baseball aside from the one errant
pickoff throw where Ellie scored from secondon. By contrast, the Rets just
look sloppy. Sloppy unprepared. Ican't be called out a little bit.

If the manager won't do it,I will. Uh. That's what I'm
here for. Lines are open fivepoint three seven four nine, fifteen thirty
eight six to six, seven ohtwo three seven seven six Brendanman and Jones
on Baseball is coming up. JerryJones takes a swipe at the Bengals.
Oh, and a big hot WNBAtake coming up. No, you're excited

about this because it's true. It'sa true take. It applies to the
WNBA, it applies to the NFL, it applies, it applies to shows
like this, it applies to life. That's coming up on ESPN fifty thirty
Cincinnati Sports Station Infliensing Friday from TheHoly Grail. You should join us.

It's gonna be awesome three to sixbecause that's when this show is Thank you,
Thank you in advance. I'm justassuming you're gonna be there. More
on the Reds and David Bell andthe Led. I got I got people
on my social media turned the lightsout, well teams woman, Okay,

Uh, they didn't turn the lightsout, they dimmed them. Similar to
what it looks like like when theReds hit a home run during a night
game. Uh and and by theway, like I understand like not liking
it. Was he really that upset? Like legit? And by the way,
what's he expecting the Empire to donthe Empire does something about it,

the game will have resumed. I'mgonna guess, you know, it's like
when he threw the he got madand like threw the chair and the dugout
because another one of his guys gothit. My my take was, and
frankly, I think it was theaccurate correct take, was He's not so
much mad about his guy getting hit, He's upset that nobody in his team

has done anything about it. I'mgonna guess that last night, David Bell's
anger was not so much aimed atthe umpire, not so much aimed at
the led light show happening between innings. It was his team stunk last night.
Just you know, again, itwas four to one. If you

watched that ball game last night,Paul Skeens had a lot to do with
that. He is awesome. AndI give credit to Carson Spyers for,
you know, kind of looking likehe was going to pitch them out of
the game early at least holding downthe Ford for a while. But Paul
Skeens was terrific last night. He'sa lot of fun to watch. Control,
velocity, command, I mean,any you can ask for. But

it was four to one, Likein the fifth inning, it felt like
it was sixteen to one. Imean, it felt like it was a
lopsided at a hand game and itwasn't. And it wasn't because the Reds
defensively didn't play well. Had guysget picked off, like stuff, stuff
that just can't happen, can't happen, and the Reds of it. Thirteen

guys get picked off this year.That's the second most in baseball. You
should have, that should be thetotal for an entire year. We're approaching
the midway part of the season.The big league average right now is six,
so most teams are going to finishsomewhere, you know, at that

pace around thirteen pickoffs. Reds havethirteen guys get picked off in seventy two
games. Remarkable. There's a trialthat's happening. I wasn't aware that it
was happening. It's the a Sundayticket trial. I guess there's a class
action lawsuit against the NFL because ofNFL Sunday Ticket, which obviously used to

be on DirectTV. Now it's onYouTube. Subscribers to the NFL Sunday Ticket
package are claiming in court that theleague broke anti trust laws by selling its
package of out of market Sunday gamesairing on CBS and Fox at what the
lawsuit says is an inflated price.The subscribers, as a part of the

suit, also claimed that the leaguerestricted competition by offering Sunday ticket only on
a satellite provider. You probably donot care about this lawsuit. I do
not care about this lawsuit. Butwhat is interesting is Roger Goodell was on
the witness stand and so was JerryJones. So yesterday Jerry Jones, owner

of the Cowboys, testifies during theSunday ticket trial. Think about that,
this class action lawsuit. You're incourt Roger Goodell one day, Jerry Jones,
I guess the same day, andthat is spilled over into today.
Jerry Jones is by every measurement,Say what you want about him. He
is one of the most influential figuresin the history of the NFL. He

is one of the most powerful peoplein the sport. He's probably one of
the most powerful people in all ofsports. But he took a swipe at
the Bengals. Now, obviously,you know what the NFL does. The
NFL is like the Reds sell theirtelevision rights and the Cleveland Cavaliers sell their

television rights, and individual Baseball andNBA and hockey teams sell their individual television
rights. The NFL in the regularseason doesn't do that. And Jerry Jones,
despite owning the Dallas Cowboys, ateam that could break the bank,
possibly literally, if they sold theirown TV rights, has long been a

defender of the current TV model.The NFL nationalizes their games right instead of
selling each individual team. Jerry Jones, in an effort to defend the business
model, the broadcast model that theNFL use, said this, according to
the AP quote, I am convincedI would make a lot more money than

the Bengals. I'm completely against eachteam doing TV deals. It is flawed.
Now Mike Florio of Pro Football Talkwrites about this, and he writes
his selection of the Bengals wasn't randomor accidental. Jones and Bengals owner Mike

