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June 5, 2024 109 mins
Joe Burrow was at practice today but did not throw the football, Should we be worried?

John Sadak is my new hero.

The Reds played.

MLB players were taught a lesson. 

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Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty one subcod Afternoon. This is ESPN fifteen thirty. I
was about to say this is Moeger. That wasn't gonna sound I guess I
could say it's the Moweger Show.Hi, I'm Moeger. You're listening to
ESPN fifteen thirty. Thanks for doingthat. Hopefully you're having an awesome Wednesday.
I posted the complete show rundown onx at moegar. So thanks to

our friends at Emery Federal Credit Union. By the way, if you've got
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dot org. We are broadcasting everywhereon the iHeartRadio app. Just look for
esp fifteen thirty. The rads areplaying the Colorado Rockies looking for a sweep.

Things are starting to turn around.Frankie Montas was terrific last night.
We're gonna talk about him coming upin just a second, another winning series,
a chance for a series sweep,and they could come home for a
six game homestand riding the wave ofan excellent road trip. It's already been

a winning road trip, but anexcellent road trip, a three game series
suite. The Lynch closer to fivehundred, and they're doing, or at
least so far, they have donewhat we said they had to do when
the schedule started to ease up.They're taking care of business against bad teams.
And they're also this is where lastyear they started to make their move.

They have started to replicate that atleast just a little bit. Gram
Ashcraft on the mound this afternoon forCincinnati. We will of course keep you
updated all afternoon long. Hopefully you'rewatching the game along with us, and
if the game ends before we leavethe air at six o'clock, we'll have
the latest reaction and analysis from Denver. We got some Bengal stuff to get

to a little bit later on.I'm gonna just quickly start with this because
this I got to do this nowbecause the Reds game hasn't started. In
this business we're supposed to do whatwe call counter programming. The Reds are
playing, they're on the radio rightnow. We are supposed to counter program
and we're going to. But Ijust I want to just talk about last

night really quickly, because I likeJohn Sadak. John Sadak is the TV
voice of the Reds on Bally Sports, Ohio, and I think he's done
a really good job growing into therole. I think the first I think
the first year was really hard forhim. You know, I mean,
new city, new team color analyst, and Barry Larkin who had never done

that job before on the local level, he's done TV before. Then he's
working games with Chris and he's workinggames with the Cowboy, and they were
still, if memory serves me correct, calling some road games from the Bally
Sports studios kind of tough. Also, you know, this is a city
that takes its baseball broadcasting. Ithink takes its sports broadcasting very very seriously,

and so I think it took abouta little while to grow into the
role. And I also think he'ssort of dialed things back a little bit
in terms of yelling and screaming whenmaybe it's not quite appropriate. He's a
very nice man. He's a goodbroadcaster. He does a lot of national
stuff, and I think he doesa good job on Reds games. Last
night he called the Rockies Reds game. Frankie Montass took a no hitter into

the seventh thing. He was terrificlast night. Now, I would love
to tell you that I am likethe minority of baseball fans eight forty.
Last night it comes on, Isit on the couch and I don't move
until about eleven o'clock. Let's behonest. For those of us, especially
those of us who have kids,that's really not reality. And maybe a

little bit more so at eight fortythen let's say six forty or seven ten.
But we all have those nights whereyou got the game on and you
want to watch the game, butat least for a while, the game
is kind of in the background becauseyou got other stuff going on. And
last night was one of those nightsfor me. I get done at six
o'clock and I ran home and Ipicked up my wife and daughter. We

had to go do something. Andit's it's not important what we had to
go do, but we had togo do something. What we had to
go do was actually the opposite offun. But we had to go do
something as a family, and wewent and we did it, and we
scarfed down dinner on the road.And so we get home and it's a
little bit after eight thirty, thegame is about to start. We still

had stuff to do. My daughter'sseven years old, right, and so
you know, want to make sureshe's totally fed. There was dessert.
Got the bedtime routine. My wifeand I we alternate nights in which we
sit with her while she before shegoes to bed, while she reads,
because it'd be cool if our kidgrew up knowing how to read. And
we're big believers and continuing to readduring the summertime, even though school was

out and last night was my night, and so you know, and then
even like she goes to bed,we got some other stuff going on around
the house. We've all been there. Maybe it's housework, maybe it's chores,
maybe it's people coming over, maybeit's a project. Maybe you've got
to clean up, some things todo at work. I kind of had
a little bit of all this lastnight. I had to return two phone

calls, I had to take careof something for the radio station. I
had to handle a couple of thingsat my house, and meanwhile, the
game is on. The game ison. I got it on like two
TVs. I got it upstairs,I got it in the living room.
But I'm not really capable of sittingdown. We've all been there, right,
I'm not really cape of sitting downlike i'd like to and just maybe

crack open a cold one and watchthe game. I'm just I'm catching glances
when I can. I saw EllieDelacruz's home run as I was walking through
the living room. That was kindof cool. I stopped to send a
snarky tweet about Major leaguer Ellie Delacruzhitting a home run. But more or
less, I'm listening to the TVbroadcasters, and oftentimes when I do this,

yes, I will turn on theradio broadcasters because I'm a radio guy
and a loyal iHeartMedia employee. Soanyway, the game is on, and
we're kind of winding down having todo stuff, and I know the Reds
are winning, and I know Frankiemontass is pitching well, but I don't
really know that many particulars. Again, We've all been there, right,

We've all been there. Game ison, but you got stuff going on,
and you're paying attention, but you'renot giving it your full attention.
And so the last out in thefifth inning is made. The Reds are
winning. That I know, FrankieMontas is pitching, and he's he's throwing
a shutout. That I know.Elie de la Cruz has hit a home
run, that I know. WhatI don't know as the fifth inning comes

to an end is that the Rockiesdon't have a hit, and so thankfully
from the other room, what I'mdoing stuff, John Sadak says, Frankie
Montas is throwing a no hitter throughfive innings. Perk up, WHOA,

okay, maybe maybe maybe this ismore than just a four to nothing ballgame.
Maybe we got something here. AndI knew there had only been one
no hitter in the history of coursefield that had been thrown, and so
you know, he's got a waysto go. The odds are not in
his favor. But like I,perk up whenever you hear that a no

hitter is in progress, and Ithink more so in this day and age,
because then there are debates about shouldthe guy be allowed to finish it?
Because pitchers rarely go into the ninthinning, and so I perk up
and I'm still doing stuff, butI make a point of when I know
the Rockies are gonna come up inthe sixth inning, I'm gonna be in
front of the TV. I pushaside whatever I got going on. Now.

You and I both know that thereare baseball announcers who will kind of
sidestep the story. The story thereis Frankie Montas is throwing a no hitter.
I believe it's the job of abroadcaster of a play by play person
to tell the audience what's going on, dive into all the storylines of the

game, inform the audience as towhat's happening. By the way, there's
a lot of people who maybe arejust turning it on right, and so
it helps if the play by playperson in very precise, specific language,
tells the audience what's going on.You and I both know there are baseball
broadcast who will not say no hitterif one is in progress, and they'll

be cute about it, and they'llpussy foot around it and they'll make allusions
to it and be cute, anddude, I'm an adult. Don't be
cute with me. John Sadak lastnight showed an appreciation for the majority of
his audience who are adults, andtreated us like one. There's a no

hitter going on, didn't worry aboutjinxing it. Jinxes don't exist. I
don't believe in jinx's. By theway, Elie Dela Cruz just got a
hit. I don't believe in jinxesbecause they're they're not real. I'm not
a very superstitious person. I don'tbelieve that anything that happens during a game
is affected by what comes out ofthe mouth of the announcer. I like

to be treated like I'm educated.I like to be treated like I'm an
adult. Last night, John Sadakno apologies about it either. Frankie Montass
has thrown a no hitter, andI understand there's probably a tiny fraction of
people in my audience who are gonnabe but hurt about me saying this.
Guess what, whether he throws thisno hitter or not, I ain't gonna

have anything to do with it.My audience can handle me telling them what's
going on, because that's my job. We both know there are announcers who
do it differently. Those announcers don'thave as much respect for their audience as
John Sadak did last night, Soa big old tip of the cap.

I'll be honest with you. Ido not know how Tommy Thrall handled it
on radio. I didn't hear theradio broadcast. I love Tommy Thrall.
I think he's awesome at what hedoes. I probably listen to more Tommy
Thrall games than any human being that'snot actually Tommy Thrall himself, and I
hope, and I don't really remember. I know Wade Miley threw no hitter

for the Reds in twenty twenty one. I don't remember how this was handled,
to be honest with you, butlast night, the audience but not
able to pay complete and total undividedattention to the game because of John Sadak,
because he wasn't skirting around the issue, he wasn't trying to be cute,
he wasn't using coded language. Hejust came out and said, what's

happening, Frankie Montoss has thrown ano hitter? As somebody in the audience.
Now I'm paying closer attention. Now, I'm perking up. Now I'm
thinking about how the second half ofthe game might play out. This is
what I want for my broadcasters.I got it from the Reds TV broadcaster
last night. John is working rightnow, so he's not hearing this.

I have no idea if he hasever listened to a second of this show.
But uh, a big, bigtip of the cap to John Sadak
for doing it the right way lastnight, because there are a lot of
announcers who would have done it differently. Sixteen minutes after three o'clock, five
point three, seven four nine,fifteen thirty is our phone number. You

are welcome to disagree with that.Maybe you believe in Jinx's I don't.
Maybe you're superstitious. I'm not.Maybe you believe that something that happens in
the broadcast booth is gonna impact somethinghappening on the field that's not going to
happen. Maybe you're not capable ofbeing told what's happening in the game.

