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April 18, 2024 30 mins
Radio? Oh god no!
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Tell me something that is a lotharder than it looks. Bowling, you
know what. That is a fantasticone. That is a fantastic one.
I was reading yesterday and by theway, I love it. So then
I started reading all these answers ofwhat everybody was saying, and it's here's

what I like about it. Itis all over the place, and every
one of them. I can't sayevery one of them. There are some
on there where you're like, seriously, you can't do that, or that's
hard. But then there's others andsome of them. Again, it is
all over the place, and youread through it and you go like,
I get that, I get that. I didn't see anybody say bowling.
But that's a great one. That'sa great one because that is you watch

anybody who's like halfway decent bowl andyou're like, how hard is it?
You just throw the ball right downthe lanes and you're good to go,
and you think you should almost beable to get a strike or a spare
on every one of them. Bowlingis fantastic, Matt. I'll be honest,
wasn't expecting a good answer out ofyou, but you nailed it.
No offense Diane, that is areally that's great receipt. That is a

great one, and it didn't comeup on there at all. Hey,
Kristen, load me up, getme a bunch of people, please,
eight six six to Elliott eight sixsix two three five five four six eight
And again it's so easy. Itis so easy, and Diana's struggling.
Now, I was gonna say,so easy to come up with an answer.

It's an easy question. Oh youimmediately thought of a bunch of examples.
There was. I thought of two, and one of them had mentioned
had mentioned them. But yeah,I thought I thought of two immediately.
I have one in mind. ButI but it's nowhere near as good as
bowling. You may shock yourself becausethere are other sports. Now I'm just

running through right where I'm able tocomprehend. No, that's hard. Yeah,
it doesn't look easy to me.You know what now that you say
that? Yeah, like for butbowling looks so damn yuse it does?
No, it does? It does? It looks seriously, you can't take
a ball and just roll it straight? Well no, no, but that's
what I mean. Like nobody's gonnasay throwing a touchdown pass? You know,

what I mean, like that wouldbe hard, you know, scoring
scoring a goal in the playing hockeylike whatever it is. But I'm with
you, like like golf unbelievably hard, tennis very hard. And what other
children's birthday parties feature sports? Andwould that work for this question? So

bowling is that is a great one. That is a great one. All
right? What is the other one? You had? Laser tag? No,
losing weight? Oh you know what? A lot of people said that.
Yeah, a lot of people saidthat that's a great one. That
is a great one. Losing losingweight got mentioned a lot that it is.
It's very what I was gonna say, frisbee throwing a frisbee, Well,

I can't. I can't to savemy life. I don't think people
would say that that, but yousee somebody, you see I think it
is, and you see somebody doit, and people do it and it
looks so effortlessly for so many people. I can't do it to save my
life. Okay, that's you.Okay, so we are going to judge
everyone's response. No, no,no, no, But I don't think.

But like I've listen, I've neverplayed ultimate, I've never taken a
frisbee class. Oh god, forgetultimate hitting a target, well, that's
frisbee golf. Ultimate is like football, okay, yeah, but throwing throwing
a frisbee is not hard. Watchme do it. It is, okay,
but okay, yeah. Don't youlook at that and think it looks

easy. I think people make itlook really easy a lot of and not
not even like somebody who does itall the time, somebody who's just out
on a lawn in a park doingit where they can do. I can
walk outside right now and throw straightfrisbeemember, I got one hundred and seventy
five gram discrap. Oh, that'sright, exactly. They are a little
scraped up on the bottom though,exactly. I'm not going to count that

one. I'm sorry. Good yeah, Oh, Kristin, are you ready?
Are you ready? Yes? Theokay, give me something that is
a lot harder than it looks.A flight simulator. It's so hard trying

to land an F eighteen on anaircraft carrier. You can't crap on everybody's
guesses. Well, I don't thinkyou should crap on that one. Maybe
yours, but I think that's agood answer. I went in and I'm
like, you think that looks easy. Yes, it looks so easy.
No, I well I know nowit's like I get so frustrated because I

would do it. Would anybody saythat landing a plane on a flight simulator
looks easy? Yeah? No,No, Like even playing the computer game
back in the day was hard todo. It was hard, but just
didn't But it never to sit downat the end of technology class when you
had that free time and you're like, yes, Microsoft Flight simulator, and