Brown have a long standing feud regardingrevenue sharing, as NFL legend has it,
Jones and Brown once got into aheated argument during an ownership meeting over
Brown's refusal to sell naming rights toPaul Brown Stadium. Obviously, they have
since sold the naming rights to PaulBrown Stadium. Mike also points out times
have changed, of course, theBengals have become a borderline powerhouse, appearing

in two of the last three conferencechampionship games, while the Cowboys have appeared
in exactly none in the last twentyeight. First of all, he's not
wrong. Just you know, it'sthe Cowboys. The If NFL teams were
allowed to sell their own television deals, the Dallas Cowboys would maybe have the

most lucrative television contract in the sport. That's fine that the Cowboys whatever,
and so he's right. It doesn'tbother me that he is mentioning this.
I really don't have a hard takeon this other than other than while he

may be right, it is interestingthat in this league, as much as
the Cowboys have been this huge,large national brand since well before Jerry Jones
owned the team, they have beenlapped in so many ways by so many

other franchises in terms of on fieldrelevance, and if you look at the
overwhelming majority of this century, theBengals have been more relevant than the Dallas
Cowboys. You know, brands,there are brands, and then there are

organizations. The LA Lakers are anawesome brand. They haven't been a great
organization in the last ten twelve years. The Dallas Cowboys have an unbelievably high
profile brand and they haven't been avery uber successful franchise. I just call
it what it is. Kentucky Basketballis an insane brand. Haven't made a
Final Four for almost a decade.So Jerry Jones has a brand. Mike

Brown has the better franchise, andfrankly kind of has for a while.
Despite the dips that came post youknow, twenty fifteen and early in this
century, Mike Brown's had the morerelevant franchise for the better part of this

century. Twenty nine away from fiveo'clock, five one, three, seven,
four nine, fifteen thirty and eightsixty six seven oh two, three,
seven, seven six more. Onthe Light Show. At the Light
Show last night, he Nick Martiniis not playing in the base. Maybe
that's punishment for old Nikki getting pickedoff last night. I have no idea.

Sports headlines and a big hot steamingWNBA take next to ESPN fifteen thirty,
ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati's sports stations looka machine gun there. Sports headlines
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Reds and rots again tonight, NickLodolo and Bailey Falter six forty this evening
on seven hundred WLW. TJ.Friedel is not in the lineup tonight.
David Bell says him being available tonightis quote a long shot. I'm re
reading a tweet from Brian gezenschlog fromBally Sports, who says says the best

news about last night's leg injury isthat it doesn't feel any worse today.
Still just feels tight getting treatment.David Bell says they still hope to have
TJ avoid the injury list. Bythe way, TJ. Friedel's numbers aren't
awesome. I would put him intothe category of indispensable reds. He is
not in the lineup. Let's takea look at who is. Thanks to

our friends at Madewell Restoration, timefor a new roof Madewell Restoration. We'll
expect yours at no cost. Goto Madewell Restoration dot com. Stu Fairchild's
in centerfield tonight, leading off Ellie'sat short Jam Orcandelario at first base,
Spencer Steers and left field Tyler's evensonhis dhing Jonathan Indy is playing second base.
Santiago Espinall is playing third base,betting seventh, Jake Freleian right,

Luke Mainley behind the plate and pattingninth. Florence Yaw's play Windy City tonight.
College World Series Kentucky and Florida fortonight has been postponed. They'll play
that elimination game in Omaha at elevena m. Tomorrow. FC Cincinnati News
Pat Noonan confirms that Matt Miasga nogo for tomorrow night FCC hosting Philadelphia and

says his leg injury could be along term issue. Tonight, it's a
Game five at the Stanley Cup FinalPanthers and Edmonton. Florida leads that series
three games to one. I hadsomething else. I don't know what I
did with it, So let's insteadtalk to Jeff. Hi, Jeff,

you're on ESPN fifteen thirty. Hey, well how you doing? Yeah,
me too, out of town,board, out of my mind. So
it's always enjoyable sitting and listening toyou guys. Yeah, well last night
I became Chris Welsh was what hethought he saw was when Bell went out

to talk to the crew chief about, you know, the light show,
and you know, there was youknow, pictures trying to warm up,
and he said, look like thehome plate umpire chimed in and I didn't
think he was having a very goodday, and I'm sure David Bell didn't
either, and so when he chimedin, that's when, you know,
I started chuckling because I was tryingto imagine the conversation. How it changed

then, you know, with DavidBell saying something about Colin Bell's strikes and
this guy getting heated and then tough. So I don't think it was all
about the light show, no,but it started with the light show.
I mean it escalated because the otherguy that he was probably already upset with
came in and chimed in, andI could understand maybe having a beef with
that, but but the initial theinitial issue was with the light show,

and then and then and then itescalated quite quickly. Yeah. Well,
Chris Well said that the conversation lookedvery cordial. No, no, biggie
before that, so he was justtalking to the crew cheap about it.
Yeah, and I look at hehadn't got all bent out of shape yet.
No, but he got bent outof shade quickly, and and and
perhaps from that standpoint, deservedly so. And you are right. I mean,

it didn't look like it was anantagonistic conversation to begin with. But
I mean, I yeah, Idon't, I don't know, I don't,
I don't know if it And look, I don't care if the manager
gets ejected. He can still dowhat he does by not sitting in the
dugout. Was whatever was said tohim so obscene or offensive that it warranted

the temper tantrum that he then threw. And then was the temper tantrum really
about what was said to him orabout how his team was playing? I
think that's that's a fair question,and one that he chose to not answer
last night. The combination of everything, Yeah, sure, absolutely it was.
But yeah, I agree, Iwish I would see some kind of
something directed at the players. Itjust seems like you can be two player

friendly, and I think that justseems how it is. Yeah, Jeff,
thank you very much for the phonecall, and I hope the rest
of your trip yields less boredom.You know, it's often been said,
and I think accurately so, thatDavid Bell has the perfect demeanor for what
the Reds have been trying to dosince the beginning of the twenty twenty two