I demand to be told what's happeningin the game. John Sadek met that
demand. Reds and Rocky's playing rightnow. Ellie de la Cruz got thrown
out trying to steal second baseball topof the first inning in Denver, Red's
going for the sweet gram Ashcraft onthe mound this afternoon. We will continue
to update you so you don't haveto go and switch stations and listen to

the game down the hall. Youcould just hang out with us. We'll
tell you all the important stuff atmoleger on X. Thanks to our friends
at Delta Dental. Delta Dental isbuilding healthy, smart, vibrant communities for
all. Good to Delta Dental.Oh dot com. I guess Joe Burrow's
not throwing today. We have tospend some more time on them, and
so we will next on ESPN fifteenthirty Cincinnati Sports Station twenty three minutes after

three o'clock. This is ESPN fifteenthirty. Im oeg or anything that you
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Com put one on the west sideof Cincinnati. That'd be great. Paul
Danner Junior, Yesterday was awesome ona lot of different things, justin Jefferson's
contract and how it may or maynot effect what the Bengals do with Jamar
Chase, a few Mini caamp storylinesMini caamp is next week, and the
Joe Burrow hysteria, which I don'tthink we've seen a direct repeat of today,

but our buddy Joe Goodberry with afirst our media group has been on
this show. A bunch of Timesknows a lot reported today that Joe Burrow
did not throw at Bengals OTA's.The Bengals social media account did show him
walking out to the field. Itwas interesting he had nothing on his right
wrist, nothing on his right hand, and so you could do with that

information what you choose, What doesthis mean I don't know. Neither do
you. Neither do I decent chance, neither do the Bengals. Let's go
on what we know. He iscoming back from an injury, which means

it would be unsurprising if there wassome pain, some discomfort. I don't
love the words setback because setback,to me means it throws off the timeline,
the expectation until we hear otherwise,is that Joe Burrow is going to
be ready to play in the firstgame of the season, which is more

than three months away. So asetback, to me would throw that off.
This doesn't feel like setback is appropriate. But would it be stunning if
there was one? Of course not. Would it be stunning if you found
out that Joe is dealing with alittle discomfort, Well, of course not.

Would it be surprising if you foundout that, you know what,
Joe has put his foot on theguess maybe just a little bit too much
and because of that, there's there'sjust a little more pain discomfort than he
would like. Well that's plausible.Could it be none of that stuff?
Sure? But what we know ishe is coming off an injury. Also,

what we know is it's June,and if you're being like me,
then you can take a great amountof comfort in uh, well, it
being June. We want Joe inthe field for training camp and for mini
camp and for every possible throwing sessionhe can be on the field for.
But we do have time on ourside here at the same time. And

I you know, we kind oftalked about this a little bit yesterday Bengals
fans freaking out because Joe didn't practiceyesterday. I think I don't think you
should look down your nose at thosepeople. Maybe you are one of those
people. I'm kind of one ofthose people, I guess. But like,
there's there's kind of built in paranoiawhen it comes to this, and
you might think there shouldn't be,but but there is. He has had

in a relatively short amount of timea lot of stuff physically go wrong.
A knee injury that ended his rookieseason, a wrist injury that ended it
last season, a knee injury thathe walked off with after the Super Bowl,
an appendectomy, a CAF issue.There like five things right there in

less than four years. So historybreeds paranoia, and so is this nothing
man. There's a very good chance, But when it seems sort of similar
to you know, for instance,the calf issue last year, the feeling
becomes the same. If you're withsomebody romantically who has cheated on you,

right, and you've kept him inyour life, you tried to work it
out. But they've cheated on you, they've hurt you, they've done you
wrong, and you're with them,and then you know what, Suddenly they
start acting a little stranger. Youasked to see their phone and they really
don't want to show it to you. Just they're having text conversations with people
that you've never heard of. There'sa very good chance they're doing nothing wrong.

It's a very good chance they're completelyinnocent. But that familiar feeling comes
back, doesn't it. That's paranoia. History breeds paranoia. The history of
Joe Burrow is lots of stuff goeswrong. Paranoia is often not based in
logic. And I work in afield of business where, unfortunately, for

a lot of different reasons, therehave been layoffs. People have lost their
jobs, companies have consolidated. Itsucks man Now Like logically, I know
a lot of folks who will tellyou, like I feel like I'm in
pretty good shape with this current climatein this business. But they're still paranoid.
Because paranoia is more of an emotionalthing, doesn't have that much to

do with logic. So I couldlogically tell you, look, relax,
he's coming off a significant injury.Wouldn't be that surprising if he was dealing
with some pain. It's June.They don't have a game on Sunday.
There are weeks, there's three monthsaway from playing a game that matters.
They've got a lot of time.Chances are so that's you. You cannot

along with that and logically know thatI'm right. Emotionally, paranoia sets in.
Paranoia is based on history, thehistory of US, and Joe Burrow
is checkered, not in terms ofhis performance, not in terms of what
he's meant to the franchise. Justhe's hurt a lot. A lot of
stuff goes wrong with Joe Burrow,A lot of stuff from out of left

field goes wrong with Joe Burrow.Like this is somewhat reminiscent, it's not
apples to apples of the CAF issue. Early during training camp last year,
something that just kind of came outof nowhere, and the initial sort of
assurances this is going to be okay, and well it wasn't okay. Now,
the timeline there was was different.It was in late July, and

so there was less time to getready for the season. But history,
history breeds paranoia, and so ifyou're a Bengals fan and you're you're taking
every little nuggative information from Bengals OTAsand processing it, and it's getting you

to a place where you're a littleuneasy or a little nervous, or filled
with some anxiety or even full blownparanoid, I totally understand. I can
completely relate. One of these signatureevents of the Bengals off season is coming

up. We'll preview it next onESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station. It
is twenty four away from four o'clock. This is ESPA fifteen thirty alb Moegor.
We'll have some poll questions up foryou here. Momentarily, this has
turned into one of the signature eventsof the Bengals offseason, and really of

the pre training camp portion of theoff season. Right when we're all getting
excited for the start of camp,Jungle Jam featuring Jungle to the Hall,
this is going to be in Newportthis year. This is I think the
best way to put it. Itis a celebration of all things Bengals.
It is put on by our buddyBengal, Jim Foster. Of course you're
very familiar with what he does,his various events, his tailgates which are

awesome and the biggest Bengals fan Iknow and a fan of the Silver Spring
House with us to talk about thisevent. What's going on? Hey Mo,
what's up? Buddy? You nailedit, man. It's a celebration
of Bengal legends from every decade ofBengals football that will be at these event
July twentieth, So we're excited aboutit. We rented out to Maga Court

Pavilion. It's an indoor outdoor musicvenue. We are going to just think
of as our three ring circus.Man. We're gonna have about sixty players
there, former and current. We'regonna it's a We've got a huge kids
area, we got a charity cornholetournament, We've got a live band.
We've got two sessions through out totwo programs. One is going to be

the twenty twenty four season previews.Zach Taylor will be there for that Dan
Horde will kind of facilitate that conversationwith the fans, and then we also
will be talking about Jungle to theHall. We'll have Anthony Munos. We
think Isa Curtis is going to bein town, still waiting to confirm that
up. Corey Dillon has confirmed himcoming in town. We've got Dave Lapp,
and we've got all these guys we'vebeen fighting for for the for the

Hall of Fame. But just gonnabe a really fun advent. There's gonna
be autographed sessions. We think we'regonna be able to raise about fifty thousand
dollars for five different charities. Mostso we're we're really excited about this.
We've he sold not quite but almosttwo thousand tickets for this thing, so
this thing will be selling out hereprobably by the end of June. And
what I love about this, andwe'll talk about some of the groups that

you've gotten involved in here, butwhat I love about this is it blends
a celebration for the upcoming season,which we're all so excited about, with
this increased appreciation and knowledge of Bengalshistory, which I attribute a lot of
it to you. I attribute alot of it to what the Bengals have
done with the Ring of Honor,and also just the heightened interest in the
franchise has I think heightened the interestin its history and some of the guys

you know from when I grew upwatching this team and even players from before
then. And so what I loveabout this event is it sort of matches
everything together. Yeah, one hundredtip. Weve got Kenny Anderson company.
Can you imagine. I mean,players from late sixties, Bob Johnson,
Bob Trumpy will be there on stagewith Ken Anderson, Anthony Munoz, Jeff
Blake, Corey Dillon, Zach Taylor, and Yoshi And we've got a bunch

of current players that will be there. We're waiting to kind of just get
confirmation, but we have a lotof current players are going to be there
as well. But I just cannotwait to see forty to sixty players on
stage all the way from the sixtiesall the way to current day Bengals and
get just a group photo that's neverbeen done before, and we're excited as
hell about it. Well, andwhat I like about this because my second

favorite Bengals player of all time isJeff Blake for those of us of a
certain age, there is a veryvery soft spot in our heart for Shaking
Blake. And it was brief andit might not have been as successful as
we would have liked, but Iremember him with such fondness and it's great
to see Bengals fans wrap their armsaround him because he deserves it. Yeah,

Jeff Blake, we actually booked hisflight a couple of weeks ago,
so he's coming in from the actuallyfrom I think he's coming up from Floridas,
where we flew him in from.But he will be there all day.
So there wasn't much to be toremember that was fond memories about the
He's other than Shaking Blake, JeffBlake, Corey Dillon and Willie Anderson and
those guys. There wasn't in DarnayScott. There wasn't Carl Pickens every now

and then, But there wasn't muchto be excited about the nineties. But
Jeff Blake is a true Bengal legendfor sure. Yeah, to this day,
the prettiest deep ball of anybody thatI've ever seen. The Jungle to
the Hall momentum, you know,was gravely disappointed that the Ken Anderson didn't
get in. You talked about CoreyDillon, and you could articulate this better
than some Look, he's going tobe in the Bengals Ring of Honor.
Whether it happens this offseason or notis maybe a different conversation. I think

there would be folks who would besurprised if you looked at his overall body
of work, which does include histime in New England. If you looked
at his overall body of work,boy, there's a really convincing Hall of
Fame case. Yeah, there's areally strong case for Corey Dillon. You
know, Unfortunately, he just playedfor the Bengals during a time that was
really bad. That did not helphis case. I do think I feel

he was close last year. ButI feel really confident Corey gets into the
Ring of Honor this year because that'sgoing to help his case. I don't
know if he's going to be acurrent day inductee. I think he's going
to, unfortunately have to get tothe Senior Committee before he gets in.
But I truly believe Corey Dillon belongsin the Hall of Fame with a lot
of other guys like Max Montoya,Isaac Curtis and Ken Anderson and Willie Anderson
and these guys. So it's goingto happen with this gets I think we're

going to find out in August whenthe Senior Committee votes that Ken Anderson is
going to get in. And Itruly feel Willie Anderson got so close last
year. I think Willy gets innext year. So we're gonna have a
really fun time here in Cincinnati thenext couple of years when we're talking about
the Hall of Fame inductee. Sothings have changed and finally gone in our
favor, so which is really exciting. No question, I was going to
ask you about that. You feellike the momentum is strong enough that we

should feel confident that Willy's going toget in. Yeah. Yeah, Willy
finished So if you remember, hewas in the top fifteen in a vote
and final vote in last year,he finished in the top ten, he
finished in the top seven, hetook the top five, so it makes
sense that if they take five andin the six five before he went in.