then you kept crashing and you're likethis sucks. Yeah, but it never
looked easy. Yes, it doeswell because everybody, everybody's like click click
clicklick. There's so many pons,the everything, everything, Like it never
looked easy to do it does.I like that she's talking about a more
serious flight simulator, h which wouldbe even harder. Mike has it on
his two screens right, and he'slike, oh, you can do this,

and I'm like, yeah, Iknow, move over, and so
I cannot do it. The Isee, I wouldn't think that that looks
easy. Now, maybe Mike makesit look easy, but Mike also knows
how to fly a plane, solike that would be like that that would
yeah, like that would be likeTom Brady like going like, oh,
well tom Brady makes throwing touchdowns lookeasy. Yeah, that's not I don't

like that one. Why are youcomparing everything to throwing a touchdown? I
don't, no, because you gotsports on my brain. Losing weight the
yeah, I know, but itstarted with sports. A lot of people
actually have said losing weight now,yeah, no, that is that again.
They like that one better than frisbeethe all right, No, I

mean that's fine, Christian, butI would never thank you, thank you.
Are you counting that one? No, because I would never look at
a flight simulator and go loaded thatthat looks that that that looks easy.
I think I would have counted thatone. The I'll tell you the one
that I came with. I camewith two. I came with two,
but I don't want to steal frompeople. Tians is ready to shoot it

down. They don't matter what itis. She can't. Oh, it's
the perfect answer. Well, Ihave two of them actually, oh twice,
Yeah, gold Lightning one one iskind of a stepsister of Tyler's losing
weight. Yeah, cutting out sugar, yes, yeah, we've that's very

hard. That is very very hard. To do as somebody who fights that
battle. That is very very hardto do. So congratulations even more so
on your success. Thank you.Number two and this one was the other
one I came with. Is singingwhile playing the guitar. That's very specific.

Yeah, yeah, no, becausepeople like people who do it make
it look effortless. It's like they'rejust playing and they're singing. You could
probably say the same thing about thepiano, but the but like that,
First of all, playing the guitaris hard. Yeah, you've combined two
things that are hard. And thenwell, I mean really, anybody can

sing. Whether you sing well ornot is completely different. But anybody could
sing. But like I can singnot well, but I could sing if
you taught me how to play ajuvenile song where I don't even have to
move my fingers on the on thestring one chord, yeah, where I'm
just playing it over and over andover. I bet doing that and singing

would be very very hard because you'reagain, I'm just I have to strum
on key. I don't want todo that. Now. This guitar is
not tuned. Actually it is,well, it's a little flat, yeah,
but it's good. That's an e. So for you, your name
is Elliott. Do you want tofinger the e? Yeah? No?
No? Is it picking it up? The Uh? Yeah? You need

to play? Okay, but Idon't know what song am I singing with
it? You said you can't evenjust strum one chord and belt whatever you
call singing, right, I thinkyou could probably do that. I bet
I can't. I bet I can'thand you the guitar all right? Do
you see how my fingers are positionedon the front board? Okay, what

are you gonna sing? I'll takesome requests. I need a pick.
Look at that from bleachers? Thankyou, Jack Antonov? Uh whelps.
You know what it is. I'vealways I've always thought this about my ability

to play the guitar. My fingersaren't long enough like I'm might like,
or my palm is fat because itgrabs the bottom string. His old fat
palm poems Happy birthday to you.You're doing it happy? Yeah? Okay,
but if I had to actually Happybirthday to you? Yeah, if

you had to actually sing and actuallyplay guitar, I'm not even worried about
my singing. My singing isn't good. I never claimed that I can sing,
but if I had to, ifI had to also like move my
hands around, that would be impossible. But you watch some of the greats
do it like you think, likeSpringsteen, by the way, now,
Jim a harmonica up against your mouth, where are you you're singing? You're

playing a guitar and a harmonica.Impossible. So when you see those one
man band guys no between his knees, goddamn monkey out there playing all or
there's the single drumstick on the endof the guitar. Oh yeah, no,
like that is that is impressive?That is impressive. But somebody like
but like somebody who can sit asit at a piano or play a guitar,

sing and then while they're while they'redoing all of that, give you
a harmonica solo. That's impressive andit looks so easy. Now I need
to go into old tour schedules.It was some one man band who was
doing the entire United States run withlike a rock tour in the late nineties.