season. We knew that year wasmaybe didn't know they were to lose on
other games, but we knew theyweren't going to be that good. Right.
Lockout ends, they trade away abunch of guys, they go young,
and they keep going young, whichhas yielded yielded decent results last year.
It's often been said that he isthe right temperament, the right demeanor,

the right approach for young players andfor players who invariably are going to
go through the the growing pains ofbeing a big leaguer and the inevitable ups
and downs that come with that,that he is perfectly suited to help steer
the roller coaster, if you will. And I agree with that. But

this team is, you know,just it's it's in a little bit of
a different place than it was ayear ago. They've got they've they've they've
they've got some players who, bynow you would like to think are not
making stupid mistakes. They've they've got, you know, I mean, even

like Ellie de la Cruz. AndI'm as big of an Ellie guy as
you'll find. But you know,Ellie's now in year two, it's been
more than a year since he gotcalled up, and so you know,
we are seeing improvement in many respects. Offensively, I can't get picked off,
man, Like I keep dwelling onit, but dude, you can't.

You can't get picked off. Andsometimes guy makes a really good movie,
you can't get picked off. Justcall it what it is. And
so you know, Austin asked methis question, and I think it's a
fair one. He asked me thisduring quick hits, like when when does
the hey, very young thing expire? Well, at some point it does.

Maybe we're not there yet, butat some point it does. And
you could use youth to explain things. You should not use youth to excuse
things. There's lots of things mykid does that I could explain the bad

stuff. I won't excuse and Icertainly will correct And it just there's been
a just a sloppiness. And Ikeep using that word. I think it's
the one that best describes that there'sbeen a sloppiness to their play in the
wake of the seven game winning streak. And when you juxtapose it's specifically opposite

or against how Milwaukee played last week, it's it's striking. Does the sloppiness
get fixed? Five three thirty.Uh, you could send me a tweet
at mowager thanks to our friends atDelta Dental. I haven't gotten to my

immutable sports truth. I will nexton ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station,
Marty Brendan really nothing at the moment. Nothing at the moment. Run him
in at Jones on Baseball coming upin just a second. As a sports
fan, as someone who consumes alot of sports radio and sports television and
podcasts, uh, I've quickly becomefatigued when it comes to the Caitlin Clark

discussion. Uh So the Caitlin Clarkplayed in this game on Sunday against the
Chicago Sky and Angel and Angel Reeshas chosen to take on this persona of
a villain and throw a hard foulagainst Kaitlin Clark, which just ignited this
whole series, whole new round ofdiscourse about Kaitlin Clark, and most of

it's fatiguing, and some of it, I think a substantial amount of is
coming from folks who don't really watchthe WNBA, and I will admit I
don't watch it a ton, butI caught much of the game on Sunday,
which was the WNBA's most watched gamein twenty three years. It featured
Kitlin Clark versus Angel Reese. CaitlinClark has really said nothing remotely controversial Angel

Reese, and I like this haschosen on to take a little bit of
a villain persona regardless of how youfeel about that, it has created conflict.
If there's one thing that's true universallysports, sports radio, sports LEA,
sports television, is that we alllove conflict. We all love characters,

we all love picking sides. Inthe WNBA. We can now do
that, Brenivan and Jones on baseball, We'll have a conflict next Cincinnati's ESPN
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is Moegor. This is ESPN fifteenthirty. Appreciate you listening. We're gonna
go to Kansas City, not totalk about the Chiefs or the Royals,
but to talk FC Cincinnati with Napuccatti, who lives in Kansas City. But
he doesn't have their match tomorrow.He has their match on Saturdaybody's gonna talk

about both with us because that's thekind of guy. He is not coming
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a nice cold michelob Ultra grab asix pack on the way home. The
game last night in Pittsburgh was extraordinarilyfrustrating. Not because Paul Skeens was really
good last night. He was.I've said this a few different times.

There are some certain baseball games thatare seemingly close. Last night was one
of them. Reds lose by threeruns where they're in it. You know,
they're basically two guys getting on baseaway from having the tying run at
the plate. Right it's a threerun deficit, not insurmountable, but certain

games that are decided by three runsjust it feels like, as you watch
it, it feels like the scoreis more lobsided. Sometimes you're on the
good end of this. Last night, the Reds were not. Paul Skins
looks special and what he did tothe Reds last night, he's done to
pretty much everybody. But here's aguy who last night was making his seventh

big league start. It felt likehe had the Reds and the palm of
his hand. Okay, fine,Carson Spires started the game, Carson Spiers
gets into trouble early and then atthe very least gives the Reds six innings
and doesn't do anything after the secondinning to allow the game to completely get

out of hand. Fine, theylose the game in Pittsburgh. Fine.
What frustrated me last night, andwhat I think is fair to discuss and
point out, is the sloppiness withwhich they played. We saw it at
times in the field. We sawit on the basis. I feel like

we've seen this a little bit morethan we should. Now. The excuse
has been, Hey, very young, here's what I want to know from
you. Five one, three,seven, four, nine, fifteen thirty.
I'm gonna flip a question that wasasked to me, and I'm gonna
ask it to you. Austin ElmoreI went on with him since he three
sixty. I do quick Kids andLocks of the Night. We preview our

show us talking about David Bell's historyonics last night, where he's got one
of the few jobs in the countrywhere you can be Hay, like a
three and a half year old who'shad their toy taken away. You can
do that and get away with it. He did it last night. Fine,
no big deal. When he getsejected. He gets ejected. I
don't care if he was really upsetabout what was being yelled at him by