I do feel pretty confident Ken Andersonand Willie Anderson going in in back
to back years here, no doubt. All right. July twentieth it's a
Saturday, Mega Court Pavilion And didyou mention this if you haven't been to
this venue. It's indoor and outdoor. It is really great. It is
just a block or two away fromNewport on the Levee, just across the
river from the banks. It's centrallylocated. Where can people go to get

tickets? Yeah, so on oursocial media platforms. Just look up Bengal
Gym and Friends on Facebook and Twitter. Pretty easy to find a link there.
We're announcing a player every day,a new coming to the event.
We announced Zach Taylor, Bob Trumpy. Today, we announced Trent Irwin.
Tomorrow is going to be a surprise. I'm going to spoil it. James
Brooks will be there as well.MO so pretty excited about that. But

yeah, on our social media platformsor go right to Mega Court Pavilion.
Literally the post event, we hada live band playing the post event that
day. The Levy is having ahuge Bengal bash. So I think a
lot of people are kind of headingfrom May Court Pavilion after that event,
heading over to let be having drinksand dinner and enjoying themselves. But this
is gonna be a family friendly eventright now as up today for every paying

adults, two kids I'm sorry,two kids twelve and under are free for
each paying an adult there. Sothis is gonna be a family friendly event
and we're going to have a blastwith us. So stay tuned on social
media for more details as we getcloser. We've had a lot of sponsorships,
sponsors pick up on this damn thing. And man, I cannot believe
We've got people cut right now comingin from California, Wow, Florida,

New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Texas. I'm missing some states here,
but they're literally flying in from allover the country for this event.
But I would tell people if they'rereally interested in going, this is a
must attend event for any Bengal fan. But if they're looking at going,
I would buy their ticket before theend of June. Twenty bucks is all
the ticket is, MO. It'swe're trying to make this reasonable for families

to be able to attend. Everythingso expensive nowadays, so we went out
of our way to how do wecover our cost, you know, for
twenty bucks and then how do weanything do on our cost? We'll go
to five different local charities which wereWe'll start posting on social media here soon,
all right, can it's gonna bea fun event. Can we roll
through those groups if you don't mind. Sure. I'm literally at Braxton having

a beer right now, so I'mgoing to remember these off the top of
my head that the beer's delicious righthere. This is cold delicious. But
anyway, Ken Anderson Lion, it'sgonna be a big part of this village
of Maurici, Anthon Mudio's Foundation,Revived Family Foundation, and Ted Carrish's charity

is going to be part of this, which is I think it's called Little
Town, Big Dreams. So thoseare the five five I think I had
them all there. That will BettyFiner that we're hoping fifty thousand dollars will
be split between those charities, soit's we'll be I can tell you Jimmy
and Robin Burrough I'm sorry, JoeBurrow Foundation will be part of the six
six of them, so Jimmy andRobin Burr will be there. We're doing
a check presentation to that foundation thatday as well. So it's gonna be

fun all for charity and a familyfriendly event for everybody. You you mentioned
Ted Carris really quick. And youhave you have followed this franchise your entire
life. You've watched a lot ofplayers come into this city and stay in
this city once they're done playing,and and get involved in the community and
leave a mark. Have you everseen somebody wrap their arms around this town

in such a brief amount of timethe way Ted Carriss has. You know
what's funny, I would say publicly, you don't see you know the way
Ted has done this. I mean, this guy is a fan favorite,
and he's not a skilled position player, quarterback or receiver, right, and
this guy is out in public allthe time. He's gonna have a beer
with you anywhere you're at to Theguy is awesome. He's done a great

job. I think what's really coolabout it, he's you know, the
social media. There's been a lotof there's a lot of players that played
for this organization that have stayed inCincinnati, started charity's working on foundations.
But I think Ted has has reallytaken it to another level with the social
media presidence and him being involved inalmost every event. I mean, as
a the Joe Burrow Foundation Friday,he was there, he was at the
softball game Logan Wilson's softball game Saturday. This guy is everywhere, he goes

out of his way. He lovesthis city, he loves the fans.
It's absolutely fun to see and Iagree with you though, it's fun to
see. July twentieth, Mega CorePavilion. This is going to be a
blast. We'll send a link outthere. We'll chat again in the days
leading up to it. Congratulations,man, I know you've been doing this
for a while. This thing getsbigger and better every year. It should

be awesome. I appreciate it asall. Yeah, I do want to
be real quick just to let youknow, guys, it is a team
of people that's putting this damn thingon me, and not one person can
do this. But we've got ateam of people that are working their butts
off on this and just diehard Bengalfans that get nothing out of this other
than love seeing Bengal fans come togetherand bringing these players together from all the
airs of all the decades of Bengalsfootball. This is what it's about.

Awesome stuff, my friend, Thankyou so much. Appreciate you, Moe.
That's our guy, Bengal. Jimagain July the twentieth. It's at
Mega Corp Pavilion twenty bucks Family Friendly. It's a jungle Jam Toothy, twenty
four tons of former players, ZachTaylor, some current guys, and more
to be announced in the coming weeks. It's thirteen minutes away from four o'clock.

It is not going great for theReds. Colorado scored four runs in
the first inning. Reds are comingto the plate in the top of the
third is four nothing rocks as Red'sgot an uphill battle if they want to
get out of town with a sweep. Five point three seven fifteen thirty is
our phone number eight sixty six seventwo three seven seven six works as well.

We'll get to some poll questions.The Bengals setting a trend, and
I think MLB. I think somethingreally good happened from Major League Baseball this
week. And yes there was somecollateral damage, but that's okay. More
of that as well on ESPN fifteenthirty, Cincinnati Sports Station. Hey my

opinion, Matt mcglean, I hopeI'm dead wrong about that. Just my
I am. My fingers are movingslow today, so I got to send
out pole questions on social media specificallyX, and if I could ever figure

out what my password was, maybemy MySpace page, which I haven't touched
in two thousand and three, maybeI'll put up I don't know if you
can put pole questions. I don'tknow. If you go to MySpace dot
com right now, what do youget? I have no idea. We'll
have two of them today. Theywill be a service of United Heartland Insurance.
Both will have to do with whatwe have talked about so far today.
United Heartland Insurance is the greatest insuranceagency in the world. They've got

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One question will be about what wegave John said Achar Guy credit for
last night, and the other willbe about Joe Burrow that coming up on
X momentarily. I will tell youthis, Jamer Candelario has just gone deep
to right field Jambers swinging a prettydecent bat right now and he has halved

the Iraqis lead over the Reds.It is now for to two Colorado.
As the Reds continue to hit inthe top of the third inning at Corsfield.
We will keep you updated add what'shappening with that ballgame all throughout the
evening, all throughout the evening,all throughout the afternoon. Cubs are here
tomorrow, first of a four gameseries, six game home trip. What

am I doing? Six game homestand, four with the Cubs, two
with the Cleveland Guardian, Speaking ofwhich, one of those games is the
Rains and Reds game. It's goingto be a big UC night Wednesday night
at GABP. A week from tonight, Luke Candra, the form elder star
who's now at UC after starting hiscollege football career at Louisville. Luke joined

us. He's gonna be throwing outone of the first pitches. Jillian Hayes
of the women's basketball team at yousee throwing out the other. But anyway,
Luke, who had a terrific seasonat U see last year, third
team AP All American, one offive returning starting offensive lineman for the Bearcats.
Luke joined US on Monday and ifyou missed that conversation. I was
told by a member of the Candorfamily that it was quote a good interview.

Judge for yourself. Go listen toit on the iHeartRadio app or on
my page at ESPN fifteen thirty dotcom. Paul Dayner Junior, I don't
want to say he swayed me yesterday. When it comes to Jamar Chase,
I'll be I'll be honest with youbecause I think that's my job. The

Jamar Chase thing is not that interestingto me, and there's a basic reason
why. I probably don't need toexplain it, but I will anyway.
But there is something that I findactually really really interesting about something that has

to do with Jamar Chase, Iguess, and we'll get to that coming
up in the four o'clock hour plus. I think something really good happened from
Major League Baseball. I'll tell youwhat it is, but first we got
to step aside. Four minutes awayfrom four on ESPN fifteen thirty Football,
Hi, this is Dan Horror joinedDave Lapham and me for every play of

every game on the official home ofthe Bengals, ESPN fifteen thirty. The
end of the third inning, Eliede la Cruz goes into the hole in
short left field and does the DerekJeter and you, I don't the Derek
Jeter. I'm not referring to agift basket. The Derek Jeter is when

he would go into the hole anddo that like one leg, jump backwards,
fire it to first base. Thatwas the thing of beauty. Now
I'll say that, and then someonewill conflate it with well, you're saying
Elie de la Cruz is as goodas Derek Jeter. No, no,
I just that was the sort ofplay Derek Jeter kind of was was famous

for making, and Ellie just madeit just like to hear how it sounded.
Yeah, can you give me theplay by I'm not even sure we're
allowed to do this, but legitimately, what's gonna happen if we're not allowed
to play this? Are we goingto be prosecuted? Are we gonna end
up in jail? Suspension? Oneshow suspension? Okay, go ahead and
give me the audio of that.Tarren, it's too to count here.

And here's ash Craft ground ball leftside backhanded by Daily Cruise long crow.
Oh what a play? What aplay? Cruise good call. Oh by,
get that good call man that boyscome to play today line and he
throws the catcher out on a bbeto first Ellie. That was a great

pleas good call. Jeff Brandley,REDS Radio Network and seven hundred wlw's fourth
inning, Red's all losing four totwo. Ellie has a hit in this
game. He's also been thrown out, tried to steal second base. But
he's got hitting each of his lastthree homer two nights ago, and just
made that play at shortstop. Ifyou want to see him playing Triple A
baseball, I don't know what todo. I don't know what to tell

you. I don't I want tosee him continue to get better at the
highest level of the sport on thisplanet. My name's Moegar. This is
ESPN fifteen thirty. Thank you somuch for listening. We'll take a phone
call or two coming up here injust a second. Our two pole questions,
I sort of tease this, andnow we'll put him out there right

now on Twitter at Moegar. Thanksto our friends at United Heartland Insurance number
one. We started the show bytalking about this. John Sadak mentioned last
night that Frankie Montoss was throwing ano hitter. While he was throwing a
no hitter. I have no problemat all. I want this. I
don't believe in Jinx's. I alsodon't think if you believe in Jinx's.