I know, I saw him atGardensted Art Center. I don't know
his name, but he was likea legitimate opener for two maybe three radio
bands, and he was by himin the late nineties. Oh the I'm
gonna have to that's gonna be mymission to figure out who that was.
No, but like even when guyscome in here and do it like Stephen

Kellogg's done it in here, wherehe'll play the guitar and then sing and
then he's got like the the thelike the brace's brace around his face and
he starts playing the harmonica. Isit there and go, Jesus Christ,
that's I can't. I can't evenget through a sentence without stumbling. And
this guy's playing the guitar, singingand playing a harmonica. That's impressive.
Reading music in there? No,never mind, I'm out of answer.

No, but reading you have tolearn how to read music, right.
You can't just sit down and go, oh, I'm reading music. Well,
you can't just sit down and playa guitar, can I ask you?
This is reading hard like regular reading. No, because you've learned how
to read sing brail. I putbrail in there too. Well, the
blind make it look so easy.No, you've got to know how to

do that. Like again, evenif I knew how to play the piano,
piano the guitar, playing it andsinging would be very difficult, but
yeah, obviously I have to knowhow to do it. That went a
horrible one. S SP has onethat I think we all will say is
a decent answer. Go ahead gettingElliott to agree with you. Seriously.

We listened to ten minutes of Elliottjustifying his answer. He even came with
a live demonstration. Diane says asecond or third guest, I don't know
which one it was, and hedidn't even give it because it's not something
you could just like jump like forexample, bowling is great because you don't

have to you don't have to knowbulling and spin and all that. You
just got to pick up a balland throw. By the way, I'll
give you. I'll give you one. I thought of another one that is
kind of sports related. Horseback ridingvery hard to do. Who thinks that.
Look, you get up on ahorse and you see people doing it
on vacations. You have to controla wild anima. You get up on

the horse and you just go,what about a pull up? Yeah?
It's people who's not bad, peoplewho can do them make it look effort
less. Y. Yes, that'snot bad, that's not bad. You
got a good one there, Well, you got a pretty good one there.
I wouldn't say it's great, butthat's a pretty good one for you.
Horseback riding is a fantastic one.No, it's not. Yeah,
because you think I can get upon a horse and go for a walk.

Horrible. You don't know how tocontrol a horse, and that's what
makes it so difficult. But itlooks so easy. There's been another one
in the world of sport. Oh, bring it to me. Golf,
darts. That's hard, that's hard. But do you think it looks easy?
Yeah? I could go to punchbowl social and have fourteen beers and
just throw. Hope I don't hitsomebody in the head. But yeah,

darts is good. Darts is good. What am I doing now? Well?
Look we still have our darts?Oh right, don't you remember Dianamost
hit the TV? There we go. What was I throwing them for?
I don't even remember. Well,hold on, hold on, hold on,
Oh my god. I like toget out of the way. Right.
Well, you don't have to getout of the way. I'm not

going to hit your head. Okay, Yeah, no, you're good.
Here, watch, Yeah, you'refine. Tell you do you want me
to go your way? No?And the TV is cracked. No,
I won't hit the TV. Yeah, that wasn't a good one. That's
enough. Yeah, darts say,look how easy that is. But we
did it for the nuke, that'sright. But to do it with precision

very very hard. All right,let me grab some of these kind people.
Hi, Elliott in the morning,grab the condom. Hey, who's
this? This is Kai and bluemon. Yes, what can I do
for you? Sir? Well?I was going to say the uh marriage,
marriage is the difficult one. Bythe way, No, that's on

there a lot, is it really? Yeah? That one is on there
a ton. And I'll tell youwhen I read that, I was like,
you know what that is? Imean, that is like somebody like
you. And I said, like, that's that's a thinking man's answer.
But that's hard. And I'll tellyou the one that I kind of attached
to that as a stepsister to thatparenting. Oh yeah, yeah, I