one of the umpires or the lightshow between innings last night that I guess
may have kept his team from beingable to throw ground balls to each other
between innings. Okay, fine,his his ire should have been aimed at
how his team played. How histeam played, it gets sort of dismissed.
Hey, they're young. Here's thequestion that I have. Are they

always going to be young? Like? For how much longer is is that
going to be the default position wetake every time things go poorly? Like
we've talked a lot about Hunter Green, and Hunter Green in terms of years
and even in a big league career, is young. But this is very
much a young man's game. Thisis also a franchise that is probably not

going to be investing in that manythirty year old's long term. They've come
out and said that they'll bring ina guy from outside. Jamer Candelario is
a good example, a decent amountof money, a good player, not
a superstar. So if what theReds are trying to do is going to
work, They're gonna have to consistentlyproduce young players who, by the time

they get here, don't wear thatyouth label very long. Like if we
are consistently waiting for guys to getit after three years, what the Reds
are doing is doomed to fail.It just it is so like the wha,
hey, they're young, you're ayoung team. Yeah, I mean

they're young ish. Some of theyoung guys aren't playing right now. Excuse
me, Christian A. Kronascian's trainingis not playing right now. Noelvee Marte
is getting closer, but he's notplaying right now. And Matt McClean is
non playing right now. I've talkedabout this a lot with Hunter Green.
He has made fifty big league starts, like time to get it going,
my man, let's go, Andto his credit, that has happened.

And I said this about the startingpitchers as a whole, like I'm frustrated
with Graham Ashcraft, Like we shouldn'tbe sending you down by now. This
is a guy who made his bigleague debut two and a half years ago.
The idea wasn't in June of hiswhat was supposed to be his third
big league season, for him tobe towing the rubber at Louisville. That
wasn't the idea. That doesn't meanthat he can't come back and be a

consistent, good quality, reliable bigleague pitcher, but he's not one right
now. Nick Litdolo. I loveNick Lodolo, and his progress has been
stunted by a big injury last yearor a big pair of injuries last year
that basically caused him to miss theentire season. But like this is we
demand more of young ball players morenow than ever before, and you're gonna

have to do that. At thebackbone of this team is gonna be its
own homegrown guys, where you're notgoing to fill in the holes by throwing
money at the problem. So Ithink it's it's fair to ask, like
for for how much longer are wegoing to do the whole? Hey,
they're a young thing. I mean, even if you look at like the

the makeup of the roster and likewe've picked on Nick Martini who got picked
off last night, there is again, with the exception of the sacrifice pot,
which is just bad strategy, there'snothing that drives me nuts more than
watching the guy get picked off.There's nothing like straight Steel. You get
thrown out, can live with that, Uh, trying to stretch a single

into a double. I can livewith that, getting thrown out trying to
score from second, like to theplay at the end of the game on
Sunday, I get. There's justsomething about a guy getting picked off the
just It just bothers me because Ifeel like usually when that happens, there's
been some sort of mental mistake wherethe pitchers outthought you where you weren't paying

attention. It drives me nuts.But if we're gonna do the whole young
thing, like you know, EllLee's twenty two, Spencer Steel is twenty
six years old, Will Benson's twentysix years those are players I like,
I can't imagine we're gonna be sittinghere two years from now going to a
g Maybe Will Benson and Spencer Steelewill turn things on. Jake Fraanley's twenty

nine, Jake Fraley's having a decentyear, Jake Fraley's twenty nine, Hex
Stevenson in India are like established bigleaguers twenty seven years old. Again,
they're playing some guys maybe a littlebit more than they would like because of
the younger players they don't have availableright now. By the way, as

much as I love Noelve Marte thehitter, and I don't buy for a
second that he didn't know what hewas putting in his body. If the
big problem is well the Reds arereally young, well nojelve Marte is not
going to solve that. He's youngtoo, So like, for how much

longer are we going to do thewhole Well, they're young, They're just
they're they're young, and if they'reyoung is going to be a reason,
that's one thing. If well they'reyoung, is going to be an excuse
when they play poorly. I know, no. Young mistakes have to get
corrected. Young mistakes have to getfixed. Young players have to develop,

and young players for this franchise haveto develop quickly. Like if they're not
going to be the big free agentteam, if they want to do something
sustainable, if they want to dosomething that's going to last a while,
they want to avoid the peaks andvalleys. They want to be like the
Cardinals used to be. Okay,constant turn of good big league players.
They get here and we don't haveto wait that long for them to be

established. Guys who know what they'redoing, who don't make young mistakes.
A team with a better track recordcould chalk up some of the sloppiness we've
seen as an invariable part of along season. This team doesn't have that
sort of track record. If theexplanation for some of the slop we have
seen, saw it on Friday andin a game they won, It's like

one of the sloppiest games they've played, maybe the sloppiest they've played all year
long. And I know I'm focusinglast night on one game and a couple
of specific instances. I don't wantanybody to be fired. I don't want
Eli della Cruz to be banished todouble A. I want those mistakes to
go away. This team cannot affordto see some of the mistakes we saw

last night. Now, coaching doesn'ttake place for the most part publicly.
It happens behind closed doors. Butif we see a recurrence of some of
the same stuff, then I'm leftto believe that the coaching and the corrections
that have to take place behind closeddoors aren't taken place or the messages aren't
hitting home. So you know,for me, at least, I just