It's the announcer's job to not jinksomething. It's the announcer's job to serve
the audience and tell the audience what'sgoing on. And so John Sadak did
that last night. If a pictureis tossing a no hitter, should his
team's announce or refrain from referring toa no hitter? Sixty percent of you
so far say no. And thenon the Burrow thing here, based on
what we know, what we've seen, and what we've heard, what's the

appropriate level of concern about Joe Burrow'shealth? Lots some or none? Vote
now at Moegger. More on thathere and just a bit. I guess
Burrow didn't throw today according to ourfriend Joe Goodberry, who isn't one of
those folks who just throw stuff outthere, So do whatever you want with
that. The other big ben itemof the week relates to the wide receiver

market and how Justin Jefferson of theMinnesota Vikings has reset it, and so
now we naturally wonder what's going tohappen with Jamar Chase. If it was
up to me, if I wasin charge of all of sports, which
I should be but I'm not.But if I was, the Bengals and
Jamar Chase would just get the dealdone, because I do think there's some

value in in just having a shorterto do list, in eliminating uncertainty.
At the same time, I dounderstand the point of view that says,
look, he's under contract for thenext two years. We have a bit
of a club policy about not extendingplayers when there's two years left on their
deal. If we do this withJamar, who's to say we're not going

to have to do this with somebodyelse. Do we want to open up
that can of worms? Don't Wereally want to see if Jamar Chase is
indeed as good as Justin Jefferson.So if it happens, awesome, and
if it doesn't happen, fine,Like if it happens awesome, the Bengals
just locked in Jamar Chase possibly probablytheir second best player. In fact,

I would say right now inarguably theirsecond best player if they If if we
found out at four point thirty thisafternoon, Joe Burrow is gonna be throwing
to Jamar Chase for the foreseeable future, for twenty twenty four to twenty five,
and for the rest of the decade. Basically, is there any Bengals
fan who would say no to that? Now? Yeah, it's gonna cost

a lot. Yes, you're gonnabe tying up a lot of money into
two positions. But we kind ofknew that that was gonna be the case
on Draft Night twenty twenty one.If they drafted Joe Burrow to be great,
they drafted Jamar Chase to be great. Both are great, both are
gonna get paid, and at thesame time, if that doesn't happen,
cool, Jamar Chase is gonna playfor the Bengals this year, and when

that year's over, he's under contractfor one more year and they're still gonna
have a wide, oh exclusive negotiatingwindow. I will be painfully transparent about
this. I have a lot ofweaknesses as a person and as a talk
show host. One of those weaknessesis I'm not great at I'm not great

at anything, but I'm really notgreat at pretending that something is interesting to
me when it's not, And soI've made efforts to make it sound like
I'm really interested in the ins andouts of some of these contracts. I'll
be honest with you. If I'mlistening to a show or a podcast,

or I'm watching something and they startdiving into the particulars of contracts, I
get really bored. I get boredwhen I talk about those things. So
this is a bit of a strugglefor me because I feel like there are
a lot of people in my audience, you who may really care about this.

You may really care about how muchmoney, specifically Jamar Chase gets I
care about like, is Jamar gonnaplay for the Bengals well for the next
two years? The answer is yes, So why this Trey Hendrickson thing was
kind of a non starter for me. It's like, wait a minute,
He's he's gonna play for the nexttwo years. They're not gonna trade him,
So should we really spend a tonof time on this Jamar It's maybe

a little bit different. He's ahigher profile player, he's probably a better
player in his position. He's younger, he's a guy that Bengals drafted.
The wide receiver market is changing ina way that's different than edge rusher,
so it's not apples to apples.But still, like I, I have
a hard time really pretending that contractnegotiations are that interesting. First of all,

they take place behind closed doors.What we find out about them is
often spin from an agent, andit's also it involves man. Here's what
I do think is interesting, thoughnot so much what's gonna happen with Jamar
Chase, Like Jamar's gonna play forthe Bengals this year, more so than

at any point in my life asa Bengals fan, which goes back to
nineteen eighty five, I am fixatedon this coming season. Now, we're
always fixated on the upcoming season,but I'm going into it not Super Bowl
or bust, because that suggests thatif they don't, then there's gonna be

massive wholesale changes, and I don'tthink that's gonna be the case. But
I care more about winning now,like winning here in the short term,
I don't want the Bengals to becomethe what the Boston Celtics are. Boston
Celtics are major favorites in the NBAFinals. They They've also been sniffing around
a title for quite a while thatyou know, if they don't win this

year, we're all gonna sort ofroll our eyes at the Boston Celtics.
I don't want them to become that. I don't I think they are that
yet, but I think there's alot of pressure on the Celtics to win
the title. Not that they're gonnablow up the franchise, but it feels
like everything for seven years has beenbuilding toward this. If it doesn't happen,
and by the way, I'm pickingDallas. If it doesn't happen,

oh boy, I don't want theBengals to be that. I want to
get the title done. I wantit to get done for Joe. I
wanted to get done for the city. I wanted to get done because I
would love to talk about, like, all right, now that they've won
one, now what can happen.Can they have the sort of run where
they stand out in history, notlike the Patriots or anything like that,

but can they went back to backlike that sort of stuff? Those are
the conversations I want to have.You cannot have them until they win one.
So I'm fixated on this season.I think the Bengals as a franchise
are fixated on this year, SoI really care about one thing. Jamar
gonna play for the team this year, Yes, all right, Well,
then the contract is not that importantto me to a similar degree with T

Higgins now, it's not quite thesame because he did ask for a trade
because his deal is up at theend of this year, because he's only
under a one year contract because ofthe franchise tag. But one thing that
I do think is kind of interestingis there's a piece on y'allwhosports dot com
today about this and it basically hasto do with the bubble bursting in relation

to the wide receiver market. So, justin Jefferson gets this massive deal right,
one hundred and forty militer, oneten guaranteed resets the market, is
Jamar Chase gonna reset it again?Maybe? Maybe not. Maybe the deals
are comparable. Maybe Jamar has aninsanely good year this year and gets even
more and I mean, like alot more than we're speculating he could get

right now. But like they're notdoing anything with T Higgins. T Higgins
is a guy that a year agoat this time, Kelsey Conway of the
Inquirer reported t Higgins is not intheir future plans. Everybody got mad.
Everybody decides to tweet really mean thingsabout Kelsey and in some cases to Kelsey,
and it was really unfair. Alot of people ow her an apology,

including some media types O her anapology. Well, it's kind of
turned out to be true, right. He's not in their future plans.
They've made no real attempt to upthe annie and negotiated with him. They
have franchise tagged him. He's notin their future plans. He's in their
short term plans. And so theyare willing to say goodbye to a player

who's really good, who's had ahuge hand in their success, who may
have a big hand in their successthis year, who a lot of teams
would love to have. They're willingto say goodbye. What I think is
going to be interesting moving forward isto see when the wide receiver market bubble

bursts. The Bengals have Jamar Chase, and if they didn't, their approach
with t Higgins would likely be alittle bit different. But because of the
wide receiver money and what it is, and because of what just feels like
a huge abundance of wide receivers availablein almost every draft. Are we going

to get to a point where ateam says, we've got an uber talent
at wide receiver, but you knowwhat, paying him is too rich for
my blood? Now? Obviously,Kansas City kind of did this with Tyreek
Hill. They traded him and gota lot back in return, got a
good draft hall It's worked out forboth sides. The Chiefs have won consecutive

Super Bowls. Tyreek Hill has goneon to have a lot of individual and
some team success with the Miami Dolphins. But like the sport of football is
flooded with awesome wide receivers, collegeoffenses are extraordinarily pass happy. We got

seven on seven football at the youthlevel, which is just amplifying the importance
of passing. I gotta think athleteswith a choice, if given the chance
to play running back versus being givena chance to play wide receiver, they're
gonna choose to play wide receiver.We just had seven wide receivers go in

the first round of this year's draft. Over the previous four drafts, the
average number of wideouts that went inthe first round twenty three, twenty twenty
three was over five. By theway, between twenty ten and twenty nineteen,
the average number of wide receivers thatwent in the first round three and
a half plus. The draft hasyielded T Higgins in round two, Deebo

Samuel in round two, Amnree SaintBrown in round four, Tyreek Hill in
round five, Puka Nakua in roundfive. Last year, Case trades Hill
and they still win a couple oftitles. Now, I mean, there's
the flip side of this. Tennesseetrades aj Brown, and I would imagine

that the people in charge of makingthat deal who are no longer in place,
kind of regret doing that. ButI just I wonder if we're getting
to a point where teams look atpaying a wide receiver as just you know,
we're not. It's it's a positionwhere there's a really good, healthy
supply of young guys, especially teamsthat have good quarterbacks. Now you know,

the Minnesota Vikings have Sam Darnold,so there's a premium on having an
elite talent on the outside. ButI just I got to think for a
lot of teams, and I'm notsaying the Bengals are going to do this
with Jamar Chase, but they're doingit with T Higgins, and I just
I wonder how much how many teamsthat have an elite level quarterback, that

have a big money quarterback are goingto get to a point where they just
look at what's happening a wide receiverand go uh uh, Like the price
doesn't justify not filling the role witha dude in the draft because of just
how many good wide receivers that arein college football, Like I think we're
inching closer to that. We're ina day and age teams are passing more

than ever, there's a heightened andheighten importance on wide receivers. We see
what teams are paying, but Ijust we keep talking about how the well
the market is changing. Well,at some point the bubble bursts, right
like we saw what in baseball acouple of years ago, maybe ten years

ago. We saw what regional sportsnetworks were paying for Major League Baseball,
and everybody said, at some point, the bubble is going to burst.
And then that happened where it's like, all right, nobody's paying these exorbitant
rights fees anymore. It just getsto a point, and it happens in
business all the time. But Ido think in professional football, it's not