threw parenting not in that boat.But I could totally understand that being the
second eldest of seven kids. Somaybe you think marriage is hard, cut
off both your legs and now that'sthat that is that doesn't really work in
this scenario. But did you thinkhaving kids would be easy? Maybe he
thought marriage would easy, but kids, come on, No way, I

didn't think. I didn't think.I didn't think it would be as hard.
Wow, I pictured it being alifelong struggle. No, I didn't,
you know what, Like I thoughtthere would be hard moments, like,
if I'm being serious, I thoughtthat there would be hard moments.
But I thought the the I don'twant to say the easy, but kind
of the routine and let's go wouldbe like ninety to ten. And it's

not that at all. Like it'sit's like when like especially like when they
start getting I hate them when they'reyoung, but like when they start getting
older and you got to start havinglike real life conversations. And I don't
mean about like sex. Well yeah, I mean I guess I do it
a little bit, but like likereal stuff, like it gets hard,
man, Like it gets hard.So I put that in there where,
yeah, like you get annoyed withthem and they throw tantrums and stuff like

that. I figured I'd be ableto deal with that. But like when
it starts getting into lot younger isinfinitely easier than the being oh absolutely,
But like when your kids get oldenough, like and it's not a problem
now, but like one of mykids went through a bullying issue like that
sucks. Like when you find outthat your kid has like some some learning
challenges. That sucks when you,like when you're trying to keep your kid

in lying for something like that sucks. The fact that is hard. I've
told you this before. The firstthing my neighbor in the cul de Sex
said to Lindsay when she got pregnantwas you will now worry until the day
you die. Yeah, it's likeYanks. No, no, by the
way, not wrong, not wrong. So yeah, the and yeah,
marriage is hard. The uh,I don't think you expect it to be

as hard as kids. No,no, not at all. I think
marriage And you said you said itwas a thinking man's answer, Yeah,
it is, it is. Ialso didn't I didn't listen, if I'm
being honest, not listening, Ididn't think marriage would be this hard to
Jackie, Oh my god, thankgod I married someone I like. All
Right, dude, that's a greatanswer. That's a great that's a great

answer. You got it. Thankyou. The song I was thinking of
you were playing was more than wordsby extreme not happy birthday, Oh,
you know what, you know what, I think I was hitting that.
I didn't realize I was saying thattoo. Let me go to line seven.
Hi Elliot in the morning. Hey, who's that miss Daniel? Yes,

Daniel, what do you got forme? Well? You know I'm
doing it right now. I can'tstand the people who can actually do the
speed limit. There so many reasons. Great answer, I just great answer.
I can't either. I can't eitherthe no no, especially especially when

it's low like nobody on the beltWay. You can't do fifty five any
speed limit on a major road that'slike thirty can't do. I'm with you.
That's a you know what, that'sa great one. That's a really
good one. Good for you,Good for you? Oh my god,
horrible. What about chopsticks? Doyou use them correctly? Oh? Yeah,

yeah, that's easy, that's easy. Do you really? But I
can almost eat soup with chops expectedthem and thought it looks simple. I
mean, I'm not catching a flywith them like mister Miyagi. Thank you,
Diane, But like I could reachover and pick anything up with them.

It's very easy. I try tofake my way through, and halfway
through I pick up a fork.So yeah, that's a good one.
I like that one. Okay,yeah, no, But I saw that,
I was like, who can't usechopsticks? Like I get if you're
a kid, or like if you'remissing fingers, but how can like any
adult should be able to use chopsticks. I think there's a bunch of stuff
related to food or cooking, juststuff in the kitchen that would fall under

this. Somebody, somebody did,right, because it's something that I wanted
to do. Somebody said, like, making bread is very hard, even
though it looks easy. A lotof people did during the pandemic, right,
But that that one came up onthere, that one came up.
Where am I going? Oh,Aaron says, flipping an egg? No,
how's that? How is that hard? How is that? How let

people do it every day and breakthe yolk? How is that hard?
I don't even use a spatula.You just use it flip it? Yeah?
Why dirty? Why dirty? Aspatula? You gotta get it going.
Then you just give a little flipand it lands nicely and it's all
in the wrist. Flick at thewrist, it's all in there. Suggestion

the not really well, apparently maybefor you guys. Uh line one,
Hi Ellie in the morning, Hey, Yelli, how you doing? I'm
doing great? How are you doinggood? Doing good? I was just
want to mention acting. You knowwhat. That's a good one. That's
a good one. That's a reallyreally good one. I like that because

those that yeah, it wasn't Ishould just be able to hop up on
stage and act. Yeah, it'sway. I dated a girl years ago
who was an actor, and Iwould help her out their lines and I
went into it like, oh Ican do this, and uh, it's
it's way harder. I mean,just like the memorization, the lines,
getting into character. It's just like, Wow, there's much more to it.