myself. I can't speak for anybodyelse. I I just want to watch
a Crisp ball game tonight. Crispwell played clean, give me that.
But like you know, and again, like I've been the guy deferring to
youth, set it off and theteam demands patience, The organization has exhausted

it. But like we're we're nearlyat the midway point of basically year two
of this and there's a lot tolike, a lot of good young players,
like the starting pitching, even likesome of the bullpen options. I

think Carson Spiders can pitch at thislevel. That could be yet another option.
But are we gonna do the wellthey're young thing for how much longer?
Five point three, seven, four, nine, fifteen thirty is our
phone number. We got an unbelievableperformance on Saturday night by Kubo. Bad

news coming out of that game.FC Cincinnati is not gonna have Matt Miasga
perhaps for a while. They playtwo games this week, starting with the
Philadelphia Union. Tomorrow. Nick Bucatticalls MLS games for Apple TV MLS Season
Pass. We'll join us to talkabout the Orange Blue next Cincinnati's We have
only two more months to hear thatThing's twenty three after five o'clock. This

is ESPN fifteen thirty. It isgonna be a busy week, usually already
started on Saturday. Busy week forFC Cincinnati. They're home tomorrow to take
on Philadelphia. That match starts atseven forty five. All of the matches
this week on Apple TV. Tomorrow'smatches on Apple TV are free part of
mlsc's pass, and then quick turnaroundright back at home on Saturday for a

home tilt against New England. TheOrange and Blue coming off. I think
that the most entertaining game of theseason so far, a four to two
road win against San Jose, buta win that came at a cost because
Matt Mioska is not going to playTomorrow night. Looks like a pretty decent
chance he's not going to play fora while. Nate bukaty Is works for

MLS. He's in pass on AppleTV. He does not have the game
tomorrow, but he does have thematch on Saturday, and so I thought
we'd bring him on and we couldtalk about both. Nate, it's good
to have you pre uh, Iguess, but before you get here,
Welcome to Cincinnati. What's going on? Hey, thanks, Ma, I
appreciate it. First of all,digging the biggie on the bumper music that's

that's a good vibe can get broughtin on. I appreciate that. Second
of all, Yeah, I'm actuallyin lost. I just got to Los
Angeles because I've got the La Galaxyversus NYCFC game and that could be Yeah,
a match that's relevant to Cincinnati.The Eastern Conference race is really good.
That also means that I'm going tobe enjoying very different types of cuisine

during the course of this week.Right now, I'm sitting outside at an
overly complicated modern taco place as youcan imagine in southern California, and then
I'll be trying some Skyline chili herein a couple of days. My man.
Very good. Well, I'm partial, I'm biased. I know what
I prefer, but nonetheless, it'llit'll be nice to have you in town.

Uh, there's no reason to overcomplicate tacos. Man, I'm just
going to tell you that right now, we're on the same page. Yeah,
give me a shell, give mesome bee, throw some lettuce,
throw some cheese, and uh andwe're good to go. H let me
start with the kind of the newsof the week. So you know how
good Matt Mioska is. This teamis going to play tomorrow night without him
and likely a number of matches fora while. How do you expect his
absence to impact what they're trying todo? Yeah, I just voted for

him on my All Star ballot tobe one of the starters for the All
Star team. That's how much Ithink of Matt. I think he's He's
always been a very very good player, but he seems like he continues to
grow and mature as well. Andobviously the Robinson situation complicates things as well
for Cincinnati. So look, ifthere's a team out there that seems to
be able to cover things like this, it seems to be Cincinnati right now.

Just such such a well oiled machinegoing. But that is a big
loss, there's no doubt about it. And you know, I'm gonna be
interested to see how they look tomorrownight. I don't know what kind of
a test it is this Philadelphia team. They're in a little bit of disarray
right now, but I'll be interestedto see what it looks like tomorrow night
before I get to call that gameon Saturday, because there's there's no sugarcoating

it that that's definitely a big lossfor Cincinnati. It is a big loss.
I feel like what a lot offolks are doing, and I'll admit
I'm doing it as well. IsOkay. You'd love to have Matt Miyoska.
He's awesome, right, anytime youhave to fill his role, that
that's a challenge. But if Icould play the Lucho Acosta card, that's
that's pretty damn good. Oh,without a doubt. I mean, I

think you're talking about outside of LionelMessi, why possibly the best player,
the most important player in the entireleague in luchol coast I. The guy
is incredible and obviously what he didthis past this past game against San Jose
is a perfect example of it.You know, it's I think Cincinnati are
I think the supporter shield race isgoing to be fascinating this season in Major

League Soccer. I think a lotof teams are factors in it. But
to me, Cincinnati is every bitas much of a favorite as anybody else,
in large part because of how manydifferent ways they seem to be able
to beat you and how well theirteam fits together, and so I do
think there's a bit of a nextman up mentality and some of it also,

you know, maybe hold the fortdown just a little bit until you
get everybody back. Have they saidfor sure how long he's gonna be out
yet or is that still kind ofup in the air. No, so
he's not gonna play tomorrow. Thequestion was posed to Pat noon in today,
you know, could this be along term thing? And he said
yes, now you know, no, no time frame, no timeline,
nothing like that. But but it'syou're not hearing anybody you know insists,