Justin Jefferson isn't great. He is. It's not that Jamar Chase isn't great.
He is. But if the moneyat that position only goes up,
and we continue to flood college footballand continue to flood the draft with high
end wide receiver talent, and thedraft continues to provide teams with players in
deeper rounds, with wide outs whoare more than good and more than capable

of stepping in and giving cheap laborto a team that would otherwise pay a
wide receiver justin Jefferson type money.Win's the wide receiver bubble gonna burst.
And again, like the Bengals,aren't They don't entirely fit the conversation because
they've made it either or they're gonnasign Chase and let te go. But

they're still letting te go. Whybecause they think they can fill that role
with somebody else. Maybe there's ashort term veteran stop gap. More than
likely, they've taken a bunch ofwide receivers in the draft the last couple
of years. They took one earlythis season in Jermaine Burton. They took
two in the twenty twenty three draft. Yeah, the idea, you got

to replace Tyler Boyd too, butalso they're replacing T Higgins and they'll take
another crack out in the draft intwenty twenty five, so they won't do
this with Jamar Chase. But there'sgoing to be a point. It's just
it's it's how things work. Whenthe cost of something gets to be so

exorbitant, the bubble does burst.I've got rising prices for something that is
in tremendous supply and really cheap overhere. At some point there's going to
be a team, especially one witha really good quarterback, that goes,
well, wait a minute, Igotta pay nine figures deep nine figures.
I get to guarantee over one hundredmillion dollars to a wide receiver. When

there's all these dudes like watch collegefootball, man, it is remarkable,
and I'm like, I'm the worstever at like watching a college player and
going put that guy's a fourth rounder. But I watch college football every Saturday,
and I'm like, yep, propro pro, first day pick,
second day pick, that guy canplay in the league. There's just a

bunch of them, and there's gonnabe even more. You know, I
don't go to a ton of highschool football games, but high school teams
are throwing more. We have sevenon seven passing leagues that we didn't have
ten fifteen years ago. We aredeveloping players at this one position at an
insane rate, which means that thenecessity to just hand over one hundred million

plus dollars and guarantee a lot ofit to a wide receiver at some point,
it's not going to make sense.The chances are it's going to make
sense with Jamar Chase, but theBengals have decided it doesn't make sense with
t Higgins, and Jamar Chase can'tbe the only reason why it doesn't make
sense. The bubble is going toburst at some point. Twenty two after

four o'clock, four to two Rockiesin reds Colorado leads Cincinnati. Grand Ashcraft
has just been taken out of thegame in the bottom of the fourth inning.
Sam Mall on board Reds Down twowill update you as the afternoon unfolds
on ESPN fifteen to thirty Cincinnati SportsStation. Do we get an answer as
to what's gonna happen to this showduring the Olympics. Are we going to

Paris. We're not going to Paris. We're not. Are we being preempted
for Olympic coverage? That's to bedetermined. So you're saying there's a chance
that we'll get two free weeks off. Awesomely, how come I'm guessing that
in the middle of August, inthe heart of training camp, in the
preseason, that's not going to bethe case. I don't know. Four

to two, Rockies lead the Reds. Sam All gets out of a jam,
nice play at third base by JamerCandelario. They are headed to the
fifth inning on getaway Day in Denver, which is where the Reds used to
have a minor league team. Redsand Rockies four to two, Colorado Cincinnati
coming to the plate in the topof the fifth inning. I mentioned our

poll questions, and I have twotoday. We have one from yesterday,
and this was based on MLB's latestgambling scandal, where a series of players
have either been given suspensions or anoutright banishment for life for Tukopeda Marcano of

the San Diego Padres. And manywill say it's quite hypocritical that well baseball
has gotten into bed with gambling companies, casinos, online bookmakers, and yet
they have these rules that prohibit playersand coaches and managers and front office people

from wagering on baseball. And fortyseven percent of you, I asked on
social media yesterday do you find thishypocritical? Forty seven point one per say
yes, which means more than halfsay no. I don't find it hypocritical
at all. I think there arethere's rules for every workplace. I find

nothing hypocritical at all in baseball.Like if you're if you're in any business,
if you're in any meeting where youwork, and you throw out there,
hey, let's let's not chase afterevery dollar, You're going to be
laughed out of the meeting and probablylet go. So you have this billions,

multi billion dollar industry which is rightin the wheelhouse of an overwhelmingly large
percentage of your customers, and you'renot supposed to go chase the dollars associated
with it. Like legitimately, ifRob Manfred said, hey, guys to
the owners, here's what we're goingto do, We're not going to have

relationships with betting companies, the ownerswould remove him and the other commissioners and
the other sports would laugh at him. So yeah, they're chasing profit.
That's what leagues do, that's whatbusinesses do. The profit is very easy.
You don't have to work. Ithink that hard if you're Major League
Baseball to forge partnerships with sports gamblingcompanies. So you know, the idea

that they should not get in bed, not do business with them is sort
of stupid and it's not hypocritical atall to me to tell your membership here
is something that we benefit from,that we gain from, and that we
promote and that we want to succeed. You just can't be a part of
it. Like that's that to meis not hypocritical. I do think this

is I think this is an importantstory for one reason, which we'll get
to after we take a look atsports headlines and say congratulations to a deserving
broadcaster on ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati SportsStation, Cincinnati's ESPN home of home of

lifetime power train protection and guaranteed creditapproval from their family to yours for life
kelseyshev dot com. Tjfriedel just wentdeep. We got a tie ballgame,
top of the fifth. TJ Friedeltwo run shots, second of the season,
and the Reds have come back fromdown four zip. It's now four
to four Reds and Rocks top ofthe fifth inning. Grand Ashcraft started this

game for Cincinnati, and u pitchedpoorly three and two thirds, six hits,
four runs, struck out too,so four to four, though the
Reds have rallied. Jamer Candelario hithis eighth home run of the season earlier.

That came in the third inning,and TJ Friedle with a two run
shot of his own, and thenElie de la Cruise with a hits.
Cruise hit his third of the day. He's starting to swing the backs.
It's a good thing he wasn't demoted, wasn't it. He also made a
Derek Jeter type play it short stop. Good thing he wasn't demoted, was
it? There you go. JoeBurrow apparently not throwing at Bengals OTAs today.

That was originally can I say reported? I don't think he views himself
as a reporter, but he putit out there on social media. Joe
Goodberry, our buddy draft expert,Joe Goodberry. No Joe Burrow throwing.
He was there, he was present. The Bengals tweeted at a video of
him walking to the practice field.But apparently not throwing congratulations go out to

not just one person here, buteight worthy and deserving candidates for the Miami
University twenty twenty four Hall of Fameclass. Lorie Brown, who played volleyball
and softball. Dan Campbell was awrestler champion. Haleem was a men's tennis
player. Pey Lynn was a diverclass of twenty eighteen. Alec Martinez played

for the Miami University hockey program.Ryan Robinson played both football and baseball,
and Ashley Sweinhardt the only two timeMAC Player of the Year in Miami women's
soccer history. I want to makea special note to say congratulations to the
voice of the RedHawks, Steve Baker, who retired from Miami University in terms
of his regular sort of nine tofive job, although most of what he

did did not fit within the parametersof the nine to five work schedule.
He's been the voice of the RedHawksforever close to four decades, involved with
their broadcasts and not just football inbasketball either, whether they've been radio,
whether they've been their ESPN Plus broadcast. He's, as Miami puts it in

their story, he is broadcast literallythousands of Miami sporting events, and he
is going to continue to broadcast.He's not doing his I guess the main
role that he filled his day job, so to speak, first team,
all nice, terrific broadcaster, greatdude, and does a great job calling

Miami University sports event. So Iwanted to mention that because well, we
appreciate and like he's a radio guythrough and through and an encyclopedic knowledge of
Miami University sports and somebody who caresso much about that program and that institution,
a Miami guy and has been inthat capacity for such a long time,

it is well deserved. One mightargue overdue, and so we wanted
to say congratulations to Steve Baker,Brendanman and Jones. On Baseball is coming
up, We spent some time,a little bit of time yesterday on the
suspensions for five players by Major LeagueBaseball, including one dude who has been
banned permanently padres Infielder Outfit or tukapedaMarcano permanently ineligible list. He has violated

the league sports betting rules and policies, and the instant reaction for a lot
of folks, the is a reactionfor me is well these guys are stupid,
because it's there's no ambiguity here.These guys are dumb. This is
their fault. This is no oneelse's fault. This is their fault.
It is plainly obvious if you enterprofessional baseball as an active player, you're

not allowed to wager on professional baseball. If you're a Major League Baseball player,
it is abundantly obvious you're not allowedto wager on Major League Baseball games,
and you're really not allowed to wageron games involving the team that employs
you. And so I don't feelsorry at all for this dude who's been
banned for life. I don't feelsorry at all for these guys who have
gotten one year suspensions. This istheir fault. Now, the subsequent top

turn into discussions about MLB's hypocrisy,because you know, they're involved with sports
gambling companies and take their advertising moneyand all of that. The other conversations
get to a place where it's like, all right, is this just tibody
Iceberg? Is something bigger forthcoming?Is there gonna be something bigger? And
by the way, this isn't justthe only pro athlete who has been busted

for gambling. The NBA has hadan issue. We've seen with the NFL.
Calvin Ridley was suspended for a yearwhen he was still with the Atlanta
Falcons, and so you know,we've seen this. I tend to view
this as a good thing. Now. It's not good for the players who
have been suspended, but for MajorLeague Baseball, we're dealing with no names.

We're not dealing with stars. We'renot dealing with household names. We're
not dealing with anybody that any fanis really gonna miss or we're not dealing
with key cogs on contending teams.We're not talking about players who have been
removed from their team during the heatof a pennant race. We're talking about
four guys or five guys that ifthey walked into your workplace today, you

would have no idea who they are. I think this is the best thing
that could have happened. If you'retrying to enforce a very obvious policy,
wrongdoers have been caught. MLB incooperation with gambling companies, has demonstrated how
easy it is to catch people whoare violating a very obvious rule, and

they are demonstrating the severity of thepunishment that's going to be handed down if
you break a very obvious rule likethis. This is a good thing.
There's collateral damage, and the collateraldamage is the career of Tikopeter Marcano.