That is. That is a goodone because I remember I also dated
a actress and I remember running lineswith her. No, no, I
did. I ran lines with hera couple of times, and I'd be
like, I I couldn't go.First of all, I didn't even remember
what they were. And then butI was like, oh, yeah,
look at her, look at her. Go. But that's a good one.
That's a really good one. Andit's like a double whammy because there's

the craft itself, and then there'sthe industry. The yes, yeah,
yeah, I don't just mean Hollywood, I mean local theater, the competition
there. So it's like you're thepressures on something that you already have to
work very hard at just getting right. That might be the best answer so
far. Well, I don't know, but I mean I said playing guitar.

No, no, no, that'sa good one. So you know
what. Hats off to your girlfriendand hats off to Sarah Michelle Geller.
All right, very good, thankyou, sir, thank you, thank
you about getting a puppy. Idon't think anybody would say that looks easy.
People are constantly getting dogs that shouldn'thave them. The yeah, but

that that's not easy. You gottatake them out, you gotta feel that.
You talk about like making sure they'renot chewing up everything in your house.
I thought Frankie's answer was good,really yes, all right. I
never thought you bring him back tothe pound, yeah, or the rescue
okay, yeah, we just talkedabout that with Canine. How many people
that they vent and think are goodimmediately realized, no, this is not

for me. See I thought Ithought somebody else was going to go with
a with another one, and Ican attest being a manager. Okay,
line thank you? Yes, sir, what can I do for you?
Good morning? How are you today? Yes? What can I do?

Carnival games? Great? There throwinga dam ring on a bottle to get
you know you can't do it,but the guy goes pink. It's easy.
Yeah. No, that's a greatone. That is a great one,
even on the even on the nonrigged ones. That's a great one.
Is that another category? Trying towin that damn bear for your three
year old? Yeah? No,that's a good one. That's a good

one, thank you, sir.Like pinball to me, that bucket is
stuff that is intentionally set up tolook easy. Okay, but it does
look easy, but it's very hard. But have any of our previous guesses
been designed to trick you? Idon't think so. Parenting line eight,

Hi, Elliott in the morning.You ever sat in a tree stand down
wind? Uh? No? Okay? Thank you? Is that hard?
Kristen Christen said, yeah, sittingin a tree stand down wind is hard?
Could you turn yourself on real quickly? Because I don't even know that
I understand it. Have you everbeen in a tree stand I haven't.

No, I've been in a treestand. Well, let's go to the
wood. Why is that why?I mean, looks easy. I would
assume that you just you said ina tree stand, Well you sit in
a tree stand. What is thewhy is it? Why is it hard?
Because you have to the like thesense and everything your downwind, so

you're not getting everything. What's theproper or what am I trying to say?
I feel like downwind the smell isactually blowing in my face. Oh
that's theata in front of the kids. I mean, if anything, like,
maybe shooting is harder because the wind'sgonna blow the bullet back. Yeah,

arrow depending arrow please? All right? Very good? Yeah, I
didn't even think of that one.I didn't think of that one. Um,
you know another somebody, somebody,somebody came with a really good one
small talk. Oh yeah, that'sgood. That's good. I mean,
listen, it doesn't affect everybody,but that's a that's a good one.