Hey, this isn't going to bea long term deal. This is no
big deal. There has been theacknowledgment that this could be a long lasting
thing. Yeah, that's tough.I'll say another thing you mentioned. Acosta
Wobodo is another guy that I votedfor for the All Star Game, and
I know he doesn't get the kindof attention because of the position that he

plays, but for my money thatthat position might be the most important on
the field because it protects the guysbehind him, like Matt Mioska, but
it also connects that back line tothe guys like a costa to do their
job, and I think he's oneof the best defensive midfielders in the entire
vegue, if not the best,So there's protection for however they decide to
fill that spot. Cincinnati's not basedon one guy, not even a costa

they are. It's a squad andthat's one of the things I like so
much about them. So I thinkwhen you're in a situation like that,
you can cover for the loss ofa really great player better than certain teams,
you know. I think about likea Nashville for example, if they
don't have Honey Mooktard, they don'tthey don't have a team. If they
don't have Walker Zimmerman, they're inserious trouble. I don't We'll see what
happens. But I don't think that'sthe case with Cincinnati. Uh, you

don't have the match tomorrow. Butwhen they play Philadelphia, it's always interesting.
They they have such shared history withwith obviously, you know Pat Noonan
being a Philadelphia guy and being soinstrumental in that team's success, and same
for Chris Albright. They've played insome great matches, including in the playoffs
each of the last couple of seasons. This Philadelphia team they've put on the

field this year is doesn't feel likeit's the same as some that we've seen
over the last couple of seasons.What's changed there, Well, I mean
it's they they've got they've got someserious problems right now. Obviously, you
know, they're they're they're having tosend one of their best players overseas,
and you know, I think thatthey've they've done a good job of just

explaining, you know, Jim Curtinis in a good job of explaining why
they're doing that. And I thinklong term that Philadelphia organization is a model
organization. But they've got players withintheir organization complaining about their lack of investment
in players. Uh, nobody wascomplaining about that when they were inches away
or minutes away from winning MLS Cupa couple of years ago. But you

know when when you when things startto go poorly and you're a team that
doesn't spend a lot of money,then then you know you have players start
to step forward and complain. Andthey had to say goodbye to some players
because they weren't able to pay themor haven't been willing to pay them.
But they've got a great organization whenit comes to bringing young players through the
system and turning them into good playersand then a lot of times selling them
overseas. But right now, it'sit's been it's been really interesting to see

why they've struggled this year. Iwould put I would put Philadelphia in Orlando
as the two most disappointing teams interms of what I thought they would be
this year versus what they are.Of course, that's that's something about MLS.
I mean, you really you don'tknow from year to year. You
think you know who's going to begreat, and you're not always right.

But uh yeah, right now,Philadelphia, man, their struggle ling in
a lot of ways, and Ithink that that Cincinnati's catching them at a
very good time. Uh Philadelphia strugglingthe team that comes here for the match
you're going to call on Saturday.Uh, that word applies. And then
some what's happened to the New EnglandRevolution? Yeah, but all of a
sudden, they've won three in arow and I and I'm not sure how

much to make of that. Theircompetition hasn't been the best. You know,
a couple of games ago they beatthe New York Red Bulls and the
New York Red Bulls are a reallygood team, but they're without half their
best players who are on international duty. I mean they're they're missing their two
There are only two really good attackingplayers the Red Bulls were, so you
know, New England caught them atthe right time. I don't know how

much to make of this three gamewinning streak that they're on right now,
because before that, they absolutely lookedlike they were a team in complete disarray.
There were reports everywhere, whether youwant to believe them or not.
Caleb Porter was quick to dismiss thesereports, but there were reports of all
kinds of uh, you know,disharmony in the locker room and with the

coaching staff and all of these things. And maybe that's just what happens when
the results are poor, and youknow, reporters want to get a scoop
on something. But it seemed likeeverything was going wrong for New England.
So now they won three in arow. It's going to be interesting to
see what type of team comes totown against Cincinnati that they Varoni is there
is scored a goal for them thispast weekend, but he has really not

been what they've needed him to beas a goal scorer through the course of
his time in New England. Idon't know if that'll get him started or
not. I'm a little hesitant tobelieve that. So look, I think
this is a time Cincinnati. Youguys are just such a good team,
by the way, and also Ijust want to say this mode that I've

only had a chance to be inyour stadium one time, and that was
this year, my first time toget to go there. I'm a Kansas
City guy, you know. Iwas a Sporting Kansas City announcer for eight
years, born and raised there.Incredibly proud of what Kansas City did as
a soccer market to kind of pushthe ball forward in terms of the stadiums
that we see now. I wantto tell you this, you guys have

taken what places like Sporting Kansas Citystarted and you've done it better. And
to me, that's I mean thatas a massive compliment. I mean,
I think that's what you want todo when you when you set a bar,
you hope other people in your leagueclear it. And I think you
guys have as good of an atmosphereas there is in the league. It's
better than what Sporting Kansas City did, which is to me saying something,

and I can't wait to get backthere this weekend because I just think it's
a wonderful stadium, a phenomenal atmosphere. And as a person who comes from
a smaller market as well, Ilove love seeing the mid markets in Middle
America thrive the way Cincinnati is rightnow. So I can't tell you how
excited I am to be back thereon Saturday. It's going to be awesome.