But he's the reason why he's thecollateral damage. He gets to be made
an example out of. But he'smade an example out of because of his
own idiocy, his own ignorance,his own i'll say, willful negligence of
the rules. And then these otherfour guys are going to miss a year
and you know, hopefully learn theirlesson and jump back and be allowed to

resume their big league careers because theydidn't bet on the team that was employing
them. But I would imagine ifyou're trying to get the attention of a
large pool of young men and makesure they understand you're not allowed to do

this, the first thing you dois catch them. The second thing you
do is point out how easy itis to catch them. And the third
thing you do is you punish accordingly. You punish by what the rules dictate
you are going to punish them with, which, again, in this guy's
case, here is a lifetime ban. Like punishments are supposed to serve as

deterrens deterrence for people who didn't doanything wrong, because hey, look look
at what happened to this guy dosomething wrong. Here's what's going to happen.
And so I think if you're baseballand the other sports as well,
and you're trying to make it known, look man, yeah, man,

we get Fandel's money, and weget DraftKings money, and we get bet
MGM's money, and we get themoney from all these local casinos, and
yeah, we're taking their money.You guys are not allowed to wager on
baseball games, are not allowed touse betting apps in the clubhouse, and
so yeah, you might have anissue with that, But if you have
an issue with that, go findsomething else to do for a living.

The easiest way to send that messageis maybe not to hang a sign in
the clubhouse, although that doesn't hurt. It's maybe not to have meetings and
webinars with your players. It's maybeto have somebody that you could point to
and go, look, man,we're not screwing around here. Like you
might be really bad at gambling,which this guy was. He won only

four point three percent of his MajorLeague Baseball bets. You might be really
bad at gambling. We don't caregamble on our sport. We're doing what
the rules say we can do.And if your union has any issue with
it, well then they can cometo us at the next CBA. But
in the short term, break therule. We will find you. It's

not that hard. Like that tome is if you read about this,
the thing that stands out is howeasy it was to identify the players who
are gambling. You're not gonna beable to hide from us. We will
catch you. And when we do, your careers in jeopardy, and in
this one dude's case, your careeris over. Do you want to be
like him? I mean, likelegitimately, what they should do is next

to the sign in the clubhouse thatsays no gambling on baseball, which,
by the way, there's no ambiguitywith the rule. There's no word salad
here. It's quite obvious if youbet on baseball, what's gonna happen to
you. What they should do nextto that sign is put up pictures of
these five guys, or at leastput up the picture of this guy who's
been chucked out of the game forlife. And so every day players have

to walk past him, and forthose who don't know their curiosity at some
point will be peauked and they'll ask, who's that guy. Oh, that's
a Turkupeda Mcconno, yeah, what'shis deal? Yeah? He was banned
for life for gambling on baseball,betting on his own team. Oh wow,
Yeah, you want that to happento you, don't do what he

did, because if you do,Hey, here's how he got caught.
He was basically outed by the companyhe was gambling with. So I think
in a weird way in this climatethat we're in where gambling is legal in
thirty eight to fifty states, verymainstream as it should be, socially acceptable
as it should be, but stillnot a lot by active professional athletes on

the sports they play, and itshouldn't be allowed by active professional athletes and
the sports they play. This isthe best thing you could have had happen.
Largely in consequential players, dudes whoare not stars, players who really
don't matter their careers are either jeopardizedor in one case, they're over.
They get made to be examples ofand perhaps everybody can learn from them.

Reds failed to score in their halfof the fifth inning. We are headed
to the bottom of five. No, they didn't fail to score. They
failed to score more. They didscore two when Freedial hit the home run.
It's four to four Reds and Rockiesheaded to the bottom of the fifth
inning. Brenneman and Jones on baseballis coming up on ESPN fifteen thirty Cincinnati
Sports Nation. Hey, it's mogor this This is on the mound for
Cincinnati. He looks like a guythat I went to high school with and

he is just giving up a homerun to lsd As. It's now five
to four Rockies as Colorado continues tohit in the bottom of the fifth inning.
Came back from down four to nothing, made at four to four,
and the Rockies have very quickly retakenthe lead. Nick Martinez that Gopher Ball,

notwithstanding, has been excellent when heis coming in relief. When he
has had to start, he hasbeen no bueno. But when he is
a coming relief, he has beenterrific. Joe Burrow didn't throw today.
Let's work through it. After Brennamanand Jones on Baseball Cincinnati's ESPN fifteen thirty,

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o'clock Happy hour. It is theservice of Michelo Ultra. How good does
a mic Ultra sound? As wemove in on the second half of the

week, are we are we gettingrain the night? Is the weather gonna
stink? You're gonna go outside,do a little fire pit And it looks
like we got a shot of rain. Well, I'll enjoy the Michelot Boultro
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the way home. It's it's greatfor one of those fire pit nights.

It's a great for the golf course. It's a great for the ball it's
great when you're just sitting on thecouch. It's good when you're sitting in
a radio studio. Nikolot Ultra,Mikalo Ultra. Reds are playing the Rockies
right now. As you probably know, they have gotten through six innings.
By the way, TJ Friedel abig two run homer and a great catch
in center field. Today. Thegood news is the Reds bounce back from

a four to nothing deficit early tiedethe game at four. The bad news
is well Colorado got a run inthe sixth and the Rockies lead. The
Reds got a run in the fifth, I'm sorry, and the Rockies relead
the Reds five. For the goodguy's batting in the top of the seventh
inning. Cincinnati looking for a sweep, Cincinnati looking for a five to one
road trip. Cincinnati looking to continueto close the distance between themselves and the

five hundred mark. The Chicago Cubswill be here this weekend. We will
keep you updated on that game.TV right now is showing a little kid
who looks like he's crying because ofReds losing. So the Reds need to
win to give that kid a betterafternoon than he's having so far. Perhaps
so we've got that. We've alsogot the Bengals OTAs continuing today. This

was not a day where the hordethat covers the Bengals. The Bengals,
the local professional football media was presidentpractice today, but Joe Goodbarry was first
star media group and put out thereon social media that Joe Burrow did not
throw today. Now, the Bengals, for what it's worth, did send
out on their social media feeds avideo of Joe Burrow in his practice gear

holding a helmet, walking out topractice. But as Internet sleuth's pointed out,
he wasn't wearing any compression sleeve,didn't have the stuff that he has
had on near his right wrist inany of the workouts that he has gone
through so far. So I guessdidn't throw today. So what do we

do with this? I've asked acouple of different poll questions, one of
which we'll get to a little bitlater on. But it's about Joe Burrow,
and it's about the appropriate level ofconcern based on what we know,
based on what we've seen, andbased on what we've heard, what is
the appropriate level of concern about Joeburrow health. I've got three levels of

concern lots, some and none.Forty five and a half percent of you
say none, forty two point ninepercent of you say some, eleven point
six percent of you say lots.You could put me in the sum category.

I don't know how the answer isnone. I mean, he is
a player who is obviously of vitalimportance to this team. That might be
the biggest understatement of the history ofthis radio station. He is a player
coming off a significant injury. Heis a player who has a significant injury

history. It would be unsurprising Ithink if as he continues on his road
back, and for my money,at least he's not going to be all
the way back until he at leastplays in a football game, and you
might argue at least until he playsin the regular season opener. But he's

not back yet. He's on theroad back. That's no knock on anybody.
It's kind of a reflection of wherewe are in the calendar. It's
June, it's OTAs, we're noteven in mini camp yet. But as
he continues on this road, Ithink you would agree that it would be

sobering but unsurprising to find out thathe is dealing with discomfort, inflammation,
swelling, mild pain. I thinkwhat we know about Joe Burrow is it
would be unsurprising to find out that, you know what, even if during

one practice he pushed it a littlebit too much, had his foot on
the gas a little bit too much, much overdid it maybe just a little
bit too much, and that resultedin dealing with some pain or some discomfort.
I'm not going to try to bea doctor here. I'm not going
to try to be a surgeon ora trainer. I'm just I'm trying to

apply some common sense, right,Like, this is kind of an unprecedented
injury. Everybody heals differently, everybodyrecovers differently. Like it's he's coming off
of major surgery. Coming off majorsurgery is not as easy as sometimes we
make it out to be, andnot as easy as sometimes it sounds when
we put it in the context ofprofessional sports. And so that discomfort that

he may feel, that pain,he may feel, that unease, he
may feel, that inflammation he maybe dealing with, that swelling he may
be dealing with could all provide verygood reason for him to step back just
a little bit. That doesn't meanthat he can't participate in practice next week
during my natory mini camp. Itdoesn't mean that he's not going to start

training camp on time, and doesn'tmean that the start of his season is
in jeopardy. But we're still dealingwith number one, a player who is
currently on the road to recovery andon the road to coming back from a
significant injury. Also significant injury returnsfrom significant injury, there are bumps in

the road. TJ Friedel is back. TJ Friedel hit a home run today.
We're all thrilled that TJ Friedel isback. But TJ Friedel even had
on his road to the second stinton the injured list, had a moment
where he had to just dial itback a little bit, had one when
he came back from his first dayon the injured list, too. Didn't

mean he didn't come back. Didn'tmean he didn't come back and prove to
be of help to this team.But these things do happen, and so
I don't know how you could justbe completely dismissive of any concern about Joe
Burrow. He's coming off of significantinjury. There are at times, not
even setbacks, but just complications thatarise or that are inherently a part of

coming back from significant injury. He'salso a player, whether you could wrap
this into a conversation about his handor not, he is a player for
whom a lot of just weird,kind of janky stuff has happened. I
don't love the term injury prone.I don't love hearing about how he's soft

or fragile. He's been, formy money, at least more than anything,
just unlucky out of nowhere. Therewas a calf issue last year during
training camp. The calf issue persisted. You watched him play early in the
season, he wasn't himself. Idon't fold the apendectomy discussion into this often,

but weirdly, right when training campbegins, there's an appendectomy, and
then there are the injuries that hehas dealt with while playing in football games.
But regardless, there's there's what weknow about any athlete coming off significant
injury. There's what we know aboutwhere we are in the calendar. He's
not back yet, and and thenthere's there's just what we've got used to

talk about when it comes to Joe, and that's weird stuff happening. And
so for me, I can't tellyou how to feel for me. Is
there at least a little unease?Yes, yes there is, But I'll
be honest with you. There probablywould be even heady thrown today, and

there probably would be even hetty thrownyesterday. And I'm I'm not a natural
skeptic, but just when it comesto injury, I take good news with
a grain of salts. I hadtimes wait for the other shoe to drop.