That's a good one. Just anarticle, and I think it was Marie
Claire. No, I think it'sthe worst retournal this week with tips on
smell talk, either keeping a conversation, going to avoid awkward moments, or
knowing when it's time to just walkaway. Yeah, but I mean,
hi, my name's Elliott. Yeah, now I'm small talking, great CONVOI

to wait, what is that?It's not called big talk, but public
speaking was suggested. Oh you knowwhat, yes, public public, public,
pubic speaking, public speaking, moderatingor making announcements. Making announcements isn't
isn't hard. You're reading off apiece of paper. I've sat with you

for many years. Occasionally you stumbledwhen trying to read that, which is
already there in front of you.Okay, that's a good one. I'll
take that line five. Hi,jelly of the morning. Hey Elliott,
how you doing today? I'm doinggreat? What can I do for you?
Yeah? I got one for you. It's water skiing looks hard.

Yeah, you know what, youknow what looks It does look hard.
I'll give you that. But peoplewho just pop up and they're like like,
it's nothing, I'm on one foot, And I'll tell you who's even
worse than they make. Yeah,they make it look really easy. And
the ones you do is do that. Oh yeah, that's ridiculous. And
god damn you wakeboarders, because that'salso really hard. Yes, yeah,

that's really hard. You know,going back to yes, sir, going
back to your boat thing. WhenI was seventeen, I got busted for
taking boats out for joy rides atnight. See, I told you,
easy peasy. Where are we onthis one? Walking when people are looking
at you? I don't I don'tget it. Just when when when you

have to like walk somewhere but everybody'seyes are on you like a model.
No, not a model, Diane. Modeling is hard. No, But
I'm just saying, but they arewalking on a runway and they've got hundreds
of people watching them. You're sittingin an auditorium. You're sitting in an
auditorium just regularly. Somebody goes,oh my god, I didn't even see
Diana was here. Diane, comeon up, And now you've got to

walk by everybody while they're looking atyou awkward. I thought that was a
good one, because we all knowhow to walk, so just get up
and walk. But when all eyesare on you, you're you're like focused
on your gate. What are myarms doing? I thought that was a
good one. That opens up awhole nother door. Though, Just when

you're the center of attention, thesimple things become more difficult because everybody's watching
you, like reading the aloud,the I read. How did you do
in class when when you were maybereading like a play or you were just
reading circle? How did I dowith it? Yeah? I think I

did okay, because that's sort ofa bridge between reading yourself and public speaking.
It's somewhere in the middle. Likepublic speaking was never a problem.
Like public speaking, I never Inever struggled with that, never bothered,
never bothered me. It's just I'mI'm a very slow reader, and it
bothered the audience the No. Solike reading in school, I always felt

like like if I followed like likewinging or something like that, where they
would just like like breeze right throughit. I knew that I was going
to not struggle with reading, butI was just going to read much slower
and maybe not maybe not pronounce everyword perfectly, so that but like doing
it in front of people wasn't aproblem, but just the fluency of it

was a problem. But yeah,no, I did fine with it.
Yeah no, no, thank God. Like I would get mad at my
kid about like public speaking, justget up there and just read. And
I realized it is one of themost common fears. Yeah, no,
no, I understand more people areafraid of public speaking than dying. I
was like, just get up thereand just read just to speak. Is

that true? Yeah, Like ifyou look up, more people are afraid
of public speaking than a dying.People would rather die than public speak.
Line six, Hi elliot in themorning. Yeah, Hi, who's this?
Yeah? I was gonna say,jump rope. Great one, great
one, that's a good one.That's a good one. That's a fantastic

one. That one's really good,especially when we start getting into like double
dutch and a little bit of anda little bit of speed on there.
Look at the guys like in boxinggym. See that's amazing. I was
just thinking, like just look atlook at a teenager who can, like
legit do like three rope double latch, Like that's crazy to me. What

about whistling, Well, I feellike you can instantly attempt it. Yeah,
but it's harder than you can't doit well. But there are people
who are very very good at whistling. The average person's not very very good
at whistling. The somebody thinks he'sgood at everything. No, that's not
true. I can whistle. Youjust nodded to him, like, give

me some I could do that.I can also finger whistle. Wow,
you can't finger whistle. I usedto be able to. I don't think
I can anymore. Yeah, tellyou Okay, see I can't. I
used to be able to do it. Got my attention, boy, she
said, don't ask me to doit because I've never been able to.

Wait, you can't finger whistle.I can't mult I can't multi hand.
I can only use these two fingershere. I've never even tried. Really,
I can't do it. Just doesn'tseem very like me. Agreed,
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The Dan Bongino Show

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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