And you're right about the in gameatmosphere. That is the nicest thing
anybody from Kansas City has said tome in four years. So yeah,
we got some bad blood and othersports. When when you come to town,
I could tell you what not topack. Okay, I should not
wear my Mahomes jersey in the townand is that Yeah, I would,
I would leave that in but Iwould leave that in the closet, you
know. I mean, you knowthere's you could wear the Travis Kelsey gear

up near Clifton where you see is. But for the most part, I
would advise you to leave that stuffat home. Yeah, I'll try to
keep a little profile on that,you know. I understand, man,
I understand. Well, have ahave a great call tonight, save travels
to Cincinnati and enjoy Saturday evening.I do appreciate the time man, thanks
so much. Hey, thanks,If you got any tips for me on
my skyline order, I'm just gonnabe honest with you. I've been kind

of a hater. I've been kindof a hater. Have you had it?
I mean you you actually eaten it, but not not at skyline like
I've had the canned stuff okay thatpeople have sent to me. And uh,
I feel like I need to walkinto the place and really, you
know, take it in like alocal in order to really fully appreciate it.
Is that Is that accurate? Yeah? So, I mean there there

are there are more than there's morethan one skyline within reasonable walking to sinto
the stadium. Now. It's likeone hundred and fifty nine degrees outside right
now, so you're not gonna wantto do a lot of walking. It's
it's very simple. You go inand you ask if you want the full
experience, get two cheese conies witheverything, which means onions mustard right with

it, and then and then geta get a three, four or a
five way. I prefer a threeway because I'm not a huge beans guy.
But I think if you do athree way and two cheese Cony's,
that will encapsulate the entire Skyline chiliexperience. You know, Nate. Right
now they're selling hot met cheese coniesfor a limited times. They have like
a hot Mets if you like alittle extra spice and to cool you off.

They just started selling ice cream floats, so you know, you you
could really run the gamut. Ithink the good thing is I'm basically flying
straight there from La overnight Thursday,so I got all day Friday because I
think I'm gonna need to do thatFriday, so I have all day to
digest that. There's no way Ican handle that on game day. It
would be uh well, that wouldbe a poor decision on my part.

I mean if if you're a local, you could, but I understand.
Yeah, get get to Cheese Cony'sand get the freeway and you'll be You'll
be pretty good. You'll be allright. Yeah, I think I'm definitely
not a local. I'm soft.I'm soft in this regard, but I'm
gonna check it out because I wantto take in the local flares. All
right, get the skyline, leavethe chief stuff at home and we'll be
good. Yeah, don't hold thatpart against me, Okay. I'll just

here to call a great soccer match. And like I said, I'm a
massive stand of what you guys aredoing. So I can't wait. I
can see you there, Moe.Yeah, no, that's that's my plan.
I'll be there. Thank you somuch. Right on. Take care
you got it? Uh. NateBukatye is calling MLS Season pass action on
Saturday night. FC Cincinnati hosting NewEngland. FC Cincinnati will host Philadelphia tomorrow

and that match is free on AppleTV, and of course you could also
hear it on ESPN fifteen thirty.Uh five three fifteen thirty is our phone
number. We're late Sports headlines arant rave about David bel Someimore on ESPN
fifteen thirty, Cincinni Sports Station.The headlines are a service of Kelsey Chevrolet,

home of lifetime powertrain protection and aguaranteed credit approval from their family that
yours for life, kelseashow dot comreds and pirates again tonight at I'm not
being paid by that bank they nameit after, but that is my favorite
place to watch a baseball game.That's not Wrigley Field, Nickolodolo and Bailey
Falter on the hill, both lefties. Six forty tonight seven hundred WLW TJ.

Friedel is not in the starting lineof tonight. Now here's the exact
quote from David Bell, courtesy ofour friend Charlie Goldsmith quote. He has
his strength. He's in there rightnow getting hot. There are some tightness.
We'll have to see how it isfrom hour to hour. As far
as availability tonight, it's a longshot. We're trying to avoid the il.

But he's in there getting hot.So the starting lineup tonight, thanks
to Madewell Restoration, be ready forsevere whether with a Madewell Restoration pre inspection.
Go to Maidwell Restoration dot com,STU Fairchild's and Center. Elie de
Lacruz at short Jamer Candelario at firstbase, Steers in left field batting clean
up, Stevenson's Dhing India at secondbase. Santiago Espinal is playing third base

and batting seventh. Frehleian right field, hitting eighth. Luke Mayley is catching
and batting ninth. A couple ofother updates from our buddy Chaz. He
writes noelve Marte looks good and thereports on him are good. In the
history of now this is a rehabassignment. Technically, he's obviously not coming
off injury. He's coming off ofbeing stupid. But it is a rehab

assignment. In the history of rehabassignments, has anybody ever said, hey,
you know, now looking that great? Tell you what, I'm not
sure he could play at this levelanymore. Not looking good, not getting
very good report, hearing some thingsthey're not good. No. Also,
Chaz writes, the latest on McCleanis that he's on track to start a

rehab assignment sometime in August. Ihope I'm wrong about this. My money
is still on Matt McLain not playingbaseball for the Reds in twenty twenty four.
I desperately hope I'm wrong about this. Florence Yaws play Windy City tonight.
College World Series. The game betweenUK and Florida has been moved to

tomorrow because apparently they're expecting biblical stormsin Omaha, which, if you're there
for the College World Series, givesyou a chance to go enjoy any number
of steakhouses in Omaha or the crappycasino across the River and council bluffs.
It's a crappy casino, But youknow what a crappy casino, you can
still make money. What else dowe have? Pat Noonan confirms that Matt