I'm usually at least a little skepticalthat the return is gonna take place
within the time frame that everybody hopesfor. It's like with Matt McClain.
Matt McLain is another guy not aninsignificant injury history. You hear while he's
gonna come back in August, wellnumber one. August is a large frame

of time. Might me in Augustfirst? It couldn't be in August fifth,
It might be in August sixteenth,couldn't me in August thirty first.
I just I've gotten to the pointwith Matt McLain, through no faults of
his own, he's a terrific player, and I hate that he's been hurt
this season. I'm just assuming he'snot gonna play this year. If I'm
wrong about that, dude, whowould be unhappy about that? Like I

hope I'm dead wrong about it.I assume whatever success is the Reds and
joy or whatever failure is we haveto commiserate over, will be independent of
Matt McClain playing this year. That'sjust how I am. And if I'm
wrong, I'm wrong. I'm notdoing that with Joe Burrow, but there
is a part of me that wantsto really see something more than him just

throwing some passes before I completely andtotally believe he's going to be ready to
go Week one. That's not skepticism, It's just it's an understanding that the
return from injury is at times alittle bit more difficult that we make it
out to be. It is.It is a road that can be a
little bit more bumpy than we wouldlike it to be. How many times

in your life as a sports fan, we've dealt with it with the Reds
this year, This happens all thetime. I'm a big Knicks fan,
right if you have followed that teamand all just a jillion injuries this season.
Julius Randall why he's going to missa couple of weeks dude never played
another game this year. Some ofthe injuries guys dealt with during the postseason,

Oh, it's a day to daything. Guys either never came back.
When they did, they were ashell of themselves. Like I've grown
accustomed to just believing that the initialprognosis of he's gonna miss two weeks,
he's gonna miss a month, Like, hey, I just I feel like
there have been so many instances wherethat hasn't been the case. Not that

anybody hasn't been telling the truth,not that anybody has been trying to mislead
anybody, not that anybody medically isn'tdoing their job. Just coming back from
injuries, it's difficult, especially difficultwhen it's kind of an unprecedented injury,
and it's difficult when it's coming offof major surgery, and it's maybe even
more difficult when you're dealing with thekind of contact sport that football is.

So if you asked me today,wager in amount of money that matters to
you, does Joe Burrow play thefirst game of the season, Yeah,
I'm doing that. I've seen nothingor heard nothing to suggest that that's in
jeopardy. He has been throwing.He has been participating by all accounts,
he has looked fine. By everyaccount, His pathway to recovery, his

pathway back onto the field, hasn'tbeen littered with many roadblocks or many speed
bumps. But would it be totallyshocking if two months from now, right
before the preseason starts, that somebodyis expressing at least a little skepticism that

he's going to be where we wanthim to be. Weak one, I
don't think that would be surprising.It'd be frustrating, it'd be sobering and
be sad. It'd be something thatwould compel us to talk a little bit
more about Jake Browning. I thinkyou are being completely reasonable if there's at
least some concern. But I thinkthat concern could have existed almost independent of

the events of the last couple ofdays. Like you can be encouraged about
something but also not not be surprisedif there's a poor result later. I
mean, I've I've dealt with thisin my personal life, right, Like,
Hey, we're really encouraged about howthe treatment for this disease is going.

Three months later, there's a big, big complication, Like that's that's
just I'm encouraged, but I don'tI don't know that Joe is out of
the woods yet, and you don'tneed to be on June fifth. I
also totally understand if you are amongthe eleven point four percent that say the

appropriate level of concern is lots,because paranoia is at times a part of
life, especially when there's history,and like when it comes to Joe Burrow,
when it comes to this franchise,like we're just we're wired wait for
the other shoe to drop. Maybethis is just a sports fan thing,
but there there's a level of paranoiathat is based on history. And again,

Joe's history. We love Joe Burrow, like that's my quarterback. Dude's
been hurt a lot. Guys beenunlucky, guys, had a lot of
stuff go wrong. Add that tothe overall lack of luck that the franchise
as a whole has enjoyed. Paranoiais based on what has already happened.

If you work at a place wherethey're constantly laying people off, you might
be really good at your job,you might have a great relationship, you
might have a full client list.There's not some paranoia there. If you
have a partner who has cheated onyou, and you know what they're doing.

You know, they're kind of beingshady with their phone and there's a
text message that might raise some eyebrows, and there's a very good chance what
they're doing totally innocuous. But thehistory lends itself to paranoia, and we're
dealing with the same with Joe Burrowhere. That doesn't mean that he's not

going to play the first game.It doesn't mean that Zach Taylor is doing
anything wrong. Like there's a partof me that I feel bad for Zach
Taylor because everything that he says anddoes when it comes to Joe Burrow is
just agonizingly picked apart, including bypeople like me. His future is directly
tied to Joe's. He's got aguy who wants to go and practice as

much as he can. He's gotto do what's right for the team,
got to do what's right for Joe. He's also the only person that's required
to speak on the record, Likehe's kind of in a tough place here,
so I cut him some slack.But you know, again, like
I've gotten twenty plus minutes here onsomething that might prove to be a non

story, but you know it untilhe's out there actually playing football. Sure,
based on what we hear and basedon what we know, should you
feel some sense of unease that youknow there's still a possibility that this is

a problem when the season begins.Sure, does it mean panic. It
doesn't mean you shouldn't feel optimism forthe season. And again, if I
had to wager amount of money thatmattered, it would be on Joe Burrow
playing the first game. But justask yourself what the least and most surprising
outcomes are. Among the least surprisingoutcomes would be that there's something that prevents

that from happening. And maybe somethingthat crops up or pops up as an
issue during training camp. Maybe thatdoesn't occur. I don't know. But
when players come back from injuries,we see this all the time. There
are things that happen and it sucks. You know. It would be so
great if every time an athlete gothurt and the coach or the manager or

the GM or even the doctor wasspeaking about the prognosis, if they were
to say, uh, he's goingto be back in twenty one days.
It'd be great. If you knew, Okay, it's automatic. He's back
in twenty one days and back inplaying at a high level. That's not
how it works. So the goodnews is it's June fifth, and you
know, look, he's probably gonnatake days off during training camp two.

The good news is it's June fifth. They don't play a football game that
matters for more than three months.But sure, yes, based on what
we know, based on what weunderstand, is there at least some level
of concern? How is there not? Twenty three minutes after five o'clock?

That was long winded five point threeseven four nine fifteen thirty. Is our
phone number eight sixty six seven ohtwo three seven three seven seven six works
as well? We'll update our otherpole question and so much more. Updates
on Red's Rockies to ESPN fifteen thirtyCincinnati Sports station. I Think's have added
to their lead. It's six tofour Colorado and they're still batting against Lucas

Simms with runners on the corners six' four rocks bottom seven in Denver.
Our pole questions are a service ofUnited Heartland Insurance. Learn more, save
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We did the Joe Burrow one theother one. I started the show by
thanking John Sadak, the play byplay guy in the Reds for the Reds

on Balley Sports, because he didn'ttiptoe around the fact last night that Frankie
Montass was throwing a no hitter.And Frankie Montass did not throw a no
hitter. He took one into theseventh inning, pitched great last night,
Reds won the ball game. Thefact that Frankie did not throw a no
hitter has nothing to do with thefact that John Sadak said no hitter times

in the fifth and sixth, andseventh inning last night. I appreciate him
treating me like an adult, asa viewer, excuse me, and as
somebody who over the course of myevening last night, it was kind of
do another stuff. And then JohnSadac says, Frankie Mantas is thrown a
no hitter, and I perk up. And so this is one of those

things that comes up all the time. If a pitcher is tossing a no
hitter, should his team's announce arefrain from referring to a no hitter?
Sixty one point four percent of yousay no, should not refrain refrain from
referring to a no hitter that wasFinn Last night, Reds won that game.

They're now losing seven to four inthe bottom of the seventh inning.
Some Jamar Chase stuff next on ESPNfifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports. Sports deadlines are
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Legs and Rockies have played seven inDenver. Its excuse me, seven to
four Colorado Reds are coming and playedin the top of the eighth inning.
Suddenly, I've got to clear mythroat a bunch. This game started with
the Rockies scoring four times in thefirst inning. Reds battle back to run
homer by Jamer Candelario in the third, to run bomb by TJ. Friedel

in the fifth. Unfortunately, Coloradogot one back on and Elias Diaz homer
in the fifth, and then hedrove in another run. In the sixth
inning, Colorado added one more.It's now seven to four Rocks as the
Reds come to play in the topof the eighth inning. This has been
a winning road trip for the Reds. Reds are looking for a series sweep.

They are coming home after tonight's game. They played the Chicago Cubs in
the first of four at GABP tomorrownight. That will start a six game
road trip. Other baseball Tonight,the Florence Yaw's on the road against Schomberg
the Boomers. The boomerska I cametonight at seven thirty. Joe Burrow reportedly
did not throw it to Bengals practicetoday. Bengals going through another OTA mandatory

mini camp is next week. Ithink that's all I got for local sports
headlines. That's all I got.That's all I got. Danner was with
me yesterday Paul Danner Jr. FromThe Athletic dot Com and the Growl of
podcast. If you missed that conversation, go get it on the iHeartRadio app.

It is a service of Long NextSports Grill Wilder, Hebren and rich
Wood Stay Long, Come often.We talked about Joe Burrow. We also
spent some time on Jamar Chase andthe latest on his contract, which you
know, Paul's best guest was,this is gonna be the sort of thing
that doesn't get settled until next year, and you know, like there's a

big part of me that wants tosee it go ahead and get done.
Just kind of nice to get stuffdone. It's kind of nice to know
we have this terrific quarterback wide receivercombo and they're going to be together for
fill in the blank number of years, for all of their prime years.
Be nice to know. At thesame time, at the same time,

there is the T Higgins factor here. Now. I think sometimes we underrate
how much these guys kind of understandhow the business works. Like I think
T Higgins gets it. He's abright guy, He's not a dumb guy.
He understands. He has a lotof confidence in his own abilities.
He knows the Bengals value him morevalue Jamar Chasemore. They drafted him earlier.

The team took off when Jamar gothere. They haven't paid Tea.
They haven't that Tease a part oftheir long term plan. Duke Tobin has
said almost verbatim, Jamar Chase isa part of our long term plan.
So I'm sure yes, t understandstheir approach with me is at least partially
reflective of what they want to dowith Jamar Chase. And so I'm gonna

sort of be squeezed out here.At the same time, both players are
expected to play for the Bengals intwenty twenty four. Both players are the
sort of guys that I think areworth building around. Both players I fully
believe will do everything they can tohelp the team win a title in twenty

twenty four. But from a realworld perspective, I'm not the one who
has to worry about T Higgins beingpeppered with questions about Jamar Chase whenever it
is the T Higgins gets here,and like Tea's gonna get a lot of
questions no matter what. Right,whenever he shows up and he's made a

bit available for the first time,he's gonna get a lot of questions.
Do we need to unnecessarily add tothe questions that Tea gets by giving Jamar
a deal that T will be askeda lot about and perhaps unfairly. I'm
ensure it's the most fair situation toask someone to comment on someone else's employment

status or someone else's salary or thatsort of thing, But you know it
would come. And so from apractical standpoint, yeah, it would be
nice to get rid of the JamarChase thing from the list of things you
got to get done as an organization. But in the short term, ramification

could be that this is something thatt Higgins is going to have to confront.
Also, you might argue that JamarChase is the sort of player that's
worthy of making an exception for him, and there's validity to that because he's
a special player and he and JoeBurrow were sort of I don't want to
say locked at the hit, butwe lumped the two in with each other.