Mioska is not going to play tomorrowand says his leg issue could be a
long term problem. The Orange Bluetaking on the Philadelphia Union tomorrow at seven
forty five at the Soccer Stadium onthe West End of Cincinnati and Hockey this
evening Stanley Cup Final Game five.Panthers at home, hosting Edmonton, leading

three games to one. There wego. I think that's all I got.
I think it's all I got.Noel de Marte looks good and the
reports on him are good. Mike, you're on ESPN fifteen thirty. What
the hell's going on behind you?Mike, you're on the radio right now?
What's going on? Thanks Bellows givingmy ninety some year old aunt some

dinner time. Oh is that herin the background. Yeah, she's watching
her favorite TV show, which whateverit is, I don't can't. He's
a winner, very positive, wonderful. Vira, Hey mo, I got
a Servia question for you right offto that, and thanks for letting me
come on, talk to you.Which who was the youngest player ever admitted

to the Baseball Hall of Fame,Sandy Kofax. You grow my mind,
dude. You do have a photographicmemory to a degree. I think you
did well. I mean, heretired really young. He was automatically going
to be a first ballot Hall ofFamer, and so it stands the reason.
I mean he retired at thirty.So I can't imagine there are that

many thirty five, thirty six yearolds who have been inducted in the Cooperstown.
No, that's pretty good though.Just the cuff out of the blue
that you just didn't even hesitate.That was really you know what his nickname
was. I've never heard this theleft arm of God, the left arm
of God. Yep. Never hadheard for wikipedia the dude because I heard

him in Smolton a podcast a coupleof weeks ago. I wanted to mention
the sea before and now. Idid want to talk about the Reds,
and they were talking about wins andlosses, and I know you discount that
fat and so does Austin, andso they were kind of really discussing it.
They had a little different slant onit. They said, so many
things are involved in run support andfallowlair ball club, all that stuff,

but they said that the things wereimportant about it in their mind versus prestige.
Number one, that owners in particularlove guys that have won twenty games
and tend to make more money,and you make the All Star team almost
all the time. So so theywere trying to you know, they weren't
arguing to your point. They stillsaid, the bottom line is, you

know, don't give up enough runskeep the team in the game. That's
it, whether you win or lose. But it was an interesting perspective from
two classic pitchers to talk about that. Yeah, I mean I you know,
you and I have talked about thisbefore. There's there's no other there's
no other position in sports where weassign a win or a loss. The

win or a loss is a teamlike quarterback. Wins and losses are not
an official statistic. People keep trackof them. We don't say, well,
the point guard. We don't saya point guard of a basketball team
gets the winner a loss like itjust it's such a flawed way to determine
how effective pitchers are in a gameand over the course of an entire season.

You know I mean, and I'vetold you this before, Mike,
I felt this way. I wasten years old. Steve Badrosian was the
National League cy Young Award winner.Why because the writers didn't want to give
the cy Young Award to the guywho that season, who was the best
pitcher in the National League, wholed the league in era, who led
the league in strikeouts, who ledthe league in strikeouts per nine innings,

who led the league in strikeouts towalk ratio. Why didn't they want to
give him the cy Young Award becausehe went eight and sixteen. That guy
was Nolan Ryan. So I,just for the life of me, I
do not I have not understood itsince I was a kid. I do
not understand why we assign wins andlosses to pitchers, and even though we
do, we don't have to makea big deal about them, and so

I never do. I got you, Okay, Thanks? Hey, This
offense is starting to worrying now.We slipped twenty ninth in hitting slapped,
we slipped from eleven to fifteenth,and team pitching era and we're twenty ninth
now twenty eight. I'm sorry,and team defense, this this is going
the wrong way. Brother, it'sjust going the wrong way fast, and

I don't know, I have nosolutions. I will say one thing,
Jeff Brantley last night not be morecomplimentary of mister Skeens. He was very
impresive. Yeah, it was,it was funny. I listened to a
little of the radio call, Iwatched the television call on Bally Sports,
and I also watched an inning onFS one, just because I love the

different perspectives. And if there's onething we can all agree on as baseball
fans right now that Paul Skeens catis going to be real, really good.
He was. He was awesome lastnight. Mike, I got a
run, man, Okay, okay. And Lance went off last night.
I don't know if you hear him, but he went bonkers about that pickoff
from Martini. Okay, thanks man. I don't understand this four to one

game in the eighth inning, you'reNick Martini, You're getting picked off.
I mean, that's that's inexcusable.And yeah, I I I apply a
different standard to Nick Martini than Ido to Elie Dela Cruz. Elie Dela
Cruz might steal a base, youmight argue down three runs isn't the time
to steal a base, but hemight steal a base. Elie Dela Cruz

is twenty two. Ellie Dela Cruzis a massive part of this franchise is
future. Nick Martini is none ofthose things. He's not stealing a base.
I think I said it was theeighth inning. It was actually the
seventh thing. But you get mypoint. Like leading off the inning,
you're on base. You have onejob, it's to stay on base.

One job got picked off for onegame seventh any you're Nick Martini, who
should be doing everything he can tostay on the roster, but he got
picked off. Taran, do weknow who is hosting the show tomorrow?
Trags Tracks is here tomorrow. Dowe know who is hosting this show on

Thursday? I do not. Allright, Mike Petray'll be here tomorrow,
which will be awesome. I amoff also on Thursday, but I'll be
here on Friday. I'm actually notgoing to be where I'm sitting right now,
be at the Holy Grail doing theshow. So you should start your
weekend with me on Friday. Iwish Taran figure it out. Man,

get down there, all right,We're finished. My thanks to Tarran for
producing, and of course my thanksto you for listening, and we'll talk
to you Friday on ESPN fifteen thirtyCincinnati Sports station did SE

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