But as Daner talked about on ourshow yesterday, if you do what
the Bengals typically haven't done, andthere are teams who are doing this,
but if you do what the Bengalstypically haven't done, which is they don't
go to the negotiating table with youto talk a long term contract extension when
you have two years left on yourdeal and Jamar still has two years left

on your deal, that's basically beentheir policy. They made an exception for
Joe Burrow because he's a quarterback,and quarterbacks, whether they should or shouldn't
is maybe a different topic, butthey are treated differently, and I think
they should be treated differently. They'rethe most important people at all of sports,
in all of sports, quarterbacks.And so if you got a great

one, that dude is going tobe worth making an exception for. Is
Jamar Chase so great that you makean exception for him that could have some
long term ramifications with relation to otherplays who wait a minute, like,
it's not apples to apples, likeTrey Hendrickson. All right, so I

had a good year last year,I want to pay raise. I've asked
for a trade. I'm not goingto get it because I have two years
left on my deal. But youcould do it with Jamar. Now you
could say, well, first ofall, Jamar is younger, Jamar plays
a position that is more important.But you know, yeah, I mean,

do you want to create a problem. And these are all the sort
of things that I think we makeit very cut and dry. And there's
a part of me that makes acut and dry right, like, just
go ahead and get it done sowe can get this over with. But
I'm also not the one that thenhas to deal with any number of players
who have two years left on theirdeal asking for a contract extension, asking,

well, okay, we've now madetwo exceptions to the rule. One
was a quarterback, the other wasnot. So is that no longer a
rule or is it a rule?But it only applies to me, and
so I think that's got to befactored in as well, Like there is
a bit of a slippery slope here. Those to me are some of the

things beyond just the nuts and boltsand the dollars and the terms and the
years. Those are sort of thesort of things that I think if you're
a Duke Tobin, and I thinkif you're the coaching staff, and if
you're the Brown family, you've you'vegot to consider. I mean we talked
about before with Joe Burrow, timebeing on their side, time is on
the Bengal side here. They've gota lot of time to do. They've

got two years and by the way, I mean, if they really want
to, they can use the franchisetag on Jamar Chase too. Now again,
they have a still a pretty goodtrack record of taking their absolute best
players, the players they covet themost, and signing them to second deals.
AJ Green famously got his, GenoAtkins got his, Joe Burrow,

for what it's worth, has gottenhis. Sam Hubbard got his. There
have been players who didn't get thereis like Jesse Bates. But the overwhelming
track record would suggest that they aregoing to get something done with Jamar Chase.
But their track record would also suggestit's not going to get done this
offseason, and there is some subsequentfallout that you have to consider. Now.

I would be more than happy ifthe Bengals announced tomorrow, yep,
Jamar is here. We've signed himlong term. Here's the money, here
are the years. He's here forthe remainder of his prime seasons. For
the most part, we're going tokeep this Joe and Jamar relationship going.
This is great, and we gofrom there. I'm also not the one

that has to deal with the lockerroom fallout, and I don't think like
the locker room fallout would be thesort of thing that would disrupt what the
team is trying to accomplish. Ibelieve the Bengals have a great team culture,
but sure, those are the thingsyou have to consider. I think
in any employments that you when you'regoing to do a with one employee,
then you have to worry about howdoing a is going to infect all or

not in fact, affect all theother employees. It's it's simple management.
Reds have scored a run in theeighth inning and they're threatening. It is
a seven to five Colorado Reds atthe plate top eight. It is seventeen
away from six o'clock on ESPN fifteenthirty, Cincinnati Sports Station. In this
week's Marketers Report, Chris Burrow isnot throwing Football's Jamar Chase doesn't have a

contract extension. See Higgins is probablynot going to come to training camp.
Am I missing any I'm trying to. I'm going through my mental rolodects of
NFL news. The Colts, theirNFLPA Rep. Ryan Kelly from Cincinnati is
opposed to playing eighteen games. Thisis going to be This is going to

be a long back and forth theNFL and I said this the day after
this schedule came out. We've gotlike five or six teams this year,
including the Bengals, playing three gamesin eleven days, which we haven't done
like a lot of teams, marqueeteams playing three games in eleven days.
We didn't do it last year,didn't do it the year I think between
twenty fifteen and twenty twenty two ortwenty three, we didn't have teams playing

three games in eleven days. Someof it's created by Christmas on Wednesday,
and they want to play games onChristmas. This is the NFL is doing
something they're allowed to do that playersaren't going to like. And when players
voice displeasure, the NFL is goingto say, cool, we don't have
to do three games in eleven daysanymore. We get it, give us

our eighteenth game. Corey Lensley's retiringfrom the NFL. Missed most of last
season with a heart issue, andhe is retiring, which is not all
that surprising. Kevin Stefanski signs acontracting sension at the Cleveland Browns. Oh

oh, and Cameron Sutton's back withthe Pittsburgh Steelers, which he spent the
first six years in Pittsburgh. Wascut by the Lions after the issuance of
an arrest warrant for a domestic batterycharge. He's back with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
There is what's going on in theNFL. You asked, and I

had an answer. Reds were inthe ninth inning. It's seven to six.
Colorado Fernando Cruz, who has beenawesome. We had a caller the
other day who asked who would theReds most likely All Star be, and
so Fernando Cruz would have And we'reballoting just opened. I can't tell you
when the last time. I thinkthe last time I voted for an All

Star was twenty ten, because nowit's not about picking the best players,
and that's fine, it's not acomplaint. It's just as one might say,
it is what it is. Itis what it has turned into,
and Baseball likes it that way,and that's fine. But anyway, we're
still weeks away, obviously from findingout who who All Stars are. I
think Fernando Cruz has an unbelievably goodcase. We had a caller the other

day who asked about his candidacy andmy response was, well, I think
what works against him is number one, he is technically a middle reliever.
Number two, his traditional numbers winsand losses in era are not great.
Now. I hate win loss totalsfor pitchers. I don't think they should

be tabulated. I don't think theyshould be tracked. We don't officially assign
wins and losses to anybody else insports, but we do it with pitchers
who only have a hand in onepart of the game. His era is
fine. It's inflated because he's basicallyhad one bad outing. But if you
look beyond that, the sixteen pointnine strikeouts per nine inning ratio is absurd.

The fifty two to four team strikeout to walk ratio is absurd.
He's also been really good in highleverage situations. I hope he's good in
one right now. I think he'sgot a shot. I think he's got
a shot. We'll see if anybodyelse leaps into that conversation. Perhaps Hunter
Green can, we will see,we will see. Maybe maybe Elie dela

Cruz can. We will say.I do think there's something I said this
about Ellie last year. I wouldhave made Elie de la Cruz an All
Star last season. He had beenin the big leagues for a month and
a half at the time of theAll Star Game. Like it's an exhibition
game where the outcome is irrelevant.Put the guys that people want to see
most in the game. Ellie delaCruz, whatever criticisms you may have of

his game and whatever his statistics maylook like, I think still is one
of those players that people want tosee. Put him on a national stage.
Said it last year. I'll probablydouble down on it again this year.
Put him in the All Star Game. I believe it. Our poul
questions, you are lukewarm on worryingabout Joe Burrow, and you are cool

with broadcasters saying no hitter in themiddle of a no hitter. I've been
a little surprised. We did thePole question yesterday about hypocrisy and baseball gambling
and the guys who got suspended andin one case banned from the sport.
I've been a little surprised. Ifelt like this was going to be an
automatic layup of a column by alot of writers. Today. Ken Rosenthal

wrote about it, A handful ofothers did almost universally, and anything that
I have written, Baseball's quote complexrelationship with gambling has been mentioned. I
don't know what's complex about the relationship. You and I can do it.
The players can't. There's money tobe made in gambling, and so they're

going to make that money. They'regonna cast those checks. Players still can't
do it. You can choose tobe a profitable franchise or a profitable enterprise,
but also have certain rules and regulationstied to the integrity of outcome of
games that prohibit your players from engagingin an activity that you otherwise promote.

I don't know that this relationship isas complex as many would make it out
to be. And you know,again I said this before, I feel
like, in a weird way,this is a bit of a blessing in
disguise, because we're not talking aboutstar players or players who you know,
nobody got booted from a team inthe middle of the Pennitt race. If
nothing else, this serves warning.Hey, look it's June. These guys

don't matter. Do you want tobe booted from the sport for a year
or for your life and have ithappen to you in the middle of a
Pennant race, like we can catchyou. It's not that easy. We
have rules against this, we're goingto enforce them. And if you want
to bet on baseball legally, thenyou can go and get a job outside
of baseball. Go go do somethingelse and open up your FanDuel account and

you are good to go. Ijust I don't know that the relationship is
frankly, all that complex. Thevoting on that poll question expired because we
asked to just over twenty four hoursago. All right, we're done.
Reds are going to the ninth inning, trailing by a run. Fernando Cruz,
with some help, got out ofa jam, and maybe the Reds

can mount a ninth inning come backand sweep this series. Or we'll get
some free baseball with the stupid magicRunner. We will see. Either way,
we'll talk about it tomorrow afternoon.We'll also be setting up for Reds
and Cubs start up a four gameseries at GABP. Anything you might have
mis is go get it on theiHeartRadio app. Also the podcast page of
ESPN fifteen to thirty dot com.Podcast of our show, a service of

Long Neck's Sports Grill and the fiveo'clock Happy Hour, a service as always
of our friends at michelob Ultra.We are done. My thanks to Tarren
Bland for producing, and of coursethanks to you for listening. Have an
awesome night. We will talk toyou tomorrow at three oh five on ESPN
fifteen thirty Cincinnati Sports Station. Thisrecord you sponsored by Wes

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